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Robots War Hero Survival 2.1
The clash of ultimate mech rival bots erected from robust metal andsteel are on the storm rampage in city destruction and devastation.The astronomical evil forces from the anonymous resident galaxiesare flying down to take over the earth. The collation hero forceson earth are mobilized to prevent this brutal occupation war ofrobots, the allied forces have engaged the survival systems onearth and activated weapons of ultimate adventure destruction tofight and eliminate these epic robots fighting to take over theuniverse with might and force to rule the iron glory on humans.Enter into the action packed heroic journey in eliminating thesegiant auto bots with epic roster of shooting power and courage,feel the heat lust and hunger for winning the battle against theseintergalactic monsters clashing with humans on earth.Alliedcollation forces have some Great War heroes who earlier have foughtsome of the epic metal battles with these mech machines but now thesituation is different as these massive automatons shooters arebuilt and designed with invincible modern and innovative robotictechnology specialized in combats survival skills, now they areultra deadly and powerful then their ancestor bots, this epic waris not easy against these cyborgs and metal hero adventuremonsters. These monster bots can convert themselves intoautomobiles like cars bikes trucks buses and hard to disguise. It’sa real hard time for the residents of earth to face these enemyautomatons and save the planet earth. These machines are involvedin the data theft from the earth’s mainframe computer systems andservers.Scientists on earth have released a grand team of robotswith unique and devastating fire and fighting powers, these warhero bots are controlled by pro fighters of army and militarypersonnel trained to survive frontline and extreme battlefield inthe state of war and peace, these armored human-bots are theguardians of the universe, loaded with futuristic laser firepowerful guns, swords and extreme flying ability make them standout to face and challenge the intergalactic invading metallic mechmercenaries. Special drones have been deputed to track down theevil bot forces and carry out the killing spree missions. Lets givethese crazy and angry enemy bots a surprise adventure and assaultattack with tactical maneuvers and convertible tricks, fightdestroy and capture the enemy metal giant robots as captives, showthem the mass combat skills with speed and durability like a warbattle robot converting into cars, dodge your rivals and destroy,wipe out each and every piece of the mech metal that comes intoyour way.Keep the dominance and show the super dragon warrior stylefighting skills, clash with the steel and make them rumble and mechdust. Police cop bots can convert into police cars, these hero andcop mech bots are out to face the real war, giving tanks and jets afighting and survival support in grand earth endurance andfuturistic killing military mission to reign the supremacy over theuniverse robot mech fighting.
Mafia Gangster Crime Lord 3D 2.0
The wicked underworld russian mafia gangster escape and thugs areat large crime lord in the city fighter game, invading peacefulareas and committing crime city like theft and robbery. Play yourrole as a daring savior and hero fighter against mafia gangstercrime lord. Are you the chosen one to save this city’s downtownfrom dark and evil shadows of Russian mafia gangster and thugs?Escape and Engage into an epic street battle, fight the crime citywith force, wipe out each and every criminal out of the town anddon’t let the mafia gangsters and thugs escape from this battle ofgood and evil. Give your rivals hard time, work as an undercoversecret agent and an angry fighter, create havoc and panic situationin the city of great gangsters and become the greatest underworldcartel hero mafia gangster lord and don in the overkill-shootingcriminal escape game.You have been hired by the top secret agentservices and spy agency to eliminate the Russian mafia gangsterlord; criminal escape fight between the top criminals and a secretagent spy hero mafia of the city fighter game. Join the gang andgain boss’s confidence, load yourself with brutal and deadlyweapons own some vehicles and get into some overkill criminalbusinesses to stake over the underworld & mafia gangsterescape, grow your wipe out power rush in the crime lord battleworld and be the king of the crime city. Conduct stealth andundercover agent’s furtive battle mission and eradicate thugs,thieves, mafia gangster involved in the fighter RPG clash, feel thethrill and adventure, roam through streets and alleyways andshootout the mafia gangsters escaped from the jail break and rolledup in the crime lord escape. As an angry crazy ultimate herofighter and undercover secret agent spy agent use all resources offight with loaded guns sharp knives fist brass knuckles to improvestrike battle skills. Your duty is to protect the crime cityfighter and innocent people from the mafia gangster who are busy inrobbing snatching money vehicle thefts and auto lifting, killingpolice and cops. Fight your way like the killer ninja and dragonwarrior, greet these thugs with all your combo powers, use kicks,punches, and combos, to knock-back those evil mafia gangster crimelord gangs in epic battle superhero fighting & crime lordescape game.As an underworld secret agent elite russian mafiagangster hero fighter, its not easy to battle deal and live underthe wings of great Russian mafia gangster and lords, you havelearned the art of spying in the undercover training school,assassinate and kill the brutal killers with your shooting skills,be the best and grand underworld shooter and sniper killer of theshadow empire. Its an epic RPG battle between the spy hero gangsterverses mafia gangsters and thugs, get ready to escape for the fullthrottle dangers, engage in gunfights thefts, crime lord and autorobberies, and mission police car pursuit hunt, drive your car fastand chase the fleeing bandits, shoot and kill the trollingcriminals and survive the adventure with superhero fighting game.Underworld gangster rivals are the leading drug traffickers theyneed money, a great and grand robbery has been planned at thedowntown jewelry shop for stealing gold and diamonds to buy gunsand weapons to spread terror in the city fighter game. Play role asthe greatest hero fighter escape and undercover mafia heist policespy cop and escape the crime lord battle scene, grab your weaponshoot and kill, show your best marksman archery shooter skill inthis law-breaking fighter mission to become the ultimate andruthless russian mafia gangster ruling the crime lord battle cityin ultimate superhero fighting game and criminal escape.
Tuk Tuk Mechanic Auto Workshop 2.0
This majestic city is full of traffic, the cars and buses arerunning all over the roads, the tuk tuk stand is loaded withcustomers and many of the rickshaw and automobile drivers arelooking for the auto workshop to repair the chingchi vehiclerickshaws gone out of order or have some starting problem. Here atthe grand city center is an amazing and legendary grand mechanicand rickshaw workshop and garage, tuk tuk drivers are in a rush torepair and fix it their tri cycle rickshaws in less time. Thisexpert and amazing garage engineer is also an automobile designerwho can design, manufacture and create awesome models of all typesof vehicles like rickshaws cars and bikes with repairing servicesfor all types of tuk tuk engines, it also have an vehicle showroomto display the ready products, this mechanic is providingprofessional workshop and garage services. An a car and bike expertrepairman, use your best car and bike repairman and builder withfix it skills to make brand new and repaired shinny rickshaws, useyour technique for customizing different models and designs.Takelightweight machineries to repair centers, overhaul body andchassis for denting and painting, paint the repaired body partswith elegant and stylish colors, take these tuk tuk into the garageworkshop, be careful and avoid any damages on body or paint. Workwith the best modern mechanic tools, be the best tuk tuk rickshawand chingchi Lets take these awesome and ultimate fast tuk tuk intothe workshop’s assembly line, fix the body, front glass sidemirrors seat and fixtures into the auto rickshaw, this section isfitted with automated machines and robots to avoid loose fittingsand fixtures on the chingchi vehicles assembly line, use weldingmachines to fix and join the rickshaw parts. Adjust your repairmachine and fix the three wheeler engine room carefully, gather allthe spare parts and assemble the rickshaw engine and connect theelectrical points with care, use the best and latest tools andgadget to detect the tuk tuk problem, fix nuts and bolts with ranchand use screw drivers for electrical points, moderns tools are thebest when fixing the engine, use the gear with efficiency, drag thetuk tuk engine from the repair assembly and place it vigilantlyinto the vehicle engine compartment, use your latest and moderntools and equipment to fix the mechanism. Be sure to put the bestand new engine oil into for best running results. After successfulassembling by the auto bots and robotic machines, take rickshaws tothe automatic and manual paint shop, choose the best color andpaint the tuk tuk, hold the paint spray gun carefully as a littleslip of hand can ruin the paint job, use metallic or compactvibrant coating colors, use super cool textures and artwork to makeand give these vehicles a futuristic look, paint cars bikes busesand super chingchi in your garage’s paint shop, you are the bestpainting mechanic available in the grand city, this mechanic is awizard and a genius and an expert in vehicles tune-ups, take yourmotor vehicle to the motor saloon and spa service station, give ita buffy and soapy wash after the paint, wipeout the excess waterthrough the air gun and coat the vehicle body with the specialcolor protective polish for the best glow and shine to the tuk tukto give it shinny look. After completing all the tasks examine yourchingchi tuk tuk rickshaws like an expert pk doctor and fix it likea pro, take them out for test drive all around the grand city roadsand highways, give it a bumpy ride over the offroad hill climbmountains to test the powerful shock absorbents. Park the cars,motorcycle and vehicles into the parking lot of your workshop fortransportation to different cities and towns.This crazy andultimate auto tuk tuk repair and mechanic game is for the kids wholove to wash, repair and drive.
Shark Attack Beach Survival 3D 1.0
Shark attack beach survival 3D is an ultimate amazing and alegendary sea creature simulator game, play the role of an hungryand angry monster coming out the blue waters and assaulting thepicnickers and surfers at the beach this is an action packedaquatic adventure with amazing sea run and stunt simulator. Go on afrenzied ocean rampage, eating everything and everyone in your waythese are the most horrific and terrifying sea creatures in deepunderwater seas. These sharks are man-eaters and attack their preywith combine evolution in an instant without letting them giving asecond chance of survival. In shark assault seaside endurance,survive as a hungry and angry predator destroy everything thatcomes in your way. Become a brutal orca jaws and hunt to kill thehuge Megalodon and great white hammerhead hunters and snipershooters are all around the beach in high tide, ready to hunt themdown with loaded spears are all over to catch the big fish for finsdon’t let them catch you. Kill and destroy whatever comes inbetween your way in this underwater epic adventure, keep your lustfor killing spree going. Bring out the carnivore creature outsideand unleash it with this ultimate hungry attack. Play as a furiouswhite or hammerhead shark and show no mercy, chase your prey in thedeep ocean waters, grab them with your mighty Jaws to kill and eatinstantly the beach survivals. Be the number one killer in the deepblue waters and get known as the killer shark of the seas, attach,kill and munch the swimmers and surfers surfing on huge waves ofthe seas. Sharks have evolved themselves so that they can tearapart their victim when they are hungry or angry, at their powerfuldeadly jaws and wrath to be the lords of the seas.Give the swimmersand fishermen an adrenaline spine rush once the angry shark issighted. The sea creatures and huge fish are the ultimateunderwater hunters; they seek their prey to devour with no mercybecoming the wildest and hungriest deadly sea hunters. Experiencethe dark tide and aquatic life as an angry underwater hammerheadfrenzy and deadly predator being the daemon of the blue waters andblood-sniffing cannibal in this amazing and legendary hungry huntershark world scavenger looking for prey and evolution. Crash anddestroy the boats, trawlers, ships, cruises and oil tankers withyour scary jaws & wide mouth, as you are a real sea attack,kill the beach lovers because blood is necessary, take up theadventure and be the ultimate sea monster and mega shark who canrevenge with the mega octopus hunters of the great white Megalodon.Fight your way with the dino and Jurassic hungry and angry sharksthe predators living down the sea bed and attacker of the shallowsdeep water and seas, the ferocious hunters and stuntman divers arehere to kill the frenzy hammerheads who ruthlessly attacking thesurfers swimmers on the reef and turning the attack into red water,fight for food with other killer sea creatures, monsters and hugeblue whales and sharks and killer whales, eat and outbreak dolphinsand other shoal of fishes, scuba divers and swimmers near theshores.
RC Free Flight Helicopter Sim 1.0
Remote controlled free flight helicopter simulator is an ultimateUAV drone and quadcopter which offers various exciting flying andaviation missions to control this RC aircraft and copter and carryout tasks that involve collecting objects, shooting, knocking overthe obstacles with toy guns mounted onto this drone copter. Everylevel has of this simulator flying game has unique challenges foryou to complete from takeoff to simulating and landing at thedesignated area. Fly this toy radio controlled helicopter flightsimulator and take a spin in the air practice your navigatingskills without crashing perform amazing and legendary air stunts,run all over the place to control your helidroid adventures in wideopen space of this huge and beautiful house. This simulator is muchsimilar as flying the delivery drones and will take back to yourchildhood years. This exciting remote and radio controlled copterflies high in the sky, take your toy cobra gunship flying machinesall over the place, but remember don’t go behind enemy lines andcross the red canyon, take your swagger over the hill climbmountains adventures and avoid the offroad flying, be careful asother kids are also flying Comanche helicopter through the hurdlesand waypoint to reach the helipad and clear the mission. Navigateyour free flight helicopter chopper and drone using super flyingskills in this 3D flying simulator game.These toy flying machinesare an extreme thrill and excitement, these quadcopters can holdsome stuff and can fly real high and can perform drone stunts andcan show the adventures as well. This game provides numeroussimulation experiences where you get to fly huge and epic ultimatecollection of amazing modern radio-controlled battlefield andfrontline gunship fighter helicopters in the house and outside inthe back yard!Complete multiple mission, fly as a flight simulatorand navigate all around the room, complete air cargo flyingmissions, transport toy cargo to way points and collect bonuses,take your air transport cargo heli into the air, fly military andarmy toy helicopters and enter into the battlefield, be the bestfrontline commando airship pilot and conquer the neighborhood kidswith your flying machines, fly 911 rescue copters as fire fighterpilot and hero of the city who can take water and dump it over thefire, this challenging mission is good and can prepare kids andtoddlers for rescue techniques.This RC helicopter flying simulatoris a fun for all game, its nonviolence and free with cool andaddictive flying missions, this RC helicopter game is not the sameas like most of the ordinary flight controllers planes or drones ordelivery drones, fly your passion with the best airships withpropellers and be the champion.
Counter Shot Terrorist Strike 1.2
Enter the warzone and fight for the survival of the future, countershot the terrorists and strike down the counter fanatic shooters,this is the modern commando action strike against the brutal elitemobile enemy strike, armed with deadly assassin assault sniperweapons, shoot, strike & crush the guerillas and clash themwhen they try to take over the military and army base camp. Gatheryour special marine bullet forces, tactical SWATs and elitecommando group, specialist in terrorist killer and aero strikes,counter shot and aim the way out of this disastrous situation andeliminate the rebel forces in surgical raid, the enemy’s drones andhelicopters are flying for spying and standoff, shoot down theterrorist drones to launch the frontline robot battlefield attackmission against the offensive army soldiers defending rebels in aclean shot. Your assault sniper guns are packed with futuristictechnology, you only have to aim the gun to the enemy and it willblaze the bullets automatically, it’s a point to shoot and countershot strategy that will test your reflexes and tactical skills.Reclaim your country’s pride, as an army office of elite commandoand modern strike shooter of special forces group keep yourpowerful weapons shot intact to restore peace and fight for thefate and future of your country all around the borders. In thisfirst person shooter realistic game use modern gadgets, maps,weapons like pistols, shotguns, assault and sniper rifles, machineguns, grenades for destroying bunkers and hideouts secure yourselfwith the steel armour and bulletproof vest. As real hero and SSCCommando you have to win this wipe out and counter cold war ofsurgical strike at any cost. Take your enemy seriously, they areloaded with heavy artillery, the enemy battalion is carryingweapons of mass destructions, rocket launchers, missiles to launchthis deadly war against the peaceful country, take your best shotand be the best killer, assassin and standout trooper, trained andpassed out from the US army marine and navy seal war school academywhere you have mastered the art of critical stealth ops and counterwar, handling of furious weapons to be the perfect legacy deathstrike terrorist shooter, show your supremacy and dominance, armyour brigade and battalion forces with deadly weapons and powerfulartillery.As a freedom fighter American sniper and covert specialops SSG Commando soldier, initiate into the world war, strike downthe air combat and gunships to clash down the syndicate hunters andtitans, the enemy has engaged a robot war with humans in the city,renew your contract invasion and engage into the bullet firecontest, go deep into the terrorist base camps and eliminate thehidden object targets, exact and detailed aim drill will lead tomore precision shooting and eradicate terrorism in borderlineshooting showdown, adjust scope for the crusade against terror ofyour sniper assault SWAT rifle, zoom in for the targeted war robotsand pull the trigger to take the best counter shot to strike downthe rebels bots. The rebel forces are trying to enter into thegrand city to release some of the hard time criminals and warlordmafia agents and gangster thugs from the jail break to join theterrorist groups. Your duty is to eradicate this mob of zombiecriminal enemy and take out the targets like the best trafficsniper and death killer shooter.Perform your elite duty likespecial force and counter shot leader in the brutal armed terroristcommandos engaged in blackout warfare against your criticaloperation and tactical team.
