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Cargo Plane Forklift Challenge 1.0
Let's bring you the most exciting forklift driving game on googleplay store now and it's none other than cargo plane forkliftchallenge 3D game. Have you ever thought to play forklift simulatorfor cargo transport in airport area? You have always played othervehicles like airplane, train, truck and obviously the general carparking games. But we have brought a different idea and you canenjoy the control of a forklift truck in this extreme originalairplane cargo forklift simulator 3D game. Your objective is tomaster the forklift truck driver tasks near airport range. Loadcargo like crates, boxes and supplies within the best time possibleand unload them near godowns or cargo airplane. Take supplies fromthe warehouse carefully and deliver them by facing challenges.Youcan start driving your forklift with realistic controls andtransport your cargo as skilled forklift driver. You have theability to pick up the crates and bring them down to godowns ornear cargo plane. Be fast and maintain accuracy in forklift gamesas professional drivers. In this game you have 5 different cameraviews to properly load and unload cargo in your truck. You willpick up cargo from airport area and will transport them intodifferent locations of city airport. Be the skilled forklift driverand drive your cargo truck near aircraft. Those who love airplaneflight simulators will love to transport cargo using forklift forthe first time.The gameplay missions are set in different areas ofairport where you need to drive your forklift truck and load cargoin the right position with proper precision and accuracy. Pilotsare ready to take off airplane after taking cargo from airport.Complete your time challenging tasks and drive around in the lorrygodowns. Freight loading and transportation is a challenging taskin this cargo transport simulator. Lift up the cargo and drive tosafely transport expensive cargo elements at airport. Cargo planeforklift challenge 3D is undoubtedly one of the most wonderfulforklift simulator games found on google play today . . . !★★★ GAMEFEATURES ★★★✓ Cargo plane forklift challenge 3D will make you actas a real forklift truck driver✓ Two realistic 3D forklift cargotrucks✓ 10 different cargo transport missions✓ The gameplay haschallenging tasks to complete✓ The forklift driving controls arereal simulation✓ Enjoy the near look of aircrafts in the cityairport✓ Smooth driving controls with proper forklift handling andlifting✍ Give us your valuable ratings, comments and feedback toencourage us to make cool games for your family and friends! ☺
Farming Animal Transport Drive 1.0
⇮ 1 step ahead in the world of 3d games.Proudly Game object studiois establishing again some more for app store action andchallenging gamers. Try 3d fully detailed masterpiece andexperience realistic feelings of farming cattle driveenvironment.Transport farming animals in a fast heavy-dutytransportation vehicle and discover realistic animal cargoadventure.Play in safe mode all of 10 levels with up to 10 scaryand terrifying animals. One of the big stats of game is as It’stransportation+cargo+parking game, a complete package for furiousracers and drivers.So lets start farming animal transport drive.✌Why should you play it ?With all of 10 terrible animals, completethe full game. Transport all of them to the zoo. Beat your friendsand your own records. It’s just like a livestock animal show.Accelerate your truck as fast as you can pick an animal in lesstime. So revive the thrill and fun in farming animal cargo gameblended with the concept of 3D trailer farming animal transportergame. Park cargo transporter accurately in front of a farm at theparking area. Tap to move animals to the truck. Navigate animals tothe truck, and drive trucker to start your journey to the zoo inthis epic farming animal transport drive.☞ 7 tips! You’d neverlose.➊ Ignite truck and drive faster to achieve your task.➋ Steeryour truck fastly as you have limited time to complete your farmingjob.➌ Find parking area in front of the farm and park your truckappropriately.➍ Tap to move an animal from farm to truck, pushanimal fastly.➎ Use back rear camera to reverse vehicleaccurately.➏ Truck will be loaded, now you have to start yourjourney. Drive and go away.➐ It's done. Now speed up your vehicleto end your farming gamesuccessfully.Lion⇆Rhinoceros⇆Bear⇆ElephantMoreover, You can playpremium animal transport simulator with 10 different farminganimals. Transport scary lions, rhinoceros, bears and hippopotamus.Additionally, more animals in the farm are cow, goat, sheep. Also,you have to pick elephant, stag, and zebra. Here, a farming animalshow is waiting for you.So what are you waiting for ? Fasten yourseat belt, hold your steering, drive truck and let your crazywheels moving in this ultimate Farming Animal Transport Drive.♛Heights of Game ♛☑ 10 different animals to complete all of 10levels.☑ Full view geo map to look game scene completely.☑ 4different stunning 3d trucks to drive with different horse powers.☑10 different impressive levels. Unlock all to end game at a hugetotal score.☑ Special 3d full zoom back rear camera for reversegear.☑ Realistic village farm and city environment ☑ Real-model offarm cattle transport truck.☑ Super powerful front and back gearsto drive to and fro.☑ Play more, earn more cash and unlock otherlevels to get new farming trucks.☑ Smooth game controls as well as3d fully detailed farming environment.♻ What’s Next for you!Wantnext updated version ? Try this best 3d animal cargo truck parkingand animal transportation drive task. Reward us with your kindreviews and feedbacks to add more features for you in updatedversion next time.
