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Traveller Briefings 5.4
An essential backgrounder for travellers from the authoritativeglobal publication The Economist, including downloadable data fromThe Economist Intelligence Unit
The Economist GBR 2.8.2
The Economist Global Business Review is a new bilingual digital appfrom the editors of The Economist Group. Each month, the bestbusiness, finance and technology articles from the weeklypublication are selected and translated, and delivered to yourmobile device with an intuitive and attractive user interface. Thearticles will report on key trends shaping the global businesscommunity, always with the deep insight and sharp perspectivesreaders around the world have come to recognize from the Group. TheEconomist Global Business Review is published every weekday, with abatch of 10 articles at the start of the month and one article eachweekday, for a total of 30+ articles per month. The app is alwaysfree to download. Read 3 articles for free on the 1st of each monthplus one new article every Friday! NEW FEATURES in 2.0 Version: -Bookmark & Like articles - Access archived issues - Increasethe font size - Toggle between day/night modes - Sign in by WeChatPayment Option: • CNY ¥138.00 / 3 months • CNY ¥488.00 / yearly •You will be charged in your local currency at the prevailingexchange rate as defined by Google Play. • Payment will be chargedto your Google Play account at confirmation of purchase. • Nocancellation of the current subscription is allowed during theactive subscription period. • Subscriptions automatically renewunless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end ofthe current period. • Account will be charged for renewal within24-hours prior to the end of the current period at the price of theoriginal subscription. • You can manage auto-renew of yoursubscription in your Google Play account settings. • You may cancela subscription during its free trial period via the subscriptionsetting through your Google Play account. This must be done 24hours before the end of the subscription period to avoid beingcharged. • You may turn off the auto-renewal of your subscriptionvia your Account Settings. However, you are not able to cancel thecurrent subscription during its active period • Full terms of usecan be found at use • Ourprivacy policy can be found at THE ECONOMIST GLOBAL BUSINESS REVIEW The Economist GlobalBusiness Review is part of The Economist Group’s portfolio ofinternational news and business publications, offering independentand clear reporting, commentary and analysis on world currentaffairs; business, finance, science and technology, culture,society, media and the arts.
com.economist.darwin 1.8.1
•A new morning briefing from the editors of The Economist •Brandnew content delivered 6 days a week •Free to download with accessto one article daily for non-subscribers The Economist Espresso isa new morning briefing from the editors of The Economist. Deliveredto your smartphone or inbox before breakfast, it tells you what’son the global agenda in the coming day, what to look out for inbusiness, finance and politics and, most importantly, what to makeof it. The Economist Espresso is published each weekday andSaturday morning in three editions for the Americas, Europe andAsia. The Economist Espresso for Android is optimized forsmartphones & tablets running Android 4 and above. ABOUT THEECONOMIST ESPRESSO The Economist Espresso is part of The Economistweekly international news and business publication offeringindependent and clear reporting, commentary and analysis on worldcurrent affairs; business, finance, science and technology,culture, society, media and the arts. IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDINGPERMISSIONS Please note that The Economist Espresso app requiresaccess to the following services to operate properly: Full networkaccess, receive data from Internet, view network connections andview Wi-Fi connections: Required to download the latest issue andto make sure you can read Espresso even when offline. Controlvibration, Send sticky broadcast and Prevent phone from sleeping:Great care has gone into ensuring Espresso is available on yourdevice each morning, even when you access the app when offline. Todo so we send a broadcast message to notify the app the latestissue can be automatically downloaded. In addition we wake thedevice in the morning to retrieve the latest content should thebroadcast message not have reached the device. Google Play BillingServices: The Economist Espresso offers a monthly subscription viaGoogle Play and your Google Play Account. Read phone status andidentity, Approximate location (network-based) and Precise location(GPS and network-based): Required to tailor your reading experienceto your current location.