Stickman ZigZag Rush Run 3D 1.5
Stick to the zigzag path, rush and run to an unlimited destination.Perform legendary and amazing stickman stunts and don’t get wipeoutfrom the frenzy zigzag paths, rush and dodge the risky twists andturns and cross all the hurdles that come into the way on the path.Boost up and control your turns and abilities to become thequickest skinny and shadow maze swift runner. Stickman is on thehard time parkour escape and run from the underworld mafia crimedash and rush, cross barriers, race over the maze style bridgeslaid on the deadly reefs, clear obstacles and dodge the poppingspikes from the ground, be careful and don’t get dragged or droppedoff from the tricky zig zag paths, take the curvy turns carefullythe weather is snowy and slippery, this stickman is one of the bestliving hero and master of maze stunt runner and parkour. Smash andturns the hurdles and demolish the obstacles with combo kicks andjumps with extreme energy to get the maximum destruction andrampage over your rivals performing kickboxing and kung fu skillsto hunt down the chasers. Let the stickman feel the adrenalinewipeout rush over the deadly grand rooftop and zigzag paths toclear the impossible jumps over the ridges and collecting the goldcoins avoiding hurdles this amazing adventure is an unlimited anddangerous endless running game with lots of excitement and fun runas fast as you can at the best speed to gain more points, makeperfect sticky jumps to cross the maze track, you are not a jumperand you also don’t have the bag pack parachute for base jumping,don’t glide into the air to take the great leap off the air as thisis not a jumping stunt game rather it’s a rush zigzag 3D runninggame simulator. Defeat your rivals and be the grand warrior in thislegacy assassin run, take revenge from the hero and police copsengaged in the theft in auto dealing show some anger and aggressionover the zigzag paths and blow away everything that comes into yoursticky way.While running on the dangerous paths, perform ninjastyle stunts, jump crawl dash and rush towards the endless vectoradventure in this arcade style game of free stickman frenzy runner,vault slide or use jumping techniques like a ninja urban and dragonwarrior parkour who is been chased by the zigzag police cops who’spurpose is to grab you send you back to the city prison and jail,tap on the screen to make the man jump over the dash obstacles. Areyou ready to participate such an addictive and mind blowing rockinggame filled with adventure and fun of extreme turns and tracks.
Car Stunts Extreme Race Drive 3.0
Do you have guts to push and drive stunt cars around the supremetreacherous and challenging impossible extreme race tracks andperform crazy wild and ultimate modern and lethal daredevil jetstunt car on reckless impossible tracks? Drive and race your sportsmuscle vehicle over the metal and steel platforms and containerssuspended in the air, control your speed and race with full focuson twisted and turning tracks, don’t lose your sight or else youwill lose the level, survive the most stimulating treacherous citycar stunts arena. Select your favorite GT automobile or musclesports auto to perform reckless manoeuvres on this extreme racingdrive track, hold the steering tight and buckle up your seat belt,enjoy modern stunts over these gigantic tracks, avoid dangerousobstacles in this amazing and legendary wipe out extremedestruction racer driving game. Take out your muscle sports carsfrom the hanging parking lot area and dare to be a fearless driverto push the automobiles on deadly and impossible roads with extremecars needs special training and speed for performing mid-air rampstricks and hard time jumps.Race your mega luxury and sports stuntcars through realistic adrenaline and furious tracks with highperformance automobiles, before starting the race take your cars tothe workshop and garage for a maintenance check-up with the bestjet car mechanic for fine tune performance with top speed,acceleration, tires, suspension, drag and drift onto the ridgedimpossible iron tracks in extreme race dashing over speed in a mixof high-octane driving and endless racing daredevil aerobatics.Steer wheel of racing vehicles, perform amazing aerial flips andtricks, drift, crash, boost, and slide all around the amazingtracks. Car stunt intense racing has thrilling challengingmissions, drive your grand amazing and crazy auto to performreckless hedges to show the audience that you are the best driverby pulling off the mad stunts and unleash the racer inside withinyourself. This mega ramp tricks are all about living the life onthe edge, start your engines and drive the amazing and astonishinggrand muscle or sports cars through death-defying tracks and paths,show off the extreme daredevil GT racing stunts, perform high jumpson colossal ramps; accelerate through fiery hoops; avoid deadlypropellers; knock down and smash obstacles, get dash and race likethe lighting bullet speed and tricks, be fast, quick and furiousagainst your rivals, extensively use the nitrous to perform megaleaps, roll up through ricochet and treacherous loops battlethrough broken bridges and whirlpool.Get into your muscle stuntcar, cross hurdles and obstacles to reach checkpoints in time toshow the skills of an experience and madness of auto racer to drivefast onto the grand impossible tracks in the unique extreme rivalrydrive experience, driving carefully is the only survival in thisoff-road, don’t get wipe-out from this reckless amazing andlegendary race and runner on extreme impossible tracks, you willlose the mission by falling off from the suspended sprint track.Choose your astonishing 4x4 multiple grand luxury stunt cars withsuper suspension and realistic physics. Tap nitro button to boostspeed or to make nitro flames, go onto the crazy heights and grandpaths, you are one of the best furious driver among your rivalswith specialty of performing drifting and crashing in this autoaction, beat the time and obstacles as they are your biggestenemies tighten your seat belts and go on the grand ride.
Car Demolition Derby Racing 1.1
Enter into the ultimate smash arcade arena of destruction leagueracers, survive the brutal whirlpool demolition derby crash racingcars. This death car crash racer tour is a combat battle in classicvintage automobiles with epic power and force in racing action gamelet the mad and max turn the twisted extreme metal into debris. Sittight, buckle up and get ready and start extreme demolition of yourrivals and enemies on the vortex whirlpool tracks and be the bestmuscle car stunt derby battling driver, enjoy the derby thrill andfast adrenaline rush, engage into the furious mania racing cardestruction league and crash everyone, wreck your opponents againstthe side walls or throw them away from the VR dunes, demolitiondashing derby can be real dangerous but also it’s a fun to playfree game. Amazing grand auto motorsports for underworld driversand criminal gangsters engaged in theft and who loves to performdeadly extreme daredevil stunts by competing and colliding theirvehicles with each other, let the engine revive and dirt fly allover the brutal combat arena with tons of steel and metal on theground, smell the fumes of gasoline and start the carnage to be thevictorious driver of this deadly derby contest.The craziest racingdestruction war of the rebels in this undercover driving league isunderway, choose your favourite vortex demolition automobile andstart the adventure of the life time to crush your rivals in thisunique and ultimate wipe out muscle game, the rage of death is allaround, dodge it and become the extreme champion of this whirlpoolauto world, fight for your survival in lethal bleeding clash, startthis frenzy derby death racing arsenal challenge mania with daring,show and smash your car driving skills at the circuit racing tracksin this vehicular clash of the metal. This going to be thedeadliest fighting adventure to master the winning trophy. Getready to perform furious daredevil monster stunts. Get ready torumble up the thriller crash racers, prepare yourself of theamazing and legendary wipe-out whirlpool arcade survival game,start your engines and begin the carnage of the metal, start thehavoc and mayhem on the speedway as this demolition has never beenso realistic as this one. Testify your quest in muscle car racingskill and surviving this deadly devastation derby of max crash madracers. Choose the best automobiles 4x4 and monster wheeler ortransport trailer truck having tough body, strongest tires,chassis, safety sturdiest hood and the modest wildest engines,cruise into the demolition derby, smash and crash with speed and bea winner. Battle to ensure your crazy sports vintage carremains unharmed and the last one standing amidst the thrashing,crashing, and slamming of your opponents off the whirlpool. Realroad rage fallout the drift racer who can cause max destruction toenemy’s steel cars. Carnage race, unleash reckless fanatics to bash& tear the wrecking enemies and show no mercy to anyone. Thedust and debris of the arsenal is all over the arena, be careful ofthe blur visualization as the corners and turns are not visible dueto haze, smash into the xtreme racing muscle automobiles and be thechampion winner of this demolition adventure of 2017 race,experience the hi-tech 4x4 monster offroad vehicles andautomobiles, hit your opponents hard, smash, destroy and fight inamazing and thrilling adventure max action packed moto derby 3Dsimulator game.
Drone Racing Flight Simulator 1.1
Enter the arena of the futuristic drone racing, fly the world’sbest UAV drones and quadcopters in an amazing and legendary wipeout racing flight simulator, take part in the tournament andcontrol your modern high speed flying taxi copters and beat yourrivals in this fantastic air racing show. Get ready for the realepic flying dashing, this flight simulator is as realistic asflying an original UAV or military drone, race against the time andnavigate your flying machine without crashing, watch out for thebirds, RC planes, hurdles and obstacles. Take your drone battlingcopters into the air, perform aerial acrobats and daredevil stuntslike flips, swerves and curvy turns and manoeuvre through the rigs,rings including hoops, whirlwinds and under cuts. Clear all thecheckpoints and zoom for the top ranks as a drone pilot andnavigator. This RC copter racing and flying taxi is a special eventin the sporting arena with floodlights all over the place, selectthe best modern sporty and dashing flying machine and enjoy theaerial view of the epic arena battlefield. These extreme flyingracing machines are specially designed flight simulators areequipped with motion and intuitive sensors that allow them toremain stable in the air completing missions around copter stuntarena, you have to fly these special racing drones with greatskills and like a champion as these drones are equipped with moderntech propellers for taking off and landings onto the ground,perform like a pro quadcopter or octocopter pilot and fly these UAVmachines with pride.Let the action begin, hunt down the rival’sdrones in copter hunting, fly all types of drones like troopertricopter, quad copter, hex copter, octocopter which areextravagant, fast and quick with realistic visual experience arehere for the show-off, get applauded by the spectators and shockeveryone with your superior racing and flying tactics in performingaerial stunts and acrobatics in this amazing flight simulator gameis all about piloting modern quadcopters and flying machines byhandheld devices and remote controls. This drone racing and flyingcopter stunts 3D simulator has realistic terrain, amazinganimations and wonderful surroundings to enjoy the takeoff, flyingand landing. Flying the most adorable RC drones and RC coptersracing in the air is a fun to watch and play other than a typicalflying, parking or driving simulators or city builder games, makesure you make use of your supreme flying skills and navigate theUAV through the stadium, avoid crashing into big poles or lightposts or arena buildings, that might be in your way tovictory. Begin your race with remote control by taking off youdrone off from the ground and start your flight, keep in mind thatthese mechanical machines are not easy to handle as it requireslots of skills and piloting practice to beat your rivals in thisremarkable event. Fly these machines on various environments likesprinting arena, beaches and city scape. Let the fun begin, getready for the speeding championship, practice hard and claim yourposition in this tournament. This racing flight simulator andcopter stunts 3D has realistic terrain, amazing animations andwonderful environment, enjoy the take-off, flying and landing inthe most adorable, flying an RC taxi for hunting copters in the airis a fun to watch and play.
Assault Hunt Terrorist Shooter 1.1
Survive brutal attack, initiate critical counter assault huntoperation and shooter, crack down the terrorists and fanatics,defend your military base and secure your unit, attack enemies andbe an ultimate warrior commando battling to dominate the global warof the world, load your advance combat survival weapons and riflesand show your marksman assault sniper hunter skills in this specialops as modern SWAT contract crime assassin killer. Rogue shootersand fury terrorists have occupied the main cities and have detainedundercover combat secret agent, as a frontline battlefield shootingspecialist and hero of elite commander in the armed terroristassault brigade you have to escape and deal with enemies indifferent scenarios and keep the warhead secure to survive, strikehunt and eradicate criminals and enemy armed base as a lonecommando and get the medal of real honour as a high ranked contractbased sniper assault killer in the army battalion school andacademy of commandos.The battle between the good and evil isheating up, be prepared to face the war against terror and try tohunt and execute elite assault terrorists squad spreading immoralconspiracies against the nation. Trained and polished at the USarmy training academy and school of war you are the specialistescape plan survive assassin killer and sniper marksman hero andcan handle modern multiple combat weapons, you have been hired as afury SWAT hunter and shooter, with command on tactical weaponsstrike and strategy planning. Your job is to stop the criminals andassault terrorist syndicate, the gangster mafia and underworldRussian mobsters are transporting nuclear warheads as cargo intothe crime city, this is a real elite threat to the whole nationwhich will bring destruction and chaos to the outer world, you arethe chosen one and have assigned this special shooting task andoperation combat to eliminate the threat as an SWAT team member, becareful as the enemy is using advance rockets, machine guns, dronesand UAV fighters to hunt armed forces. Spy drones and helicoptersare flying and capturing images of armed bunkers, blowup the dronesto launch the frontline robot war battlefield attack againstsoldiers made of steel and iron.Let the crime scene pay off yourefforts as you have full support of the city police and copshandling the hard time fury jail break prisoners, gangsters, mafiasmugglers and thugs, guard the crime city and strike out thecriminals in this mortal modern battle, sniper duty survive beginswith action inside the crime town, begin the legacy as a truemarksman and sharpshooter assault, hunt terrorists from longdistances, use your scopes and silencers to conduct long-rangeassassination and killing, escape and survive using stealth coverto sneak into the enemy bases and launch devastating hunts, try torescue the soldiers taken as hostages and plan hard time assaultescape from the situation. In this first person shooting realisticgame use modern gadgets, maps, weapons like pistols, shotguns,assault and sniper rifles, machine guns, grenades for destroyingbunkers and hideouts secure yourself with the steel Armour andbulletproof vest. Prove yourself as a professional trained wararmed soldier, a real rebel against the evil enemies and anassassin death shooter with deadly lethal force sniper skills.Choose best commando and hero officers from special marine armedunits and bullet forces to survive the war and mastered in the artof tactical SWATs and SSG & IGI group who can hunt and shoot,terrorists and killers in aero strikes.
Tuk Tuk Offroad Auto Rickshaw 1.1
Take an awesome ride of this amazing Tuk Tuk on the offroad andenjoy a pleasure drive of auto rickshaw on the hill climbingtracks. Pick and drop passengers from the grand city’s tuk tukstand, take them to excursion ride on the offroad distant villages,many commuters would like to go to the modern supermarkets andnearby county malls for shopping parking lot, pick up passengersand ride them through the dangerous and challenging rush hill climbmountains, rocky terrains and drop them safely to the desiredlocation in your chingchi auto rickshaw, the main stops are usuallyschool, hospital, markets, bazars, hotels and food streets. Thecity is full of heavy traffic and auto tycoon vehicles liketransport trucks and trailers, taxis, buses, this Thailand tuk tukis a joy ride for the travellers as they enjoy this open cabinvehicle which is used for city sightseeing and shopping, it alsoruns fast and consumes less time than the conventional automobiles.start the velocity turbo engine of your off road tuk tuk and driveas an epic legend and specialist hill station auto modern rickshaw& grand chingchi rider, driving this 3 wheeler is not easy onmountains and offroad hills narrow and curvy lanes as compare tothe smooth pathways in the city.As an expert open air tycoon tuktuk auto rickshaw driver play this awesome offroad moto rideradventure, it’s a joy ride over the bumpy hill climbing mountainsover the green valley village, take your travellers and commutersto an amazing legendary rush ride enjoy the speed driving, pick anddrop off tourists to and from the monumental places and landmarksfor city tours, park your modern tuk tuk rickshaw in the autoparking lot area while your tourist travellers enjoy shopping andfood. This incredible off road tourist auto tuk tuk rickshawsimulator game will give you a chance to ride and simulate into 3wheelers other than regular motorbikes, public transport taxi,buses trucks and trailers. Testify your traffic handing and drivingskills with acceleration, steering, driving and parking, completethe kettle challenges to fast drive on furious off-road tuk tukmountain climb driver. Transport goods like grains, poultry, meat,construction and builder material, wood logs, drums and containerswithout damaging or losing them make sure everything is alrightafter reaching on your destination.Rush and dash and clash forpicking up customers with your rivals, as they pay good amount forthe ride, be the best traffic and highway rider on your futuristicrickshaw earn handsome amount of money, coins and update your 3wheeler into futuristic tuk tuk, Asian countries are known forthese awesome tycoon vehicles specially Thailand, foreigners andsolo travellers do love to ride in this awesome tuk tuk chingchiauto service and let your buddies relax and enjoy each placewithout haggling or worrying, the runner drivers are extremelyexpert and they love to troll their auto on one wheel to show offthe daring stunts on the grand city offroads, enjoy drifting anddrive as fast as you like, but drive carefully to avoid strikingwith the traffic on road sides. Drive this crazy and legendary wipeout vehicle and test your skills in acceleration, steering, drivingand parking, take the take your tuk tuk rickshaw over the offroaddrive into the village environment and on hill climb mountains andsteep roads, take your tourists and passengers in the tuk tuk autorickshaw drifting on the dusty roads and drive as fast as you canperforming jumps and stunts in amazing and legendary tuk tukrickshaw offroad realistic mode, drive carefully to avoid crashesand hitting other off road vehicles.
