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Crocodile Simulator 2016 3D 1.1
Crocodile Simulator 2016 3D game is full ofanger and blaze of the angry swamp crocodile. Use your animalinstinct and attack other animals and peoples with vicious powerand rage. Take control of most wild predators reptile swampmonster, all animals in forest are scared from the bloodthirstyhungry eyes, sharp teeth, deadly roar of the wildlife simulatoralligator rampage. Download this crocodile simulator and attack ondangerous carnivores wild predators. Be a part of epic battlebetween survival of the fittest in animal simulators. Surviveagainst wildlife reptiles in this ultimate crocodile simulator.An angry giant renegade crocodile swim through swamp dark waterfound its way out of woodland and entering in populated city area.People are screaming and running to save their lives from mightjaws of this predator deadliest hunters. Play as hungry alligatorcrawling to farm house and attack everyone comes on your way. Huntsome yummy animal’s chop some fish make them prey for the emptystomach of this wild giant gator. Attack people in the boat,farmhouse or anywhere you get in this map of animal simulators.Crocodile family attack boats do crocodile hunting and kill thesedangerous animals.You had played goat, snake, lion, horse, humpback whales, wolfsimulator now try your hands on controlling angry wildlifesimulator crocodile. Swim in the swamp or crawl through dark wateror lush greenery environment with dangerous animals & humpbackwhales. Crocodiles are deadliest hunters they eats people huntsdown these crocos in this realistic simulator.Brand new fun crocodile simulator game for entire family all ageyoungster boys, girls and teens even mature people can enjoy thisanimal swamp realistic crocodile simulator 2016 3d with unlimitedfun.
Off Road Jeep Racing 3D 1.0
Welcome to the world of SimulationTechnology.We presents Off Road Jeep Racing 3D.Here is one of the most realistic off-road simulator forAndroid.Realistic physical behavior ofa SUV when driving on an off road, you can perform awesomestunts,smash into interactive environment .A dynamic 3D graphics and huge open maps chase last doubts.Engaged in the research of our new world, find all sortsofinteresting and joy-able places,each of which may have their own history. Experience all levelsofdriving off road SUV - climb a high mountain,drive along the narrow bridge, so that you can not get out.Here it is an Off road Jeep Racing 3D..!Are you ready??? Defeat the world..!Key Features :• Super HD quality and amazing graphics• More detailed and complex graphics and physics than ever• Different Camera Views• Easy and Simple control System• Playground for the kids (No damage, easy tracks)• Real World car sounds and simulations• Vehicle tuning• Ground breaking car dynamics with detailed simulation• 2 game modes (Racing, Free Mode)• Customization touch controls• We optimized and Compatible with all devicesGame Play :• Tilt to Control the Car Movement• Camera Button gives 4 different Views• Left Button for Reverse• Tap Right button to move forwardImportant :Dear users your feed back is important for us.Notify in case on installation time game crash or runtimebug.Thank you...
Miami Grand:Gangster Crime 1.0
Miami Grand: Gangster Crime is a ruthlessgamedesigned to kill people in the urban area. The idea is to enterthecity and kill as many people as you can without discriminatingyousimply just kill anyone and everyone walking around the city.Youengage in various crimes taking part in every corner of thecityand like a bad ass thug engage in killing and robing. The cityismade up of different scenarios as you are introduced tovarioussurrounding environments including sea, rivers, bridges andstreetsetc. and you are free to roam around and explore differentparts ofthe city on foot or be the crazy driver and hijack a van,car or abus to start your journey to terrorize and kill innocentpeoplearound you. You will engage with other city gangs as youentertheir territory but, don’t be afraid as they are weak andhelplessin front of your American musical car and Americanfirearms,machine and high power guns. So get out and enjoy theMiami Heatand rob any place you like and kill anybody you want, butbecareful as the COPs are watching you and if they catch you, youarethrown in the jail buddy!How To Play:* Touch on the screen to rotate your character in thecity.* Joystick helps you to move your character anywhere.* Different types of control to take the adventure ofracinggames.* Bike, cars to simulate in the Miami city.Features:* 3D stunning graphics with HD pictures.* Awesome city environment with desert scene and sea to enjoythereal game interest.* Realistic Sounds.* Crazy driver to let you drive the cars, van, bus.* Be real Vegas man and kill the people and spread thethreat.* ultimate control system of different vehicles.* Most stunning game of 2016 in the play store ever.* Police tracing system to catch you.* More than 8 kinds of vehicles to enjoy your craze.* A lot of missions and tasks that you have to complete.
Off Road Car Racing 2016 1.0
Enjoy the most smashing adventures of crazyOffRoad Car Racing 2016 experience and become the champion of offroadcar racing.The thrilling game play begins with taking your favorite offroadride and bringing out the extreme off road car driver withinyou.Let’s go off-road and perform crazy jumps, car driving,driftingand simulation. You get to play in multiple environmentsandsurvive against car smashers, hurdles and mad off road jumps.Bethe mad driver to perform high jump and survive againstcountlesshurdles. Do you love furious driving, high speed driftingand carjumping? Off Road Car Racing 2016 inside the arena will takeyou ona crazy tracking ride. Are you brave enough to play thisextremecar challenge and show your amazing driving skills?It’s the survival test against an arena filled withmultiplehurdles and off road racing tracks. The immense game playrevolvesaround furious racing, speed car drifts and action packedgameplay. The real challenge comes when you drive on off roadtracksand escape the stunts arena. Tighten your seat belts anddominatethe racing. Can you prove yourself as the real Off Road CarRacing2016 driver? Prove your driving skills and perform massiveracingto survive and win.*****FEATURES*****• Multiple Environments to Enjoy• Extreme Car Driving & Stunts• Realistic Driving & Car Jumping Experience• Smooth Driving and Drifting• Various Stunts Missions