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Real Car Driver – 3D Racing 1.6
Time to test your driving simulator skills inthis real fast car driving on your smartphones. Beat all theopponent drivers on the way to victory. Racing simulator will letyour experience the real driving on racing tracks. Fast racingcars, awesome road tracks and realistic 3d environments. Takecontrol of your favorite car and accelerate hard to overcome yourracing rivals in this car driving simulator. Face off against thefast drivers in the toughest race challenges. Speed up & Driftperfect on the roads to avoid hitting your racing opponents. Thelife of a car driver is never so easy. Real car simulator 3d willlet you discover the depth of driving where you will drag your carall the way to finish line. Overcome the racing challenges in thisunlimited car driving game.Drive around different tracks and become the racing driver. Choosefrom various speedy sports cars and drive around. Fast, speed,accuracy and real simulator and driving experience is what definesthese hot cars. Entertainment is best with real car racing game.Amazing racing levels will provide unlimited fun. Take control ofyour furious racing car and be the top driver to race against yourrivals. Feel high speed racing, drifting and real-time car drivingsimulator. Become the fastest racer of them all. Be careful on thetricky turns and under tunnels. Choose your favorite driving wheelsand take them on the racing roads. Unleash your fury and drive fastto the finish line.★★★ STORY ★★★The game portrays the story of all time racing rivals. Long timeago they used to race and drive like crazy drivers. They took partin many fast racing challenges. The life of a racer is never soeasy. You are in need of cash so you end up with a racingcontractor who hires you as an ultimate driver. Now it’s you whowill race against your opponents in different parts of the world.You cannot afford loosing so let’s smash them all and stand up asthe ultimate racer!!!!!★★★ FEATURES★★★◆ Variety of Fast Cars to Drift & Drive◆ 5 Racing Tracks with Multiple Laps◆ Awesome Car Handling & Simulation◆ Dual Driving Control Options◆ Different Camera Views◆ 3D Graphics, HD Environments★★★Follow Us ★★★Facebook : :★★★Privacy Policy★★★We respect and take care of your and your kid’s privacy. You canread our privacy policy here:★★★Disclaimer★★★This free game contains ads.
Army War Truck Transport 1.6
Enter into the action-packed Warfield in thesand deserts with bombarding and shooting everywhere. Your duty inthe army begins as the army war truck transport driver. You are inthe middle of a battle against the enemy troops. Enemy tanks,soldiers, helicopters and rocket launchers are everywhere in thebattle field. You have been given the duty to drive heavy armytruck in the desert Warfield to transport military cargo. Show yourskills as the pro truck driver to drive in the extreme conditionsto transport military weaponry in the battle arena. Exciting truckdriving simulation missions awaits where you will transportweapons, tanks, barrels, armor and other military cargo to the armybase in the battle field. Experience what army soldiers go throughduring the war. Be safe while you drive because its war andbombarding will damage your army truck.Play as a ruthless driver to drive through the enemy terrain in theextreme desert conditions to transport army cargo to the armybases. Don’t lose the site on the enemy or you might get hurt.Driving a big truck might not be a difficult task but doing itinside the battle field in the war against the enemy is a hard taskto complete. Your participation in a war against the enemy is tohelp your military men and transport weapons, food, water and othercargo on your army war truck. Military men, armed forces andcommandos need your assistance with their cargo and militaryequipment transportation.★★★ Gameplay Features ★★★• Action Packed Gameplay Missions• Real-time Army War Truck Driving• Transport Military Cargo in Battle Field• Desert Site War Environment• Smooth Steering, Brakes and Drifting• Perform your Duty as Army Truck Driver★★★ Privacy Policy ★★★We respect and take care of your and your kid’s privacy. You canread our privacy policy here:★★★ Follow us on Facebook ★★★★★★ Disclaimer ★★★This free game contains ads.
