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Real Car Driver – 3D Racing 1.6
Time to test your driving simulator skills inthis real fast car driving on your smartphones. Beat all theopponent drivers on the way to victory. Racing simulator will letyour experience the real driving on racing tracks. Fast racingcars, awesome road tracks and realistic 3d environments. Takecontrol of your favorite car and accelerate hard to overcome yourracing rivals in this car driving simulator. Face off against thefast drivers in the toughest race challenges. Speed up & Driftperfect on the roads to avoid hitting your racing opponents. Thelife of a car driver is never so easy. Real car simulator 3d willlet you discover the depth of driving where you will drag your carall the way to finish line. Overcome the racing challenges in thisunlimited car driving game.Drive around different tracks and become the racing driver. Choosefrom various speedy sports cars and drive around. Fast, speed,accuracy and real simulator and driving experience is what definesthese hot cars. Entertainment is best with real car racing game.Amazing racing levels will provide unlimited fun. Take control ofyour furious racing car and be the top driver to race against yourrivals. Feel high speed racing, drifting and real-time car drivingsimulator. Become the fastest racer of them all. Be careful on thetricky turns and under tunnels. Choose your favorite driving wheelsand take them on the racing roads. Unleash your fury and drive fastto the finish line.★★★ STORY ★★★The game portrays the story of all time racing rivals. Long timeago they used to race and drive like crazy drivers. They took partin many fast racing challenges. The life of a racer is never soeasy. You are in need of cash so you end up with a racingcontractor who hires you as an ultimate driver. Now it’s you whowill race against your opponents in different parts of the world.You cannot afford loosing so let’s smash them all and stand up asthe ultimate racer!!!!!★★★ FEATURES★★★◆ Variety of Fast Cars to Drift & Drive◆ 5 Racing Tracks with Multiple Laps◆ Awesome Car Handling & Simulation◆ Dual Driving Control Options◆ Different Camera Views◆ 3D Graphics, HD Environments★★★Follow Us ★★★Facebook : :★★★Privacy Policy★★★We respect and take care of your and your kid’s privacy. You canread our privacy policy here:★★★Disclaimer★★★This free game contains ads.
Army War Truck Transport 1.6
Enter into the action-packed Warfield in thesand deserts with bombarding and shooting everywhere. Your duty inthe army begins as the army war truck transport driver. You are inthe middle of a battle against the enemy troops. Enemy tanks,soldiers, helicopters and rocket launchers are everywhere in thebattle field. You have been given the duty to drive heavy armytruck in the desert Warfield to transport military cargo. Show yourskills as the pro truck driver to drive in the extreme conditionsto transport military weaponry in the battle arena. Exciting truckdriving simulation missions awaits where you will transportweapons, tanks, barrels, armor and other military cargo to the armybase in the battle field. Experience what army soldiers go throughduring the war. Be safe while you drive because its war andbombarding will damage your army truck.Play as a ruthless driver to drive through the enemy terrain in theextreme desert conditions to transport army cargo to the armybases. Don’t lose the site on the enemy or you might get hurt.Driving a big truck might not be a difficult task but doing itinside the battle field in the war against the enemy is a hard taskto complete. Your participation in a war against the enemy is tohelp your military men and transport weapons, food, water and othercargo on your army war truck. Military men, armed forces andcommandos need your assistance with their cargo and militaryequipment transportation.★★★ Gameplay Features ★★★• Action Packed Gameplay Missions• Real-time Army War Truck Driving• Transport Military Cargo in Battle Field• Desert Site War Environment• Smooth Steering, Brakes and Drifting• Perform your Duty as Army Truck Driver★★★ Privacy Policy ★★★We respect and take care of your and your kid’s privacy. You canread our privacy policy here:★★★ Follow us on Facebook ★★★★★★ Disclaimer ★★★This free game contains ads.
Deer Hunting - Sniper Shooting 3.2
Let’s go hunting with Sniper Deer Hunting 2014. This is an amazingand addictive action pack game to take you to an ultimate adventurein the most realistic environment with trees, grass, outdoor,mountains etc. Those who love hunting will love this first personsniper shooting game where you don't have a squad & you need todo it all alone. Grab your gun, test your sniper skills and don'tlet the deer escape. Let’s go hunting in the real jungle wildernessenvironment. Do you trust your sniper shooting skills? Let’s showhow to hunt. The game gives you an awesome experience with real 3Dgraphics, sound effect and the environment. The deer might beunaware of your presence so take your best shot to become the besthuntsman of the jungle.★★★ STORY ★★★The army career is over now;The soldier decides to live in hillside jungle between mountains tospend his life enjoying his hunting passion. Currently he possesone sniper rifle which can be used for hunting but if he uses hisarmy shooting skills, he can successfully hunt some deer’s andrewards to buy more different guns. You will see the most beautifulsummer scenes in the game - the sounds of weapons, animals,wildlife, forest, mountains & birds.★★★ TOP GAME FEATURES ★★★ •First Person Shooting• Efficient gun control• Enemy AI (ArtificialIntelligence)• 3D Graphics and Sound effects• Real Time JungleEnvironment• 10 gameplay mission with different tasks★★★ HOW TOPLAY ★★★• Easy touch and drag gameplay to rotate axis• Camera zoomto get accurate shots• Mission based gameplay to complete allmission• Shooting accuracy and skills★★★ Privacy Policy ★★★Werespect and take care of your and your kid’s privacy. You can readour privacy policyhere:★★★ Follow us onFacebook ★★★★★★Disclaimer ★★★ This free game contains ads.
Police Bus Criminal Transport 2.2
Time to become a hero in this latest edition of crime city busdriver simulator. You have been hired as a pro city bus driver topick and drop police cops and transport criminals inside the city.Begin your duty in this police bus transport simulator 2015. Crimerate is rising and to control the town you need to transport policeofficers to their desired locations so they can control thesituation accordingly. Robbers, thief and criminals are runningaway with serious crimes. You are presented with various drivingmissions to pick and drop at various locations so they can chasedown criminals and control crime. Bring back the peace to your cityand play as a police bus criminal transport driver to pick and droppolice officials, swat members and other cops. Smash the criminals,don’t be late or you might miss a crime scene. Have you ever trieddriving a bus inside the city? Act as the city bus driver on a dutyto transport criminals and police cops to their duty areas, crimescenes, police stations, hospitals and more. Some policemen havearrested robbers and thief and are waiting for the bus to pick themup and leave them to the police station. Be quick in your duty todrive the police bus on the desired spots. Drive the city bus,follow the traffic rules and fulfil your duty as the policetransporter bus driver. Enjoy the thrilling gameplay with variousdriving and bus simulation missions. Drift on the roads, ride fastand be a furious bus driver. Don’t let the city turn into crimetown. Pick and drop police cops to maintain peaceful cityenvironment. ★★★ Gameplay Features ★★★• 10 Thrilling GameplayMissions• Real-time Police Bus Driving• Pick and Drop PoliceOfficers from Different Locations• Explore the City Environment•Smooth Steering, Brakes and Drifting★★★ Privacy Policy ★★★Werespect and take care of your and your kid’s privacy. You can readour privacy policyhere:★★★ Follow us onFacebook ★★★★★★Disclaimer ★★★ This free game contains ads.
Army Transport Bus Driver 1.7
Army transport bus driver is one of the coolest bus driver 2015games. You get the job of driving army bus on the rough terrain,hills, mountains and step paths. Are you a pro bus driver? Do youhave what it takes to driver a big bus on difficult paths? A bussimulator 2015 where you start your duty as an army professionalbus driver to pick up and drop army men, commandos, special forcesto their desired locations. Be a furious driver and enjoy heavyvehicle driving on mountain and steep paths. Manual brakes, powersteering, smooth controls and sharp turns. Experience what army mengo through on their duty at check points. Be the transporter todrop them to new check points. Drive a city bus is easier thandriving bus for army men on hills and mountain paths. Army duty busdriver 3d is a not just a driving simulator but a professional dutyto transport army officers. They might be carrying heavy weapons orarmory with them too so be careful with your driving. Enjoy hoursof non-stop thrill of driving an army bus. Realistic bus physics,smooth handling, pressure brakes and fast driving. Get ready forfast off-road hill driving in this 3d military bus simulator 2015.Military men, armed forces and commandos are busy in your duty andwhen they need a transport service you will be the top driver toprovide them pick and drop. Army duty is not an easy job so proveyourself as the best bus driver.★★★ Gameplay Features ★★★•Thrilling Gameplay Missions• Real-time Bus Handling and Drive• Pickand Drop Army Men & Military Officers • Explore the Hill SideEnvironment• Smooth Steering, Brakes and Drifting• Perform yourDuty as Army Bus Driver★★★ Privacy Policy ★★★We respect and takecare of your and your kid’s privacy. You can read our privacypolicy here:★★★ Followus on Facebook ★★★★★★Disclaimer ★★★ This free game contains ads.
Tourist Plane Flight Simulator 1.4
Time to unleash your flight simulator skillsand be an extreme pilot to fly airplane over the hills andmountains. Enough off road driving, it’s time to play the role ofan airplane pilot. Pick your favorite plane and fly high into theskies. Get the realistic flight simulator experience with touristplane flying over the mountains, hill and off road rocks. Test yourpiloting skills with extreme flight conditions and take tourist totheir destinations. Multiple islands to take off and controlairplane landings. The gameplay is not just about flying airplane,another challenge is to drive off road bus and take tourist to theairport and other locations.Ride your aircraft as it is ready to board. Take the passengers tohill side and fly high with your tourist airplane. One of the mostexciting task is taking the skydivers high into the skies and letthem do skydiving. Enjoy the thrill of high skydiving and pilotflight simulator with extreme tourist plane take off and landings.Be an airplane pilot to control your tourist flight over the snowmountains, hill climb roads, off road hill stations and islands.Driving a bus and flying an airplane are two totally differenttasks to master. So drive your off road tourist bus and take thetravellers to the airport. Once the passenger flight is ready toboard, just fly high into the skies.Ready to fly? Begin the Tourist flight and let’s completetransportation and flying missions.★★★ GAMEPLAY FEATURES ★★★• Play as Tourist Plane Pilot• Real-time Off Road Bus Driving• Fly Over the Mountains and Hills• Manual Airplane Flight & Landings• Multiple Gameplay Tasks to Complete• Tourist Transport on Airplane & Off Road Bus★★★ Privacy Policy ★★★We respect and take care of your and your kid’s privacy. You canread our privacy policy here:★★★ Follow us on Facebook ★★★★★★ Disclaimer ★★★This free game contains ads.
