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Gun Club 2
GUN SPECIAL - ALL THEME PACKS 50% OFF!Welcome to GUN CLUB 2 -- the most feature rich, graphically intense& technically accurate gun simulator -- and it's finallyavailable on Android! Enjoy the jam-packed selection of interactiveweaponry for free and find out for yourself why GUN CLUB 2 is themost downloaded gun simulator anywhere!Update 2.0.0 introduces the free M1897 Trench Gun and AR 70/90along with the new Pacific Theatre & Cartel Weapons packs thetaking the total number of fully interactive weapons to over amassive 225!Want more info on updates? Come join us on our forums at or on Facebook at INCLUDED:➢ NEW M1897 Trench Gun➢ NEW AR 70/90 Rifle➢ PGM 338 Sniper Rifle➢ Ballistic Knife➢ 9A91➢ Z43 Deer Rifle➢ SIG 552➢ Stechkin APS➢ M45➢ Arwen 37➢ Bazooka➢ H&K G3 Rifle➢ .50 Cal Flintlock Pistol➢ M4A1 SOF CQB Rifle➢ ACR Rifle➢ LR308 Rifle➢ Colt 1860 Pistol➢ H&K P8➢ Springfield 1903➢ M203 Grenade Launcher➢ TDI Vector➢ Glock 18 Pistol➢ SPAS-12 Shotgun➢ M60-E Machine Gun➢ M1911 Pistol➢ Colt 1911 Pistol➢ Colt Python .45 Magnum Revolver➢ Desert Eagle Hand Gun➢ MP5 Sub-Machine Gun➢ Mac-10 Machine Pistol➢ M-16A2 Machine Gun➢ AK-47 Battle Rifle➢ ARX-160 Assault Rifle➢ Remington 870 Shotgun➢ Chainsaw➢ Vulcan Minigun- More guns and weapon packs added every week!ALL WEAPONS ARE FULLY INTERACTIVE AND FEATURE:✓ Shell discharge (full and empty)✓ Both unique sides of every weapon✓ Firing mechanic✓ Recoil animation✓ Muzzle flash / Flames & smoke✓ Reload animations✓ Real-time clip, gauge and magazine feedback✓ Auto / semi-auto fire modes where applicable✓ Zoom & free-look mode to examine each weapon closely✓ Authentic sound recordings for all actions✓ Detailed instructions on how to use each weaponAlso exclusive to GUN CLUB 2, custom-created themed weapon packsthat explore dedicated weaponry associated with an era, specialforces group or other specialisation. We currently offer:URBAN WARFARE PACK➢ AS50 Sniper Rifle➢ M27 IAR Assault Rifle➢ PSG 1 Sniper Rifle➢ Striker Shotgun➢ TMP Machine Pistol➢ USAS-12 Automatic Shotgun➢ VSS Vintorez SMG➢ XM-8 Experimental RifleNORTH VIETNAM PACK➢ K50M SMG➢ M1895 Pistol➢ MAT-49 SMG➢ PPS43 SMG➢ RDG5 Grenade➢ RPD LMG➢ Strela 2 Anti-Aircraft Launcher➢ TT-33 Pistol➢ Vz58 Assault RifleSOUTH VIETNAM PACK➢ Ithaca Shotgun➢ M1 Carbine➢ M2 Flamethrower➢ M3A1 Tactical Sub-Machine Gun➢ M18A1 Claymore Mine➢ M21 Rifle➢ M26 Grenade➢ M1911A1 Pistol➢ M1919A6 Machine GunNAVY SEALS PACK➢ Mk11Mod0➢ Mk18Mod0➢ Mk43Mod0➢ USP➢ MP5SD3➢ M14 SOCOM➢ Mossberg 590A1➢ M1014 TacticalRUSSIAN RAIL PACK➢ Mosin Nagant 1819/30➢ SKS Carbine➢ DP-28➢ ZPU-4 AA Gun➢ 21-K 45mm AA Gun➢ M1942 ZIS-3➢ Maxim M4➢ ML20 Howitzer➢ AZP S-60➢ M1915 305mm HowitzerSAS PACK➢ Browning Hi Power Pistol➢ FGM-148 Javelin➢ G36C Sub-Machine Gun➢ L85A2 Rifle➢ L115A3 Rifle➢ M16A4 Rifle➢ M870 Tactical Shotgun➢ Mac-11 Machine PistolPIRATE PACK➢ 1777 Corrige Flintlock Rifle➢ Blunderbuss➢ Bomb➢ Cannon➢ Brown Bess Musket➢ Double Barrel Flintlock➢ Pocket Flintlock Pistol➢ Navy Flintlock PistolCOAST GUARD PACK➢ GMG Automatic grenade Launcher➢ M2 Browning➢ M14 EBR➢ M79 "Thumper"➢ M870 Shotgun➢ Mk38 Bushmaster➢ MP5K SMG➢ P226 PistolOVERWATCH PACK➢ L/60 Bofors Cannon➢ GAU 2/A Minigun➢ GAU12/U Equalizer➢ M72 LAW➢ M102 Howitzer➢ M120 Mortar➢ MK 12 MOD 1 SPRToo many to list here, check out our website for more info!➢ PACIFIC THEATRE PACK➢ CARTEL PACK➢ MARKSMAN PACK➢ SPETSNAZ 2 PACK➢ SPETSNAZ 1 PACK➢ HUNTING PACK➢ MERCENARY PACK➢ WESTERN PACK➢ PISTOL PACK➢ SPECIAL OPS WEAPON PACK➢ MODERN WEAPON PACK➢ S.W.A.T. WEAPON PACK➢ WWII ALLIED WEAPON PACK➢ WWII AXIS WEAPON PACK➢ HEAVY WEAPON PACKDownload the greatest gunapp available for free today!