City Build Construction Tycoon 1.1
The new grand island designer city build is under construction, youare a well reputed construction business tycoon and specialist simcity contractor. This land is located on the mega island, let’splan this island city and build it with the help of cranes andtrucks. Start this super project, mark the area and build borderwall create flyover bridges and county malls. To create an awesomeparadise virtual city, the mayor has chosen you as a mega developerof the estate, now you need to gather all your architectural workforce loaded with heavy duty commercial cranes and tycoonindustrialist trucks 2017. start your sim city work with theexcavator and dig the space for hospital, federal prison, firestation, airline terminals, subway station, railway tracks, shops,houses, county mall, banks, recreational and sports complexes,parks, banks, roads, streets, airport, rail road and seaport. Youhave to manage this commercial tycoon construction transportefficiently. Travel from town to town and check the work inprogress of tycoon townsmen, create the mega empire polis with fullforce. Be prepared to operate and drive the most professionalcommercial heavy duty cranes, steer and simulate into the world ofcranes & trucks, drive the most wanted amazing machines likeexcavators, tower crane to lift heavy loads, cement mixtures,dumpers, transport trailers, road rollers, bulldozers and paversfor roads, coal tar fabricators, forklifts and all types ofvehicles busy in crafting this paradise. Prove yourself to as thebest erection and mega designer of virtual polis city builderbusiness tycoon. Handle all types of loader commercial 3Dautomobiles and cranes. Drive through the off road and hill Operatethe magnificent forklifts to lift heavy pallets, use the monsterexcavator to dig the earth, pick up the sand and clear the area bydumping into the garbage trucks, transport the mixture truck to theindustrial site, transport construction and town manufacturingmaterials from one place to another enjoy the simulation experiencein this grand new sim city build it up. If you have ever dream andwanted to drive and simulate gigantic machines, then this tycoon isjust for you. The life on a building story site is not easy, therugged trucks and loaders are dangerous and all the mass transportis going here and there, start the designer sim city and explorethe sites, construct border walls, county mall and loader bridgeslike a pro in this epic simulator, transport sea and air cargothrough the transporter trailers to the island site, it’s time totest your superior crane driving skills. Be careful as the roadsare under construction and the pavement is not completed, you haveto drive on the offroad mountains to carry the stuff, these heavyepic loaders and dumpers are all working hard to complete the workquickly. Help your staff in designing this amazing and legendarydesigner island loaded with skyscrapers and multi storey building,shopping malls with huge parking lots, parks for kids and toddlersand cinemas for entertainment, converting this deserted site intoan architect global village is a huge and tough and this epic townbuilder is a tycoon in site manufacturing, complete yourassignment, keep up your moral and take on the job of as a sim citysite worker, operate the heavy excavator, basic construction truck,crane, dumper truck and a road roller as a part of your formationand building profession. Roll into this amazing designerconstruction and tycoon monster trucks simulator, enjoy your timewith in an unlimited simulating experience, play the mostinteractive and realistic challenging levels and be a champion ofthis island. Let’s build it, your own designer sim city island.
Pizza Delivery Drone Simulator 1.0
Are you a food lover? Enjoy one of the unique and latest mode offood transportation, now you can supply food through drones andcontrol them through remote controls in this simulator, play yourrole as transport boy pilot, you must have played a lot of games ofpizza delivery through moto bike cars tuk tuk scooter vans hoverboard but you have never played transporting fast food as flyingcargo through the ultimate UAV an unmanned aerial vehicle dronesystem, all you need is to pilot this UAV aircraft and use it as aprovision, hovering in the sky and delivering hot oven fresh pizzasto the customers. This fast food transportation simulator serviceis the new technology, this supply saves time and money and isquick, you can now play and supply food and eatables to neighborsand further distances, these pizza delivery drones are amazing andhigh-tech, they have high resolution camera to detect their way asnavigated by the delivery pilot boys at the fast food UAV controlcenters, it's safe to dash deliver into the consumers location nearyour restaurant or shop.Are you ready to fly these amazing flyinghelicopter loaded with pizza cartons and deliver the parcelswherever they are needed? If yes then get the orders and startdelivering the pizzeria from dawn until dusk in this amazing andlegendary adventure drones stunt flight simulator. Prove yourselfas an expert of unmanned aerial vehicle food supply expert pilotteenager, watch out for other copters flying and hovering fordeliveries all over the city skies. You must have played somepolice, racing and stunt but you have never played wipeouttransport games like this, fly your pizza delivery drone againstthe rivals and fulfill your delivery through missions, this flightsimulator game is not a remote controlled flying device helicopteror plane flying for RC helicopter or quadcopter flight simulator,drone transportation game we will let you fly with some purpose andtask through the city skies to fly a quad-copter hanged with squarebox container with food, control your aerial transporter with theremote control and spin it in the air to en-route this amazingflying machine to the customer locations.This is the latesttechnology in the town for using pizza supply to the customersdelivering yummy cheesy crunchy munch pizzeria as home or officelocations, take control of drone and copters as pilot and glide itto customer’s place where people are waiting for their order to bedelivered for lunch or dinner in the beautiful city and town wherethe main problem is the huge traffic jams all over the city roads,lots of catering services are working in this city, on roads youcan see van drivers, boys and riders on motorbikes and hover boardsstruck in the traffic getting late for the delivery, now onlyaerial pizza transport service is working in the city, not manyshops and restaurants are offering this service chef’s special isflying UAV’s quadcopters, octacopters and hexacopters are in thesky to save the time of the pizza delivery at the quickest beforeits late.The goal of the drone transport system is to transferpizzas to the clients as fast as you can without getting late, parkyour UAV’s at the designated landing helipad at the nearby carparking lot by the roadside or in front of the customer’s location,Rush for the positive response and go as far as you can, avoidobstacles in the air and don’t get crashed into other drones flyingmachines and toy RC helicopters hovering all over the city. Yourgoal is to provide pizzas to the client as fast and as hot as youcan without dropping them from the air to the ground.
Stuntman WipeOut Run Adventure 1.1
Enter into the arena of the wipe out session, perform aerobatics asa professional stuntman runner in this amazing and crazy wipe-outchallenges and adventure. The amazing and legendary stuntperformance game in a new style, clear the obstacles, leap throughhurdles, don’t get wipe out from the slides or bouncing balls, beatthe contestants and race against the time to be the winner in thislegendary challenging competition. Show the audience theperformance of a pro parkour stuntman, avoid collision and crashwith the barrels sliding towards you, jump and run, leap or dragaway from the obstacles, avoid the wrecking ball, don’t try frenzyacts, struggle for the hard time to reach the destination to grabkeys of the castle door, there are no mermaids so take out yourfear and splash factor, reach the finish line beating the time. Letthe amazing daredevil adventure commence, run and enjoy thebeautiful stuntman wipe-out style environment power packed withawesome obstacles, dangerous hurdles, rollers and amazing swingingbouncy big ball, gather your stamina and jump for the fun. Feel theadrenaline rush as you dash, twist and tilt your way round thetight corners, clash through uphill rush and racing loops whizzthrough at lightning speeds in hybrid adventure combining wipe-outwater racing and swimming frenzy mania.Surviving here is not aneasy or simple task, enter into the water park and prepare for thestunning swimming pool, run, race, climb, jump or crawl, swim todive through various heights, survive as a parkour hero from thelegendary spiked shafts and rotating rollers, massive balls ofdeath and pits of sliding tubes, be careful for the twists andturns and wipe-outs, slippery slides, protect yourself frompunches, rolling circles go for the water park stunts in thisamazing daredevil simulator game where you are the American ninjato clear the dangerous levels to test your stuntman endurance andspeed, act and think fast and slither on the ground like a proninja warrior or dragon fighter rider compete and crest with yourrivals in this extreme elimination run adventure challenges likegladiators on the water ridges, this is a realistic pool runner notlike the bike pool stunts.Show your daredevil adventures and skillsin wipe out stunts bounce through rollercoaster-style corkscrews,loops back-flip, ninja warrior jumps, dive and obstruct hurdles.Wear your swimming gears, vest and helmet and gadgets. Performultimate crazy and real parkour aerobatics, show the audience thatyou’re the best wipeout rush racing and American ninja stuntmanlike gladiator runner in this water park, if accidentally you fellinto the water, don’t panic and keep tapping and flipping andattain rapid speed to reach for another wipe-out attempt, show yourlegendary swimming styles like backstroke, breaststroke andbutterfly sidestroke to get out of the swimming pool. Stuntman runsimulator is all about action, adventure and thrills of driving inthe world's most difficult wipe-out series.
Uphill Bicycle Rider BMX Race 1.2
Get your BMX 2017 race bicycle ready for the amazing and legendaryuphill riders racing event, get onto the offroad hill climbmountains and enjoy the breathtaking super bicycle rider on theserocky and twisted roads, go uphill or downhill, perform BMX bicyclestunts with full command and satisfy your cycling passion in thisrider’s adventure, get control of your extreme sports BMX bike andsteer the pedals to perform daredevil aerobatics on the off-roadhills, race with your rivals and ride fast and safe without gettingwipeout from the race championship, avoid falling down or crash.Buckle Up, enjoy the hill racing, mount onto your mountain sportsbike, kick the paddles, push forward to take the dodgy roads ordeath well bicycle hilly tracks. This BMX rider race is all aboutaction and thrill as cycling is not easy on these wipeout uphillmountain treks. Be the king of the mountain bikes. Get your sportsfat bike repaired with the nearest bike mechanic workshop near thehillside.Become a BMX pro of mountain bikes, do manuals, performslides, flip tricks, grabs and other rider insane combos and trickslike pros. Kids and children loves to ride on BMX push bikes andlove to hit the road. Ride your bike on uphill with speeding up,jumping and performing tricks in air and landing safely onto therocking terrain, go around the offroad skate park and ride on siderails or jump up from the ramps or fun boxes and be a skilled BMXstunt boy. Use critical controls to be the best rider of your BMXsports mountain uphill pushbike and race through the challengingtracks, clash with your rivals and crash your way to beat thebicycle riders in this grand cycling race on mountain paths, rideyour bike through extravagant landscapes, complete your missionsand dodge the hurdles and obstacles that comes in between theracing. This bicycle simulator game provides freestyle stunts withsuper fun.Pedal your uphill sports BMX and create a havoc with theother cyclists with fantastic 3D course full of bowls, grinds,jumps and ramps, display and reveal some extreme and crazyfreestyle professional BMX bicycle manoeuvres over the mountainrooftops in this exciting gaming adventure, gain full energy insuper biking showing amazing aerobatics jump off big ridges showingflip whirlpool tricks with super amazing riding stunts, jump offwhopping ramps and be a superhero pushbike racing expert going downbeautiful trails, smashing over rocks and roots, boosting hugejumps, scoring insane trick combos of this extreme and crazy uphillBMX bicycle rider race of 2017. Riding on easy trails and drivingyour bicycle on hills become challenging with as the gameprogresses, hill climbing on pedal is real difficult as it requiresstrength and stamina, while going down the mountain and greenmeadows, it feels like you are bike flying within the hillyterrain. Show furious stunts with fast adrenaline missioncompletion in this modern futuristic sports BMX bicycle. Thiswheelie offers adventurous off-road driving experience with perfectsimulation. This little two wheeler BMX sports monster can performpushbike stunts in freestyle jumping while bicycling, so ride thiscrazy pushbike and do mountain bike wheeling on dirt road or mudtrack can match that neither can any mountain trail or hill roadwhether uphill or downhill racing on streets is a next level withfreestyle stunts.
Jail Break Prisoner Escape Ops 1.0
Its time to get out of the jail and plan your escape and jail breakmission operation is an action packed grand Jail Break PrisonerEscape Ops game. A dangerous auto criminal who has been put intothe city prison for the automobile theft and the crime he has notcommitted has be sentenced for a lifetime imprisonment.  Fighthard for the freedom and get rid of this torturing imprisonmentfrom this epic prison escape breakout maximum-security prison hardtime Alcatraz lockup. Hard time is not over yet. In your brutalattacking and knocking down the prisoners, criminals and othergangsters and police guards and jail staff and outflow fromdetention breakout from counter attacks. Show extreme getaway andstealth skills to sneak inside dungeon to help your cell inmatesand gang members in this newest Disruption Prisoner Ops game. Thisis an impossible mission but you have to be firm and stiff in yourobjectives. Don’t get caught and spend your entire life as afugitive don’t kill anyone or murder cops and robbers and lockupofficer or trained snipers. Escape from the prison is a crime butyou have to prove yourself innocent,In Jail Break Prisoner EscapeOps be alert as the jail warden and guards are guarding the crimecells and prison dogs are let loose in the compound all over theplace, the guards on towers have special search lights and snipersharp shooting skills so don’t get spotted, breakout is the onlyway out from this prison, all you need is to solve the puzzles,discover hidden tools, mix up and manipulate with the co prisonersand guards and use your master skills to outflow from this prisonlocated on an island as this is your only chance to prove yourinnocence as you have already spend the hard time. Just be carefulas the SWAT squad, police watch dogs, guards on towers, sharpsniper shooter guards and watchman are on high alert, don’t getyourself caught. Use your master skills to plan an ultimate escapeoperation from the or do whatever it takes to fled away. Use yourmaximum real powers in jailbreak, observation and wisdom to helpthe hostage spurt from prison. You spent some along and hard timein this lockup cell. Be undercover and try to avoid police andother prisoners, all you need is to build an escape plan and try toindulge some more jailbirds who want to wipe out, take all yourtools into your cell, dodge the guard on the watch and grab thekeys, plan your discharge and detention route from the prison. Showextreme stealth skills to sneak inside jail, try to Dodge the jailand prison guards, cops, police prison dogs, breach the securityand run as fast as you can to escape this prison with tools andguns can be deadly for inmates, criminals and fellow inmatesbecause police dogs can chase and attack you! Prisoner Ops is allabout escaping from the and out for survival from the police andborder guards located at the prison jail boundaries, you also haveto help the imprisoned inmates in penitentiary breakout and prisonoutflow plan, escaping from this cell is very tough as the guardsand warden are patrolling and keeping eagle’s eye through CCTVcameras on all the dangerous detainees. The security in crime cityas a Prisoner Escape Ops is all equipped with heat sensors so it’sreally hard to drip from this jail breakout. All you need is tofind the tools hidden in your cell and the special locations ofthis prison area, use some sharp tools to fight with these realpolice cops and real prison guards. Make a tricky jail break planand rescue your fellow inmates.
Dog Stunt Training 3D 1.1
Welcome to the US army dog stunt training school academy wherebreeds of all dogs being trained to be professional in animalracing and helping police for eliminating crime and criminals. Topquality breeds are selected and qualified to be the best K9 armyand police helper canines. Animal apprentices are highly qualifiedin stunt performances, greyhounds, hounds, German Shepherd, Husky,Dalmatian, Bull Terrier, Bulldog Labrador, dachshund are taught toperform the best duty as police cop and pro in aerobatics and stuntracing in the arena. Start the training session for the modern newacts and racing mania and let them be the champions of theinternational hard time racing arena, let your canine performtricks over the wipe-out style hurdles and obstacles, jump over therigs, leap from the bouncy balls, slipping through the flat watersurface. This US army and training school is all about weavingthrough outlandish courses and avoiding falls in challengingmissions, take your favourite through bizarre routes and dodgetreacherous obstacles, leap over fiery rooftops of this coolfantasy wipe-out arena for teaching in massive jumps, mid-airramps, a variety of tracks, show off extreme tricks and stunts, runthrough water and hoops, dodge barrels. This amazing game is acombination of derby racing simulation and trick performance.As thebest instructor of the US army school, let your puppy perform jumpand stunts with adventures, endure swinging, punching bags,smashing hammers and ramps, and dash through runways while leapingover barriers. These K9 K-9 doggies will see and trained for thelifetime adventures, select the best and finest breeds and show theworld that you are the best trainer of US army school of the stuntdogs like German Shepherd, Dalmatian, Golden Retriever, Wildjungle, dread Hunting Hounds and many more. Take your houndsto the racing tracks and participate them in sprint and lap racing,on the well-designed tracing tracks, these puppies and stray muttsare well trained before they are deputed into the department ofarmy and police who can chase the criminals, sniff the luggage atthe airports for harmful and dangerous weapons and drugs, disbandgangsters, attack thugs by pouncing on them, use all your force andcombination of attacks to sharpen those teeth and claws, chaseconvicts! Don’t let the bad guys escape.In animals, dogs are theman’s best friend, loyal, obedient and quick learner, they arenumerous jobs a police K-9 has to perform, as a German shepherd andvarious special breed having the qualities such as agility,loyalty, aggression and of course their powerful sniffing sensewhich are essential for a hunting pups like hounds andbull-terrier. This adventure of stunts and jump is not an ordinarytraining performing games. This is a combat battlefield performancein the survival of the academy. Play as a real dog and performmulti storey stunts with frenzy techniques, obey the commands ofhandlers without hesitation such as responding to the dog whistle.This is what keeps the inherent aggression. A cop dog trainee mustalso make it through endurance and agility training. 