City Helicopter Rescue Flight 1.8
Get ready to start the flying adventure inside the city with cityhelicopter rescue flight simulator. Be the helicopter pilot tonavigate rescue helicopter flight and landings to save civilians,police officials and news reporters in emergency situations. Thosewho love playing rescue helicopter and air ambulance games willlove to play city helicopter flight. Take control of your ownrescue helicopter and fly inside the city. The game includeschopper flying, helicopter navigation and complete manual handling.Act as the rescue pilot and save the people in emergencysituations. Fly in the skies and look around for emergency areasand rescue them all. Save lives of people in danger and fulfill theduty of an air ambulance pilot. The gameplay revolves inside thecity where you act as the helicopter pilot flying a rescue flightand looking for emergency calls to help city people. Do you thinkyou can fly a helicopter flight? Show your helicopter flying skillsand move inside the city between big buildings. Get the experienceof flying a rescue flight in this 3d helicopter simulator. Someonemight be stuck in building on fire, an accident might have takenplace due to a criminal activity or you need to transport aninjured person in your air ambulance city helicopter flight. Newchapter into the series of helicopter flight games where you don’tplay as a police official or an army personnel but a rescue pilotflying his air ambulance to rescue people in emergency situation.Time to showcase your extreme pilot skills. Ready to fly? Begin thehelicopter flight and let’s complete transportation and rescuemissions.★★★ GAMEPLAY FEATURES ★★★• Play as Helicopter Pilot•Real-time 911 Rescue Missions• Fly Over the City and ReachEmergency Areas• Manual Helicopter Handling and Flying• MultipleGameplay Tasks to Complete★★★ Privacy Policy ★★★We respect and takecare of your and your kid’s privacy. You can read our privacypolicy here:★★★ Followus on Facebook ★★★★★★Disclaimer ★★★ This free game contains ads.
Shark Revenge Attack Sim 3d 1.3
Ever thought how it feels to live the life of an angry shark in thedeep dark seas searching for food where the survival only dependsupon secretly searching and hunting your prey? This deep sea beastsimulator will let you explore the dark blue sea where you will goon the underwater expedition as an angry shark killer and prey as adeadly sea beast.Get ready for a series of wildlife hunting andattacking challenges in this shark attack simulator and experiencethe real taste of being a wildlife hunter. Some furious snipers arethere to hunt down sharks and their other species. Start rampageand attack on whatever comes in your way as a deadly wild beast.Get on the underwater hunting mission and be a deadly killer sharkthat munches on human prey. Revenge is on your mind so jump out ofthe water and make humans your prey. Be the hungry wild beast ofthe sea life Attack people standing on water boats and unleash theunderwater predator inside you in this wildlife shark attack.Attack boats, jet skis, humans, fisher men and hunters looking tosniper away the fishes, shark, whales and other small species. Playshark revenge attack simulator, swim inside and over the vast bluesea and enjoy the human munch. This underwater shark simulator willlet you play as a giant shark unleashing upon others to causedestruction and mayhem. Be aware of the attack and sniping fromhumans, it will lower your health and will result in level failure.Complete your mission successful to move on to the next level.Turnyourself on the evil side in this shark attack simulator 3d. Startthe game with underwater simulation hitting water boats, killinghumans, fishermen and deadly shark hunters, finding some hiddenstuff like gold chest and precious items and protecting other sharkspecies. Rule the vast sea with your vicious and brutal attacks.Kill hunters, fisherman and others people around and be a ruthlessunderwater predator.★★★ Gameplay Features ★★★• 10Thrilling Gameplay Missions• Real-time Physics Controls &Underwater Sea• Attack People on Boats, Jet Skis & Near Shore•Explore the 3D Sea & Underwater Environment• Amazing SoundEffects & Animations
Gunship Sniper Shooting 3D 1.0.8
ATTACK!!! An enemy ship has being detected near the military base,so soldiers let’s battle it out and make our army base safe again.You need a secure spot against the special forces of enemy and whatcould be better than Apache Gunship helicopter. Be a brave hero,play as the leading frontline commando and counter shoot all theterrorists. You have the sniper gun to start with, OHHH captain,you’re too good with head-shots so don’t waste your bullets becauseyou might run out of them. This is an action packed thriller. Killall the enemy soldiers and defend your pride as the leader of theAmerican navy seals squad. It’s the first person sniper shootinggame where you need to kill all the enemy’s and head shots arealways the best. They will earn you more points and help inunlocking other guns like HK, M16 and MK11. The mission is toeliminate all the enemy and get the control of the navy gunship inthis gunship sniper shooting 3D game.>>> TOP GAME FEATURES<<<• 3D First Person Shooter – FPS• Amazing, realistic andunique weapon control• HD & stunning graphics and addictivegameplay• 3D Environment & Amazing sounds• Top view of theenemy navy carrier from Helicopter• Guns include AK-47, HK, M16 andMK11>>> HOW TO PLAY <<<• Touch and drag gameplayto rotate axis• Aim your enemy and shoot them to earn points•Head-shots will earn your high scores• Use the zoom option to havethe clear view>>> Privacy Policy <<<We respectand take care of your and your kid’s privacy. You can read ourprivacy policyhere:>>>Follow us onFacebook<<<>>>Disclaimer <<< This free game contains ads.
Police Bus Uphill Driving 1.8
The most adventurous and craziest bus driving simulator is herewith off-road driving. Get the feel of nature hill side environmentfilled with mountains, water and rocks. Police Bus is a bussimulator where you play as a bus driver driving various buses andchauffeur inside the hill, rocks and mountains. Be careful withlandslides, dangerous turns and hilltop driver. Police cops are onduty at the hillside and your duty as the hill driver is totransport policemen to different check posts, other stations andcontrol rooms. Enjoy the madness in driving furious bus on hillareas. Police bus uphill driving simulator is a modern bussimulator 2015 where you drive with manual pressure brakeshandling, power steering and smooth turns.You might be a fast hillcar driver but driving a bus inside the hills and mountains is notan easy job. Police officials are waiting on different stops andcheckpoints for their pickup service so be quick but careful.Traffic might not be a problem but dangerous turns might test yourdriving skills. Be quick in your duty to drive the police bus onthe desired spots. Drive the city bus, be careful on turns andfulfil your duty as the police hill bus driver. Enjoy hours ofnon-stop fun with this bus simulator. Get ready for fast off-roadhill driving in this 3d bus simulator with hill adventures. Ensuresafety but have fun too.★★★ Gameplay Features ★★★• AdventurousGameplay Missions• Real-time Hill Driving• Pick and Drop PoliceOfficers from Different Locations• Explore the Hill SideEnvironment• Smooth Steering, Brakes and Drifting★★★ Privacy Policy★★★We respect and take care of your and your kid’s privacy. You canread our privacy policyhere:★★★ Follow us onFacebook ★★★★★★Disclaimer ★★★ This free game contains ads.
Russian Head Shot Sniper 3D 2.1
Gear up to fight against the mob of high-profile gangsters who havebuilt their clan inside the city. They take control of the majorcriminal activities around. Being a master sniper assassin makethem your victims in this sniper 3d. Aim to shoot, kill or getkilled. The best possible way to get revenge in this sniper killeris to complete the assassin contracts and kill the criminals. Dutycalls when it’s a sniper 3d revenge mission. Enemy intelligence hasspotted you inside the city so some sniper killers are coming foryou. As a sniper assassin equipped with a sniper rifle go on aseries of killing and assassination contracts. Stealth mission,long-range targets and a mob of enemies make this a perfect sniper3d assassin shooting game. Snipe, shot & eliminate criminals,snipers, robbers and some escaped prisoners while you travel aroundthe city in search of your targets in this sniper 3d. WHAT DOES THEGAME OFFER?Russian Head Shot Sniper is loaded with stealth sniperkiller mission containing long range targets. HD gameplay graphics,Realistic sniper 3d shooting experience, awesome sniper gunhandling, real-time enemy intelligence and much more. Russian HeadShot Sniper will let you experience a series of sniper assassinmissions and contract where you act as an agent who has revenge onhis mind by taking out the clan of criminals.STORYBack in the daysof his services in the terrorist assassination squad, Agent eM madea name for sniper shooting and assassination. He was one of thelegend snipers of his time. A high profile multi-billionairegangster ordered the murder of agent eM and his family. Luckily hesurvived the attacked but could not protect his family as they endup dead. Due to lack of evidence he could not proceed an arrest oran encounter. Gearing up to avenge the death of his family hejoined hands with an undercover government agency. Trained as asniper, Agent eM will go out on a series of assassination missionsto take out multi-billionaire gangster’s clan. Every single personinvolved from the bottom to the top need to end up dead. Thosepeople are still involved in major crimes taking place inside thecity.★★★ Privacy Policy ★★★We respect and take care of your andyour kid’s privacy. You can read our privacy policyhere:★★★ Follow us onFacebook ★★★★★★Disclaimer ★★★ This free game contains ads.
Tank Battle 3D-World War Duty 2.3
Get ready for a devastating tank battle against the army tanks inthis world war duty game. Tank battle 3d is a tank attack war 3dgame where you defend your pride against the enemy war tanks. Thecity surrounded by the mountains is in a state of war. Being anex-military men who led an army in the world war against hundredsof enemy soldiers, tanks, gunship helicopters and gunner trucks.It’s time to show your skills in the battle field against armytanks in this tank warfare battle. The last resort of the survivalmission is you. Fight the defense battle & lead the troops inyour steel gunner army tank against the deadly enemy attacks. Theopposition is equipped with dangerous and heavy gunner machinery.Get ready to fight the ultimate army tank combat as you play therole of an army general in this world war battle field. Your dutyin the world war starts when you navigate your tank around thedestroyed city. Battle tanks as the enemy have taken over thecontrol with their gunner tanks, panzer, gunship helicopters andarmed forces. Your last resort is the ability to fight back withthe heavily armed army steel tanks with guided missiles, highlyoptimized enemy zoom, targeting and much more. You have also calledfor a backup air strike that will help as you move along. Completeall warfare missions to gain the control of the city back anddestroy the enemy for good. Blackout the enemy with your missileattacks and destroy their army of tanks. Go on a mission to clashagainst the enemy army gunning, bombing, killing and destroyingtheir military vehicles. Inflict deadly tank strikes and attack theenemy as heavily as you can. ★★★ Gameplay Features ★★★• Deadly& Breathtaking Action• Mission Based Gameplay• World War likeEnvironment• Gunner Attacks, Air Strikes, Bombing, Guided Missiles•5 Highly Intense Gameplay Missions• Precise Aiming & HighlyOptimized Zoom★★★ Privacy Policy ★★★We respect and take care ofyour and your kid’s privacy. You can read our privacy policyhere:★★★ Follow us onFacebook ★★★★★★Disclaimer ★★★ This free game contains ads.
Deer Hunting – 2015 Sniper 3D 2.7
Its winter season, snow has covered the mountain fields, itsfreezing out there, perfect field for the hunter. Grab yourshooting gears and come out in search of your prey. It’s huntingtime! Deer Hunting - 2015 Sniper 3D will let you hunt deer &lion in the wild jungle on snowy mountain top. 2015 is near withChristmas & New Year just around the corner it’s time to be asniper assassin and hunt deer in this sniper shooting game. Thegame is filled with action, hunting & shooting. Those who loveto be a deadly hunter will love to kill deer & the wild lion.The angry lion is also among us somewhere in the mountains and ifhe gets in your way don’t hesitate to pull the trigger and shot himdead. It’s wild out there with hunting season of wildlife animals.You will see the most thrilling winter scenarios in the game – thesound of the weapons, animals, wildlife, forest, mountain &birds. Sniper 3d shooting skills should be enough to hunt your preyall alone. Don’t let the deer run away and be the ultimate hunter.Become the modern sniper of this era using best weaponry. Plan yourhunt as if it is a secret assassin mission because this is whatreal hunters do!★★★ STORY ★★★Life spend in army always comes handyin hunting. An ex-army men decides to live inside the wild jungle,in search of its PREY. Only an army soldier can survive theexcessive snow falling. Suddenly you heard the voice of a deer.It’s the voice of your prey! Grab your sniper rifle and let’s huntdown deer in this sniper 3d shooting and hunting game. It’s notonly you and deer out there. You suddenly hear the roar of a beastLION. Now is the time to show how well you snipe both of them. Aim,shot and kill!!! ★★★ TOP GAME FEATURES ★★★ • First Person Sniper 3DShooting• Efficient Weapon Control & Zoom• Enemy AI (ArtificialIntelligence)• 3D Graphics and Sound effects• Winter & SnowFiled Environment• Real-time Lion & Deer Hunting★★★ PrivacyPolicy ★★★We respect and take care of your and your kid’s privacy.You can read our privacy policyhere:★★★ Follow us onFacebook ★★★★★★Disclaimer ★★★ This free game contains ads.