Chef's Quest 1.1.2
Travel the world on your quest to become the ultimate chef andrestaurateur. Switch and match your way through hundreds ofculinary challenges in this most delectable puzzle adventure. Amassa wealth of opulent decor and acquire a cult following as you turnyour quaint little diner into a global celebration of multiculturalcuisine. Take on this adventure solo or play with friends visitingtheir own unique restaurants or challenging their scores! Chef’sQuest features: - Use dozens of power ups to sizzle, pop, and grillyour way to the top! - Collect coins to design and furnish yourvery own restaurant - Discover dozens of unique restaurant decoritems in your travels - Visit friends restaurants to forage for newdesign ideas - Challenge friends scores on every puzzle - Attractcelebrities for huge bonuses based on restaurant objectives -Challenging master chef battles when graduating from a region -Leaderboards & achievements to match with your friends -Delightful orchestrated soundtrack - Seasonal updates (Halloween,Easter, Valentine's Day, Christmas - there’s always somethingspecial cooking!) - Play on phone or tablet as your progresscarries over - 14 Languages supported Visit us if you need any help! Follow us to getnews and updates; Twitter:@thebinarymill Chef’s Quest is completely free toplay but some optional in-game items will require payment. You canturn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in yourdevice settings.
Lucid Sky 1.0.5
Battle monsters, build your squad, save theworld!The Lucid Temple was the cornerstone of an advancedcivilization, until warfare and strife destroyed everything theancients had built. Now civilization has been rebuilt, and amysterious figure is attempting to access the Temple once again. Asthe son of the world's most famous monster master, it is up to youdiscover what happened to your father, stop the evil powers tryingto activate the Temple, and save the world!▶ Capture and train a squad of monsters to help you save theworldHundreds of different monsters to battle, capture, and evolve.Select monsters with different skills and strengths as you buildyour squad, allowing for endless strategic depth. Over a milliondifferent evolution items to allow for maximum customization ofyour monsters▶ Field-based dungeons and combatExplore a vibrant overworld as you seek out new challengers, orhunt for rare materials. Battle wild monsters to help your ownmonsters grow and evolve.▶ Challenge other players in PvPBattle for first place in the 'Arena', or head to the mysterious'Uncharted Island' to battle a variety of monsters. Form a guildand battle with your friends, or challenge other guilds to anall-out war▶ Uncover the mystery of the Lucid Temple in the engaging storymode
Gun Club Armory 1.2.8
Lock and load with Gun Club Armory: the finest weaponsimulationexperience for mobile devices. An arsenal of stunninglydetailedand interactive 3D weapons are yours to modify, load, andfire inthis pure weapon sim. REAL-WORLD SIMULATION Each weapon isafaithful recreation of its real world counterpart, and allweaponsare completely interactive. You can load magazines, foldstocks,adjust the fire select, cock the hammer, discharge and more- everyweapon is unique. CUSTOMISE Each weapon also comes with arange ofaccessories included. Stocks, bipods, scopes, laser sights,grenadelaunchers, extended mags, and a variety of camo options. Andif youwant to test the accuracy of your weapon, you can take it tothelive-fire target range and try it out on a range ofdifferenttarget types. BUILD YOUR STOCKPILE The app comes with ahost ofweapons to choose from, including nine free weapons to getyoustarted, STARTER WEAPONS G18 Pistol Eagle AE Pistol MP5-A3M-80Shotgun Striker Shotgun G36-K AK-47 Vintorez AWSM SniperRifleAdditional packs will be added on a regular basis. To startthingsoff, we have two WWII packs and this release introduces thenewRussian Spetsnaz pack ALLIED WEAPONS M1911 PPSh-41 M1GarandM1918-A2 M1897 Trench Gun Sten Mk IIS M1928-A1 AXIS WEAPONSLuger9mm P-38 MP-40 STG-44 FG-42 Kar-98K MG-42 SPETSNAZ WEAPONSMP-445PP-2000 SR-2M Veresk PP-19 Bizon Saiga-12 AN-94 SVU-AS Manymorepacks to come! Join us at forupdates onfuture releases!