Terrorist Attack Death Strike 1.0
Enter into the death strike zone and engage your command to thecritical strike eliminating the guerrilla assault. Retaliate thecounter terrorist attack escape in this epic action packed bravoshooting combat, kill your rivals and enemies with the help of themodern warfare strike technique and deadly destructive warheads,carry the shootout with shotguns, sniper rifles AK-47 and rocketlaunchers. Take the perfect kill shot, just direct your gun to theenemies and it will blow their head off. Strike onto the island andinitiate a survival attack with full strength so that no terroristor enemy of the state can survive in this deadly force mission. Gobehind the enemy lines and and locate their territory to eliminatethe rogue targets and mafia gangs. Enter into the well of deathwhere enemies are equipped with the modern weapons capable ofdetecting and destroying any unidentified person or intruder entersin the red zone, fully loaded with ground and aerial support oftanks, choppers and high-tech weapons. Stealth and sneak like sleeksurvival hero into the hiding stronghold and open fire with yourpowerful guns for the best survival escape. These terrorists areprofessional killers, assassins and well trained by the specialforces, once they spot you they will surely hunt your SWAT andcommand battalion to death escape, these rebels are carrying deadlynuclear and weapons of mass destructions, rocket launchers andmissiles, to launch a brutal attack on the peaceful piece of land,captain enter the hostile battle locations like fortress in darkforest, bullet train subway station and city residential area.Thegrand city and town is under immense strike attack by theterrorists, now you need to save this city from gangsters and mafiadrug dealers trying to capture the innocence of this legendaryhometown, carry the legacy of the best shooter show your supremacyand dominance, fight like a real battle survival hero and islandwarrior shooter of army SWAT force, make ultimate use of yourextreme battle and shootout training from the US army and militaryassault training school and get ready for real amazing fanaticrunner battle in an ultimate counter terrorist attack and deathstrike. Gather your special marine bullet forces heros, tacticalSWATs and elite commando group, escape specialist in extremistkiller and aero strikes, counter shot and aim the way out of thisdisastrous situation. arm your brigade and battalion forces withpowerful artillery, launch the greatest anti-terrorist assaultgunner tank attack along with the aerial incursion for bombardmentdirectly at the well of death bunkers and hideouts of theseextremists, engage into the critical stealth ops and counter war,accurate and precise killing shot and aim practice will lead toeliminate terrorism in frontier shooting showdown. Eliminate therebel forces in surgical raid, the enemy’s drones and helicoptersare flying for spying and standoff, shoot down the radical dronesto launch the frontline robot battlefield attack mission.Kill allthe ruthless gangs, robbers, gangsters, thief and criminal in thebattle situation against the offensive army soldiers defendingrebels in a clean shot. It’s the best time to be the part of thevanguard at the battlefield death strike of terrorist assaultattack, confront your rivals it’s the time to blitz the world withwell of death, engaged in blackout and warfare against your teamfortress, grab your arsenal and continue the war against the enemyin this furious survival FPS shooting and be a hero against theescape mafia, it’s the brutal commando death match, kill or getkilled. Play the combat missions to hunt terrorists, destroyartillery, crush the elite forces, eliminate targets, you will needall of your advanced warfare training and shooting skills to wipeout these epic forces.
City Truck Duty Driving Sim 3D 1.0
Are you ready to become the best city truck duty-driving driver?Get ready for realistic and exciting driving experience in some ofthe awesome American and Euro trucks and simulate all over thebeautiful cities and highways. Start the engine of your drivemonster trailer and feel the power of huge monster on the modern UShighways and roads having a lot of traffic. City Truck DutyDriving Sim 3D is an exciting, action packed motivating game,you’re your American or euro heavy duty towards the beautifulmountains and a gorgeous terrain. Drive your city ruck throughcurvy paths on beautiful mountains and trench roads of thebeautiful sim city which is under construction by the city airportbuilders and using all types of heavy excavator and constructionbuilding cranes. With automobile driving simulator, you will feellike a real euro driver, feel the thrill of steering with dutydriver. Enhance your career in the many departments of themetropolitan, you have a firefighter hero and have saved a lot ofpeople from the fire disaster and burned buildings, you have drivenall kinds of 911 emergency ambulances and fire fighting for themetropolitan. Now in this city driving 3D simulator, your dutyconsists of all kinds of lorries i.e. oil, wood log carrying, watertanker service, milk transporting, car cargo trailer trucks, allkinds of farm animals transporting, fuel carrying tankers, US armyand Police training trainee carrier, transport all kinds ofammunition and army and military vehicles with your experience. Alleuro and American trucks are attached with long rig trailers; drivethis tanker filled with all kinds of liquid cargos carefully withaccurate and precision without any crashes, accidents and damages.Start across the highways and become the king of the famous CPECand Route 66 and other roads and highways, drive long hours as areal PK and explore the big and beautiful city. Explore the careerpath of a real American or euro trucker, who be deliveringimportant cargo across large and impressive distances. Testify yourskills with endurance. Start your engine and set off for the bigrig American roads in this awesome 3D simulator games.It’s allabout handling heavy duty trailer, a forklift or a heavy crane.From cargo transporter to log city transporter will give you thechallenge of heavy city transportation. In this exciting Driving 3Dextreme trucker game you get to test your skills in differentlocations, treacherous roads, travel across the road network, visitthe beautiful town. Begin the drive as an experienced trucker invarious environments including sunny hills and mountains. This HGVDuty Driving 3D simulator has smooth steering, hydraulic controls,first person view and heavy trailer simulation. Drive, Park andperform as the trucker. Drive the heavy vehicle like crane totransport logs to the factory. Get ready for the most addictive andchallenging Duty 3D simulator game like never before. Drive 4x4giant vehicles in Up Hill Truck Driving Mania with toughest steephill and treacherous bumpy tracks.
FireFighter 911 Rescue Hero 3D 1.1
The city is on the emergency alert, some buildings are reported areon blaze, the 911 rescue fire department has informed the bravefirefighters heroes to rescue citizens and extinguish the flames.This is your chance to become an amazing and legendary modernfirefighter and a 911 rescue hero truck driver who saves lives ofcity people from furious flames, warning sirens and alarms arehooting and the brave fireman city hero and fire fighters at thebrigade engine station are ready to rescue and preparing the blazeemergency truck simulator loaded with water cannons, hose and superjetpack to blow out the flames at the location of disaster to saveinjured residents and individuals stuck in the burning citybuildings, call ambulance carrying doctors, nurses and paramedicsto save lives and historic landmarks from lethal fire out in thetown. Use all modern gadgets like airplane and helicopterambulance, fire engines and futuristic drones to eliminate theblazing flames.Get on the emergency 911 rescue mission and drivethe modern vehicle carrying wide range of firefighting equipmentloaded with aerial apparatus, ladders, emergency medical kits,first aid box and self-contained breathing medical gadgets to carryout successful rescue missions as the duty of the brave firefighteris not an easy. Dash your truck on the busy wipe out roads dodginglike crazy rider through the big city transport, hurry but don’tget clash with the traffic and be the first to reach the disasterzone fight the flames down to the last spark. Spot the location tosave people including kids and children from the blazing fire,combat your way into the wrecked structures of the damaged citybuilding and houses on flames and strike the water hose. AmericanFirefighter simulators are great heroes they are always there inthe time of emergency, a fireman’s life is full of adventure andthrills with challenging mission all around the clock, it’s a greatresponsibility to help and protect the public in crises, a goodfireman always responds to 911 emergency calls as and when needed,such as car accidents and clashes, chemical spills, flooding, waterrescue.Drive your fire engine truck 3D simulator around the bigdesigner and paradise city, suburbs, city builder constructionsites, county malls, bridges construction, parks and even the citybeach. It’s a crazy traffic and highway drive where a panicsituation is due to a heavy fire, people are running here and therein havoc and mayhem is created by the mob blocking the hallway ofunderground subway station, police and cops are called to takecontrol of the situation, get onto your emergency 911 rescue herotruck and become an ultimate city traffic modern racer, just keepan eye on the road and traffic, it’s a great chance to show yourheroic and bravery acts your duty is to fight for survival ofinjured victims, extinguish fire and prove yourself modern firemanand hero. The city 911 rescue helicopters and firefighter airplaneis already in operation trying to eliminate the fire in the areaand providing aerial services, modern drones are being used tomonitor the injured stuck in the buildings, show extreme braveryand courage in fiery situation as flames are blowing out from thedisastrous area, as specialist fireman pilot test your skills andfly over the flames, drop gallons of water to stop the blazingsparks from spreading to other buildings, call paramedics and 911ambulance to carry the injured to clinics and city hospitals forfirst aid and medical assistance. It’s no time to rest at the cityis depending on this rescue operation carried by air and land.Transport your firemen battalion team and police squad at thelocation before time runs out. 
Well of Death Monster Truck 3D 1.2
Welcome to the 4x4 death rally arena, a thrilling adventure andamazing monster 4x4 truck stunt performing and racing destructiongame inside the well of death driving the world’s most powerfulSUVs and huge monster 4x4 wheeler truck, dodge your hard-corerivals and opponent, be fearless rider of the well of death,perform amazing and shocking daredevil stunts and game of death. Bea daring and extreme stunt mortality racer and rider in this domeof fatality simulator game, this is the city’s biggest carnival andcircus and people coming to enjoy this mega event, the drivers areready to drive monster trucks, moto stunt bikes and muscle cars inthis bigfoot motordrome barrel shaped carved with wooden planks orsteel plates, rotate your automobile and vehicles on the verticalmaverick wall and perform daring aerobatics along with miniaturecars and bikes busy in jumping, whirling and dodging and mixed upto put a great show for the spectators, all you need to performrealistic rotation around the Well wall.As a legend of this amazingride inside the death well, you have driven through the challenges,perform insane and super car monster truck 3D aerobatics andsurvive the time to put on a great show, control your vehicles anddon’t let it slip out of the arena otherwise you will be a dead manof death racing and will be wipe out from the racing competition,be a realistic stunt master of the super monster 4x4 trucks andcompete with your rivals to prove yourself as the best rider in thecity, avoid to collide or crash with the other cars, jeeps, motobikes and destruction cars inside the arena. This bigfoot deathwell driving will allow you to start thrilling adventure ofdriving, drift and drag racing as a fearless stuntman to performbreath-taking automobile stunts on various challenging levels, dragyour truck all the way to the ring and let’s start the maverickbash crush. Give the circus loving audience an adrenaline rush whenyou get into the Well with your ultimate wagon, show the fast speedand let them feel the grand furious rush in the blood, this 4x4stunt drive is fun and addictive in the round arena, show the dareand when driving mega destruction derby wagons on the ruggedsurface, show the massive jumps, insane obstacles and hurdles,crossing through multiple jeeps and SUVs and showing awesomedaredevil tricks and cruise all over the round walls to master thesuper car stunt challenges in the globe of death circus, performleaps and loops with extreme fun and adventure designed for theinsane drivers and monster truck lovers and thrillers.Strap yourseat belt and start the frenzy action mania get ready for someexciting stunts, be the most intense, competitive and quickestmonster highway traffic death rider, it’s all about living the lifeon the edge, drive trucks through perilous death well and shake thewalls with your bustling tires on the crazy paths to show the worldthat you are the craziest, intense, competitive and quickest supertruck stunt master and legend of well of death. You need to be afearless driver to complete all the challenging daredevil adventurefrenzy levels that are full of thrill and fun in this motorshowchampionship of bigfoot monster vehicles in the racing arena, these4x4 wheeler awaits the crazy competition to beat the heat and be anultimate ruling ring master of this amazing and legendary gameshow.
BMX Racer Bicycle Stunts 3D 1.5
Get ready for the thrill and action as an amazing and legendary BMXracer and perform crazy bicycle tricks as a pro stuntman, feel theendless pedal stunning effort on the impossible racing trackssuspended above the ground and hanging in the air for an ultimateaction BMX ride, race, jump and avoid obstacles and hurdles collectpoints and beat your rivals in this grand steel rigged path. Dareto be a fearless extreme crazy stunt BMX racer cycling on deadlyand impossible rigged steel molded roads, this needs specialtraining and skills as elevating on immense heights and doingmid-air ramp manoeuvring is not an easy task as these impossibletracks are really dangerous, this is not a skater boy task, it’s aman’s game to be the motocross BMX superstar.Take up the top speed,accelerate to drag and drift onto the ridged difficult iron tracksas this extreme mountain bike and cycle racer is dashing over speedin a mix of high-octane cycling and endless racing performingstunts and daredevil aerobatics. Hold the bicycle handle tight andcontrol the simulation over the dangerous wipe out trails, performamazing aerial flips and tricks, drift, crash, boost, and slide allaround as a touch grind freestyle rider boy. Do stunts and performtricks in the air and landing safety. Exhibit extremeprofessional freestyle BMX cyclist feats by riding on theimpossible tracks in this outdoor bicycle legendary wipe outadventure game of 2017. Increase energy to ride your bicycle withamazing aerobatics on dangerous roof style pathway like a realcycling hero, be a superstar and feel the adrenaline rush and dashtowards the ending point of the endless impossible track, as thisracer style cycling game needs full focus and agility, a singlewrong twist or turn will let you fall from the air to the ground,you will be wipe out and level failure will be the result. Thisgame brings out the real cycle rider and racer and specialiststuntman spirit, get ready to embark on a super amazing mountainpushbike riding action and show some deadly stunts and countlesstricks with your amazing dirt bike. Become a BMX pro and performspectacular tricks as this game is designed just for the stuntslovers perform fearless feats in the air like an amateur skaterider boy to escape this amazing track, this is not a scooter gameit’s a touch grind and skate style bicycle rider game for freestyleBMX junkies, these grand bikes with super suspension has realisticphysics, challenge your rivals in the hanging arena as each levelis more thrilling than the previous one.BMX racer bicycle skate boyhas some intense and thrilling missions, ride your grand freestylemega ramp biker fever to perform reckless biking and hedges to showthe audience that you are the best bike rider by pulling off themad stunts and unleash the racer. This mega ramp free path cyclingtricks are all about living the life on the edge, hold your pedaland get on the amazing and astonishing grand muscle sports mountainFat-Bike through death-defying tracks and paths, show off theextreme impossible track superstar daredevil like BMX mountain GTracing and stunt and perform high jumps on colossal ramps;accelerate through fiery hoops; avoid deadly propellers; knock downand smash obstacles, get dash and race like the lighting bulletspeed specialist bicycle rider, be reckless, speedy and furiousagainst your rivals, extensively use the special pedalingtechnology and gears to leap and roll up through ricochet andtreacherous loops through broken bridges and whirlpool styleroadways.
City Builder Crane Excavator 1.0
Building mega cities in super metropolitan areas is a big challengefor the site constructors, lets help the city builders with citybuilder crane excavator and build huge mega cities all over theareas. Take charge of the city designer excavator and drive themost crucial cranes like digger, dumper, bulldozer, excavators,forklifts, tower, road rollers and many formation trucks for heavyduty metropolitan builder construction. Let’s start mining theearth for the mega county malls, border walls, bridges, metro andsubway stations hospitals parks and sim city supermarkets andshopping areas, huge car parking lots with multilevel parking,airports and beautiful metropolis and drive monster builder crawlerto enjoy this new epic sim constructer simulator of 2017. Your jobis to clear the paths and dig for new pillars and deep tunnelingfor new designer paradise urban construction and then use roadroller to level the surface, use your real heavy builder andbackhoe winch and dump truck to take the rubble and debris fordumping. This mega polis draftsman excavator really let you learnto maneuver heavy duty bulldozer like tractors and otherconstruction machines like soil diggers, sandbox lifters, chestypullers, earth drillers, caterpillars and mighty backhoes. Your jobbegins as an earth shovel for new sites and as a duty driver ofthis heavy-duty excavator you have to operate heavy duty equipmentand crawler cranes. The best duty drive for construction is here toshow the best driving and parking skills in this game. In craneearthmover, you need to complete variety of challenges andmissions, you need to move cargo from the ground with cargoforklift operator and start loading heavy-duty trucks. Load hugecontainers and carry this heavy cargo carefully on top of thesevehicles, prove that you are a worthy and expert city constructorand cargo automobile operator in this city maker simulator game.Playing the City builder excavator simulator 3D, you can take overthe control of various heavy-duty production machines, which aretrue to the originals in high-quality 3D graphics. Quarry thefoundation road side house with realistic machines, operate aconcrete pump around an industrial hall or place giant roof trusseswith a mobile crane and show that you can keep a steady hand.Citybuilder hoist excavator simulator takes you to a building sitewhere the work is never boring! You get to buckle up and step intothe shoes of different workers on the site, controlling all majorconstruction machines like cranes, cargo forklift, dumpers,diggers. For city constructor exhuming the foundations of abuilding is being laying down the tarmac into the right position.If you ever dreamt of driving a real town backhoe around or a heavypiece of equipment like a paver, then this capital digger simulator3D is the game for you. Build and dig heavy roads betweenmountains, hills & off road steep paths. Get the city builderjob done with all your construction machinery like cranes, lifters,road rollers, excavator, cargo forklift and help your constructioncrew to build roads between town and hill stations. Off road, 4x4,18-wheelers, off road tourist bus drivers face difficulty in takingtourist to hill station with rough roads. Make their paths smoothwith road building duty. City builder crane excavator Simulator 3Dis a best driving and parking simulator game for those who love toplay games over the smartphones and tablets, lets get ready for themega town construction.