Army Commando – 3D Shooting 1.5
An ex-army commando is on a mission to defend against the terroristattack on navy ships containing exotic armory. Act as the lone armycommando hired on a contract to target & kill terrorists.Infiltrate the threat areas in the cargo ships using different armyguns to defeat your enemy. The 3D FPS shooting includes thrillingmissions in diverse situations against the terrorist force. Yourcompanion AK-47 will help you dead shot every single enemy. Proveyourself as the brave army commando and challenge enemy withspecial guns like MK-11, M-16 and HK-33. Apply force and use yourarmy commando skills to improve the shooting experience in theassault shooting. Be an assassin, inflict lethal strikes and useyour army commando shooting experience to encounter immenseshooting to survive the battle on the ships. You are a lone armycommando in this suicide killer shooting assault. This is a do ordie situation for. Use your special commando shooting skills tocombat the armed men & eliminate the resistance with force.Battle against the terrorist and kill them all. Terrorist havetargeted four cargo ships. They are in a contract to take down theUS military supplies and armory containers, sent to aid the army inthe war invaded city. Trigger your fury, gear up with real exoticweapons and use them against the terrorist squad. Be the ultimatecombat shooter to take out the unwanted men and end as thesurvivor. Complete all your tasks…. Over and Out!!!!Mission 1: (CSEmpress)Reports claim that a group of terrorists has just ragedattack on one of the outbound cargo ships, trying to take controlof the remaining vessels. Your job is to get on the ship and takeout all terrorists.Mission 2: (Cargo Infinitum)A threatenedterrorist from the first ship has leaked that another group haskilled the militants on an armory ship and taken all secretsweaponry. Being the covert officer eliminate the enemy and gaincontrol of the weaponry.Mission 3: (Marry Carrier Siege)Headquarterintelligence revealed that the terrorists have retaliated againstthe covert op by attacking the second armory ship, which containsall the secret blueprint models for the US nuclear technology.Eliminate the threat and secure the premises with theblueprints.Mission 4: (BS Manhattan)The enemy resistance is almosttaken down but still many of them remain along with theirCommander. They have rushed over to the last delivery ship. Youcannot stay on the ship anymore so you are carried by a HELI. Yourfinal mission is to finish what they started and take down theremaining resistance shooting from your helicopter.★★★ PrivacyPolicy ★★★We respect and take care of your and your kid’s privacy.You can read our privacy policyhere:★★★ Follow us onFacebook ★★★
Zombie Sniper Attack - 3D Game 1.2
Zombie Sniper Attack is an amazing FPS zombie killer game to killzombies and rescue the citizens. Deadly virus is all over the cityand it CHAOS!! Zombie assault has left many people dead and somehave transformed into deadly creatures. They are so deadly and evilcreatures. Be the zombie killer and help people to survive. This isan addictive zombie first person shooting simulator. Show yoursniper shooting skills, target each zombie and be the hunter tohunt down every last one of them so infected areas can be cleared.This is the ultimate survival of the best as you fight your waykilling zombies with your sniper rifle. DON’T let the ammo runout.>>> GAME PLAY STORY <<<Suddenly the death toll has increased in the city. A vicious virusis turning people into zombies and making this city the land of thedead. You have been informed to rescue the survivors and kill allthe zombies. The mission starts with you as the leading commando inthe helicopter trying to take down the zombies with the snipershooting skills. Don’t let the time run out on you or else morepeople die.>>> TOP GAME FEATURES <<<• First Person Zombie Shooting• Efficient weapon control• Enemy AI (Artificial Intelligence)• 3D Graphics and Sound effects• Roof top view from the Heli• Guns include AK-47, HK, M16 and MK11>>> HOW TO PLAY <<<• Easy touch and drag gameplay to rotate axis• Aim your enemy and shoot them to earn points• Head-shots will earn your high scores• Use the zoom option to have the clear view• Complete all 4 missions and rescue people>>> Privacy Policy <<<We respect and take care of your and your kid’s privacy. You canread our privacy policy here:>>>Follow us on Facebook<<<>>> Disclaimer <<<This free game contains ads.
Jurassic Forest Hunt 2.2
It's Jurassic Forest time! Get ready for the best hunting adventureof your life in the Jurassic locations. Hunt deadly dinosaurs inthis action packed dinosaur game. In the most realisticenvironments, breathtaking graphics and real time sound effects youget to hunt them all alone with sniper shooting skills. This is forthe lovers of first person shooting and hunting games in theoutdoors, hills, jungles and Jurassic era surroundings. The huntingenvironment doesn't get aggressive then being in the middle of theearth’s mightiest and deadly creatures that ever lived. The deadlydino are back from the jurassic lands. The 3D hunt is ON so showhow good you are at hunting & shooting. Take on the challengeof hunting DINO as they come in different species like theVelociraptor, T-Rex and more. Don’t let the dinosaurs feel yourpresence or you’ll get hunted before you hunt. ★★★ STORY ★★★You arein the middle of a situation on an island surrounded by the earth’soldest creatures. You are equipped with a sniper rifle to hunt thedinosaurs. As you starting shooting and killing the beasts you willearn money to unlock more guns that will help you survive fromDINO! Show your shooting and hunting skills with First PersonShooting. Hunt Dino and complete this hunting journey with varioustasks. ★★★ GAME FEATURES ★★★ ◆ First Person Shooting◆ 3D Dinosaurslike Velociraptor & T-Rex◆ Enemy AI (Artificial Intelligence)◆3D Graphics, Interactive Sound Effects◆ Real Time JurassicEnvironment◆ Amazing Mission with Different Tasks★★★Follow Us★★★Facebook : :★★★Privacy Policy★★★We respectand take care of your and your kid’s privacy. You can read ourprivacy policyhere:★★★Disclaimer★★★Thisfree game contains ads.
Multiplayer 3D Deer Hunting 1.4
The hunting series is never over. Have you master the skills ofsniper hunting? Let’s try your deer hunting and sniper shootingskills in the amazing multiplayer environment. Those who love deerhunting will love this first person shooting multiplayer to huntand kill deer. Challenge your friends and people in your circle andlet’s get it on with Deer hunting multiplayer 3d. You finally get achance to step into hunting ground with friends and real playersover the internet and play this multiplayer shooting game. The gameis filled with action, hunting & sniper shooting. Don’thesitate to pull the trigger and kill deer or your opponent mightdo it first. Do you trust your sniper shooting against the otherhuntsman out there? Let’s show how to hunt and beat your opponentsin this multiplayer deer hunting game. Hunt deer before youropponent does!.★★★ STORY ★★★You have done enough hunting at thehunting grounds. Perfect sniper shooting and hunting is what makesyou a top huntsman. There are other hunters out there that might beyour competition in this deer hunting multiplayer 3d. So gear upand get ready to compete against the real-time players and show howgood you can hunt deer in multiplayer environment. ★★★ TOP GAMEFEATURES ★★★• First Person Sniper Shooting• Efficient WeaponControl• Real-time Multiplayer• 3D Graphics and Sound effects• RealTime Jungle Environment★★★ Privacy Policy ★★★We respect and takecare of your and your kid’s privacy. You can read our privacypolicy here:★★★ Followus on Facebook ★★★★★★Disclaimer ★★★ This free game contains ads.
4x4 Offroad Adventure 1.7
It’s time to go offroad racing with amazing 3DDriver simulator game. Learn how to drive 4x4 truck in desertsafari, hills, mountains and offroad tracks. Amazing gameplayenvironment allows you to drive through various places and testyour driving simulation skills. You have your own 4x4 super vehicleto drive offroad. Driving, drifting, climbing and finding your waysto collect coins and complete missions.This is real time 4x4 vehicle physics when you get the completecontrol of your Jeep and being the offroad driver you need to do itall by yourself. Use brakes, accelerator, gears and steering tocontrol your car. You have a complete gear box to manage yourdriving. It’s easy with efficient controls to learn how to play 4x4Offroad Simulator. Remember not to run out of fuel. Keep collectingfuel and coins. Don’t hit barriers, hills or rocks more oftenbecause this causes damage to your car.★★★HOW TO PLAY★★★◆ Use steering on the left to rotate your car◆ Gear box is on the upper right to control the gears◆ Use accelerator & brake on lower right to manage thespeed◆ Collect coins to help yourself buy different items & fuel★★★ FEATURES★★★◆ Amazing Environment, HD Graphics◆ Efficient Controls & Car Handling◆ Complete Gear Box with Neutral, Drive & Reverse◆ Brakes & Accelerator Paddle to Control◆ Different Camera Views◆ Full Map of the area to help you drive better★★★Follow Us ★★★Facebook : :★★★Privacy Policy★★★We respect and take care of your and your kid’s privacy. You canread our privacy policy here:★★★Disclaimer★★★This free game contains ads.
Police Airplane Prison Flight 1.2
All city criminals have been kept in the prison for quite a timenow. It’s time to transport some high profile prisoners to centraljail on your police airplane. Dangerous prisoners can’t be keptinside the city jails as there is a fear that they might break outof the prison. Police airplane prison flight is about plane flyingand police bus driving to transport criminals from the jail to thecity airport where your flight is ready to board. Transfer allprisoners under security inside the heavy police plane and let theflight fly high. Take them to the central prison as they aresentenced for many years. Some high profile criminal needs extrasecurity and protocols so make their transfer through police cars.City driving with police bus & cars, realistic airplane flyingsimulator and thrilling gameplay missions. Police airplane prisonflight simulator includes multiple missions. Drive inside the cityand fly aircraft to enjoy simulation. Play as a driver and anairplane pilot both in this 3d flight simulator. Take prisoners toalong with the official cops to the desired locations. Airportplane has been provided with the required security before theflight takes off. Flight is ready to board taking prisoners tooverseas security cells. Police car driving is another gameplaytask to accomplish in this plane simulator. Take the dangerousprofile prisoners in your police car with security protocols. Youcannot afford a criminal to escape so be careful in your driving.Driving a bus and flying a plane are two totally different tasks tomaster. So carefully drive the prisoner bus to the city airport andthen fly your aircraft to the central prison. Ready to play? Let’scomplete transportation and flying missions.★★★ GAMEPLAY FEATURES★★★• Play as Police Plane Pilot• Real-time City Bus Driving• ManualAirplane Flight & Landings• Multiple Gameplay Tasks toComplete• Prisoner Transport on Airplane & City Bus★★★ PrivacyPolicy ★★★We respect and take care of your and your kid’s privacy.You can read our privacy policyhere:★★★ Follow us onFacebook ★★★★★★Disclaimer ★★★ This free game contains ads.