Deer Hunting - Sniper Shooting Games 3.8
Let’s go hunting with Sniper Deer Hunting. This is an amazing andaddictive action pack game to take you to an ultimate adventure inthe most realistic environment with trees, grass, outdoor,mountains etc. Those who love hunting will love this first personsniper shooting game where you don't have a squad & you need todo it all alone. Grab your gun, test your sniper skills and don'tlet the deer escape. Let’s go hunting in the real jungle wildernessenvironment. Do you trust your sniper shooting skills? Let’s showhow to hunt. The game gives you an awesome experience with real 3Dgraphics, sound effect and the environment. The deer might beunaware of your presence so take your best shot to become the besthuntsman of the jungle. ★★★ STORY ★★★ The army career is over now;The soldier decides to live in hillside jungle between mountains tospend his life enjoying his hunting passion. Currently he possesone sniper rifle which can be used for hunting but if he uses hisarmy shooting skills, he can successfully hunt some deer’s andrewards to buy more different guns. You will see the most beautifulsummer scenes in the game - the sounds of weapons, animals,wildlife, forest, mountains & birds. ★★★ TOP GAME FEATURES ★★★• First Person Shooting • Efficient gun control • Enemy AI(Artificial Intelligence) • 3D Graphics and Sound effects • RealTime Jungle Environment • 10 gameplay mission with different tasks★★★ HOW TO PLAY ★★★ • Easy touch and drag gameplay to rotate axis •Camera zoom to get accurate shots • Mission based gameplay tocomplete all mission • Shooting accuracy and skills ★★★ Follow uson Facebook ★★★
Police Bus Criminal Transport 2.2
Time to become a hero in this latest edition of crime city busdriver simulator. You have been hired as a pro city bus driver topick and drop police cops and transport criminals inside the city.Begin your duty in this police bus transport simulator 2015. Crimerate is rising and to control the town you need to transport policeofficers to their desired locations so they can control thesituation accordingly. Robbers, thief and criminals are runningaway with serious crimes. You are presented with various drivingmissions to pick and drop at various locations so they can chasedown criminals and control crime. Bring back the peace to your cityand play as a police bus criminal transport driver to pick and droppolice officials, swat members and other cops. Smash the criminals,don’t be late or you might miss a crime scene. Have you ever trieddriving a bus inside the city? Act as the city bus driver on a dutyto transport criminals and police cops to their duty areas, crimescenes, police stations, hospitals and more. Some policemen havearrested robbers and thief and are waiting for the bus to pick themup and leave them to the police station. Be quick in your duty todrive the police bus on the desired spots. Drive the city bus,follow the traffic rules and fulfil your duty as the policetransporter bus driver. Enjoy the thrilling gameplay with variousdriving and bus simulation missions. Drift on the roads, ride fastand be a furious bus driver. Don’t let the city turn into crimetown. Pick and drop police cops to maintain peaceful cityenvironment. ★★★ Gameplay Features ★★★• 10 Thrilling GameplayMissions• Real-time Police Bus Driving• Pick and Drop PoliceOfficers from Different Locations• Explore the City Environment•Smooth Steering, Brakes and Drifting★★★ Privacy Policy ★★★Werespect and take care of your and your kid’s privacy. You can readour privacy policyhere:★★★ Follow us onFacebook ★★★★★★Disclaimer ★★★ This free game contains ads.
Army Transport Bus Driver 1.7
Army transport bus driver is one of the coolest bus driver 2015games. You get the job of driving army bus on the rough terrain,hills, mountains and step paths. Are you a pro bus driver? Do youhave what it takes to driver a big bus on difficult paths? A bussimulator 2015 where you start your duty as an army professionalbus driver to pick up and drop army men, commandos, special forcesto their desired locations. Be a furious driver and enjoy heavyvehicle driving on mountain and steep paths. Manual brakes, powersteering, smooth controls and sharp turns. Experience what army mengo through on their duty at check points. Be the transporter todrop them to new check points. Drive a city bus is easier thandriving bus for army men on hills and mountain paths. Army duty busdriver 3d is a not just a driving simulator but a professional dutyto transport army officers. They might be carrying heavy weapons orarmory with them too so be careful with your driving. Enjoy hoursof non-stop thrill of driving an army bus. Realistic bus physics,smooth handling, pressure brakes and fast driving. Get ready forfast off-road hill driving in this 3d military bus simulator 2015.Military men, armed forces and commandos are busy in your duty andwhen they need a transport service you will be the top driver toprovide them pick and drop. Army duty is not an easy job so proveyourself as the best bus driver.★★★ Gameplay Features ★★★•Thrilling Gameplay Missions• Real-time Bus Handling and Drive• Pickand Drop Army Men & Military Officers • Explore the Hill SideEnvironment• Smooth Steering, Brakes and Drifting• Perform yourDuty as Army Bus Driver★★★ Privacy Policy ★★★We respect and takecare of your and your kid’s privacy. You can read our privacypolicy here:★★★ Followus on Facebook ★★★★★★Disclaimer ★★★ This free game contains ads.