Mafia Downtown Rivals Fight 3D 1.1
Welcome to the city of mafia gangsters, your rivals are all overthe downtown, fight, steal, and seize to take the control of thegrand battle of the underworld mobs and gangs, be the boss andgodfather and make your own mafia crime unit. Give your thugs andmobsters the brutal and ultimate 3D weapons and stolen vehicles. Bethe grand legend killer of the underworld rivals, extent yourgangsters and mafia spy assassin agent specialist shooters and hardtime escaped and jail break criminals all over the downtown to keepa watch eye on fighter rivals who are always willing to take up thefight in the sim 3D game. Prepare for grand clash of gangster androbbers in stormiest mafia gods chase and counter assault survival3D game, load your guns and rifles eliminate snipers and shootersand escape, keep a watch on the sneaky police dogs can sniff youfrom distance in the city of crime lords.The police cops have setupa SWAT shooter squad to handle the mob lords and Russian mafia inthe Vegas, city of crime as gang war and extreme deadly shootoutclash between the rivals and thugs of downtown underworld empirefor the city domination, the undercover high security operationagainst the criminals and mafia family has made the survivalimpossible for the city people, spy on the armed criminals andcomplete the top secret undercover missions. Escape, run, fight& shoot to carry out different criminal activities includingrobbery, clash, assassin, agent killing, theft, war and much morein stealth mode, snatch and involve in theft of the auto from thegrand parking lot area of the criminal city, be the most wantedgangster fighter of the downtown, your rivals are searching for youeverywhere, engage in cartel crime mission. Mobsters are running acrime cartel among bandits, robbers, muggers and gangsters are outspread in the town. Kill and shoot the security police andSWAT sniper shooters, assassinate the secret spy mafia agent andsurvive the criminals escape, the city police is on the chasemission you have to run and cross the vendetta wild crime empirecity to be the bravo hero to rule the downtown. The gangster’s lifeis all amount crime, take out your best cars and be the best mafiadriver of your clan, engage the mobster war in the overkill mafiafamily and be the hero of the killer legends who escaped from thecommando security and now on the streets to be an angry fightertaking revenge for his brother’s death killed by the downtowncasino robbery mastermind, setup up a bad network of rackets, hiregangsters and muscle bouncers, wreak havoc on your rivalsbusinesses by assassinating their henchmen and taking over alltheir operations. Wipeout the downtown and eradicate rivals, gangs,thieves, thugs and Russian Dons by guarding in this simulator 3Dgame. Step up into the shoes of the huge gangster circle build-upyour corruption empire in this USA city, perform your duties assinister syndicate of the rogue and ruthless mafia which isimpossible to surrender against the street gangs, lead yoursoldiers, gangsters, mob dons and bosses and become theindestructible underworld lord of crimes. Use your powerful fist toperform special brutal attack in combat against mafia rivals, usecombos, kick, punch and use your dragon warrior fighting techniquesand defeat your enemies. Play your role to be an ultimate actionhero of this downtown gangwar on the streets of the city of tobring back the terror.
City Car Parking Lot Adventure 1.1
Drive into the adventure of vast variety of multiple cars at thecity center parking lot. Begin your modern parking with thrill andadventure, buckle up as a pro driver and take up the challenge ofmania crazy driving and hard luxury sports and branded ultimatefast cars in exciting adrenaline filled amazing space lot game. Goout in the multi-level city and find the perfect crash space foryour car, simulate all around the town, checkout the newmulti-storey plaza for the extra space, in this realistic realcruiser game you have to show your skills in handling, steering,acceleration and speed obstacle distraction avoidance variousmodels of automobiles like sports hatchback, luxury sedan andmonster limousine, be careful from the fast traffic rider, furiousbikers and grand motorcyclists with autos as they drive motobikeswith immense speed. As a frenzy and expert chauffeur and driversearch for free spaces, take these awesome cars over the city rooftop adventure areas, be quick at the parking corners, obstacles andborders to park your autos with accuracy and skill.Use yourexpertise as an experienced driver of heavy cranes and tycoontrucks, take on the mission to drive vehicles and automobiles onspecified space lot slot area without damaging your four wheelerwithout a single crash hit, avoid hurdles, jumps and crashing intoobstacles and barriers placed on your way, be the best car driverand hard parking mania expert. Get ready to be as a specialist, youneed to adventure drive recklessly at the free space of the countymall don’t hit the border wall or bridges of the Dr, steer throughbreath-taking environments and extraordinary barriers, the cityroads and highways are filled with parallel chaotic hindrances.Undergo deadly whirls, portcullises and other destroying wrenchinghurdles. This simulator is a great way to learn the parking methodin simple and complex locations, this is one of the addictivedriving game, just feel the difference of control on manoeuvringand oversized monster vehicles and automobiles.This grand city autoparking lot adventure is the latest and most advance simulator in3D environment which enable you to learn the parallel or straightparking, use manual gear shifting, this is not a racing or stuntadventure, be a real hero who takes driving skills to an absolutelynew level. Have you checked your most hard parking skills as anoff-road and hill drive city taxi driver simulator? Play thisbrilliant game to pass value time in rush hour in traffic and realgaming experience with stunning environment.  Be the bestskilled valet bus taxi or truck driver person, just drive forwardand backward to handle the car properly, be a bold grand driver,think fast and don’t perform furious stunts or do dumb drag racingthat push the accelerator don’t let it crash into the county malllot parked cars in the queue, be careful and drive luxury vehiclesin the safe driving zone in this extreme automobile parkingsimulator. Enjoy this top backyard mania and hard parking, beforegoing out on the busy and rush roads, it’s better to take the testdrive around the highways backyard space, take the driving schooltraining and clear all driving tests to get the driver’s license,the city is extremely dangerous with lots of trucks, buses, taxi,transporting trailers, tuk tuk auto rickshaws all over the roadsand city highways. This game is aimed to get your driving skills tonew level. let your skills speak for you, become the king of theparking lot.
Modern Combat Aerial Battle 1.0
Engage into the modern combat of jet fighters in aerial battle. Gethold of the cockpit of the ultimate powerful jet fighters andmodern battlefield flying machines like F18, F16 F-A/8 hornet andsubmerge yourself in the deadliest modern combat aerial battle.Modern Combat Aerial Battle of F18 & F16 is the most addictiverealistic game with great controls, take advantage over theenemies, you are an ace expert army and navy fighter jet air strikeand air to air dogfight specialist, simulate and get ready to takethe fight in strike contest. Gear up for the best flight in CombatAerial Battle 3D with amazing armed fighters equipped with longrange guided missiles, air to air hostility, supersonic speeds, andflying like eagles on the pacific oceans in war. Fly your F18 F16ultra real jet fighters across the ocean to hunt down the enemy’sF16 & F18 Hornets and Fighting Falcons, engage into air to airstrike and dogfight simulation and air strike missions eliminatingthe objectives with exotic controls. Simulate over the red canyon,hills, deserts and oceans and hunt down your enemies hiding inmilitary bases with sharp shooters and snipers all over the bases.Fly the most sophisticated and powerful jet fighters in ModernCombat Aerial Battle 3D and enjoy the jet fighter flight simulatorfree online game, go behind the enemy lines and destroy all thetargets. Take your Struggle Aerial Battle of F18 F16 into thewarzone as you know all the tactics of modern warfare, ground enemyhas ballistic weapons and have engaged sharp sniper assaultshooters with anti-aircraft guns and heat seeking missiles. Alleyes are on you for the ultimate sky wars in this Combat AerialBattle 3D game. The enemy has launched a brutal and aggressiveground attack, retaliate the air strike with air to air attackthrough the intense mission, you have full support, your wingmen inF16 Fighting Falcons and F18 Hornets are already in the air, alongwith gunship cobra and apache helicopters striking the groundforces, full ground support with tank attack gunner war to takedown the ground enemies, all hopes are on you to defend yourcountry’s honor and pride against the enemy invasion so simulateinto your jet fighters. Your jet fighters planes F16 and F18 aresophisticated machines with military war craft combat air force jetfighter air strikers with no competition in supersonic speed andmaneuverability, your jet fighters with dogfight capabilities likeF16 & F18 air warrior are fully equipped with assault gunnermachine guns, ARM, SARM, missiles and other powerful air and modernwar fare weapons to take up the enemy’s Migs, SU27, F14 Tomcat,F/A-18 Super Hornet, Green Hornet, Stealth jet fighters and dronesair crafts and jet fighters as they are the master assassins andsharp shooter within the air combat and dogfight.The task isballistic and the combat is ON simulate like an ace andprofessional jet fighter pilot of F18 & F16 shoot’em up andrain down destruction upon your enemies with your amazing skills ofdogfight and gun strike shoots in this action packed adventure ofair war jet fighter warrior game. Buckle up and engage into yourdogfight and air strike missions, hunt down and destroy thebackbone of your enemy hiding behind enemy lines for an extreme andrealistic air war action combat. Spot the enemy tanks and assaultsharp shooters, military base sniper shooter which are all ready tomove towards your airbase, locate your enemies and shoot them downdropping ground bombs and gunshots. Simulate and take control ofyour Modern Hostility Aerial Battle attack simulator game, holdyour cockpit tight; your jet is fully loaded with ammunitionsupply.
Gangster Survival Hero Escape 1.4
Spending a hard time on the hero gangster survival island prison,finally Tony the hero is now released from the downtown centraljail, he was not a gangster hero but due to criminals andunderworld mafia influence he tried to escape and jail break forfew times, but couldn’t survive it due to high security and snipersall over the prison. Finally, out in the city he feels free afterthis survival made up his mind to go to his home town. In hishomeland of San Andreas island, he came to know from gangster Markthat his family was tortured to death and was killed by thegodfather of high school mafia gangster survival for the revenge ofhis brother who was killed in the escape brawl and clash by Tony inthe casino gangster hero survival mobster war fight. The Vegas cityheroes gangster has seen all this combat and battle war terror butdare to speak it out in front of the police or cops as theinfluence of the godfather was immense due to threats as the citydomination is in total control of these downtown gangster survivaland legend thugs ruling the gang of the ultimate crime. Mark toldhim to go to another city and start a new life and keep away fromthe crime coast and out of this racket, but Tony made up his mindto take up survival revenge as the wipe out secret MMA mission andwill work as spy hero gangster survival agent in the mobsterunderworld to search and kill the hero gangster Godfather who ruinhis life. Get your bag ready for the life full of dangers withgunfights, robberies, car thefts, cop pursuits and other missionssurvival!it’s real hard to be a super hero gangster survival escapeand work on challenging assignment in a new city as undercoverwithout telling other mafia’s members. Mark suggested to meetCharlie, the master criminal and powerful killer legend andsurvival thug of the downtown brawl clash gangster. Charlie don’ttrust people so easily so he decided to testify Tony for hissatisfaction and assigned a criminal murder and combat battlesurvival task to overkill mobster escape some gangsters of theother Russian mafia survival group trying to take over the paradisethug empire, the rivals are real dangerous as they have many angryfighters who can fight brutally. Roll up on a riskily fun, wildlysprawling, and crushingly rich trip to the crime full of Sin. Enjoydestruction and shooting your rival gangster hero around theisland, wipe out lifting and stealing cars to race fast down thestrip with furious speed, betting at casinos for pushing your luckas you explore every inch of this criminal paradise. Prove yourselfright of the gangster hero survivial escape, build confidence withCharlie to be the part of bootlegging empire, show your interest toreach the top mafia ranks. Crush other high school gangs to becomethe Godfather’s ultimate choice to replace your gangster rivals andto become the master legend survival of the gangster shooter. Becareful, the Mafia are well-armed. So you need to use a variety ofshelters, guide your hero along rooftops, etc. Attack enemies frombehind. Now you are a survival hero gangster of this island warriorgang, an expert shooter, assassin and criminal gangster escapespecialist used to spread terror among the gangster warriors. Therehas been an extreme clash in the grand Vegas crime city as othergangs are engaging car and auto theft in the downtown, return toreclaim his old neighborhood crime sin city and this time he isgoing to take it all. As a part of the island prison survivor team,you have to meet other notorious grand high school godfathergangster criminals, fight, kill and murder your brutal targets, besurvival escape hero from the inescapable security and danger zonesunder surveillance by police and SWAT commando specialists, chaseout of the situation as the best mafia driver.
Heli Strike Gunship Battle 3D 1.0
Are you ready for the war? The rebel gunner troop’s have invadedand are ready to launch helicopter missile attack over the city.You need to take your Heli Strike Gunship Battle Helicopter and hittargets to finish terror. The city is under immense attack by therebel forces loaded with heavy artillery, tanks, and machine guns.Engage your stealth position and get into your world's mostpowerful combat strike gunship battle and become an ace pilot,carry out surgical strikes over the enemy at the line of control ofthe city and fulfill your combat missions, immersive and realisticcobra Apache copter engaged into the battlefield and most of thefront-line encounters and surgical strikes over the enemybattalion. Take control of the powerful combat helicopters in thisfree-to-play PVP action game. Featuring stunning and realistic 3Dgraphics combined with intuitive controls. Assault Gunship Combat3D simulator puts you directly into the gunner war and you can facethe most powerful gunner fight of the most powerful combat jets.Strategically fire your powerful machines guns and devastatingmissiles to slay hordes of enemies across the borders. Steer intoyour precision combat helicopter and demolish the enemy militarybases. The enemy has invaded into the city, its high time tobombard the enemy tanks and antiaircraft guns with your strikegunship cobra apache helicopter chopper, fly through enemyterrains, kill army and military forces, destroy buildings andeliminate elite enemy units. The enemy forces have invaded withtheir special assaulting commando squads and deadliest militarychoppers. Your Strike Gunship and air command is ready, yourwing-man are airborne, get the dominance against the enormousequipped with panzer tanks and anti aircraft guns, air force readyfor an airstrike with F18, F16, green hornet jet fighters, militarybase loaded with army snipers. Go behind the enemy lines andperform a counter surgical strike at the enemy through Ariel attackas this helicopter attack battle is full of perils. Attack yourenemy like an air wolf and don’t let them regain the dominance overyour city. The invaded enemy is all around the city and has takentheir position for ultimate battle. Experience the greatconfrontation and simulate, enjoy the gunship cobra and Apachecombat experience, it combines tactics, technique, air clash anddogfight flying skills and the right amount of ruthless whileengaging towards your enemy arena.This Heli Strike Gunship is makefor the ultimate fights, take control of the most advanced chopperand helicopters hovering over the red canyon, report to airbase,submerge and simulate straight into the mayhem and panic theenemies with chaos battlefield as you know the are art of modernwarfare and engage yourself in surgical strikes in the war onterrorism and eliminate all your enemies. Take your gunship choppercobra Apache arena flight through the deadly and daunting enemybases facing some challenging air missions, in a battle of coptersand planes. Hook yourself tight in the cockpit and instruct yourwing man to guide you straight into the front line battlefield, becareful, as the enemy is also equipped with the state of the artweapons and enhancements to take down massive hordes of aerialforces.
Extreme Forklift CargoAirPlane 1.0
The airport ground staff is busy and the airport terminal cargo,take out your extreme forklift cargo lifter and help in loading andunloading the airplane cargo from the airplane to the shipmentsheds. Learn to operate an extreme heavy forklift for duty, if youare a fan of the city builder cranes and construction trucks thenthis extreme shipment driving will surely entertain you. In thisextreme airplane game your job is to load and unload the jetaircraft and passenger planes with heavy pallets and containers. Inaircraft enjoy driving multiple cranes airport locations, helpairport ground staff to load container, pallet crates and freightboxes in the seaplane flight. Rush towards the amazing andlegendary payload yard and pick up freight watch out on airporthangar don’t crash your crane in any airliner, fuel car, stair caror passenger bus. Play as an airport ground staff andspecialist forklift driver get ready to drive transporter truck,excavator and other city builder magnet crane to lift up heavyloaded container and luxury goods from the airport cargosheds.Airport Cargo Forklift is being used as an important shipmentlifter and loader. Play as an expert airport operator, your job isto lift the heavy cargo from the airport terminal sheds and loadthem into the compartment of the huge monster airplane used fortransporting army, military tanks, jeeps, monster SUVs, be preparedas soon as the aircraft and heavy commercial airliner and airbusBoeing lands and taxi at the apron areas, move your and startloading and unloading the freight from airport hangers into the jetcompartment. Extreme Forklift Airplane simulator 3D is real amazingsimulator game and have realistic theme for those who want to bethe part of the airport and aviation ground staff. All the flightsare on time and the aviation schedule is defined, as an expertairport fork lifter and vital member of the and civil aviation andground staff your job is to assist aviation department in loadingheavy cargo, military equipment and military into army airplanesnear the armed forces air base.Keep out of apron areas as theairport vehicles are moving fast carrying passengers to and fromthe airport terminal, enjoy your Extreme Forklift Airplanesimulator 3D driving and help airport ground staff to loadcontainer, pallet crates and freight boxes in the flight, becareful, don’t get crashed or drop off the loaded airport cargoonto the heavy forklift or don’t crash into the parked loadedairport trucks and machines or and aircrafts parked inside thehanger. In this amazing simulator 3D game, you have to play theleading role as an airport crew member of a rouge and aviationtransporting company, beware of some ground staff engaged inloading some banned items into the from the San Andreas Crime cityjail prison, as an agent of the undercover forklift operator youhave to carry out this mission which is highly classified andrelated to rouge military weapon movement from San Andreas crimecity. The cargo pallets to be loaded into the aircraft viaforklift., aircraft container and pallet loaders are all over theairport with powerful rollers to carry containers, you have to takespecial care while handing this equipment.