Multiplayer Sniper Strike PvP 1.3
The wait is over now because it’s time to step on the shootingground in this real multiplayer sniper strike. Play with yourfriends and people across the internet to show them how good sniperyou are in this PvP environment. For the lovers of third personmultiplayer shooting games. Inflict critical attacks on youropponent and win the sniper shooting war. Have you playedmultiplayer games with sniper rifles? Aim quick and make theopponents your killing target. Multiplayer Sniper Strike is asniper shooting game where you are equipped with a modern sniperrifle and the only way to win is to kill your opponent. Challengepeople on the internet and make them admire your sniper shootingskills in this multiplayer PvP hunting arena. Invite your friendsfor a sniper shooting contest. Have you experienced the thrill ofplaying with friends and online PvP games? Sniper strike is theplatform to play with friends and challengers over the internet.Create rooms and play as many rounds as you want.★★★ TOP GAMEFEATURES ★★★• Third Person Sniper Shooting• Efficient WeaponControl• Real-time Multiplayer• 3D Graphics and Sound effects• 1 On1 Multiplayer Challenge ★★★ Privacy Policy ★★★We respect and takecare of your and your kid’s privacy. You can read our privacypolicy here:★★★ Followus on Facebook ★★★★★★Disclaimer ★★★ This free game contains ads.
Police Bus Gangster Chase 1.4
Extreme rivalry between the police andcriminals is never over. For the lovers of police games, gangsterchase and other extreme bus driving simulator games speciallypolice bus transport, we now take you to a whole new challenge totransport criminals to the central prison. It’s not as easy as youthink. In this prison transport bus game you are up against somehigh profile and extreme gangsters. While you transport prisonersto central jail some car are on the pursuit. They are the thugslooking to get their partner criminals out of police custody. Yourduty as the police bus driver begins with taking the prisoners frompolice station to the central jail. Transporting criminals is avery responsible task you be careful not to lose the security.Transport simulator lovers will love driving the police prisonerbus.High speed extreme driving, sharp turns, hitting criminal cars hardand action packed gameplay. The city police squad has been givenalert while the transfer of criminals takes place. Police horsesquad is on the way to keep an eye on the bus. All necessary stepshave been planned to make the prisoner transport safe. There are notraffic rules for you but be careful not to hurt the citizen insidethe city. Crime simulator, police chase and prisoner transportgames are loved by users so get into an all new concept wherepolice bus is under the attack of gangsters while they transportprisoners to the central jail. They will try to breakout with thehelp of their fellow gangsters so extreme drive is what you need.Police bus criminal transport will let you transport prisoners tojail and let you feel the thrill of an intense battle betweenpolice and criminals.★★★ Gameplay Features ★★★• Thrilling Gameplay Missions• Real-time Police vs Criminals Battle• Prison Transport Bus Driving• Explore the City and Reach Central Jail• Smooth Steering, Brakes and Drifting• Drive and Transport Criminals★★★ Privacy Policy ★★★We respect and take care of your and your kid’s privacy. You canread our privacy policy here:★★★ Follow us on Facebook ★★★★★★ Disclaimer ★★★This free game contains ads.
Police Mini Bus Crime Pursuit 1.7
It’s time to explore the new rivalry betweenpolice and criminals. The crime rate has suddenly grown and thetown is turning into a crime city. Start with your transport aspolice mini bus and get into the crime pursuit. The ultimate chaseis on against robbers, criminals, street racers and law breakers.Transport simulator lovers will love driving the police mini bus.Be the nasty driver but be careful not to hurt the citizens. Don’tlet the criminals get away with crimes. Your extreme driving skillswill let you drive, chase and smash criminal transport cars. Leadthe police department by example and chase down criminals. Hit themhard with your police mini bus. Play as a cop in this police minibus criminal pursuit simulator. Smash the criminals, don’t be lateor you might miss a crime scene.High speed driving, sharp turns, hitting criminal cars hard andintense gameplay makes police mini bus a standout crime simulatorgame. Your criminal pursuit skills will be tested with your furiousdriving. Chase, smash and arrest the most wanted criminals, robbersand street racers. There are no traffic rules for you but becareful not to hurt the citizen inside the city. Roads are full oftraffic so give your best while your chase criminals in this crimepursuit simulator. The security of the city is in your hands now.Maintain peaceful city environment by eliminating the criminals.Drive your mini bus, chase down criminals and play the extremecrime pursuit.★★★ Gameplay Features ★★★• Thrilling Gameplay Missions• Real-time Police Mini Bus Driving• Ultimate Criminal Pursuit• Explore the City Environment• Smooth Steering, Brakes and Drifting• Drive, Chase and Smash Criminals★★★ Privacy Policy ★★★We respect and take care of your and your kid’s privacy. You canread our privacy policy here:★★★ Follow us on Facebook ★★★★★★ Disclaimer ★★★This free game contains ads.
Extreme Car Stunts Driver 3D 1.3
Extreme car stunts arena challenge begins withan extra doze of amazing multiple environments and car stunts. Getoff road and complete all adventurous challenges. Go againsthurdles, car smashing rocks, fire, high jumps and speed racing.There are many twist and turns on all tracks so be careful withyour drive. Giant size hammers, electrical spikes, jaws of deathand laser beams are the top most hurdles you need to survive. It’san ultimate survival test against all odds with your extreme cardriving. Those who love performing high car stunts, fast driving,dangerous turns and multiple hurdles.Get exposure to several gameplay levels with extreme car drivingand 3d stunts. Bring out your extreme driving skills in thisintense car stunts 3d challenge. An action packed gameplay withsurvival is the top most task. Reach the finish line surviving allthe dangerous hurdles in this off road extreme car stunts. The realchallenging gameplay missions will make you drive with extremespeed and perform car stunts. Prove yourself as the real stuntmanand perform massive jumps and survive the immense task.★★★ Gameplay Features ★★★• Thrilling Gameplay Missions• Real-time Stunts Arena• Multiple Cars & Environments• Complete All Missions to Unlock Bonus Track• Smooth Steering, Brakes and Drifting★★★ Privacy Policy ★★★We respect and take care of your and your kid’s privacy. You canread our privacy policy here:★★★ Follow us on Facebook ★★★★★★ Disclaimer ★★★This free game contains ads.
OffRoad Hill Driving 2016 1.2
Get into the challenge of driving the mostrealistic off road hill driving. Now is the chance to drive SUV’s,trucks, monster trucks and hummer over the hills, mountains andsteep paths. OffRoad driving is an adventure trip to take you overthe hills and road less environment. A realistic driving simulatorto enjoy awesome hill climb adventure. Jump over the hills, crossthe mud and don’t sink into the water. Rally through the steeppaths and complete each level. You have multiple vehicles to enjoyyour offroad jeep drive. Become a tough off road truck driver andget ready to explore the whole new environment.Relive the adventure to enjoy off road driving with heavy vehicleslike monster truck and SUV’s. The rugged terrain is not easy todrive on, but with your perfect offroad driving skills you canovercome the challenge. Unlock all vehicles to experience the realthrill of driving. Play truck simulator off road & drivethrough mud, water and mountain steep paths. Rally along the hillsand even perform stunts with your off road trucks. The game consistof 20 challenging levels to accomplish. Drift over the hills andenjoy the adventure driving.★★★ GAMEPLAY FEATURES ★★★• OffRoad Hill Driving Adventures• Real-time Driving Physics• Multiple Gameplay Levels to Accomplish• Mountains, Hill, Steep Paths and Awesome 3D Environment• Multiple Vehicles to Enhance User Driving Experience★★★ Privacy Policy ★★★We respect and take care of your and your kid’s privacy. You canread our privacy policy here:★★★ Follow us on Facebook ★★★★★★ Disclaimer ★★★This free game contains ads.
Mountain Train Sniper 1.3
Given the charge of the lead sniper in your helicopter, siting thetrain carrying military equipment’s and other important stuff, yourduty begins with the real train sniper shooting challenge. Trainhas been hijacked by a group of terrorist. They have taken thecharge of military equipment’s so be the lead sniper to take outthe enemy to set the train free. Experience the air train sniperbattle in this intense gameplay. Train is on its way and you areinside your helicopter flying high and chasing the train carryingarmy equipment. Get your shooting gears ready, and kill theterrorist. Infiltrate the enemy control and rescue train from theterrorist hijack situation. Immense gameplay with sniper shootingand action packed levels. Train is passing through the jungleinside the high mountains. You are siting the train from thehelicopter for the safety of the luggage. Enemy on the train isalso carrying assault guns and rocket launchers. Take headshots forinstant kill and hit barrels for maximum kills. Beware of the enemymissiles or your helicopter might crash down.Play as ultimate trainsniper and secure the train. Don’t let the terrorist execute therobbery plan. Don’t let them escape with the heavy militaryweaponry. Load bullets, aim and shoot. You have multiple sniperrifles to choose and upgrade for better sniper shooting accuracy.★★★ Privacy Policy ★★★We respect and take care of your and yourkid’s privacy. You can read our privacy policyhere:★★★ Follow us onFacebook ★★★★★★Disclaimer ★★★ This free game contains ads.
Prisoner Escape Police Chase 1.4
One of the ancient temples just outside thecity holds a dangerous prison which is famous for its high securityand no one has escaped that temple cell. Playing as the prisonerlocked inside a prison located in an ancient temple. You’ve beenlocked down for a crime you never committed. Bringing in theendless running skills with prison escape is a unique concept in2016. Prisoner escape police chase is an endless arcade runnerwhere you are attempting to escape the prison and the policeofficers are chasing you down. It's a hard time breaking out theprison.You have just broke out from a hard time prison heavily guarded bythe police. Run for your freedom and escape the jungle path withmultiple hurdles to jump, swipe and climb over. Police officer isright behind you, and getting caught means more life behind thebars. Begin your endless run against the police chase. There aremultiple hurdles on your way to cross. Jump over the broken paths,slide beneath the rocky mountains and climb over the side walls toavoiding falling into the deep water. The police is chasing youdown in an attempt you knock you down before taking you back to thetemple prison. Plan your prison escape mission perfectly. Collectcoins along the way to help yourself get powerups andresurrect.★★★ TOP GAME FEATURES ★★★• Prison Escape Simulation• Endless Runner with Multiple Hurdles• Collect Coins, Buy Powerups• Highly Additive & Immersive Gameplay• Swipe to Jump and Climb along the walls★★★ FOLLOW US ★★★★★★ Disclaimer ★★★This free game contains ads.