Tourist Plane Flight Simulator 1.4
Time to unleash your flight simulator skillsand be an extreme pilot to fly airplane over the hills andmountains. Enough off road driving, it’s time to play the role ofan airplane pilot. Pick your favorite plane and fly high into theskies. Get the realistic flight simulator experience with touristplane flying over the mountains, hill and off road rocks. Test yourpiloting skills with extreme flight conditions and take tourist totheir destinations. Multiple islands to take off and controlairplane landings. The gameplay is not just about flying airplane,another challenge is to drive off road bus and take tourist to theairport and other locations.Ride your aircraft as it is ready to board. Take the passengers tohill side and fly high with your tourist airplane. One of the mostexciting task is taking the skydivers high into the skies and letthem do skydiving. Enjoy the thrill of high skydiving and pilotflight simulator with extreme tourist plane take off and landings.Be an airplane pilot to control your tourist flight over the snowmountains, hill climb roads, off road hill stations and islands.Driving a bus and flying an airplane are two totally differenttasks to master. So drive your off road tourist bus and take thetravellers to the airport. Once the passenger flight is ready toboard, just fly high into the skies.Ready to fly? Begin the Tourist flight and let’s completetransportation and flying missions.★★★ GAMEPLAY FEATURES ★★★• Play as Tourist Plane Pilot• Real-time Off Road Bus Driving• Fly Over the Mountains and Hills• Manual Airplane Flight & Landings• Multiple Gameplay Tasks to Complete• Tourist Transport on Airplane & Off Road Bus★★★ Privacy Policy ★★★We respect and take care of your and your kid’s privacy. You canread our privacy policy here:★★★ Follow us on Facebook ★★★★★★ Disclaimer ★★★This free game contains ads.
City Helicopter Rescue Flight 1.8
Get ready to start the flying adventure inside the city with cityhelicopter rescue flight simulator. Be the helicopter pilot tonavigate rescue helicopter flight and landings to save civilians,police officials and news reporters in emergency situations. Thosewho love playing rescue helicopter and air ambulance games willlove to play city helicopter flight. Take control of your ownrescue helicopter and fly inside the city. The game includeschopper flying, helicopter navigation and complete manual handling.Act as the rescue pilot and save the people in emergencysituations. Fly in the skies and look around for emergency areasand rescue them all. Save lives of people in danger and fulfill theduty of an air ambulance pilot. The gameplay revolves inside thecity where you act as the helicopter pilot flying a rescue flightand looking for emergency calls to help city people. Do you thinkyou can fly a helicopter flight? Show your helicopter flying skillsand move inside the city between big buildings. Get the experienceof flying a rescue flight in this 3d helicopter simulator. Someonemight be stuck in building on fire, an accident might have takenplace due to a criminal activity or you need to transport aninjured person in your air ambulance city helicopter flight. Newchapter into the series of helicopter flight games where you don’tplay as a police official or an army personnel but a rescue pilotflying his air ambulance to rescue people in emergency situation.Time to showcase your extreme pilot skills. Ready to fly? Begin thehelicopter flight and let’s complete transportation and rescuemissions.★★★ GAMEPLAY FEATURES ★★★• Play as Helicopter Pilot•Real-time 911 Rescue Missions• Fly Over the City and ReachEmergency Areas• Manual Helicopter Handling and Flying• MultipleGameplay Tasks to Complete★★★ Privacy Policy ★★★We respect and takecare of your and your kid’s privacy. You can read our privacypolicy here:★★★ Followus on Facebook ★★★★★★Disclaimer ★★★ This free game contains ads.