Off Road Oil Tanker Driving 1.2
Are you getting bored? Say goodbye to boredom and get ready todrive a giant off-road oil tanker on the highway. #1 full of funand adventure oil tanker dragging game is waiting for you at GooglePlay Store. Try big daring drive at a titan tanker with all of 10marvelous levels in day and night mode. Fasten seat belt, Igniteyour vehicle, Accelerate titan tanker and take to its destination.Are you daring and challenging driver? Yes . . Then what are youwaiting for ? Download full of action, thrill, and daring game andprove yourself world’s best tanker driver.You have played many carsand bike driving games but now its turn to control huge highway oiltanker at the seashore. Use complete 3d features and AI to completea wonderful task. Take tanker to the station. Fill tanker properlyand take it to its destination. It's all you have to do to proveyour game a memorable play of your life.Tanker Strengths: ➢Speed:All of the tankers have different speeds. Make sure to boostyour tanker speed. Earn more cash to unlock next more super fasttankers. ➢ Powerful brakes:Use Powerful brakes. Avoid collisionwith other vehicles and falling down into the sea. ➢ Handling:Alltankers have their different engine mechanisms. Try anyone to showyour hidden stunt driving skills. ➢ Damage:Play well to unlockother tankers that have definitely less damage ratio and morepower.TIME IS SHORT - TASK IS MOREYour duty is to a drive tanker.Drive fastly before time runs out and take it to the station. Fillit and go away. Use powerful back and front gears to complete yourjourney. Be careful about other vehicles, avoid a collision. Reachat station fastly, fill your oil tanker and accelerate again toreach your destination*** Game Highlights ***+ CompleteGeographical map to view complete game route.+ Best off-road oiltanker drifting game on Android.+ Cool graphics, Suitable for allages. You will definitely love it.+ 8 Different camera angles ofthe tanker.+ Front and Back gear to control your tanker to andfro.+ High resolution for mobile phones and tablets.+ Strong brakeand race to boost your tanker speed.+ Two different day and nightdriving modes.+ 10 different addictive game levels to drive inmultiple environments.+ Take care of limited time for each level,Make a horn and challenge your friends.+ Play against the bestopponent – yourself. Beat yourself again and again and break yourown records.+ 4 Different oil tankers to drive: ❖Langow ❖Phantom❖Havergal ❖BernardThank You for finding us at Play Store… Downloadnow and be the best tanker driver!Feeling Social !! Drop us yourkind suggestions and tips to update this game as an updated gamefor you next time.
