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CallingTree 2.55
Your most valuable assets are your customers and personnel. In theevent of a crisis the CallingTree app ensures the informationrequired for a successful return to operation is where it is neededmost - in the hands of your staff. Notify your staff and updatethem on situations by sending mass notifications by PUSH, SMS orVOICE messages and track their responses in the app real-time.Business continuity plans (BCP), Disaster Recovery (DR) documents,conference call details, maps, messages and contacts are managedcentrally and distributed to the app where they are storedsecurely. No network? No problem - the local copy of theinformation remains available and updates if required when thenetwork comes back online. Each user has a bespoke calling tree -detailing who calls them and who they call. Staff can update theirpersonal details in the app which feed back to the admin consoleand out to all other users. Each team receives a custom set ofdocumentation in portable document format (pdf). Centrallydispatched notifications are received and alerted to the user ifthey have selected to receive them or by SMS or VOICE for morerobust communiation. Track SMS and voice message responses withinthe app or the central management console. Employee safety isalways a big concern. Users can check-in through the app to confirmtheir status and availability to participate so you can monitorwhat resource is available and optionally where they are located.If you have contacted someone you can check them in on theirbehalf.