Angry Wild Lion Attack Sim 3D - Safari Wild Lion 1.0
The roar of a real angry wild lion is ferocious and an unmatchedcall of victory and bravery, the wild Cecil is out in the junglesafari with his lioness and cubs in search of food, you cansimulate the crazy king of beasts and hunt for prey like Deer,Zebras, Boars, Foxes, Wolves, Hippos, Rhinos, Bears, Gorillas,Elephants, evolve your angry lion attack and hunt. ANGRY WILD LIONATTACK 3D is a realistic game where you can play the role of a realand ferocious love with unmatched shooting and chasing skills. Heis the true king of all jungle and safari animal simulators. Youcontrol this beautiful beast as he quests his way to victory. Let’splay as the real king of the forest jungle in this ANGRY WILD LIONATTACK 3D and dominate the wildlife world of jungle safari, theking of jungle, ruler of the wildest, with master trailinginstincts and an appetite for killing, Cecil is furious and readyto attack in this amazing and legendary wipe out runner chase intothe open safari world of deep dark jungle, In ANGRY WILD LIONATTACK 3D, you can stalk, chase, run and attack throughout thejungle and forest, as an irritated enthusiastic lion, attack allanimals on your way, there are so many other scary beasts andanimals, experience the extreme attack on animals to feel the realgame of attacking and hunting. ANGRY WILD LION ATTACK 3D, anamazing modern sniper simulator with classic and crazy game playand animation! Not in your dreams could you have imagined how itfeels to be a real wild when it’s in an attacking mode. You are theruler! You are the King! Feel like one…Feel the adrenaline rush inyour blood as you prepare to attack and devour your prey withoutscaring them or letting them survive. Roar and run through thejungle with real ANGRY WILD LION ATTACK 3D game, your strategyshould be, attack and kill all, to survive. While simulating andplaying the role as a angry lion in wild safari, you’ll be able toexperience the thrill of the safari and hunting down other jungleanimals that comes in between your way. Beware, as African safariand deer hunting season is over, be watchful and alert, as masterassassins and sharp sniper shooters and animal hunters and safarishooters who played the role in stalking down African tigers andlions in dino racing rally are hiding and stalking into the jungleto pursuit down the Cecil, let the jungle animals be your victimand ferocity with powerful claws and sharp teeth, this is yourchance. Rampage the safari jungle wildlife and forest to get yourrevenge. This real has realistic animal physics and amazing 3Denvironment. Release your primal intuition and show your side! InANGRY WILD LION ATTACK 3D you take control of a furious thatpounces and attacks its prey. Be an angry wild lion beast and feedover the hungry nature. Some animals might resist on your attackand pounce on you, so beware and go for the kill. Wild Cecil tigerand leopard beast attack Simulator is an action based simulator andthriller game, be a hunter or get hunted.Angry Wild Lion Attack Sim3D - Safari Wild Lion Features:- Furious lion attack jungle safarisim- Animal Hunting & Survival Game- High Quality Graphics andGameplay- Smooth Controls- Chase and Attack throughout the jungle-Thrilling Gameplay
Angry Wild Wolf Jungle Attack: Wolf Simulator 3D 1.0
Hunt and live a life of a gruesome Angry Wild Wolf in Jungle Attacktrying to survive, hunting for food and prey in deep dark safarijungle. Search for food and fight for survival! Fight for your lifeagainst brutal animals in Angry Savage Wolf Jungle Attack 3Dsimulator. Race in the ferocious deep dark jungle in search ofpreys, and hunt animals. Show the wilderness and anger of a fiercewolf! Rage-off in the jungle, complete animal killing quests whilewander and simulating into the jungle. Be the most powerful animalin the wilderness in Furious violent Jungle Attack Simulator. As anIrritated Wild Wolf in jungle, attack, survive and fight for yourlife against fierce animals like moose, bear and fox. Evolveyourself as a to become the strongest Furious brutish attacking inthe wildness. As an incensed and vicious, harmonious mountain wolf,coldhearted and fast snow Wolf, and scary and cruel Wild with sharpsaber tooth, simulating and looking to hunt and slaughter anyonewho comes within your sight. Close in for the kill and ATTACK! Thejungle and forest place is filled with giraffes, sheep and otheranimals. Don't forget about the humans; simulate and hunt them alldown with your sharp jaws. Learn the basic ultimate angry wildsurvival tips from the wolf simulator. This beast struggles thelife and shows wolf revenge is how to survive in the wildlife notonly from hungry animal attacks and killing for food but also forthe battles against other wild animals like lion, cheetah or bear.Angry wolf attacking was never that addicted and superb. Angrywolves are looking to carnage anyone who comes within their sight.Explore the arena and look for prey for feast. As Angry Wolf JungleAttack, you need to be very accurate while attacking. Become one ofthe ultimate deadly wolves and enjoy the tremendous experience ofwolves. Let the simulator race in the ferocious jungle in the huntof preys! Show of the wolves’ anger, hungry attack and animalkilling predator instincts by complete animal hunting and real wolfsimulator quests!Maintain your health, hunger, thirst and energy tosurvive in a hostile forest while, use your wild angry wolf’s sabertooth sharp teeth, iconic howl of the wolf, and swift speed tocatch a tasty snack or fight dangerous foes! Gain experience bydefeating other animals and level up your wolves to increase theirhealth, attack damage, and even unlock new abilities and levels! Asan angry wolf, you can freely roam a massive open-world forestfilled with dangerous carnivores, towering trees, and sparklingpools of water! Angry Wild Wolf Jungle Attack Simulator 3D, is arealistic wildlife simulator and hunting game with amazinggraphics, sounds effects and simulation makes it even morethrilling to play. Time to kill your prey because this is how areal wolf lives! Live life as a battle against people in arctictown and wildlife wilderness animals and make them your food. Enjoychasing animals for hunting in Angry Wild jungle attack, attackhunters and innocent peoples in this hunting game.
Blocky Furious Taxi Craft 1.0
Get ready for an unprecedented adventure in Blocky Furious Looptaxi Craft, keep up your reputation as a safe and fast quick blockyloop taxi craft driver must not fall, but some cars and traffic arenot going to put anything easy. Blocky Furious Loop taxi Craftdriver sim game is a new, super cube cab driving and parkingtransport game, go to extreme speeds and park your favorite cabvehicle, be the best in driving a cube cab in the city, show yourdriving skills in this precision parking and driving simulator.Park and drive as you want to in his beautiful cubical and city, inthis furious loop taxi craft driving game, you have to drive, steerand park your cube taxi with accuracy in the car parking lotstand.Drive around in the Blocky Furious Loop Craft all around thebig city in your cab car and be on the watch for potentialpassengers and tourists for your blocky taxi transport. Be carefulwhen driving in the city and do not bump into other cars or cubecitizens. In Craft pick up passengers in your loop taxi and theminto the queue, as a loop taxi brick build driver, race your wayinto the beautiful bricks city with colorful block, cubes and cars.Hurry up, drive and park your and pick up city blockhead and squarethinkers, you, as the square head bricks crazy driver need to makesure these city people get towards their destination in time, driveyour craft and brick and make the head blocky people happy. It’s areal crazy extreme and rush Blocky Furious Loop taxi highway racingdriver who just want to be the best taxi driver of Mine Pixel City.They compete to get more passengers and be faster than the others,and also to see which one has the craziest color and brighterpixels. Being Blocky Loop taxi Craft driver you are in your all daylong, therefore, it's important you get to drive some luxuryvehicles. Make yourself comfortable and also your passengers.Playing this Bricks Build Crazy craft simulator you can take themost amazing luxury taxi for a spin.The police is looking all overfor this Blocky Furious Loop taxi Craft driver as you have brokenthe law for crossing signals and not paying the penalty fine,police cars of criminal city chase you at full speed. Even withpix-elated cars they drive really fast! Drive your cube throughMine City pixelated street traffic and try to be one of the fastestcab drivers. Put your new pixel highway racing wheels and competeto be the best! Don't be too slow or other cabs will catch you.Black caps are really fast and they're chasing you! In BlockyFurious Loop taxi Craft, get ready for a great blocky taxi driverexperience! Get in , pick up the passengers and drop them off atthe location of their choosing. Don’t be slow, use the map andguide your passengers to their destination. Find the best route toyour destination and save precious time, you'll love the game ifyou ever wondered what its like to be a cube car taxi Driver!
Blocky Police Car Craft Patrol 1.0
Welcome to the world of bricks and blocks, this blocky police carcraft patrol is a wonderful police car driving and parkingsimulator. Play as a blocky and cubic police as a surveillancepatrolling in this San Andreas Crime City full of thugs, gangstersand escaped prisoners hiding in the supermarkets. This BlockyPolice Car Craft Patrol simulator is all about driving, parking andcatching the wanted criminals on the roads and putting them behindthe prison bars in this cartoony parking and driving crime citysimulator. Police Auto Craft Patrol is a mega craft game withadrenaline filled driving and chasing. Blocky Squad Vehicle CraftDuty simulator is a real fun-driving simulator with fast simulationof cubical shaped colorful cars, the city is full of colorfulcartoony, the bus is ready at the tourist bus carrying people, thecubes are set in vibrant colors. Enjoy riding and driving a cubeautomobile, playing role of police of NYPD and San Andreas, you cansimulate all around the beautiful cube city in simulator as youwant, crash into the vehicles, jump over the ramps, chase and crashinto the criminals’ blocky structures.This big cartoony city has alot of space to discover. If you don’t like discovering you can domissions and by pushing the quick buttons you don’t even have todrive or walk to the place in the city and roads, this isadventurous and while you simulate into car patrolling in frenzyand rush roads. Be a crazy and a real driver chasing the criminals.As an expert of frenzy police car driver and simulator you canfreely drive and roam around the pixel cubical city, whilesimulating in police you can see other traffic all around you, sosimulate carefully in roads and don’t block the roads, avoidaccidents as lots of blocky vehicles are on the roads with othercars are chasing the criminals in city of San Andreas. Forces AutoCraft Patrol Simulator 3D is the best cube car driving simulator inwhich you can gain extreme experience of the beautiful city withlots of all around you. Get into action for an extreme simulationadventure in simulator and assume yourself as an experienced NYPDCop and an expert police officer and crazy driver of AutomobileCraft Patrol simulator, gain all the experiences as having greatconcepts of simulation with physics for smooth maneuver effect inthe simulator. Blocky Police Car Craft Patrol simulator is a fungame and a quick learning curve for kids and beginners as well, whocan learn to steer the cube cars with driving and simulation, hassimple tasks to start with and some easy and trendy simulatingmissions, so get into your and simulate your path without hinderingand avoid obstacles. Blocky Police Automobile Craft PatrolSimulator game in designed in realistic 3D for all age groups,download and play this wonderful game from the cubical world ofcolorful cars and city.
911 Ambulance Emergency Rescue: City Ambulance Sim 1.0
The 911 ambulance emergency rescue teams hero are at the accidentspot, the medics are on the way to the accident spot too, the 911crisis ambulance emergency rescue is hooting its way to thehospital, lots of other rescue vehicles are on the way to carrymore injured people to the nearby hospital. Emergency has beenannounced in the city, doctors and nurses and paramedic staff is onthe way to the disaster location they need the help of the bestsavior ambulance driver to reach as fast as they can to save theinjured city people due to an accident and collision of auto tuktuk at the traffic intersection, be the best 911 ambulance rescuesimulator 3D driver by saving live of the injured. Start yourcareer at the city’s 911 rescue center by performing wonderful jobas an ambulance team member. Get inside and start looking for anyinjured civilians in the city. Become a real modern city hero,engage into survival mission by air in the air 911 ambulancehelicopter and save people’s lives while flying in this flightsimulator. You will enjoy this 911 emergency rescue ambulance heroand hospital transporting games while saving lives in this epicenergetic trainer games. As a fellow of 911 you have to support allthe city services like fire brigade and fire fighters inextinguishing fire in different city locations, be a life saviorambulance driver and carry the staff of doctors, nurses andparamedics, turn on the siren and drive your vehicle to theaccident location turn your GPS for quick and short route to reachand rescue on time and deliver patients to the hospital inambulance rescue, don’t forget your First Aid Medical Kit in thestate of emergency, go non-stop and don’t wait for the trafficsignals or highway barriers, you are on duty and can violate thetraffic code because of the rescue ambulance siren, go for the helpin transporting wounded individuals to the hospital and clinics.You are a responsible teamster and your rescue 911 ambulance dutyis to listen the phone calls and reach to the accident place andgive first aid. Always be a super fast rescue ambulance hero driverand a firefighter city hero, be careful while driving on highway.911 Ambulance Emergency saving vehicles is always there wheneverthere is an accident or fire broken out in the city or whenbuilding catches fire. As 911 centers are fully capable of handlingall types of situations, once you get the fire alarm call you haveto inform the hospitals and take out your fire extinguishing trucksand snorkels to eliminate the fire in the time of crises in thegrand city. Start your 911-firefighter emergency saving 911ambulance and reach to the place of disaster. You should be superfast while driving firefighter as delay of seconds can take thelife of dozens. Race your 911 ambulances through the big citytraffic, let doctor save wounded in accidents and drive them safelyto the hospital. 911-driver job is dangerous so be careful! Dutyambulance driving is not that easy in situation. Life in the cityis crazy, watch out for the people and the traffic. In emergencyyou can play many survival and rescue ambulance missions. Driverescue ambulance in city streets in your hospital or firefighterand help the wounded and injured city people for tragedy needs.It’s all up to you to be a best medic or firefighter hero.
Red Bouncy Ball Balance Pro 3D 1.0
Red Bouncy Ball Balance Pro 3D is a new free arcade game for kidsand toddlers and grownups, you have to maintain the balance of thisred bubbly ball, be quick and smart with accuracy in this labyrinthbalance game of Red Bouncy Balance Pro 3D. You can smash and hitthe objects, unlock new challenges and missions and experience thereal red bouncy ball balance pro. Move and roll it down to thedestination. Enjoy a real 3D maze with twist and turns with lots offun, avoid obstacles, be careful not to drop or fall and cross towin. Red Bouncy Ball Balance Pro 3D is a tangle maze freestyle puzzle labyrinth game with an emphasis on realistic physics,3D graphics and top notch free puzzle gaming experience, roll andbalance free past walls, dough outs, holes and rotating objects andbalance your ball to real the goal. Challenge your aim, balanceball and hold your precision, push your puzzle solving and balanceskills to the extreme level, as this energetic 3D is a real crazyinsanely addictive game. The Red Bouncy Ball Balance Pro 3D willknockdown you in this new series with leveling new heights, thephysics based addictive and carnival gameplay with unique puzzles,adrenaline charged extreme challenging levels and explosiveactions. This free 3D classic bounce balance game is packed withchallenging levels to test the sharpness of your brains. The RedBall Balance Pro 3D has challenging levels to test skill forbalance and precision. Keep rolling and balancing in this mazestyle puzzle game and roll your way to the next level! You got tokeep rolling this bouncy free 3D to win in this free puzzle game.Balance and roll the ball on your way to the top of theleaderboards. Red Ball Balance Pro 3D will let you roll thebouncing in slide puzzles and unblocks the puzzle game will let youkeep playing. Balance the bounce, it will provide you fantasticgame play and accurate physics in this colorful balance addictivegame. Red Bouncy Ball Balance Pro 3D is the new game of balancebouncing free 3D game where all you need is to move the accuratelybalance free, maintain balance and do not fall. Roll, Balance andplay as a free in a puzzle to cross the obstacles and reach thedestination, every level is exciting and is full of puzzles, itrequires high level of balance and stay away from the edges or youmay fall. Feel the real extreme 3D balance and simulationexperience and excitement unraveling around you as you move in theexciting levels and don’t throw away . This Red Bouncy Ball BalancePro 3D game is not like any other bouncing and balancing red oryellow or purple balls or game like basketball, bowling, billiardor pool.
US Army Transport: Military Transport Truck 3D 2.0
Drive the most reliable US Army Transport Truck to transport theMilitary equipment and soldiers to the destination. The nation isin the state of war and enemy is trying to invade the militarysources in the US army military bases. Your duty is to drivecarefully while avoiding landmines and helicopter aerial attacksfrom the enemy gunship cobra Apache heli attackers, as a driver,drive US army and military trucks on offroad terrain to transportsoldiers to the check posts and barracks and military camps. Driveas an expert army truck driver around the army check post andtransport armed forces and base camp city builder equipment forbuilding camps and bridges on rivers and mountain hill areas.Transport all sorts of modern cargo and food for the border patrolforces guarding the border day and night. Drive your US Army &Military transport truck in hard time war zone and prove yourselfan excellent trucker of 4x4 and 6x6 vehicles.Buckle up for the mostadventurous ride of your life, drive the army monster trucks andvehicles, your journey initiates from the US soldier and militiabase camp as army duty driver carrying military personnel,soldiers, snipers, commandos, legion officers and recruits tovarious locations. Carry the weapons and ammunition onto the USarmy & military transport cargo truck and deliver it to theweapon depot at the armed forces check posts and battlefield, keepyourself safe from the landmines laid by the enemy forces on theway to armed transport base camp. Drive your 4x4 militia transporttruck carefully around the off road mountain terrain and engageinto monster army truck racing and US army monster truckparking.Beware of the aerial attack form the enemies as they areairborne and are ready to engage an air strike to the commuting USarmy and military transport trucks and carriers carrying sensitivewarheads and weapons, enemies are ready to strike with cobra apachehelicopters loaded with deadly missiles. Your main task is to drivethis huge monster US army and Military truck from US recruittraining school to the base camp obstruct and dodge differentobstacles, hurdles, off road tracks, as a military commando officerand duty truck driver show your professional driving abilities,transport on and off duty military soldiers, transport legiongoods, ammunition, weapons and US army heavy cargo vehicles from aweapon depot to the frontline battlefield, Commute the soldiersready to go into the war field to give the rebels and enemy asurgical strike war over the snowy hill mountain area.Drive yourway out of the dangerous tracks and hilly roads, this US armytransport military truck simulator is really challenging and willtest your driving skills. Drive through extreme war and battlefieldconditions, face ultimate severe weather like snow, rain andthunderstorm, be a perfect US army duty truck transport driver, thenight is foggy and the soldiers are tired and some are injured,carry them safely to the base camp, watch out the air strike fromthe rebel forces, don’t go behind the enemy lines as there arelandmines all over the mountain ranges, you can explode your truckif your try to go on the shortcut, drive safely into the jungle andforest to keep the camouflage from the deadly aerial thunder strikefrom the enemy helicopters waiting for destruction. Drive all sortsof military vehicles jeeps, monster trucks, commuter automobiles,be a brave soldier and army duty driver, transport missiles androcket launchers to the armed forces check posts.US Army Transport:Military Transport Truck 3D Features :- Real Snowy Off Road ArmyTruck Driving.- Smooth controlling, Steering & Brakes.- HDquality 3D Graphics& off-road terrain.- Transport soldiers,weapons and goods to the base camps.- Challenging Missions &Truck Driving simulator.- Real off-road truck driving lifeexperience.