The Economist: World News 2.7.0
The best way to read The Economist on your Android device. Eachweek over 1.5m subscribers trust The Economist to help them makesense of the world. Join them by downloading The Economist app.Free to download, the app includes The Economist today, ahandpicked daily selection of the best of our journalism, alongwith the full weekly version of The Economist newspaper to read orlisten to on the go. Subscribe in-app today and take advantage ofour introductory subscription offer. Already a subscriber to TheEconomist? Simply install the app and sign in with login details. The Economist is an award-winning,trusted filter on global affairs, offering in-depth analysis ofeverything from business, finance and politics to science,technology and economics. It covers every region of the worldincluding the United States, British, European and Asian news. TheEconomist is also available as a weekly magazine. App highlights:The Economist Today: a daily selection of seven articles, combiningnews analysis with highlights from the weekly issue - EconomistEspresso: a short morning briefing on the day’s global agenda - TheEconomist weekly edition: full access to the weekly version of TheEconomist - The audio version of the weekly edition to listen to onthe go - A selection of our podcasts, including The Intelligence, adaily burst of illumination from - The Economist’s worldwidenetwork of correspondents App features: A morning briefing on theday ahead Timely analysis of the world’s biggest stories, updatedby the end of the day The weekly edition available from 9 pm everyThursday evening London time Audio versions of the weekly editionread by professional broadcasters Reading times highlighted on eacharticle Bookmarks to save articles for later or create personalreading lists Subscribing in-app Subscribe in-app and takeadvantage of our introductory subscription offer. At the end of theintroductory term, the subscription will automatically renew onto aquarterly subscription at the standard price. Annual subscriptionsare also available You will be charged in your local currency atthe prevailing exchange rate as defined by Google. Payment ischarged to your Play Store account upon confirmation of purchaseAll subscriptions automatically renew. Your account will be charged24 hours before the renewal date, at a cost of £55.99/$55.99/€85.99(for a quarterly subscription) or £179.99/$189.99/€229.99 (for anannual subscription) You can cancel your subscription from yourPlay Store account settings at any time but you must turn offauto-renewal at least 24 hours before the end of the current periodto avoid being charged again Full terms of use can be found Our privacy policy can befound at
Economist World in Figures 4.0.16
•A data-rich compendium of country indices and rankings on theeconomy and society •Our intellectually-addictive Factquest quizgame and a new Fact of the Day every morning •A country comparisontool, Chartmaker, that lets you create your own charts from thedata •New content from The Economist newspaper, updated weekly•Free to download with access to country data, rankings and theFactquest quiz game to non-subscribers Economist World in Figuresapp with the Factquest quiz game is a fun, data-rich referenceguide for the businessperson, educator and stats geek alike. Itteems with indicators on 190 countries, as well as dozens ofrankings ranging from birth rates and patents to Nobel prizewinners and GDP. The Factquest quiz game tests your knowledge ofworldly stats. The Fact of the Day lets you start each morning abit smarter. And data-driven articles from The Economist areupdated weekly.
The World in 2017
The World in 2017 app contains The Economist’sannual collection of detailed, numerate andopinionated predictions for the year ahead. The World in 2017features leading figures frompolitics, business, finance, science, technology and the artsalongside prominent journalistsfrom The Economist and other leading news publications.Download the full app to read contributions by the leaders ofCanada and Taiwan who identifytheir political ambitions for 2017; George Clooney, whose new NGOhas a bold approach toending conflict in South Sudan and beyond; a member of Pussy Riot,the Russian feministprotest group, who anticipates a return to revolution; and the CEOof YouTube, who predictshow the world will change its viewing habits in 2017.The World In 2017 app for Android smartphone and tablet offers freeaccess to a smallselection of articles; within the app you can pay to read the fullselection of the magazine’sarticles and view related video content.The World In 2017 looks ahead to a new American presidency, aChinese Communist PartyCongress, elections in France and Germany and the political andeconomic challenges ofBrexit, and marks a number of poignant global anniversaries—500years since Martin Lutherpublished his 95 theses, 100 years since Lenin launched the Russianrevolution and 10 yearssince Steve jobs unveiled the iPhone. In our 31st edition, weinclude a special sectionfeaturing forecasts from 14 globally-minded millennials, rangingfrom a Syrian refugee-turned-photographer, an iconoclastic Chilean reggaeton artist, one ofballet’s biggest emergingnames and leading online voices for young Africans and MuslimAmerican women.Read articles on world news, finance, technology, politics and thearts from:Sadiq Khan, mayor of London; Maria Alyokhina, member of Pussy Riot;George Clooney,actor; Justin Trudeau, prime minister of Canada; Sir MartinSorrell, CEO of WPP; SusanWojcicki, CEO of YouTube; Jin Liqun, president, Asia InfrastructureInvestment Bank; HiroshiMikitani, CEO of Rakuten; Tsai Ing-wen, president of Taiwan; YvonneChaka Chaka, singer;Yuri Milner, entrepreneur and physicist; and Ray Dalio, Founder ofBridgewater Associates.Visit or download The Economist app to readarticles from the regulareditions of The Economist, which contains business news, financenews, economics news,science news, political news, technology news and arts news.