Deer Hunting 2016 Wild Animals 1.4
Just when you thought the hunting season is over, we are back withan ultimate hunting adventure of 2016. From the makers of thesuccessful Deer Hunting – 2015 Sniper 3D, Deer Hunting Wild Animals2016 is bound to be an ultimate hunting experience of 2016. It’stime to hunt your favorite animals including deer, lions, ducks,rhinos, crocodile and other wild animals. The game tests yourhunting skills with sniper, shot guns or hand guns and gives youoptions to try different weapons for different wild animals.Thegame is filled with action, hunting & shooting. The gameplayrevolves around you being a real huntsman while the wild animalsroam in the wilderness. The game tests your hunting skills indifferent precision and time based challenges. Start as a deerhuntsman and gain experience to improve your hunting skills andbecome a professional wild animal killer. With increasing levels,the game gets difficult and makes it harder to hunt. The upgradesavailable for weapons will help you cope with the toughestcreatures out there including jungle animals, reptiles and birds.And when you think you are stuck, try using the hunting Instinctavailable in the store as an upgrade.With different animals,multiple guns with upgraded functionalities, different scenarios,and rapid development; Deer Hunting Wild Animals is bound to be anultimate hunting experience for all the hunting professionals outthere. No matter if you are a novice or a pro huntsman, this gamewill take you through a real time hunting experience. If you lovehunting, you will love what Deer Hunting Wild Animals has tooffer.★★★ TOP GAME FEATURES ★★★• Jungle animal hunting season•Efficient weapon control & zoom• Enemy Ai (artificialintelligence)• Highly additive & immersive hunts• Multipleweapons like rifles, shotguns & hand guns• Real-time wildanimals hunting• 20 exciting gameplay levels with much levelscoming soon…★★★ FOLLOW US★★★ this game, you accepts our Terms & Conditions &are completely aware of our Privacy Policy.
Vendetta Subway Crime 1.4
Seeking revenge, a former intelligence officer ends up at a subwaytaking out a group of gangsters who are working for a mafia bossinvolved in the murder of his wife. It’s not an easy task butseeking revenge for his family is what takes him deep into themafia world. Pick up your shooting gears and show your past skillsas an intelligence officer. The impossible run has just begun forthose criminals that are carrying out crime activities inside thecity. Crime simulator games are hard to play, but with revenge onyour mind, it’s a core duty to help the city police officers torescue the situation and eliminate all terrorist. A mobster warseries where you play with an objective to eliminate all theresistance. You just received a call from an undercover spy aboutthe presence of criminals at the subway. They have invaded thesubway and take citizens as a hostage. These are the same gangstergroup that was the reason of your wife’s death. It’s vendetta time,play crime simulator, gear up with armor and get ready to take outcriminals and mobsters. Be quick with your shooting but remembernot to hurt civilians. You are equipped with a pistol, a revolver,and dual beretta to support your shooting. The criminals have takenover the charge of the subway terminal and even train departures.The city police have been called to report on the crime scene. ★★★STORYLINE ★★★ A mafia group is overruling the city with theircrimes inside the city. The town has turned into a crime nightmare.You have retired from your services as the intelligence officer butstill they haven’t left you alone in your life. A group of mobsterstook out your wife and shot her bullet in the middle of the street.Seeking revenge from whose who were involved in her murder, youhave gathered your weaponry and reached a subway station where thesame mafia gang has taken over a train and terminal. There are manyhostages you need to save and take your revenge by eliminatinggangsters.★★★ TOP GAME FEATURES ★★★ • Play as Office SeekingRevenge• Eliminate Mobsters trying to take control of the subway •Thrill of taking Revenge against a Mafia Group• Multiple Gameplaylevels and Game Modes• Gun selection to Use better Weaponry forPrecision Shooting • Aim, Shoot and Take out Headshots to ScoreHigh ★★★ FOLLOW US★★★ this game, you accepts our Terms & Conditions &are completely aware of our Privacy Policy.
Police Sniper Prison Guard 1.7
Get ready to join the police sniper squad as the prison guard,spying from the tower top and eliminating the culprit prisoners.You must take control of the situation and don’t let chaosbreakout. It’s hard time looking after the prison security andguarding the prisoners. You are on a prison sniper duty at the topof a tower appointed to guard the jail. The best sniper shootingexperience and precision rifle handling. It’s hard time to controlthe prisoners trying to breakout. You are equipped with a rifle.Once a prisoner is found making prison escape, aim and shoot himimmediately!Don’t let the prisoners execute the plan to escape theprison cell. They will find a chance to execute the plan to escape.You need flawless aim while you shoot the running convicts. Yourcore duty is to scan the prison yard every minute to find outculprits and controls jail riots. In case of any wild situationseliminate the resistance. The game involves prisoners trying tomake a break and you playing a police sniper guard monitoring themalong the way. Riots might happen, criminals try to breakout,prisoners taking police officers as hostage helping them escape andmany other prison escape states. Prison guard duty is not an easytask, governing the security of the whole prison. Spotting from thetower top, find out jail inmates that are causing the trouble. Theymight walk into the dark avoiding your eyes so be cautious. Pick upyour sniper rifle, take up the charge of police sniper duty andtake out the convicts. Don’t let the prisoners dodge the jailcustodians. ★★★ TOP GAME FEATURES ★★★ • Play as Sniper Guard atPrison• Eliminate Prisoners trying to Make a Breakout • Thrill ofTaking out Prisoners Escaping• Highly Additive & ImmersiveGameplay ★★★ FOLLOW US★★★★★★Disclaimer ★★★ This free game contains ads.
Police Sniper Prison Guard VR 1.3
Time to the real thrilling of sniper shooting with virtual realityheadset. VR makes it even more flawless with sniper shooting. Pickup your VR and start your day with police sniper duty in cityprison. Virtual reality gameplay are a next generation concepts andwith sniper shooting and action packed games its more thrilling tocontrol the sniper rifle with your own eyes through VR headset.Don’t let the prisoners execute the plan to escape the prison cell.They will find a chance to execute the prison escape plan. You needto flawless with your aim while you shoot the running convicts.Your core duty is to scan the prison yard every minute to find outculprits and controls jail riots. In case of any wild situationseliminate the resistance. The game involves prisoners trying tomake a break and you playing a police sniper guard monitoring themalong the way. Riots might happen, criminals try to breakout,prisoners taking police officers as hostage helping them escape andmany other prison escape states. ★★★ HOW TO PLAY ★★★ • Navigate bypositioning your VR set where the circle is pointing• Aim enemieswith the pointing cirlce to shoot• Try to shoot and kill enemysoldiers on first spot• Auto reloading with Unlimited bullets ★★★TOP GAME FEATURES ★★★ • Total VR Shooting Experience• Play asSniper Guard at Prison• Eliminate Prisoners trying to Make aBreakout • Thrill of Taking out Prisoners Escaping• Highly Additive& Immersive Gameplay• Aim, Shoot and Take out Head shots ★★★FOLLOW US★★★
Off Road Tour Coach Bus Driver 2.0.7
Get ready to enjoy the off road adventure of Tour Bus Coach DrivingSimulator. Travel through the hills and dangerous paths to reachthe destination and also show your coach bus driving skills. Offroad Tour Coach bus driving is a 3d simulator where you play as abus driver to reach at the location on time. Feel the adventure ofthunderstorm, rain, snow but do not forget the sunny days on thehills. It’s your real task to drive through all kind of seasons.This game is special made for the fun driving lovers. And if youare one of those who like precision driving games like bussimulator you will also like this Offraod Tour Coach Bus drivingsimulator with real Off road coach driving features. Take peoplefrom one place to another may be one beautiful resorts, show themamazing places and landscapes. Wonderful interiors, incrediblevehicles will make you feel a realistic coach bus drivingexperience on the off road paths! Adventurous and craziest off roadbus driving with real-time physics, hill top driving, twisted turnsand breathtaking gameplay scenes will going to add spices in yourdriving passion. Driving a bus off road is never an easy task.Steep paths, dangerous turns, mountain tops and uncertain weatherconditions. Tourists are waiting for their pick and drop service.Hillside drive will showcase your driving skills. Moving trafficwill be a big hurdles while driving on these hills and mountains.Enjoy hours of non-stop fun with this bus simulator. Get ready foroff-road hill driving in this 3d bus simulator. Ensure safety buthave fun too! ★★★ GAMEPLAY FEATURES ★★★ • Offraod Hill DrivingSimulator • A collection of Multiple Vehicles to Enhance UserDriving Experience • Enjoy the Dangerous Mountains, Hills, SteepPaths and Awesome 3D Environment • Incredible Indicators, Sirensand Lights • Amazing Weathers - Thunderstorm, Rain, Sunny Days& Snow • Multiple Gameplay Levels to Accomplish • Pick and DropTourist to their Destinations • Epic 3D Graphics of Curvy Tracks •Detailed Interiors with Intelligent Traffic System • Realisticvisual Damage with Amazing Scenes ★★★ Privacy Policy ★★★ We respectand take care of your and your kid’s privacy. You can read ourprivacy policy here:★★★ Follow us on Facebook ★★★ ★★★ Disclaimer ★★★ Thisfree game contains ads.
Elite Commando Prison War 1.3
To battle against the world of criminals andgangsters you have been hired as the elite commando prison guard.The prison yard is crowded with prisoners and gangsters. Due to thehigh profile criminals and security reasons you have been appointedas the prison guard to handle the security of the prison yard. Gearup with your sniper rifle and begin your war against prisoners.Don’t let the prisoner’s breakout the prison. Make their escapeeven worse. Take out the culprits in this sniper shooting game. Youwill also have the machine gun to battle against the criminals andprisoners who equipped themselves with armory.The duty to guard the prison is not an easy task. With sniper rifleand assault gun you are ready to shoot every culprit. Keep guardingthe prison from the tower and also on the ground level. Someprisoners might be planning a jail breakout so always keep youreyes open. You have given the dual duty to control the sniper rifleand the assault sub machine gun. The gameplay involves twodifferent modes so be prepared to battle against the world ofcrime.Begin with sniper shooting and eliminate the prison escapees. Zoomand hit is the only thing between the bullet and the prisoner. Keeplooking for the culprits causing chaos in the prison cell. Nextmode switches gear as a group of gangster from the sin citycriminal squad have attacked the prison to help their friendsescape the prison. Involve yourself in the shooter war inside theprison and acclaim yourself as the elite commando prison guard.Sniper shooting skills and duty to guard the prison both at sametime is a thrilling experience. Shoot and kill before they step afoot outside the prison.★★★ GAMEPLAY FEATURES ★★★• Play as Sniper Guard at Prison• Eliminate Prisoners trying to Breakout • Thrill of Taking out Prison Escapees• Highly Additive & Immersive Gameplay• Aim, Shoot and Take Headshots• Guard the Prison Cell and Shoot to Kill★★★ FOLLOW US ★★★ FOR PLAYING OUR GAMES.
Secret Agent Robbery Escape 1.3
Hired and trained as a secret agent Dex, your rescue mission daybegins in-between a bank robbery situation. Kill or be killed insecret secret agent rescue mission game. The security of the townis in your hands now. Although you are trained shooter but you arenot carrying a gun inside a bank. Suddenly from nowhere robber’sbreakout into the bank with heavy weaponry. You as a secret agentare already inside the bank as secret national security agencyreported a robbery threat. Keep cover in shadow for stealthoperations behind walls and your priority is to get armed as soonas possible. Being an experienced and well trained special forcesecret agent you have to complete bank robbery rescue mission. Asprofessional spy gets ready to execute your plan and takeout therobbers before they make an escape taking all the cash anddocuments from the vault. Gameplay begins with you taking out acouple of gangsters as a spy agent and getting armed. Rescue thekeys to the vault and start your secret agent duty. Stealth spy,gun shooting, taking out robbers, protecting the cash and hostagerescue mission. Secure your place Professional robbers have planneda new robbery and secret agency have reported a robbery. Play thisnewest grand bank robbery escape game and don’t let the robbersplot runaway. Seek vendetta by killing criminals. Enter themanagers room & rescue bank employees taken as hostage;Showcase skills of professional criminals and take advantage of thehostile situation. Spying and assassinations play key role incompleting your task.★★★ GAMEPLAY FEATURES ★★★• Play as SecretAgent on a Rescue Mission• Eliminate Robbers trying toBreakout Bank with Cash• Thrill of Playing as a Stealth Spy•Highly Additive & Immersive Gameplay• Aim, Shoot and TakeHeadshots• Multiple Weapons like Pistols, AK and AssaultGuns★★★ FOLLOWUS ★★★ FOR PLAYING OUR GAMES.