Fishing Boat Cruise Drive 3D - Real Fishing Game 1.0
Hey captain, its high time to sail your fishing boat, cruise anddrive into the deep blue seas and get some boat and cruisesimulation speed experience. In Trawling voyage, feel the extremeboating experience, cruise into deep blue seas and oceans andexplore the underwater life for harpooning adventures and cruising.Trawler Simulator is a simple simulating game in which you cansteer your own and ship in different environments. Drive, steer andyour trawler simulator into different ports around the sea. TrawlerSimulator is a realistic and cruising simulation game that puts theplayers at the helm of a big and beautiful cruise ship, as acaptain of your , you need to perform a multitude of tasks. Sailyour fishing liner through massive seas and ports. Be careful asthe tide is high and your boat may tumble in the sea or bump inother boats, trawlers and ships around. Cruise your way whilefishing and watching lighthouse and waypoints to the nearby ports,as the sea is full of dangerous sharks, whales and monster fishes,dive into the deep blue sea put our scuba diver suit and grab yourhunting gear from go for the whale or hunt hungry shark and sail inyour ship. In your chase sail, catch various fish, hunt down thewhite sharks, hammerhead sharks and tiger sharks while sailing,keep your shark hunting spear gun gear and fire harpoon ready assoon as you sight the at the great sharks. As a fishing shipcaptain it's your duty to steer your boat carefully, in this summerseason there are more tourists visiting islands and seaport cities.Besides goldfish, lionfish or clownfish, ocean life is full offerocious inhabitants like carnivorous shark, orca whale andstarfish it's your duty to steer your boat carefully, in thissummer season there are more tourists visiting islands and seaportcities. Besides goldfish, lionfish or clownfish, ocean life is fullof ferocious inhabitants like carnivorous shark, orca whale. Drive3D will let you experience the awesome watercrafts, take touriststo the beautiful sea ride and let them enjoy traveling in thisbeautiful Fishing Cruise Drive 3D simulator, cruise shipenvironment of this 3D floating city is not a trawler or gondolasrowing boats. Pick and drop the nets, cargos and passengers andhave a bon voyage into the seas. In fishing boat cruise trawlerprove to be an ultimate real pro and ace fisherman and take thewild catch, use the hook and nets of steel to simulate and act ascaptain in this fishing trawler 3D simulator with a robust onboardheavy crane. Locate the harbor warehouse and park your boat as anexpert fisherman. Enjoy your Cruise driving around the beautifulseaports of various cities, steer your fishing boat and hoveraround the cities, islands and entertain the tourists in your ferryparked at jetty point, transport passengers and cargo from oneseaport to another seaport, deliver stuff from jetty points andislands. Sail around the sea and oceans with this awesome boat, bea perfect captain and admiral of this trawler a 3D simulator andmake your career in shipping and fishing industry. Your yacht is aperfect floating city on the water. As a real pro fisherman andfish lover, cruise this fishing boat trawler simulator, you have tofulfill missions and objectives.Fishing Boat Cruis Drive Features:•Ultimate Real Fishing Simulator• Drive Boats Carefully• ProFisherman Experience• Fishing Boat Cruise Trawler
Police War Training Academy - Commando Training 3D 1.0
Join the police war training academy as a fresh recruit and cadetcop and upon completing this police war training successfully, be agraceful police officer of US police training. This is an excellentwar school and academy where young recruits and cadets are underthe supervision of former US army and marines and US marshals, gettrained to fight the combat and survive the critical situationfaced at the time of war, this boot camp is dedicated in militaryand army combat and war survival police training. This SWAT waracademy boot camp is designed by the drill sergeants to train thepolicemen shooters as fighter commandos having extra ordinaryskills at the time of intense operations and war destruction. Tobecome a brave hero police officer, you need to undergo these hardtime physical and mental police training courses like US armycommandos and rebel fighters. Get trained to be the best sniperassassin and sharpshooter with real marksman skills in this school,survival of the fittest is the task to clear all the obstacles andhurdles during the SWAT US police training course, face severe coldand freezing nights, clear tough terrains, cross hot humid desertand muddy fields and pathways, climb the hill climb mountains withsteep and rocky tracks in order to become one of the toughest USpoliceman cop of the academy. Learn to fight against the crime andwar against commando terrorism, the SWAT art to fight with thebrutal gangsters, underworld mafia fighters, learn to catch thethieves and escaped prisoners from the central jail, enter thearena of academy with tough battlefield and be the best frontlinepoliceman cop with mega trained with automatic and sophisticatedweapons like rifles, sniper gears, ammunition handling with killand attack techniques, the US army training officers will help youout on every level, perform drills like jumping, crouching, ropeclimbing, crawling and shooting, members from others countries arealso enrolled in this police training course.In this police warpolice training school, you are having training to handle criticalsituations in both peach and war time, the legacy of this course isto prepare a cadet cop to battle against the worse enemies likeunderworld criminals, mafia smugglers, gangsters, spy agents, roguepirates, terrorists and enemy of the states, work for theundercover agency as special spy agent, follow the commandants ofthe ex-officers and army commandos, engage your platoon, step intofighting combat that will leads you to the highest ranks of US armyand Police force, follow Drill Sergeant's instructions for NationalGuards academy , attack and assault with basic police trainingcourses, this police training school provides you special educationto survive intense situation, breach and cross layers of securityusing pass code of strong security lockers and patrolling enemysecurity war officials for your survival. Get us army trainingunder the best angry fighters of the time, learn art of animalfighting from the grand masters of Kung Fu, Ninja dragon forces,Karate or Muay Thai kick boxing to fight against the enemies, useof kicks, punches and shooting is an essential part of this policetraining. You need to pass all the courses and challenges to callyourself as the best US police officer in the city and town. Clearthe police training levels and take charge as sheriff of the townand control the crimes taking place. Police War TrainingAcademy - Commando Training 3D Features:• Clear Commando Missions •Military War Academy Simulator• Survival Escape Missions• PoliceCadet War Academy
Dinosaur Racing Jurassic Run 1.0
Get ready for the prehistoric adventure of Dinosaurs RacingJurassic Run, the apocalypse is back with predator dinosaursroaming freely in the Jurassic jungle. The Dinosaur Racing JurassicRun derby contesting will take you back to millions of years, whenthe earth was ruled by these gigantic and ruthless predators anddangerous species like Tyrannosaurus Rex, Brontosaurus,Triceratops, Stegosaurus and Pterodactyl were the most dangerousand deadly. Race into the Racing Jurassic Run derby with stunts andjumps, the ground is shaking with the huge legs while the in thisdashing rally, trees and rocks are smashing and crushing with thehuge monsters in this amazing and legendary stuntman rally racingof prehistoric creatures. Play your role as a dinosaur engaged inrun and chase, you must have played a lot of dash and clash racingof animals like horse, dogs and derby but this game of Jurassic isreally an amazing and legendary stuntman and rally game. T-Rex andother dangerous running all over the tracks in this prehistoricrealistic environment in this epic game of Jurassic racing rallysimulator, one of the most realistic 3D run and game. Play as arole of a fastest dinosaur simulator through the intenselydangerous Jurassic park and dash to reach the finish line, ourpurebred are not only set to enter the race track but they areready to attack and kill one another, avoid the obstacles on yourway to gain an advantage over your rally competitors. Enter theworld of Dinosaur , a prehistoric Jurassic jungle and play thisepic prehistoric Racing Jurassic 3D simulator game. These andprehistoric creatures came out from nowhere and have broken thecages and are now out in the deep dark jungle and forests trying torace out each other. Thrill and excitement will engage you withaddiction in this racing run with T-Rex and other huge andgigantic, dash and dodge, taking sharp turns, hit boosts, findingsecret raptor passageways to reach the amazing and legendary finishline. Dinosaur 3D simulator and running madness is something thathas never been experienced, the realistic graphics and stunningview will take you back in time to the prehistoric age ofdinosaurs! Race your favorite dinosaurs in Run like TyrannosaurusRex, Veloci Raptor, Pterodactyl, and many more. Racing Jurassic 3Dsimulator is in jungle environment with lots of , no roads, nowheeler, no 4x4 offroad driven cars, no jeeps, no trucks, no buses,no tourists its only ruling the entire Jurassic jungle and rallyingcrazy, smashing Everything that is coming into Their way, crushingthe crops and plants. Battle your way to win simulator with otherferocious in a prehistoric chase as some of the gangster dino areout in the race to catch the criminals of the jungles in this rallyand racing showdown. Make good use of your powerful gigantic jawsand razor sharp claws to fight your way to the finish line crushingall other dinos and . Make sure that your dinosaur does not run outof energy and try to beat the records of the others!
City Builder Tycoon Trucks - Construction Crane 3D 1.0
Get ready for some heavy driving, Drive trucks, constructionbuilder tycoon trucks and build up the huge city with bulldozers,excavators, diggers, road rollers, cranes, forklifts and othermachinery on the yard with out crashing! There are many objects tolook out for in big builder tycoon wagons. The rugged heavyconstruction trucks, the heavy loaders, mass transports all arepart of the mega town and mall construction builder. Drive andsimulate into tower build it construction vehicles and operateheavy-duty cranes, drive and dump truck to transport sand and rockson off road bumpy sim city terrain in enormous metropolis towermaker tycoon crane driver. In designer city building it reallyfeels what's like to take control of extreme machines likeConstruction Excavators, Dumper Trucks, Bulldozers, Haulers,Cranes, Garbage Trucks and many more. Hold the steering tight andcontrol the heavy formation automobiles and vehicles whileperforming your duty at the sim city structure and town buildermall construction site. As an ace and expert in duty driving aroundisland and making border wall with cranes can handle the structurecreating machines very efficiently. A big city builder tycoon truckallows you to operate heavy construction cranes to load stones ontransport truck. Use bulldozer and steam roller, climb up high onthe tower crane and operate it for constructing beautiful citybuilder sky scrappers Operate tower crane and lift heavy loads incrane driver simulation. Your job as a construction truck simulatoris to handle bulldozers, excavators, cranes, dumpers, garbagetrucks, road rollers, diggers and many other machinery. This bigbuilder & designer construction truck tycoon trucks game is amixture of excavator simulator, 4x4 heavy truck and big cranesimulator games. Drive on risky roads and show extreme drivingskills to experience thrilling cross-country terrain. Enjoy bridgebuilding simulator in which you drive and simulate into monstertycoon construction trucks and cranes.Enter the world of citybuilder mania with frenzy and amazing real heavy duty machines busyin city building and construction like sand dumpers carrying sand,excavators busy in digging, cement mixers mixing cement forcoating, road rollers making roads, dumping trucks carrying debris,coal tar mixtures, Road Pavers, compactors, forklifts lifting heavypallets and cranes busy in transporting huge blocks from ground tothe elevations. Drive around the construction sites.Enjoy whateveryou like in this whopping constructor tycoon trucks and citybuilding heavy trucks simulator, the picks are numerous.CityBuilder Tycoon Trucks - Construction Crane 3D Features: - AmazingCity Builder Experience- High Quality Graphics & SmoothGameplay- Drive & Park Heavy Machinery- Crane OperatorSimulation- Smooth Controls & Challenging Objectives
Moto Pizza Delivery Bike: Deliver Pizza in City 1.1
Hey pizza delivery rider boy, take out your moto pizza deliverybike and get onto the duty, the orders are ready to be picked upand deliver to the customers waiting for the pizza, watch out forthe obstacles and city traffic rush to reach for the delivery ontime to become the ultimate delivery moto pizza delivery rider.Take out the fear factor and dare to ride the amazing moto pizzadelivery bike loaded with pizzas of various flavors, show your bikerider skills in the traffic jams in the city streets. Specialorders for Italian stallion is given by some old customers, you area genuine pizza boy to make all delivery on time to earn tips. Thisbike supply rider boy is specially designed for the people who likerole-playing games. Get your motor bike bike ready and standby forinstant orders from city pizzeria takeaway shop, deliver the besthot n tasty cheesy, spicy Sicilian, fajita, chicken or beef withveggie toppings as ordered by the customers deliver oven hotservice.While on the driving duty, do not perform bike stunts orjumps on the way for the supply, ride your moto bike carefully ascity roads are bumpy, jumpy and treacherous. Deliver hot Italiancuisine pizzeria on time to get some handsome tips from thecustomers. Be the best restaurant to in services, many people areusing free transfer services like Lots of pizza restaurants areusing pizza services in town on various vehicles like deliveryvans, pizza delivery drones, some restaurants are deliveringthrough modern and sports motor bikes and through boys and girls asbike riders, some pizza delivering on scooters, bicycles, tricyclesbeing used to deliver good and tasty food with dash n boltservice. Perform supply service on BMX cycle or futuristicmoto pizza delivery, its your choice, now ride the superb quad bikeand show real riding skills gøre leverancer in time. You musthave played a lot of delivery games but this moto bike extremesimulation games while performing jumps and stunts over the hotelsand restaurants rooftops and ramps, now is your chance as aprovision bike rider, you have to dare and you’re your deliverybike against the real and extreme city traffic. Pizza deliveryrider boy in city offers you to ride awesome heavy or trail bikesin extreme traffic jam city streets.Flying drone pizza is also apopular mode to send the yummy treats rite at the drone landing padof the customer rooftop or at the doorstep. Go around the city forservice to the clients on pizzeria moto pizza bike, your goal is toride the bike, get off and open the hot oven carrier box, take outthe ordered parcel and walk towards the customer location anddeliver the oven fresh delicious hot pizzas to the customers.Deliver hot Italian pizzeria package to earn good tip fromclient. Take the maximum orders to deliver for deliciousItalian pizzeria in town, ride your cargo box carrier as an ownerof the best fast food chain in town. As a delivery moto pizzadelivery rider provide all fast food items burgers, fries, pizza,sandwich and all food and pizza items.