Farmer Tractor Sim 2016 1.2
In this farming season lets plow, sow, grow and harvest the cropsin Farmer Tractor Sim 2016. You have to drive farmer tractor andplough your farming field using american seeding machine attachedto your tractor. You will enjoy real farming by spraying yourfields with farming herbs. You will perform your duty as virtualfarmer and drive tractor as real farmers do in their farm. In thisgame, you will first plow the field in start and then spray it withfarm medicine, afterwards you will harvest your ripe crops in thenext levels. It's amazing tractor driving experience in the farmand wonderful farmer simulation fun. Play this game to plant seedsand grow your fields. Drive your farmer tractor in fields toharvest your ripe crops like potatoes, corn, wheat, barley, canola,sugar beet, and hay etc. Enjoy this farming simulation game and bethe professional tractor driver to cultivate your farming land in2016. You will enjoy beautiful village environment and lovelyagricultural lands along the countryside. Have fun with farmertractor with different machines like threshers, drillers andseeders to plough, spray and harvest your fields. Plow your farmwith seeding and drilling machines as real farmer tractor driver.Play this game to have realistic farming fun!!! ✦✦✦ GAME INSIGHTS✦✦✦- Farmer tractor simulation experience in farm- 20 differentGameplay levels like plowing, spraying and harvesting- Sowdifferent vegetable seeds and harvest crops- Smooth Button andSteering controls of seeder and thresher machines ✍ Give us yourvaluable ratings, comments and feedback to encourage us to makecool games for your family and friends! ☺
Zoo Animals Transporter 3d 1.0
After the success of hillclimb animal transport, GameObject studio‘d like to welcome in Safari wild zoo animals transportation. Nointernet connection required. Enjoy real jungle book animalstransport without a connection on just a single tap. Build yourhighest records, challenge your friends and beat them in this ZooAnimals Transporter 3d. Transport wild animals from village minizoo to city big zoo.Energize your kids with zoo animal transporttruck simulator. Take one step ahead in zoo animal cargosimulation-Zoo Animals Transporter 3d.Jungle animals transport dutyis one of the unique wild animal transport simulators at the store.Install and enjoy all of the 10 stages. Zoo animal cargotransporter is going to be a full treat for pet care games lovers.A big challenging animal rescue mission for Safari junglesuperheroes. Explore a new exotic world of wild animals, enjoyrealistic roaring and trumpeting animals in your own animal cargotransport vehicle. Transport all of 10 ravenous animals includingroaring lion, growling polar bear and hippopotamus to big zoo inthe city. This is a sort of wildlife rescue duty in which you haveto transport many preys, predators and other adorable species totheir habitat safely in truck transport job. Experience realtraveller and tourist fantasy in zoo animals cargo delivery throughZoo Animals Transporter 3d.Travel with real growling and bellowingsavage safari animals and feel realistic journey with safarianimals cargo simulation.✌ Why should you play it ?↝ 10 differentimpressive stages with 10 horrible beasts.↝ Full view geo map totrack your truck current position and destination.↝ 4 differentcargo truck models. All the new 3d models to explore more transportsimulation fun.↝ Smooth animal cargo truck movement controls- Usetilt, steering or arrow buttons.↝ Use front and back gear toexplore more simulation fun.↝ All exciting elements of safarianimal simulator game.↝ 3 different camera angles to give a userfull driving control.↝ Play more, earn more cash and unlock otherlevels to get trucks with more heavy-duty.↝ High-quality zooenvironment with realistic animal cargo simulation truck.↝ Maketime and speed your winning powers. Complete mission with highspeed in less time.Complete all stages to buy more cash. Play, makebig scores and challenge your friends. Animal zoo driving isavailable with all forest animals having 10 long lasting zoo animaltransportation missions. Drive 4 cargo trucks to complete your wildanimal transportation task. Earn more cash to unlock otherhigh-speed trucks. Accelerate faster, pick animal and move to thezoo. During the whole game, read dialogue objectives to completeyour animal cargo simulation task.☞ 7 tips : Be careful when goingfor zoo visit➊ Protect village and humans from these savage beasts.Transport them carefully to the zoo.➋ Find parking area and parkcargo truck nicely.➌ Read dialogue objectives attentively, followthem and complete your tasks.➍ Tap animal fastly to move into thetruck. Save more time and earn more cash.➎ Transport all theanimals to zoo safely, without any damage.➏ Drive through cityroads rather than village roots to save more time.➐ At reachingzoo, again find a parking area and drop animalaccurately.Experience terrifying wild animals in your animal cargotransport simulator including wolf, crocodile, lion, bear, hippoand rhino. The game also includes a giant elephant, fox, super faststage and zebra. Follow dialogue objectives, tap to simulate all ofthem in zoo cargo truck and complete your ultimate animal cargodrive.Stay tuned for next releases and updates.