Uphill Extreme Truck Driver 1.3
Get ready for grand truck driving experience with crazy offroadstunts where you will drive offroad cargo truck in this drivingsimulator game. Winter season is here and you have been hired fortruck driving duty to complete transportation tasks in extremeweather conditions. Offroad Transport Truck Driving Simulator 2017is one of the most realistic 8 wheeler truck driving simulator gamewith offroad adventure. Truck driving with crazy offroad stunts onmountain hill snow is one of the most challenging truck drivingadventure. It’s not easy to drive heavy duty cargo truck overuphill mountains. Start the offroad cargo truck driving andexperience the thrill of offroad truck driving in this OffroadTransport Truck Driving Simulator 2017.In Offroad Transport TruckDriving Simulator 2017 game your goal is to drive your own offroadcargo truck. Drive carefully your cargo extreme truck withoutdropping load to the end point and deliver it within time on therequired destination. Subway off truck stunt driving is easy butwhen offroad truck driving coms to to carry the oil and waterbarrels, relief fund boxes and other goods through the steep pathsof mountains it becomes a real challenge for 8 wheeler truckdriver. Truck Driving on Steep Paths, sharp turns, twists and turnsis difficult but you have to handle with care & show perfectdriving skill. Have you ever tried to drive heavy cargo transporttruck? Try it playing Offroad Transport Truck Driving Simulator2017. Show off some accelerometer skill in crazy offroad stuntdriving adventure. Offroad Transport Truck Driving Simulator 2017is the awesome truck transport driving simulator with dangerousmountains and twisted roads filled with snow driving experience. 8Wheeler truck driving in extreme weather will make your drive adifficult one, but that’s what makes you a heavy truck driver. Getin your 8 wheeler vehicle and drive cargo truck to yourdestination. You will enjoy attractive mountains, steep roads,crazy offroad stunts driving and snow all the way while driving.Your truck is load with heavy products oil, cargo and water drums,relief funds and other goods so avoid driving it with high speed.Offroad Transport Truck Driving Simulator 2017 game is best forthose who like driving games with heavy vehicles★★★ GAMEPLAYFEATURES ★★★• Off Road Truck Driving Adventure• Easy game play& Realistic Drive• Smooth and Realistic controls• TransportWoods, Logs, Relief and Barrels• Real Experience of Cargo TruckDriving• Thrill of Driving on Hills through Dangerous Mountains•Multiple Weather Conditions with Day & Night Modes
Prison Escape Criminal Squad 1.2
Time to play the epic prison escape criminal squad with real-timeprison escape story inside the Alcatraz jail. Hard time is not overyet with years inside the torturing prison cell in Alcatraz whichis impossible to break. You have been sentence prison for 10 yearsfor a crime you never committed but all fake evidence has led youto imprisonment for years inside the prison impossible to break.It’s been hard time in prison with criminals, mafia and highprofile gangsters all around you making you a gangster yourself. Asin city story where you live inside the criminals as a gangsterinside the prison dealing with prisoners. You’ve waited long forthis day to come when your prison escape plans will come to realitywith one of your inmates. As a person you have changed and finallyplanned a breakout with your inmates to breakout from the prisoncell. This is a real prison escape story to breakout as realgangsters & prisoners. Make a solid escape plan and help yourfellow inmates too. Your weapons will support you in your plan butyou won’t have them with you so be prepared to hit some hardpunches. You can even play in stealth avoiding the site of officersand punching them down. Take out the police security officers andmake your way to complete your objectives finally leading you toyour survival. Do whatever it takes to make this happen as this isthe last hope for your survival and wild escape. All you need iscourage and strength with fighting skills to breakout the maincell. You’re the weapons, map and your knowledge to the best tokill the armed officers. Prison break is not over until you breathefresh air out the prison.Have you ever thought of breaking out aprison? Sentenced for a crime you never committed is the ultimatemotivation for your prison escape. A freedom you deserve won’t comeeasy. Put on your extreme stealth mode to sneak out of the prisonwith the help of your criminal cell inmates and gang members. Dodgepolice sniper & tower watchman while breaking out. Don’t forgetto steal the map from the warden’s room. Make this impossiblemission to bring it into reality.★★★ GAMEPLAY FEATURES ★★★•Challenging Levels of Escaping and Fighting• Eliminate PoliceOfficers trying to Stop your Breakout • Thrill of Taking outPrison Officers • Highly Additive & Immersive Gameplay• Punch,Kick or Hit them with your Baseball Bat• Escape the Prison with aMaster Breakout Plan★★★ FOLLOWUS ★★★ FOR PLAYING OUR GAMES.
Real Taxi Car Driver 3D 1.1
Time to fasten your seat belt and get ready for the crazy drivewith real taxi car driver 3d. A fast paced 3d driving simulatorconcept in simulation with real taxi cab driver passenger game.Speed up your car, drive through the big city traffic, pick up thepassengers and drop them off at the location of their choosing. Getcrazy with your taxi drive, speed and drift. This is the amazingtaxi simulator with mad taxi drive and customer transport. Not onlyyou play as a simple cab driver but you drive like crazy on thestreet with traffic while you chase down criminals. Yes, feel theduty of a cop when your customer is a police officer. Sometime yourduty might turn around as you take criminals on your taxi and yourspeed is fast enough to get away from cop cars. You are a driverand your duty is to pick up all type of customers in this real taxicar driver. Your customer might be a criminal, a police officer oreven a secret agent on a spy mission. It's a crazy drive on yourtaxi with street crowded with people and cars. Get in your taxi,fasten your seat belts and become a city taxi racer. Don’t letanyone match your speed and drift racing. This is a crazy drivingschool for ones who want to learn crazy driving on roads withtraffic rush. The real duty is to build a living with your taxidriving duty. A real driving simulator with multiple transporttasks and a chance to show your driving skills. Speed car drivingand drift while your race your way to the destination. Withmultiple vehicles ready to drift on the roads, you get a chance forultimate street racing. Drive taxi on the streets and keeptransporting passengers in this taxi simulator game. ★★★ GAMEPLAYFEATURES ★★★• Challenging Levels of Driving & Racing• CompleteGame Play Tasks to Move ahead• Thrill of Chasing Criminals on yourTaxi• Highly Additive & Immersive Gameplay• Real-time Racing,Simulation, Fast & Drifting★★★ FOLLOWUS ★★★ FOR PLAYING OUR GAMES.
Modern Multi Level Parking Sim 1.1
Ready to drive inside the multi -storey car parking plaza? This isyour chance to showcase your parking and driving skills. Multilevel parking sim is a modern car parking simulator where you learnthe real skills to park a car. The game is filled ultimate carparking and simulation. Drive multi cars, jeep and other fastdriving vehicles and park them on their desired location. Parkingin extreme conditions is not an easy task. A little driving skillwith precision car parking inside multi level car parking plaza.It’s a modern day parking sim with precision controls and speed.Exciting drift, drive and park with realistic driving controls.Steer the car and pick up the speed to move ahead. Let’s get intothe challenge and drive the vehicle with great precision. Roadsmight not be jam packed but driving inside parking lots and plazais not an easy job. Taking your car on rooftop and driving themback to the ground floor is a big task. Park your Car inMulti-storey building and enhance your parking accuracy. Avoidcrashing into barriers and other vehicles! Controls speed of thevehicles while your drive and park on the right spaces. The trafficwill be a hurdle in your objectives. The ultimate car parkingexperience will let you enjoy driving and parking all at one place.Time to get your hands on one of the most realistic multi-storeycar parking games. Driving cars and park inside the multi levelparking plaza. This auto parking valet has different missions withvarying difficulty levels to challenge your car driver skills.Prove yourself as the best parking driver with multi level parkingmania. Accelerate and stop at right moments. Maneuver your car andpark with perfection. ★★★ GAMEPLAY FEATURES ★★★• Real DrivingExperience • Multiple Cars to Drive & Park• Learn the RealSkills to Park inside the Parking Plaza• Enjoy Multi Level ParkingEnvironment• Multiple Vehicles to Enhance User DrivingExperience★★★ FOLLOWUS ★★★ FOR PLAYING OUR GAMES.
Subway Crime Rescue Mission 3D 1.3
An underworld mafia group has taken over a subway station locatedsouth of the city. According to the reports gangster squad isheavily equipped with weapons. At the moment there is a need ofbrave hero to take the lead against underworld crime. You justreceived a call from an undercover agency about the criminalsituation at the subway. This is the same mafia group that wereinvolved in the murder of your best friend. Seeking revenge againstthis underworld empire and eliminating the mafia crime from thecity you reach the city subway. An ultimate crime game withstealth, spy, shooting, criminal escape and action packed shooting.It’s a core duty to help the city NY police officers to operatethis rescue mission and eliminate all mafia gangsters from thesubway station.An epic shooting game against the mafia, gangstersand subway criminals. They are planning to freeze the rail roadtransport. Reach the subway station and plan the rescue the missionagainst the gangsters. A mobster war series where you play with anobjective to eliminate all the resistance. The impossible run hasjust begun against the subway criminals. The gangsters are over theplace so be careful with the rescue mission to save the hostagesand kill the criminals. Once you are near the subway station clearthe area from the entrance, kill the gangster guarding thestaircase and rescue the hostages from the control room. Once youhave the control of the situation jump into the lobby to face thereal challenge against the mobsters. The main entrance to theterminal is found blocked by the gangsters. Move through theunderground sewers and reach the subway terminal to fight againstthe underworld empire. Extreme crime in the city won’t stop untilyou eliminate the underworld mafia.A mafia group is prevailing thecity with their criminal acts, robbery and thefts. The town hasturned into a sin city. The underworld empire has been your biggestrival since you joined the special undercover forces. It’s paybacktime when you reach out the subway, under the attack of a gangstergroup. Several hostages and victims are in need of help. The onlyway of survival is to eliminate the gangster group in this subwaycrime simulator rescue mission game. ★★★ TOP GAME FEATURES ★★★ •Eliminate Gangster trying to take control of the subway • Thrill oftaking Revenge against a Mafia Group• Multiple Challenging GameplayLevels • Heavy Weaponry for Better Shooting • Eliminate the Mafiagroup to Secure Subway★★★ FOLLOWUS ★★★ FOR PLAYING OUR GAMES.