Shark Revenge Attack Sim 3d 1.3
Ever thought how it feels to live the life of an angry shark in thedeep dark seas searching for food where the survival only dependsupon secretly searching and hunting your prey? This deep sea beastsimulator will let you explore the dark blue sea where you will goon the underwater expedition as an angry shark killer and prey as adeadly sea beast.Get ready for a series of wildlife hunting andattacking challenges in this shark attack simulator and experiencethe real taste of being a wildlife hunter. Some furious snipers arethere to hunt down sharks and their other species. Start rampageand attack on whatever comes in your way as a deadly wild beast.Get on the underwater hunting mission and be a deadly killer sharkthat munches on human prey. Revenge is on your mind so jump out ofthe water and make humans your prey. Be the hungry wild beast ofthe sea life Attack people standing on water boats and unleash theunderwater predator inside you in this wildlife shark attack.Attack boats, jet skis, humans, fisher men and hunters looking tosniper away the fishes, shark, whales and other small species. Playshark revenge attack simulator, swim inside and over the vast bluesea and enjoy the human munch. This underwater shark simulator willlet you play as a giant shark unleashing upon others to causedestruction and mayhem. Be aware of the attack and sniping fromhumans, it will lower your health and will result in level failure.Complete your mission successful to move on to the next level.Turnyourself on the evil side in this shark attack simulator 3d. Startthe game with underwater simulation hitting water boats, killinghumans, fishermen and deadly shark hunters, finding some hiddenstuff like gold chest and precious items and protecting other sharkspecies. Rule the vast sea with your vicious and brutal attacks.Kill hunters, fisherman and others people around and be a ruthlessunderwater predator.★★★ Gameplay Features ★★★• 10Thrilling Gameplay Missions• Real-time Physics Controls &Underwater Sea• Attack People on Boats, Jet Skis & Near Shore•Explore the 3D Sea & Underwater Environment• Amazing SoundEffects & Animations
Gunship Sniper Shooting 3D 1.0.8
ATTACK!!! An enemy ship has being detected near the military base,so soldiers let’s battle it out and make our army base safe again.You need a secure spot against the special forces of enemy and whatcould be better than Apache Gunship helicopter. Be a brave hero,play as the leading frontline commando and counter shoot all theterrorists. You have the sniper gun to start with, OHHH captain,you’re too good with head-shots so don’t waste your bullets becauseyou might run out of them. This is an action packed thriller. Killall the enemy soldiers and defend your pride as the leader of theAmerican navy seals squad. It’s the first person sniper shootinggame where you need to kill all the enemy’s and head shots arealways the best. They will earn you more points and help inunlocking other guns like HK, M16 and MK11. The mission is toeliminate all the enemy and get the control of the navy gunship inthis gunship sniper shooting 3D game.>>> TOP GAME FEATURES<<<• 3D First Person Shooter – FPS• Amazing, realistic andunique weapon control• HD & stunning graphics and addictivegameplay• 3D Environment & Amazing sounds• Top view of theenemy navy carrier from Helicopter• Guns include AK-47, HK, M16 andMK11>>> HOW TO PLAY <<<• Touch and drag gameplayto rotate axis• Aim your enemy and shoot them to earn points•Head-shots will earn your high scores• Use the zoom option to havethe clear view>>> Privacy Policy <<<We respectand take care of your and your kid’s privacy. You can read ourprivacy policyhere:>>>Follow us onFacebook<<<>>>Disclaimer <<< This free game contains ads.
Police Bus Uphill Driving 1.8
The most adventurous and craziest bus driving simulator is herewith off-road driving. Get the feel of nature hill side environmentfilled with mountains, water and rocks. Police Bus is a bussimulator where you play as a bus driver driving various buses andchauffeur inside the hill, rocks and mountains. Be careful withlandslides, dangerous turns and hilltop driver. Police cops are onduty at the hillside and your duty as the hill driver is totransport policemen to different check posts, other stations andcontrol rooms. Enjoy the madness in driving furious bus on hillareas. Police bus uphill driving simulator is a modern bussimulator 2015 where you drive with manual pressure brakeshandling, power steering and smooth turns.You might be a fast hillcar driver but driving a bus inside the hills and mountains is notan easy job. Police officials are waiting on different stops andcheckpoints for their pickup service so be quick but careful.Traffic might not be a problem but dangerous turns might test yourdriving skills. Be quick in your duty to drive the police bus onthe desired spots. Drive the city bus, be careful on turns andfulfil your duty as the police hill bus driver. Enjoy hours ofnon-stop fun with this bus simulator. Get ready for fast off-roadhill driving in this 3d bus simulator with hill adventures. Ensuresafety but have fun too.★★★ Gameplay Features ★★★• AdventurousGameplay Missions• Real-time Hill Driving• Pick and Drop PoliceOfficers from Different Locations• Explore the Hill SideEnvironment• Smooth Steering, Brakes and Drifting★★★ Privacy Policy★★★We respect and take care of your and your kid’s privacy. You canread our privacy policyhere:★★★ Follow us onFacebook ★★★★★★Disclaimer ★★★ This free game contains ads.
Russian Head Shot Sniper 3D 2.1
Gear up to fight against the mob of high-profile gangsters who havebuilt their clan inside the city. They take control of the majorcriminal activities around. Being a master sniper assassin makethem your victims in this sniper 3d. Aim to shoot, kill or getkilled. The best possible way to get revenge in this sniper killeris to complete the assassin contracts and kill the criminals. Dutycalls when it&rsqu