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Wild Beast Dinosaur City Rampage Simulator 2018 1.2
You'll need to run in the world by smashing, crashing anddestroying Cars, Objects, fence, while ruling over your dinosaur’scity world territory and create Jurassic world era!For the firsttime ever, you can choose from multiple Dinos in a single game!Become any of four famous dinosaurs Tyrannosaurus Rex,Velociraptor, Brontosaurus, Carnotaurus, Spinosaurus. Each dinosaurhas their special features, experience, and Beauty!Wild DinosaurSimulator is a thrilling 3D game with the real 3d and HD graphics.Explore the huge city map with your giant 3D Dinosaur by takingcontrol in whole and rampage the World. Break, crash , destroy andsmash anything in your way to get points , every object have adifferent point score and you need to complete the score, you needto free the cute , small , baby dinosaur from the Prison , You needto break the Prison and help that little cute dinosaurbaby.Experience Amazing 3D graphics and city environments. Play thereal dinosaur game and have lot of fun in destroying city!! Smashthe city and be the massive dinosaur and roam around the extremelocations. Have a fun of tilting and smashing the world with lot ofnoise. Dinosaur games are always fun and this one will make you gocrazy. Get yourself ready for the thrilling experience.GameFeatures:- Amazing 3D graphics and City environments- Fabulous andvarious dinosaur Animation- Strong and powerful Dinosaurs- Awesomegameplay.- Energetic and mind-blowing Sound effects -DifferentCamera Angles.-Free App for everyone. -Explore the city hugeEnvironment.
Ultimate Mountainous Off Road Adventure 2018 1.1
Off-road Hill Adventure 2016 is a milestone in the genre ofAdventure. Drive your rickshaw through beautiful and eye catchy 3dhill, earn points by Driving for your valuable customer, Pick yourtourist from one position and drop them on their destination.Off-Road hill driving is now redefined!One of the most addictiveand entertaining physics based driving game ever made! And it'sfree!Meet yourself, the young aspiring uphill driver. With littlerespect to the laws of physics, you should need to drive until youhave dropped your customers to the destined location!Face thechallenges of unique hill climbing environments with your very ownrickshaw. Gain bonuses from daring tricks and collect customersgood will to earn points .Watch out though – the corners of thehills because once you fall the game will be over and there is achance that you will lose some customers good will.Embark onamazing adventures through legendary worlds of hill climb and givethe facility to your customer of pick and drop. The green andbeautiful hill environment will give your eyes a pleasure inwatching the true beauty of nature, Join us in this Journey acrossthe beautiful alpine hills of their native wilderness, throughneighboring villages, amazing woodlands.Along the way you'll pickand drop the passenger within your passage of time upon themountain.Off-road Hill Adventure 2016 is physics based off-roadhill driving game with 3D graphics.Sick of endless games with noperspective? Off-road Hill Adventure 2016 is the best mobiledriving game you have been looking for. You drive your rickshaw inhill view through the mountain and realistic environment. Controlyour rickshaw through button on your device to drag your rickshawwherever you want, pick and drop the passenger, earn coins andenjoy the beauty of nature.KEY FEATURES:- Stunning 3D graphics-Smooth and realistic rickshaw handling- detailed environments:Realistic beauty of Nature - Real Physics of RickshawGAMEPLAY:-Touch control of left and right turn- Touch gas button toaccelerate- Touch brake button to slow downWe welcome yourcomments, feedback and rating.
Dinosaur Kids Simulator 2018 1.1
Cute Diplodocus, Cute Spinosaurus and Cuteness Overloaded. The Gameis about the Baby lovely dinosaurs whom start running on yourinstruction, Stops on your instruction. From the friendly Dino tothe Loving Tyrannosaurus Rex, there’s a multitude of differentdinosaurs to explore.Dino as collecting fruit and vegetablemachine. Run in the beautiful Jungle and Collect the different typeof Fruits and Vegetable. You will earn points by collecting fruitsand vegetable like Mangoes, Apples, Carrots, Pine Apples.There arefour different amazingly cute and beautiful babies of Dino, Theselection of baby is depend upon your taste , you can select onefrom any of four beautiful kids. Cute Dinosaur is a totally newraising experience with smooth controls lovingly handcrafted foryour Android phones and tablet.Welcome to the world and experiencethe peaceful, simple life of cute dinosaurs. No hunter is allowedin this game. Are you ready to start this exciting adventure inJurassic kids world now? Living dinosaurs are waiting for you!OTHERKEY FEATURES:• Free to move!• Support for tablets.• 4 real cutebaby Dino's. • Smooth Control.• Lots of fruits to collect. •Beautiful and colorful Jungle and graphics.We welcome yourcomments, rating and feedback.
Dinosaur Racing 3D 1.2
Live the dream of owning a realistic dinosaur and join the realworld of dinosaur racing! Dinosaur Racing 2016 is the mostauthentic racing simulation game.It's easy, exciting, fun, andhighly addictive. Challenge yourself and see how much you canwin!Run ! Run ! Run ! An awesome game for ALLAGES!********************************FEATURES****************************************>Real-time 3D Graphics.> Energetic Music > Simple to Play.>Dinosaur Selection> Accelerometer Control> New Design>High Graphic's Quality!Race for dominance in this high addictivedinosaur racing game in immersive environment. Will you be capableof riding your dinos to dodge the obstacles in the fiercecompetitions? Remember to balance the speed and stamina since ifyour Dinosaur runs too fast the stamina will be used up veryquickly. Now saddle up, steer your Dinosaur to reach the WorldChampionships!Cheers !!!!!!!!