VR Taxi Driver Simulator 1.0
Time to fasten your seat belt and get ready for the VR Taxi Drivervirtual reality game. A fast paced 3D driving simulator concept insimulation with VR Taxi cab driver passenger game. Speed up yourcar, drive through the big city traffic, pick up the passengers anddrop them off at the location of their choosing. Get crazy withyour VR taxi drive, speed and drift. This is the amazing VR taxisimulator with mad taxi drive and customer transport. Not only youplay as a simple cab driver but you drive like crazy on the streetwith traffic while you chase down criminals. Get ready to drive ataxi driver 3D virtual reality. Experience the real sensation ofdriving an SUV through the city life on your mobile virtual realityheadset. Yes, feel the duty of a cop when your customer is a policeofficer. Sometime your duty might turn around as you take criminalson your taxi and your speed is fast enough to get away from copcars.VR Taxi Driver is the most exciting physics based VirtualReality environment with the fastest and thrilling adventurous gameyou ever play it before! You are a VR Taxi Driver and your duty isto pick up all type of customers in this virtual reality game.Your customer might be a criminal, a police officer or even asecret agent on a spy mission. It's a crazy drive on your taxi withstreet crowded with people and cars. Get in your taxi, fasten yourseat belts and become a city VR taxi racer. Don’t let anyone matchyour speed and drift racing. This is a VR driving school for oneswho want to learn real driving on roads with traffic rush. The realduty is to build a living with your taxi driving duty. A real VRdriving simulator with multiple transport tasks and a chance toshow your driving skills. Speed car driving and drift while yourrace your way to the destination.With multiple vehicles ready todrift on the roads, you get a chance for ultimate street racing.Drive taxi on the streets and keep transporting passengers in thisVR Taxi simulator game.★★★ GAMEPLAY FEATURES ★★★• VR Smart view•Addictive gameplay• Real car physics• Smooth and simple controls•Easy to learn and drive• VR Driving simulator• VR based 3DEnvironment • Amusing Visual and Sounds Effects• Thrill ofChasing Criminals on your Taxi★★★ FOLLOWUS ★★★ FOR PLAYING OUR GAMES.
OffRoad Police Transport Truck 2.3
Let’s play the role of OffRoad truck police transporter in thispolice transport game where you drive heavy duty truck carryingpolice cars & other cargo vehicles. This transporter game 2017will let you drive pickup police truck to transport police car andother cargo to offroad destination. OffRoad police transport willlet you relive the driving games adventure and enjoy the thrill ofdriving heavy duty wheel truck in this transporter game 2017. Gooffroad and let’s ride the heavy duty police truck and play policetransport game. You also get to explore the complete hill stationwith helicopter flight. Carry heavy duty cargo and police vehicleson police helicopter and deliver to the US police headquarters.Time to enjoy the best off road police transport truck in this best3d truck driving games. Act as a police truck driver and transportpolice moto and police car on your car transport trailer truck.Drive amazing US police vehicles in this police transporter game2017 when you get your hands on the police helicopter. Drive policebike on off road & uphill path. One of the most realistic truckdriving games with multiple gameplay tasks. US police truck drivinggames with police transport cop duty. Bike driving, police cartransporter game 2017 and driving games with heavy duty truck inextreme weather conditions managing your downhill drive. Drive inCar & load it in truck with multiple transporter missions asthe real police truck driver. Driving heavy duty wheel truck onOffRoad steep roads won’t be an easy task. Get on the bike, ride iton offroad adventurous paths and reach your destination. Keeprocking as the extreme racing bike rider. Start your police drivinggames duty in this offroad cargo truck games as the pro truckdriver police transporter. Deliver police cargo on your uphillheavy cargo truck driver. This is the real simulation and drivinggames adventure with off road drive. Drive police motorbike andenjoy police bike simulator. Take police car and get behind thewheels. Amazing drive, real bike simulation, car driver adventureand truck transport. Drive mega trucks and transport police cargo.The best police truck simulator before 2017 to make your drivingskills even better. Become the best police driver of the town. Yourduty is to play as the police driver. Take multiple jobs includingpolice bike driving games, police bike moto transport, cartransport trailer truck driver and off road cargo truck driver.Police weapons are being transported, police moto transporter truckand best simulation in 2016 to learn the real handling skills ofmultiple vehicles. ★★★ GAMEPLAY FEATURES ★★★ • Off RoadPolice Truck Driving Adventure • Police Car Transporter TrailerTruck • Smooth and Realistic Controls • Police Bike & PoliceCar Driving • Amazing Snowfall & Hills Environment • RealExperience of Up Hill Cargo Truck Driving • Multiple WeatherConditions with Day & Night Modes
World Tour Bus - Big City 2016 1.3
Have you ever thought to travel around the world? This is the bestopportunity with World Tour Bus 2016. This is a real simulator withcity bus driving, airplane flight and helicopter high ride. Travelaround the big city of London, Paris & Egypt. These cities arefavorite places for tourist attractions. Let’s begin the realdriving simulator adventure in this first world tour simulator. Bussimulator games are loved and with multiple rides in a single gameis a treat to play. Begin your ride a tourist bus drivertransporting passengers to their destination inside the big city. Amulti city adventure ride with bus simulator, airplane flight andhelicopter flying sim. Welcome to world tour 2016 with multi citytourist bus driving sim. Enjoy city tourist bus simulator insidemultiple cities including Paris, London and Egypt. Visit the greatEifel tour, take a tour coach bus to ride inside the pyramids toenjoy the ancient adventures. Pick and drop travelers and touristfrom multiple locations and take them on a ride of their life.Those who a ticket to world tour are going to enjoy in thistransport tycoon game. Pick tourist from rooftops on yourhelicopter for a trip inside the big city. After you are done withone of the cities let’s begin your airplane pilot duty to travel tothe other part of the world. Remember to visit the famous places onyour city tourist bus. ★★★ TOUR DE PARIS★★★ A real treat to enjoythe night life inside the city of love. Travel inside Paris andexperience the tourism in the night. The lights of the city look soamazing you would love your travelling. Pick a helicopter andtravel around Eifel tower to enjoy one of the wonders of the world.★★★ TOUR DE LONDON★★★ Let’s visit the Great Britain on your worldtour bus. Visit the London Bridge, fly high over the city on yourairplane and helicopter. For those who love travelling this is thereal simulator game for them. ★★★ TOUR DE EGYPT★★★ Visiting anancient city is a dream come true. Visit the ancient Egyptiantemples and pyramids and explore the culture of the city. Drivetourist bus on the desert city, fly airplane to fly throughdifferent parts of the world. ★★★ GAMEPLAY FEATURES ★★★• CityTourist Bus Driving • Fly Airplane Flight & Helicopter•Multiple Gameplay Levels to Accomplish• Travel inside Multi CityEnvironments • Multiple Vehicles to Enhance User DrivingExperience• Explore Paris, London & Egypt with World Tour Bus•Night Mode & Multiple Vehicles Driving★★★ Privacy Policy ★★★Werespect and take care of your and your kid’s privacy. You can readour privacy policyhere:★★★ Follow us onFacebook ★★★★★★Disclaimer ★★★ This free game contains ads.
Jungle Animal Hunting - Sniper 1.9
Just when you thought the sniper hunting series is over and youhave mastered the jungle sniper hunting skills, we bring a wholenew challenge series to hunt down different wildlife animals inthis jungle animal hunting 3d. The dangerous jungle is filled withanimals like Deer, Lion, Tiger, Leopard, Wolf, Zebra and many more.With hunting and sniper shooting on your mind enter the jungle withyour sniper rifle and other gadgets like binoculars to hunt downanimals to be a legend sniper. Stealth sniper missions where youneed to search for your prey and hunt them down. You have playedmany hunting games with various animals mastering the skills to bea huntsman. It’s something you have dreamed off. All in oneaction-packed jungle hunting in the most realistic lush greenforest surrounded by the mountains. Be a modern animal sniper andgear up with your sniper rifle and let’s hunt. Wildlife animals aredangerous and are somewhere in this valley filled with lush greengrass, mountains and trees. Winter has just passed and a brightsunny day is what huntsman love while searching for their prey. Thehunting ground is set for you to enter the forest to against theferocious jungle beasts. Lion is know to be the king of the jungle.Make them talk to your bullets. Sniper 3d shooting skills should beenough to hunt your prey all alone with your sniper rifles. Planyour hunt well and look for headshots. Kill Lion, Tiger, Deer, Wolfand other wildlife jungle animals. Meanwhile, protect your hut inthe middle of the jungle from these killer animals.★★★ STORY★★★Being a top huntsman, you always thought what’s next for you.Accepting a challenge to live in a middle of a jungle inside awooden hut could be life threatening for you. With past experienceas a legend army sniper and assassination professional, theconditions still don’t favor you. Living in a jungle filled withwildlife animals hungry for blood is a challenge. With no companionbut exotic weaponry in this jungle animal hunting game just aim,shot and kill. Show them you were born to be a Sniper. Snipe like alegend sniper and kill ferocious animals like lion, tiger, panther,wolf and many more. Conquer the hunting ground and survive thejungle hunting life.★★★ TOP GAME FEATURES ★★★ • Realistic JungleHunting Environment• Efficient Weapon Control & Zoom• Enemy AI(Artificial Intelligence)• 3D Graphics and Sound effects• Real-timeAnimal Hunting★★★ Privacy Policy ★★★We respect and take care ofyour and your kid’s privacy. You can read our privacy policyhere:★★★ Follow us onFacebook ★★★★★★Disclaimer ★★★ This free game contains ads.
Sophy’s Nail Salon– Girls Game 2.2
Hi girls, kids & teens. Sophy's Princess Nail art salon is afun free girls kids game to bring out the hidden nail artist inyou. You have manicured & dressed up virtual toe nails, fingernails and hair. Now is the time to make them really glow! is theeasiest and most exciting way to experience what it's like to be aNail Artist or to get your nails done.Every girl deserves to betreated like a princess. So why not dress up the nails of yourvirtual girlfriend like a princess for her prince of dreams to geta hand on practice to make up your own nails in the real world.Youwould be surprised how addictive Princess Nail Art Salon couldbecome as there so many nail colors, tons of nail art and jewelryand much more to choose from. YOUR imagination and creativity isthe only limit.Start by shampooing, scrubbing and then buffing toradiate high shine. Then choose from loads of polish colorcollections to custom paint gorgeous nails. Choose from absolutelytons of edge art, textures, diamonds, stickers, rings and gloves tomake the nails a masterpiece of art and décor. So why not sit backand play Sophy's Nail Salon to get amazing nail designs and havefun. >>>Follow us onFacebook<<<>>>PrivacyPolicy<<<We respect and take care of your and your kid’sprivacy. You can read our privacy policyhere:>>>Disclaimer<<<This free game contains ads.