Heavy Truck Cargo Transport 3d 1.1
You have been seen many transportation games with the differentconcept like truck transportation, cargo transport, army truck 3dgame. But the Game object introduce the new concept with Heavytruck Cargo Transport. You have 10 levels in the game and the veryinteresting and enjoyable cargo trucks. It's a parking simulationgame in which you have some tasks to complete the level like loadthe container and unload it at the given point in a time limit. Thefirst truck is unlocked and the remaining is locked you can unlockthem with XP points or you can simply unlock from in-app purchasein just 2.99 $.◈◈◈◈◈◈KEY FEATURES◈◈◈◈◈◈◉ 10 Levels◉ Lorry TransportTruck◉ Off-Road + City Enviournament ◉ Traffic◈◈◈◈◈◈GAMEPLAY◈◈◈◈◈◈◉Tilt, Steering for right left ◉ Gear for forward and reverse◉ Pressthe Accelerate Button to Speed up ◉ Press the Brake Button to slowDown ◉◉◉◉◉◉◉◉◉◉◉◉◉◉◉◉◉◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◉◉◉◉◉◉◉◉◉◉◉◉◉
Flying Car Futuristic Jet 1.1
Flying car futuristic jet is a most wanted game in these days andwe think people are now bored with the previous concept of thegaming like simulation and driving games like free stunts etc. Nowwe are providing a new concept game. You will fly your car like anairplane. Drive your car freestyle mode pickup the coins which areplaced on the ramps and in your way. When your car reaches aspecific speed than flying button will appear and you have tocollect the rings by fly your car.You will play this game with fourdifferent cars the first car will be unlocked and the rest of thecars will be locked you can unlock them from XP's points or yousimply buy from In-app purchase in just 2.99 $.☺☺☺☺KEYFEATURES☺☺☺☺☺10 Levels ☺ Level selection ☺ Mountains☺ Grass☺ City and offroad ☺Air Port☺ SEA☺☺☺☺GAMEPLAY☺☺☺☺☺ 4 Racing Cars☺ Pilot Simulator ☺Tilt when car fly ☺ Press accelerator for speed up ☺ Press theBreak button to slow down the car☺ Nitro buttonFlying CarFuturistic Jet 2016 awesome and an enjoyable game will be updatedconstantly. Please rate and give your feedback for furtherimprovement of the game.
Kitchen Fever Burger Cafe 1.2
Are you looking for a fast-paced time management game? Looking forthe best burger making game with the toughest challenge then yourwait is over. Kitchen Fever Burger Cafe is here to entertain youwith the toughest time management game. This game is the best placeto test your cooking, serving burger and time management skills. Innowadays restaurant are full with customers and handling a goodburger cafe is never been easy. There is a rush of customers everytime in the cafe.the hungry customers are here in your cafe. itstime to speed up your cooking and feed the customer with deliciousburgers. You have to speed up the cooking and serving otherwisecustomers will go to the other cafe. Each level offers adeliciously juicy challenge, so make a mouthwatering, cheeseburgeror crisp fries, from hot dogs to salads and to tasty dessertsKitchen Fever burger cafe has all that the happy chefneeds.FEATURES⇾ Easy tap and drag Kitchen Fever⇾ Face-paced Gamewith Time Management⇾ Fun cooking game⇾ Chef Cooking Skills &Kitchen Environment⇾ Many exciting levels to challenge your skill⇾Free play to practice your skills
Airport Police Dog Crime Duty 1.0
Innocent airplane passengers are scared of criminals andterrorists. Playing as the trained professional police dogspecially known as k9 German shepherd it’s time to maintain thepeace with sniffing around criminals, robbers and thieves. Time tosecure the airport from criminals and build a crime free area forthe city passengers. Keep law intact and sniff around forsuspicious items. Some thugs, criminals or robbers might try tosneak in with illegal items, weapons or stuff not allowed to becarried by passengers. Keep watch all the time for any unusualactivity to disrupt the peace at the airport. Some criminals mighttry to make a run so it’s you speed skills to catch those criminalsrunning away with crime activities.Dog are man’s best companions,and with police dog helping police officials. German shepherd andRottweiler are the top breeds trained to help police in savingpeople from criminal activities and maintaining peace in cities andtowns. Best known for speed, sniffing skills and great reflexesmake police dogs worst for criminals. The real thrill is to findcriminals and chase them before they perform their crime act at thecity airport. Even for dog simulator lovers this is something newto enjoy and also help police department in catching criminals.Assist the police cops to reach the suspects and catch the grandcity criminals. Stand by the police security check out and keep aneye on passengers checking in with their luggage to the airplane.Wherever the security beep blows run down and catch the suspectedperson. One of the security has reported a weapon inside theairplane. Go and sniff around to find the illegal item inside theplane. Enjoy the thrill of playing police dog and bring the peacethe city airport.★★★ GAME INSIGHTS ★★★♦ Chase and catch criminalsat the city airport♦ Sniff around for illegal items and luggage♦Play as the police dog in this dog simulator game♦ Real-time doghandling and crime scene environment♦ Help police official duringcrime scenes at the airport