Real Dinosaur Maze Runner Survival 2019 5.3
Take control and play with Real, Safari, Forest, Super Dinosaurslike Carnosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Tyrannosaurus, Velociraptor,Spinosaurus, Allosaurus and discover alongwith maze runner! ThisMaze game is to move the Carnivores Dinos to its destination. Enjoy30 startling free lost worlds along with Jurassic wild. This ismost adventurous game in the play store. This dinosaur sim startsfrom the home base. Be careful, because in this dinosaur safarijourney with a jumble of action and adventure. Experience survivaltaste and enjoy being a real Raptor. The survival guide is simple:these are not villain lizards. Discover the inspirational andalluring location of extinctive wild nature run and gather yourtargets, and try to pass all levels. In superior extreme survival,arcade and rescue mode simulator, there are 30 levels of intensedifficulty Gigantic dinosaurs have to survive in enemy territory.They will be quick, deadly and ruthless to you. It's not a zoo parkor lush natural Jungle in the Tropics, even not inhabited by theT-rex , rather in each upcoming levels you are provided with newtime consuming mazes. Interesting and challenging levels withadventurous and horrific looks and beautiful graphics. EXPLORE theMaze, and unlock new LEVELS! Game Features : - Multiple free DinosTo Choose. - Use Map to find the way out. - Easy And SmoothControls. - Explore new and free Maze. - Two exciting game modes.We will welcome your comments, rating and feedback.
Bike Rider 2018 1.1
Get ready to drive your motorbike at blazing speed! Bike Riderbrings you an real racing and survival game. Find the way save tohome from wild jurassic dinosaur lost world. Bike Rider takes youin the jurassic world of great maze, different views of camera,better graphics and real bike sounds. The essence of smooth arcaderacing is still there but in the shell of the next generation. Rideyour bike in the jungle of wild and huge dinosaurs.GAME FEATURES:-Multiple camera views to drive.- 10 different and amazing LostJurassic World.- Real motorbike sounds.- Detailed and HDenvironments. - Time Challenge mode with 10 missions.We welcomeyour comments, rating and feedback.
Kids Baby Dinosaur Rampage Simulator 2018 1.1
★★★ Cute Crazy t-rex Dino ★★★Find the huge Euro city environmentwith your kids 3D Dinosaur. Be sure and look around in all thecorners and uncover all the map. Discover the lost world of thedinosaurs, achieve your targets and rampage the world.Wild KidsDinosaur in the CityGet ahead the cute wild babies and put it toits bounds to finish all in obstacles. Move your ultimate player inwild tracks make it jump and smash into bars.Little Dinosaur FreeFeatures:
✔ 3D and Beautiful Environments. 
✔ Realistic HDGraphics.
✔ Free to play with various dinosaurs. 
✔ Complete themissions. 
✔ Realistic game play and cool sound.✔ Real and awesomesound effects.We Welcome your comments, rating and feedback.
Wild Pony Horse Rescue Sim 2018 : Survival Game 1.2
It's show time. Move your horse in the huge city. It's all thronesgame. Horse come in city and plan to escape his little companionpony comes from the jungle. Hit hard the challenges and become apowerful mammal.Challenging gameplay won’t be an easy task for you.There are multiple and various missions in this game in which youhave a task breaking things bad, escaping pony and show up thestrength of Stallion. Horse lovers will love to play this runningrampage free game and this is a best chance to feel like a perfectjockey. Get into action with your favorite horse in this simulationgame HD graphics of city.Game Features:- Make the horse run veryfast- Rescue Pony from Cage.- Feed carrots and get some energy tohit.- Push barrels, trees, traffic Cars out of the way.We welcomeyour Ratings, Feedback & Comments.
Dinosaur Football Simulator 1.1
Challenge your wild dinosaur for a league of soccer in this game!The football fantasy game of the year is here. There are stuntslevels where you can take the ball doing stunts from the startingpoint to the goal Position. Get Ready to play this beautiful game,wherever you are? Forget about Lionel Messi, Christiano Ronaldo orManuel Neuer! Let's play with the dinosaurs of jurassic world. Putyour technical skills to the test with new wild simulation. Selectyour dinosaur, start the match. Your match results depend entirelyon your ability to play with football – taking authenticity to thenext level.There are too many interesting levels. Move dinos inmaze runner and over ramps. Goal the soccer using containers, avoidfrom moving and static obstacles. These various levels make thisgame unique and different from other Euro 2016 game. 
FEATURES•Euro Cup 2016 in France.• Play in beautiful stadium of huge crowd.•Free and Challenge modes.• New movements and tactics• Variousdifferent challenging Levels.• Full control on Dinos.
We welcomeyour comments, rating and feedback.
Jungle Horse Simulator Stunts 2018 1.1
Let's play football. This sports is playing on every street andground in these days due to Euro 2016. Now this is time to takecontrol on your wild and euro horses to play world mostheartbreaking and thrilling game. Football is passion of everyperson and this is a perfect game for your emotions and passion. Ifyou like Soccer game, you will love this! It is a pleasure to shootthe ball with full force into the goal. You can move wild horse.The rest is pure football.Features:- Beautiful World to explore.-Multiple horses to choose.- Smooth performance.- Football to thenext level.- Time Challenge and Free Mode.- Multiple FootballStunts Levels.We welcome your comments, rating and feedback.