Off Road Police Bus Driving 1.6
Let’s begin the adventurous bus driving with realistic controls andawesome simulation. Off road police bus driving is a 3d simulatorwhere you play as a bus driver appointment of hill climbing roadsto transport police officers to their require destinations. Somepolice officers need to be transported to the coffee shop, some ofthem need a ride to the prison so be quick and move to the desiredlocation of time. Bus simulator games will make you realize yourbus driver duty and join the city police. Be careful withlandslides, dangerous turns and thunderstorm environment. Policecops are on duty at the hill side and your duty as the hill climbpolice driver is to transport policemen to different check posts,other stations and prison. Be quick in your duty to drive thepolice bus on the desired spots. Driving a bus off road is never aneasy task. Steep paths, dangerous turns, mountain tops anduncertain weather conditions. Police officers are waiting for theirpick and drop service. Hill side drive will showcase your drivingskills. Moving traffic will be a big hurdles while driving on thesehills and mountains. Enjoy hours of non-stop fun with this hillclimb racing bus simulator. Get ready for off-road hill driving inthis 3d bus simulator with hill climber adventure. Ensure safetybut have fun too. Your duty time begins with you hired as thepolice bus driver. You have been appointed on the hill side tofulfil your duty as the police bus hill climbing driver. Pick uppolice cops and drop them to their destination. Off road driving isan adventure so play it now! ★★★ GAMEPLAY FEATURES ★★★• Off RoadBus Hill Driving • Real-time Driving Skills• Multiple GameplayLevels to Accomplish• Mountains, Hill, Steep Paths and Awesome 3DEnvironment• Multiple Vehicles to Enhance User Driving Experience•Indicators, Sirens and Lights• Night Mode & Multiple WeatherConditions★★★ Privacy Policy ★★★We respect and take care of yourand your kid’s privacy. You can read our privacy policyhere:★★★ Follow us onFacebook ★★★★★★Disclaimer ★★★ This free game contains ads.
VR Airplane Flight Sim 1.1
Have you ever thought of flying an airplane in reality? Now is thechance to fulfil your dreams with Virtual reality airplane flight.VR Airplane Flight Simulator is going to be an adventurist flightfor you. This Virtual Reality game has a fantastic VR environment,with clouds, high flights and air traffic. This VR Airplane gameoffers the most immersive virtual reality experience to you.In thisVR game you will experience and feel like a real airplane take off.Select your favorite airplane and fly high into the skies. Take athrilling sky ride through the mountains, into the trees, clouds,roads in the fabulous dream of modern Virtual World. With AirplaneSimulator, you will find realistic environment and a real aircraftflight experience. You will get the realistic flight simulatorexperience with real plane flying over the city. Ride your aircraftas it is ready to board. Be an airplane pilot to control yourflight over the city and islands. Flying a VR Airplane is totally adifferent task to master the safe flight. Get ready for theexperiment of flying a plane like in real life with this VR 3Dflight simulator. Enjoy the virtual world like a real world. Inthis virtual reality airplane game you can test your airplane pilotskills in extreme weather conditions to reach your destination. Youwill learn to fly an air plane in reality. Select an airplaneparked in airport hangar near helicopter helipad. Let’s run theairbus on runway stripe and pull the control gear to fly your majorprivate jet. Fly your Boeing aircraft on the way point onnavigation route by the arrows. You have to fly carefully to be aplane hero landing expert. Features of VR Airplane Simulator:•Virtual reality based airplane traveling• This VR is easy tocontrol• Play as VR airplane flight Pilot• Fly over the city andislands• Amazing Graphics • An Awesome journey through differentenvironments• Free VR mission base challenges 
Off Road Bus Tourist Transport 1.3
Enough city bus driving!!! It’s time to drivebus on hills, mountains and steep paths. Bring the thrill of offroad driving with uphill bus driving. Extreme off-road bus is atourist transport simulator to enjoy the feel of nature, mountains,hills and tunnels. Take the tourist from homes to hill stations andback again. Play as the extreme bus driver to spend time inpassenger transportation. A safe ride is always the wish of touriston hill sides. Tourist travel in summer season and winters as well.Adventure ride begins with off road bus tourist driving. Real-timebus driving, uphill view, twisted turns, extreme weather and offroad driving. Show your pro driver skills in this off-road bustourist transport simulator 3d.Driving on the mountains and hills in an extreme tasks with offroad bus tourist transport. Be the bus driver and drive on themountains, inside tunnels and rocks. The steep paths are dangerousto drive specially during the night drive so be careful withpassengers safety in your hands. Have your even experienced an offroad drive? Drive off-road tourist bus in this extreme hill drivingadventure and experience the real thrill of hill climbing. Enjoynon-stop enjoyment with multiple gameplay missions to pick and droptourist from different locations. Show your skills with pro drivingwith off road bus. Make your passengers tour a memorable with youramazing off road driving.★★★ Gameplay Features ★★★• Adventurous Off Road Driving• Real-time Hill Climb Driving• Pick and Drop Tourist on Hill Stations• Explore the Off Road Environment• Smooth Steering, Brakes and Drifting★★★ Privacy Policy ★★★We respect and take care of your and your kid’s privacy. You canread our privacy policy here:★★★ Follow us on Facebook ★★★★★★ Disclaimer ★★★This free game contains ads.
Dinosaur Hunt - Deadly Assault 2.1
Relive the ancient age of extinction in the most unique dinosaurhunting adventure of your life. The deadly Dinosaur who used torule the earth are back! The destruction, assault & rampage isabout to begin by deadly Dinosaurs. Many of the species are backfrom dead and they are planning to attack the civilization. Beganyour journey as the ultimate huntsman and kill untamed, deadly andfierce creatures. Be a dinosaur shooter to kill down the mightycreatures of the Jurassic era. They have captured a land and theyplan to rave rampage on earth. Don’t let them raise havoc once moreand be the huntsman to kill them all. Grab your armory and gear upto survive the deadly dinosaur attack. Visit eye catching locations& Jurassic era surrounding environments to hunt the deadlyDINO. You don't have a sniper gun or a rifle so use your assaultguns like AK-47 to take out the violent carnivores. ★★★ STORY★★★Hunting will reach a new level when you find yourself in middleof a wilderness surrounded by the mightiest creatures that ruledearth in the Jurassic era. Take on the series of shooting &hunting challenges and get it on against fury dinosaurs likePterodactyl, Triceratops, Tyrannosaurs and Velociraptor. Gear upwith assault guns and let’s battle DINOSAURS!★★★ GAME FEATURES ★★★• 3D Dinosaurs like Velociraptor, Pterodactyl & T-Rex• Enemy AI(Artificial Intelligence)• 3D Graphics, Interactive Sound Effects•Real Time Jurassic Environment★★★ Privacy Policy ★★★We respect andtake care of your and your kid’s privacy. You can read our privacypolicy here:★★★ Followus on Facebook ★★★★★★Disclaimer ★★★ This free game contains ads.
Mafia Crime Underworld Empire 1.2
Working for mafia is something you don’t learn in a trainingschool. Seeking revenge for his brother’s death, a common guy joinsa mafia gang to finally take revenge from those mafia gods who werethe reason of his brother’s death. The city of Vegas is where yourvendetta crime story begins. Dealing against the big mafia gods andVegas gangster lords is never going to be an easy task. This is theplace where you learn to be a real gangster with shooting skills.Assassinate the other mafia group member, perform grand robberies,escape the police and takeout whoever gets in your way. Live like areal mafia in this crime story of underworld empire. Get yourselfprepared to fight the real mafia war against these Vegas mafiagods. Your life has already been a mess with your brother’s bloodall over your hands. He was murdered by a mafia group whom your upagainst in this crime simulator gangster brawl game. The underworldempire has taken over the city of Vegas. Now it’s you who startworking for Mafia as their driver later to become one of their mostimportant men. Gangster brawls, crazy car chase, robbery escape,bank heist and even stealing the vintage cars. When it’s aboutmoney you won’t step back from anything. Get inside the heads ofthose mafia gods and may them pay for their sins. They only way topayback those gangster group is to step inside the underworldempire. Shoot to takeout the security guards during robberymissions, assassinate as a real shooter, survival mission, intensepolice chase missions and real-time gangster wars. Rule thedowntown streets and the real mafia world. Begin with simpletransportation tasks but yet very responsibility work as mafia menhave a reputation of getting involved in criminal activities.Transform the downtown into a sin city with criminal acts. Make thesurvival impossible for those who made your life a hell. Beprepared to fight the real gangster fights with big time mafiagods. Once you are up against those criminals, there is not turningback. Finish what they started and get yourself acclaimed as thereal mafia of the underworld empire. ★★★ GAMEPLAYFEATURES ★★★• Intense Police Car Chase• Robbery Mission andUltimate Bank Heist• Shooting & Driving Experience• Police CarChase and Taxi Driving Missions• Play as the Real Mafia ofDowntown• Multiple Gameplay Scenarios & Missions★★★ FOLLOWUS ★★★ PLAYING OUR GAMES.
Monster Truck Stunts Simulator 1.7
The Monster Truck Stunts is here to give youthe thrilling adventure of driving. Enter into the trucking arenawhere a night show crowd awaits for the stuntman show!
Police Sniper 2017 Reloaded 1.5
For the fans of city sniper shooting games, we are back with newsniper missions in police sniper reloaded to relive the city snipershooting adventure in best FPS Shooter. Let’s guard the city andtake out the criminals in this battle against crime sniper shootinggames. The real city police sniper duty begins with action insidethe crime town as best sniper hunter. A modern day sniper shootinggame where you end up challenging the world of criminals and strikethem down. Guarding a prison isn’t the only job now, as the lead ofthe police sniper squad control the security of the city and prisonin this critical best FPS shooter game. The best sniper shootingexperience and precision rifle handling will help you in battleagainst the prisoners, gangsters and criminals in city snipershooting battle game. In multiple modes and crime scenes, equipyourself with the sniper rifle and act immediately. Eliminate theescapees, prisoners and take out the resistance where it is needed.The city is crowded with criminals and inmates causing trouble inthe city. You need to be flawless with your aim while you shootwith your sniper rifle. Stop the illegal deals and robbers withyour precision sniper shooting skills in this war against the scarycriminals. The city sniper battle has begun in this ultimate warshooter strike against the mafia world. This is the intensesurvival city for you and as a police sniper it’s a battle againstthe crime town. Prepare to play as the real sniper shooter and takeout the crime from the city. Equip with the exotic arsenal and findout the culprits. Governing the security of the whole city is notan easy task but there is nothing impossible. Get ready to get intothe action against evil. Crime rate is increasing inside the cityand its hard time to control the criminals and prisoners causingchaos. Your past experience as a sniper will come handy while youare appointed as the special squad police sniper. The best snipershooting skills are an advantage for you. Beginning with careermode and free mode you are all set to go. Don’t let the prisonersexecute the plan to escape the prison cell. They will find a chanceto execute the prison plan to escape. In case of any wildsituations eliminate the resistance. The security of the city is inyour hands now! Show your skills as a real marksman. The chance toeliminate the resistance is a bullet away! ★★★ CAREER MODE ★★★ Thecareer mode is filled with 20 episodes, each episode containing aunique mission to eliminate the resistance against your duty.Multiple city sniper rifles and tactics will be needed to controlthe city crime. Battle it out against the mafia world and acclaimyourself as the perfect sniper. ★★★ ASSAULT MODE ★★★ This is thereal deal as the shooters get behind the trigger to shoot. Theywill try to bring you down with their machine gun shooting. Bringin the exotic armory and challenge the sniper shooters. ★★★ FREEMODE ★★★ Free mode is the endless shooting experience where youchallenge people around the globe with highest number of targetsregistering yourself as the best sniper on the Leaderboards. ★★★TOP GAME FEATURES ★★★ • Play as Sniper Guard of the City •Eliminate Prisoners & City Gangsters • Thrill of Playing as aSniper • Highly Additive & Immersive Gameplay • Achievements toUnlock & Showcase your Progress • Leaderboard to Register yourScores ★★★ FOLLOW US ★★★