Economist GMAT Tutor Prep 3.1.2
Economist GMAT Tutor is a comprehensive course that saves time byfocusing on what you need to know. Our Android app complements theonline course by enabling you to access lessons from anywhere.•Study online or offline with app-based learning modules that willsave your progress•Never miss a GMAT lesson -- no schedules, noclasses and no commute•Focus on your target areas with adaptivelearning technology •Utilize our Ask-a-tutor messaging tool toconnect with our accredited GMAT tutors on-the-go•Login to thedesktop version for in-depth features like one-on-one tutoringsessions, GMAT practice tests and a student dashboard that tracksyour progress.
1843 magazine 3.2.805.1531
1843 is the new culture, lifestyle, and ideas magazine from TheEconomist, published six times a year. - Includes full content fromthe magazine as well as select audio content - Free to download -Read and listen offline While The Economist speaks to its readerswith their business heads on, 1843 talks to them while they havetheir feet up. While The Economist offers concise reporting, 1843offers globally curious readers unique perspectives, long-formprofiles, and stunning photography from top contributors around theworld. Every issue of 1843 includes writing on culture, technology,travel, design, style, food and drink, and body and mind.
The Economist Events 1.2
Economist Events is the mobile app for TheEconomist's live conferences based in the Americas. With the newlycreated Economist Events app, you can view the programme schedule,network with other attendees, find speaker information andparticipate in live Q&A with speakers. Share your conferenceexperience via social media directly through the app on Twitter,Facebook and LinkedIn to amplify the conversation. Conference-wideannouncements will be pushed through the activity feed to provideyou with the most up-to-date information. Download the app now tostart planning for your next Economist Event.ABOUT THE ECONOMIST EVENTSFor more than 170 years, The Economist has been a trusted sourcefor those looking to understand more about the world around them.Economist Events brings the publication to life with nearly 100events around the world. Through panels, presentations and livedebates, award-winning journalists and internationally recognizedexperts offer their thoughts on today’s most pressing issues. Withvisionary speakers, a forward-looking itinerary and a distinctlyglobal perspective, Economist Events provides attendees with thetools they need to succeed in business.
Pride and Prejudice Event
Pride and Prejudice began in 2016 and willcontinue in 2017 as a global LGBT conference and initiative thatwill catalyse fresh debate on the economic and human costs ofdiscrimination against the LGBT community. With this event app, youcan view the programme schedule, network with other attendeesglobally, find speaker information and participate in live Q&Awith speakers. Share your conference experience via social mediadirectly through the app on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn toamplify the conversation. Conference-wide announcements will bepushed through the activity feed to provide you with the mostup-to-date information. Download the app now to start planning foryour next Economist Event.ABOUT THE ECONOMIST EVENTSFor more than 170 years, The Economist has been a trusted sourcefor those looking to understand more about the world around them.Economist Events brings the publication to life with nearly 100events around the world. Through panels, presentations and livedebates, award-winning journalists and internationally recognizedexperts offer their thoughts on today’s most pressing issues. Withvisionary speakers, a forward-looking itinerary and a distinctlyglobal perspective, Economist Events provides attendees with thetools they need to succeed in business.
Economist VR 2.6
Welcome to the Economist VR app, which provides access tovirtual-reality content from the world’s most influential newspublication. The latest version of the app features: Passport:Hyderabad Hyderabad, India's fourth biggest city, is fast becomingone of the most exciting visitor destinations in the country. Itsbooming tech scene is attracting global attention and transformingthis ancient city into a cosmopolitan hotspot. This 360-degreevideo experience accompanies the Hyderabad episode of the“Passport” series by Economist Films. Passport: Osaka Brightlights, bath-houses and seafood markets — take a tour of theJapanese city of Osaka with a local who can show you the city'sbest-kept secrets. This 360-degree video experience accompanies theOsaka episode of the “Passport” series by Economist Films. Ocean:The mystery corals Lukas Isall, a researcher at the PalauInternational Research Centre, tells the story of some of theworld’s most beautiful and mysterious corals. This 360-degree videoexperience accompanies the “Ocean” series by Economist Films.Oceans VR: Net positive Explore the case for limiting fishing onthe high seas, examining things from the viewpoint of diner, fish,fisherman and policymaker. By taking you inside the argument, wehope to give you a new perspective on this serious issue. Producedby The Economist Media Lab with Object Normal. Featured in theConvergence programme at the 54th New York Film Festival. RecoVR:Mosul, a collective reconstruction Take a tour of the Mosul Museumin Iraq, destroyed by militants from Islamic State but nowrecreated in virtual reality. Examine lost artefacts reconstructedby Rekrei, a project dedicated to restoring cultural heritagethrough photogrammetry and 3D modeling. Developed by The EconomistMedia Lab, with additional VR production from Visualise. Winner ofthe jury prize for innovation at the 2016 British Interactive MediaAwards.