Gun Club 3: Virtual Weapon Sim
New weapons and all new gun rendering engine just added! Take totherange with an incredible arsenal of the world’s finestweaponry. GunClub 3 combines challenging, addictive gameplay withstunningvisuals & unsurpassed detail; the only thing missingis thesmell of gun powder. The newest release in the best-sellingGun Clubseries, Gun Club 3 brings a whole new world of excitementto themost popular gun simulator ever. CHALLENGE MODE Lay downyour bestrun then send it to your friends to battle for prizes!Watch as theytackled your score with all-new replays. UNPARALLELEDREALISM Highlydetailed interactive 3D weapon models. Each weaponis fullyoperational, features real-world ballistics, and can bepanned,zoomed, and rotated to catch every angle of detail.ADVANCEDCUSTOMISATION Custom-fit your weapons with hundreds ofdifferentattachments. From scopes to lasers to grenade launchers,thepicatinny rail system allows for any load-out you canimagine.Combine it with the multitude of camo options and theweaponcustomisation possibilities are endless. INTERACTIVE RANGESFireyour weapons in a multitude of different range scenarios,fromhostage rescue to long distance marksman to the dreadedzombieapocalypse. And for true shooting purists there is theclassictarget range. No time limits, no scores, just you and yourweapon.RISE TO THE TOP Square off against some of the best shootersin theworld with Competition Mode. Shoot your way through eachround ofthe tournament until you are finally crowned as the Rulerof theRange. FRESH CONTENT With unique daily trials every day,regulartheme packs containing new weapons, ranges,accessories,achievements, leaderboards, and thesoon-to-be-releasedmulti-player challenge mode, there is alwayssomething new to do inGun Club 3. TABLET SUPPORT Play the way GunClub is meant to beplayed with full tablet support - take yourprogress across fromother Android devices and continue the action!The best weapon simof all time has just gotten better. Are youready for thechallenge? Gun Club 3 is free to play, and requires noin-apppurchases to progress. Users do have the option to purchaseitemswith real money. These purchases can be disabled via yourdevice'sOS settings. Please note, Gun Club 3's game data waspreviouslysaved to an external server. This version has no accountsystem inplace and all game information is stored locally on thedevice. Besure to backup your app data (we recommend using Helium),game datathat is not backup up is unable to be restored.
Mini Motor Racing 2.0.2
The Binary Mill
Little Cars, BIG Fun! Start your engines! The mostvibrant,super-charged racing game you’ve ever seen is here! And nowit'sbetter than ever with the massive Anniversary Update! MiniMotorRacing plays like a favorite remote-controlled carshowdown,combined with modern tech to nitro-boost your engines!Playmultiplayer against your friends or rivals, via WiFi, BluetoothandONLINE! Race in campaign competitions for big rewards! Upgradeyourskills and cars to win more! It’s all here in Mini MotorRacing.Features: * HUGE new update featuring new Championships,four intotal. Now over 400 races to conquer! * YOUR CHOICE OF CARS.Racein fully upgradeable cars, each with their own unique handlingandstyle! Whether it be Sports, Hatch, Big-rig, Pick-up, SchoolBus,Hot Rod…the list goes on! * WIN RACES, WIN CARS! Winracesthroughout the game and you’ll find yourself behind the wheelofthe sweetest rides around including the official Fruit Ninjabuggy!* MANY RACE TYPES. Race on over 50 tracks, day and night,invarying weather conditions * ONLINE MULTIPLAYER. Up to 4 players–WiFi or over the internet via random games or with friends. *PLAYGAMES SUPPORT. Invite up to four friends to play online viaGPGSplus dozens of Achievements and Leaderboards! * ENHANCED FORLATESTdevices. Fully remastered tracks and effects for moreeye-poppingvisual candy taking advantage of all that extra power!All this,and no assembly required! There's never been a better timeto joinin on the fun that is Mini Motor Racing!
Forest Home 3.0.1
Draw colorful paths that grow right beneath your finger to leadtheforest critters to safety. Avoid obstacles, navigate bridges,andcollect food in this cute but challenging puzzle game. Justwatchout for the mischievous goblin! But brain-bending puzzles arejustthe start of the fun in Forest Home. There is a hostofcollectables and achievements to unlock, and with full socialmediaand Google Game Services integration you can share the funwithyour friends. Compare progress, help them out with trickypuzzles,or take to the leaderboards to prove who is the Forest Homemaster!In Forest Home, home is where the path is. Features: Simplebutaddictive gameplay; pick it up in seconds, spend hours masteringitThousands of unique puzzles, ranging from easy to mind-melting!8wondrous forests to explore, from deep woods to mountain rangetomangrove swamps Varying obstacles and puzzle mechanics andadynamic puzzle system, to maximize replay valueUltra-challenging‘boss levels’ Colorful characters, beautiful art,and a fun, familyfriendly theme Build up your scrapbook with dozensof unlockablesand achievements Compete with friends via socialmedia integrationNew forests, animals, and challenges planned forupdates