Economist Films 1.4.2
What do the jobs of tomorrow look like? Can you make meat withoutanimals? Will startups take us to the stars? What’s the best way toregulate drugs? What if malaria drugs stop working? What does thefuture hold? Economist Films makes short, mind-stretchingdocumentaries that examine big global themes. Each one combinesanalysis, on-the-ground reporting and a dash of humour to capturethe essence of The Economist, the leading current-affairsnewspaper, in video form. Download the app and tune in to gain abroader understanding of the forces shaping the future. Availableto view: ”Daily Watch” : Mind-stretching short films every day ofthe working week. ”Oceans”: A Series that shows how cutting-edgescience and radical thinking are unlocking the mysteries of theworld's seas “Global Compass”: A series that examines the countriesand people pioneering new approaches to persistent social problems,from prison reform to drugs policy to providing low-cost healthcare The Disrupters: An original series exploring how majorindustries - from music and cars to hospitality - are currentlybeing disrupted by the last wave of digital innovation “FutureWorks”: A series that looks at the people doing jobs of the futuretoday, including civilian drone operators, e-sports superstars andbionic-limb designers “Passport“ : An original travel series forthe intellectually and culturally curious, exploring some of themost exciting city destinations in the world. ”The Agenda”: Aseries that explores the defining questions of our time and seeksout the stories, solutions and the personalities who might justhold the answers. Discover the mould-breakers experimenting withnew ways to approach some of the modern world's most fundamentalissues; find out what happens when bold ideas and real lifecollide, and meet the leaders whose thoughts and actions arethemselves helping to shape the agenda. “The World in 2017”: Findout about the big themes that will dominate the news agenda, beforethey happen
Growth Crossings Events app 1.4
This app is the official mobile app for GrowthCrossings' live events. With the newly created Growth Crossingsapp, you can view the updated event programme; ask questions ofspeakers; network with other attendees; link your Twitter, LinkedInand Facebook accounts to share your views; participate in livevoting and give feedback via surveys.Growth Crossings is a global event and content series supportedby Standard Chartered and produced by The Economist Events and TheEconomist Intelligence Unit.
GRE Daily Vocabulary 1.6.0
Having strong vocabulary skills is a crucial element of success onthe GRE test! Every day, we will provide you with an Economistpassage that features a common GRE vocabulary word, plus itssynonyms and definition.Experts recommend reading vocabulary incontext rather than cramming definitions, and The Economist is oneof the publications most frequently cited for doing so. You cansave words to review later and flip through our archive to seewords from past days. This app is best used in combination with thefull Economist GRE Tutor program, which utilizes adaptive learningtechnology to provide top tier practice for every topic on the GRE.Our goal is to help you achieve your target score on the GRE exam,and help you gain admission into the grad school of your choice!
The Economist Global Events 1.3
Economist Events is the mobile app for TheEconomist's live conferences based in the Americas. With theEconomist Events app, you can view the programme schedule, networkwith other attendees, find speaker information and participate inlive Q&A with speakers. Share your conference experience viasocial media directly through the app on Twitter, Facebook andLinkedIn to amplify the conversation. Conference-wide announcementswill be pushed through the activity feed to provide you with themost up-to-date information. Download the app now to start planningfor your next Economist Event.ABOUT THE ECONOMIST EVENTSFor more than 170 years, The Economist has been a trusted sourcefor those looking to understand more about the world around them.Economist Events brings the publication to life with nearly 100events around the world. Through panels, presentations and livedebates, award-winning journalists and internationally recognizedexperts offer their thoughts on today’s most pressing issues. Withvisionary speakers, a forward-looking itinerary and a distinctlyglobal perspective, Economist Events provides attendees with thetools they need to succeed in business.
mobile.appdCBXfMcHgx 5.47.5
The official app for delegates attending events organised by TheEconomist Events. Download the free app to: * Personalise yourschedule, explore sessions and view speakers * Message otherdelegates and set up meetings * Access interactive maps, sponsorsand further event information * View a real-time feed featuring allevent activities showcasing trending sessions, most popular photos,and discussion topics * Network with other attendees and expandyour professional network * Submit your questions to speakers andparticipate in live polling throughout the event