Extreme Offroad Bike: Bike Rider Hill Climb Stunts 1.2
Take your motocross dirt bike out for an offroad extreme drive,ride all around the hill climb mountain and indulge into the rallyrace of motocross bikers and highway offroad riders.Let the extremeoffroad hill mountain riders show the daredevil stunts on the hillytracks around the most thrilling terrain while experiencing intensedangers that will have you on the edge of your motorbike driver’sseat. Its off road means no straight roads and no limits, evade andcross hurdles and obstacles to complete the extreme off road stuntrider missions. Steer your best motor bike through sandy deserts,running paddy waterfalls, muddy dirt paths and rocky climbmountains. Survive the most iconic island slides and hills over theextreme green bay racing rally track. Indulge yourself into dirtbike trails and frenzy mania.As a real stunt man and extremedaredevil stunt maniac moto rider, drive your motorcycle throughthe most epic motorway arena. Become an epic tricky stunt daredeviland legend off-road rider of this epic moto hill climb rally bikeracing team and chase your dreams as a pro dirt bike highway rider.Steering these amazing and legendary mountain bikes are never easyto ride with so much fun as this extreme off road rider hill climbstunt frenzy mania epic features. Enjoy the rally race and get thereal offroad motocross riding experience by playing the realisticextreme offroad hill climb scrambler simulator game. Become anextreme and ultimate biking legend as an experience motor bicyclehill climber and motobike tricky bike Stuntman, pick your favoritedirt mountain pushbikes and perform mid-air ramps jumps and crazytricky stunts. As the best racer go offroad on hilly alleysavoiding hurdles without crashing into the trees or falling off thecliffs, be the best motor runner in this route 66.Show your classas a speed racer in this world moto race rally, let the BMX ridersand motocross motorbikers start the chase with extreme grand automotocross, you have to go too fast with furious speedy skills inthis offroad mountain rally racing, got get caught by themotorcycle and motorbike riders chasing you in this extreme motostunt racing competition. Take the short route 66 and use BMX motospeed rider on the hill mountain as you have a champion’sreputation.As a real racing moto highway rider and trafficstuntman, climb onto the dangerous hilly roads and treacherousterrains as this offroad bike racing simulator is a real fun totestify your skills. Perform tricky daredevil stunts under extremeweather conditions with slippery mountain treks. Be the mostintense and quickest racer and show your bike riding skills in thisstunt game, perform stunts on your trail dirtbike, wear your ridinggears with helmet and kick start your mountain bike, be thecompetitive and intense stunt adventurer. This Extreme Offroad BikeRider Hill Climb Stunts racing frenzy fever mania is all aboutmotorbike skills, control as you ride on motorways across theramps, jumps, barrels and obstacles. Extreme Offroad rider mania isone of the best Moto GP stunt racing is for the best road mastersand highway mountain provisos. You need extreme daring tricky stuntskills for performing bicycle trail to be a legendary offroadlegend of motor Bike Rider Hill Climb Stunts.Offroad Bike RiderHill Climb Stunts Features:• Realistic stunt ramps and stunts•Unique, rough and dangerous stunts• Exciting 3D graphics•Challenging obstacles and hurdles• Hill Climb Mountain 3Denvironment.• Smooth & easy gameplay.• Highly detailedmotorbikes
Police Chase Criminal Escape 2.0
The escaped underworld mafia criminal and former undercovergangster spy agent have managed to escape and jail break theprison, brave police cops are in pursuit to hunt down criminal onthe rampage, as a real police bike officer rush and chase to grabthis opportunity in this hunting operation, hold your police bikeand chase criminal of hard time jailbreak. As a police cop of NYPDyou have been trained in the US Police academy to face all types ofsituations, survive the brutal attack and fight for your country.As an efficient hero killer police bike officer, you have beenassigned to rush and dash these escape criminals and downtowngangsters linked to the underworld mafia heroes and put them backinto the jail and city prison. Take up this endless police chasecriminal runner on city roads and busy street traffic for theforces gangster chase pursuit. Trained at the US armed forcespolice academy you can arrest the most wanted prisoner with specialUS police squad specialized in crime control of the city traffic.The escaped prisoners are the mafia hero killers and have committedcrimes, load your weapon, get onto your motocross sports motorbikeand start the take out your motocross patrol motorbike and speed upthe pursuit of criminal escaped from the city jail, these robbersand gangster mafia are the motocross racers and have good agilitytactics. Police chase and racing pursuit for criminal, gangstersand robbers in on the tough, use the super nitro speed to huntcrooks getting away in public cars, heavy highway trucks andsnatched automobiles at gunpoint, enjoy this thriller adventurechase in Police Chase Criminal Escape and get hands on thejailbreak hard time prisoners, capture them on the spot. Catch thegangster syndicate and rouge convicts engaged in criminal scene invendetta city. In spite of the heavy surveillance and guardsdeputed in the jail these thugs have managed to break the prisonthe police chase and thief mafia pursuit is an excellent thrillerand adventure 3D simulator. Police bikes are powered by boostersand nitro with top speed to chase criminals and bank robbers on theroad. These evil killer heroes are really dangerous in the trafficchase and have committed offensive crimes. Patrol the jail andprison nearby area and search the supermarkets and shopping mallsas these are the best hideouts for the mafia gangsters to mix upwith innocent city people.Play your role as an amazing racer andbiker and specialist of criminal chase on two wheeler motocrossbike to fight furious gangsters and wipe out the lawbreakers escapefrom this lockout prison jail, perform daredevil road stunts whilechasing, rush through the downtown tunnels and bridges and wipe outthe criminal brawl and underworld gangster mafias. As a popularfigure and real hero highway police bike squad officer, transportand move prisoners and criminals from jail to jail, put the escapedcriminals behind bars, let the patrol dogs watch jail and prisonarea, keep your assault gun and weapon on your police bike, chaseand shoot the offenders and escape crooks, hit their cars withbullets and stop them at any cost. This Police Chase CriminalEscape 3D simulator is an extreme motorcycle rush game. Ridesuperfast motocross motorbikes and dash the escape criminals withstolen cars and vehicles. Drift your sports bikes with furiousspeed and gallop to catch the crooks to race high speed chase onthe city roads.Police Chase Criminal Escape Features:• Extreme RoadRacing Chase.• Amazing stunts & bike patrolling.• MafiaWarlords Missions.• Amazing city environment • Realistic gameplay•Furious Bike Riding.
Superhero Ninja War: Final Battle 3D 1.2
Superhero is out in the town after spending some hard time in thecity prison as a prisoner, now free and is out to take the revengefrom his rivals and brutal enemies. Trained by the legendary blackninja samurai this superhero is now a professional daredevil dragonninja warrior samurai ready for the epic war of the final battleand is on his way into the corrupted world to revenge his familyfrom the hand of the sprite Azashi. With superior acrobatic anddeadly weapons, Oyamashi is ready to face menacing traps andenemies who have sworn to safeguard Azashi the underworld load ofgangster, mafia and criminals. Let’s fight and see who is thesuperhero mortal champion of the underworld downtown. Join the warof final battle with clans as a ninja, killing every assassin.Theextreme mafia existence is taking up the criminal war over thecrime city and superhero ninja is the only savior of the innocentpeople and survivor of the city. As a superhero ninja assassinwarrior, you are a specially trained as a daredevil warlord legendof Kung Fu, you are here to eliminate the shadow of the cartelcolossal titans’ alliance increasing in the grand city of crime.Prepare for the epic warlord combat of angry assassin mortalfighting action warrior. The annoyed mafia boss and gangster mobsare robbing and spreading terror. The superhero ninja war and finalbattle is all about eliminating the bad guys in this amazing saga,be a legendary fighter of the dash and wipe out the clan of theunderworld criminals with your mighty samurai fist. This superheroninja war final battle is an action packed thriller game with angryemotion and destructive ninja battle and combat with colossaltitans and alliances to take revenge of the shadow ancestors,warlord dragons and samurai assassins, prepare yourself for thedestruction of city mafia gangsters in angry assassin fightingfeat, use your super powers, this ninja war final battle demandsyou to show your skills as a superhero martial arts warlordspecialist, master of legend survival and the superhero of thecentury. Perform the best war tactics in this final battle to fightwith your unique shadow warrior weapons to survive this deadlycartel fight with the underworld gangster stealth mafia along withrival enemies like armed soldiers, guards and sword masters.As asuperhero ninja legend, fight the war of your life in this finalbattle 3D simulator, your mission is to fight with the mafiagangsters, criminal secret agents of underworld and to find theundercover kidnappers, fight with the warlord warrior monster andkill each and every miserable mafia criminal prisoner rand awayfrom the city prison. As ninja power superhero, this is your secretmission, you can use combos of fighting with various weapons,nunchakus, samurai sword in this realistic angry fighter world ofwars and battles to be the daredevil conqueror of the dungeons.It’shigh time to show off your extreme superhero skills as a dragonninja samurai of dark shadows attack your opponents and enemieswith martial arts and Kung fu moves using lethal and deadly weaponsto eliminate all the mafia thugs, criminals, secret agents andgangster bosses.Superhero Ninja War: Final Battle 3D Features:•Stealth City scape missions!• Kill ninja enemies using lethalWeapons.• Combat with dragons, monsters, criminals, gangsters.• Bea Superhero ninja savior of the city.• Amazing 3d Graphics, castle,cartel environment• Brilliant Sound Effects.
City Delivery boy Simulator: Delivery Bike Stunts 1.1
Hey city delivery boy and mailman, get onto your BMX bike anddeliver post and parcels to the city residents, simulate onto yourmotorbike and perform stunts while you deliver important letters,postal mails, parcels and packages picking up from city post officeand courier service delivery counters. Your daily tasks includenewspaper, magazines material into the sim city town as residentsneeds newspapers early in the morning.Be the best paper deliveryboy of the city, use your speedy motorbike, or bicycle and simulateall over the metropolis, perform stunts on your way in this modernscooter and BMX motorbike delivery game. Ride your two wheeler andperform your duty with pride, deliver postal goods and newspapersin the busy town of this beautiful sim city, ride your tron BMXbike for the best BMX bike transport service in town, alleys andstreets. Throw the newspapers as mentioned in your roster, deliveryboy / mailman job is not easy, ride your motorbike or BMX bicycleearly in the morning without sunlight, perform stunts and delivergoods in the municipality. Role yourself as the one of the bestmail delivery boy and stuntman in the metropolitan with extrastunts riding skills, help your courier company by delivering mailthroughout the grand city with lots of autos running all over thestreets, watch out for angry dogs in the dark, sharp spikes to bustyour tires. Collect stamps and payments from the customersdirectly. Be careful and mind the city busy traffic with hugemonster trucks, cars, heavy cranes with closed roads in hightraffic and blockage stop your way to the destination while ridingthe bike with heavy parcels, show your rally racing skills andstunt riding techniques on the high speed roads. Many streets androads in the town are under construction and the roads are allhumpy, jumpy and messed up, make sure you don’t be in the stuntmode, as your delivery BMX bike gets deflated very quickly. Be thebest BMX bike rider and moto cargo delivery boy riding heavy ordirt bike, enjoy the crazy killer stunts on motorbike in thissimulator game with extreme biking and frenzy mania skills innewest adventure game if you are riding in trail or dirt bike.Thebest delivery boy and mailman BMX rider in the town and city makingway through the crowded streets of the busy metropolitan exhibitingdaredevil hero stunts on the two wheeler motocross bike, ridinglike a furious bullet and fast as light going on the cargotransport on the extreme moto bike. Transport all your cargo goodsloaded up into your delivery box, be the best delivery rider anddriver, use tron motorbike and bicycle for small cargo, parcels andletters and postage mail transporter for the huge and bulk boxesand packages Become a ruthless carter, messenger and city mailmanboy. In this city delivery boy deliver post mail & message onstunt BMX bike simulating as a rush rider and cargo van driver,like an experience truck transporter for delivering letters, cargo,courier parcels & other gift packages to the destined addressesof the city. Fulfill your city delivery boy and mailman services tobe the perfect extreme and crazy BMX bike rider of thetown.Customers are waiting for their parcels and packages,newspapers and letters, ride on your scooty scooter tron bike orpostal delivery van in this adventure futuristic tron bike ridingand stunt performing city rider boy simulating all over themetropolis. Get onto your scooty scooter or motorbike and be thedelivery boy driver and make sure to deliver the important lettersand cargo goods to the right customers at their doorsteps, don’tlose any customer or delivery wrong packages to the customers asthis will ruin your reputation. City Delivery boy Simulator:Delivery bike Stunts Features:• Challenging Delivery Missions, •Beautiful 3D Grand city.• Realistic Cargo Handling.• Easy &Smooth gameplay• Best BMX, Dirt and Heavy Bikes.
Blocky Car Craft Parking Sim 1.0
Enjoy the blocky car craft-parking simulator and park the blockshaped cubical tory cars in this fun filled colorful kids parkinggame; enjoy the 3D blocks and simulator designed specially for kidsand toddlers. Blocky Car Craft Parking is a simple 3D toy and blockshaped car space game with a clear concept of square shaped cars tobe parked accurately, kids will learn to park colorful cars allaround the blocked shaped city with shops and areas, blocky shapedbuildings, bridges and walkway areas specially designed for them,the game plan is simple but mastering the car in this craft styletask while simulating is really challenging. Blocky Car CraftParking game is super and addictive, kids, toddlers and adults allwill love to play this awesome, legendary and amazing stunt runnercars running all over the city, all you can enjoy in this game asyou can play the role of an expert block shaped cuboid driver whodrives different types of cars and looking for parking lot andplaces all over the block shaped city.Blocky Car Craft simulatoroffers the players an immaculate scope to test their driving,simulating parking skills with different type of blocky shaped ,trucks, vans and many block and square shaped vehicles, this gamesis a basic simulator as most of the games you have played and itssimple, you only need to have some steering wheel movement andsense of vehicle simulating and controlling technique and you canapply this to Car Craft Parking simulator what you do in real lifewhile parking in the lots. Car Craft simulator is a realistic fungame along with a learning curve for beginners who can learnsimulate in the blocky city maneuver a while speeding up, slowingdown, avoiding obstacles, carefully turnings and more to learn thesimulator parking game. Blocky Craft Parking simulator starts withsimple tasks your blocky , van or truck in the designated spotwithout hindering your path with any obstacles but as the gameprogresses the mission and tasks gets little difficult but its goodthat you can learn and tis a real to test for your simulatingabilities and skills as an expert simulator, all it required alittle attention while simulating . Blocky Car Craft Parking iswonderful and challenging way to test your simulating and drivingskills in multiple levels carefully designed so that you can enjoythe , vans and trucks. If you are learning to drive, park or justwanting to practice reverse or parallel parking techniques, thensimulator 3D is your right choice which includes awesome dynamicsand extravagant 3D graphics of blocky simulator game will keep youhigh on alert and engrossed on your smart phones and tablets.Blocky Car Craft Parking simulator 3D is a game for all ages,specially kids will love this simulator as it is specially designedfor kids and grownups as well, kids can simulate and enjoysimulation while using wonderful toy , it can be real fun whileplaying Blocky Car Craft Parking simulator 3D.
Mafia Crime City Fighter - Gangster Survival
The commando shooter is back in town for thesurvival of this beautiful city. Grand city is piled up with mafiagangsters and criminal escape prisoners. The armed forces havetaken over the area to raise crime city fight. Survival rescueagainst the dangerous mafia gangsters and legend warriors ofunderworld. Criminal Russian mafia cartel are dangerous terroristescaped from hard time prisoners. As an elite fighter of commandoyour duty is to rescue innocent citizens of grand city. Paybackthese mafia crime city Russian gangsters and brawl against the mostwanted criminals. This impossible mafia crime city fighter is anultimate survivor in this amazing grand survival criminal actionthriller.You have been assigned a high level secret mission. This involvessniper shooting and assassination of terrorist mafia group. Rescuecitizens and fellow agents captured by captured by underworldmafia. As professional trained fighter and spy, execute dangerousoperations inside the grand city. Perform hero survival missions.Take down terrorist enemy sniper and armed gangsters with assaultshooting. Spy and assassinate and play key role to serve yourcountry like a real hero fighter. Sneak inside the gangland as spyagent. Breach enemy hard time and steal sensitive information.Mafia Godfather is planning an assassination mission for highprofile persons, engage your survival mission to save them. As aspecialist crime city fighter and sniper shooter mix in public forstealth operation of grand city. Use your Sniper shooting skills toassassinate the gangsters & thugs.You are a top rated high level trained secret mafia crime cityfighter and survival hero. Just get started using your elite sneakyskills to win the war against crime. Enjoy one of the best survivalcriminal crime city game. Complete various tasks and engage extremecrime city fight. Perform operation for survival of grand cityagainst evil mafia survival criminals. Use deadly arms and weapons.Create panic and chaos inside mafia gangs. Crime City Mafia isengaged in robbery, extortion and gang brawl. Engage war againstterror, gather your team of armed forces, mark checkpoints.Become hero and face the crime city mafia armed forces, let themknow you are a true army commando hero survival mission. Climb therooftop and mark Russian mafia cartel thugs. Survive the citybattlefield and complete FPS survival fighter games mission. Deploythe critical squad force shooting hero mission and assassin mafiarival fight. The Russian terrorists occupied the grand city. Acceptthe mission of the army warrior blood. Destroy terrorists, attackenemy base around the grand crime city.Trained at the US army school you have to show your professionalfighter skills. Eliminate super-villains in this ultimate MafiaCrime City Fighter-Gangster Survival Criminal. The greedy Russianmafia cartel and Godfather has given a brawl against his mostdangerous line-up of crime master villains. Survival fighter, savepeople from these evil killer shadows in ultimate combat. Capturemost wanted criminals of grand city. Show your fighter agilitypower on your enemy heads.Mafia Crime City Fighter Gangster Survival Criminal 3DFeatures:• Amazing 3D City Environment.• Challenging Survival / Rescue Missions.• Climb, Walk, Run and Fly in the air.• Real life sound effects• Addictive game play• Engaging rescue missions
Real Garbage Truck & Trash Truck: City Cleaner 3D 1.1
The beautiful town is getting polluted, it’s high time to be aperfect real road garbage truck and trash dump truck driver &cleaner. Take out your road garbage dump truck to collect all therecycle compost from the alleys and streets to make the citycleaner and green and be the best junk truck driver in town.Holdyour steering and steer the realistic wheel of the huge citygarbage and trash collection truck, clean streets, alleys andmunicipal, empty the sweeper scrap cans and dustbins all around thegreen town, the pollution in the city is immense. Your mission isto clean the rubbish from town. Once you collected all garbagetruck drive your dump truck to dispose of all the waste injunkyard. Clean up the town and make your metropolitan healthyand beautiful, test your driving skills, handle the giant jumbo 4x4or 6x6 dump & sweeper trash truck, collect city garbage trashand take it to the recycle for processing, it is your duty to cleanup the streets with huge pile of rubbish all over the streets inthis great garbage trash lorry and be the best city cleaner.Thegrand city is crowded with trash bins holding recycle items like,glass, papers and plastic materials and are overloaded with rubbishmaking a lot of mess on the streets, the streets are smelly andstinky with lots of waste scattered on the floor as the trash binsare overloaded. Load all your equipment and workforce and take themout to clean the city streets, let the sweepers perform their jobto collect the sweeper scrap and city garbage into the trashtrucks. Let them clean and wash the streets to disinfect fromgerms. There are piles of debris all over the town due to heavyconstructions, the city builders are building huge skyscrapers,shopping malls, food courts using heavy duty cranes, the dumpersare picking up the debris but making the city streets dusty withsand airing out from the dumper trucks. It is your job to clean thestreets and avoid obstacles, you have to be an expert trucker anddriver while driving this mega monster loader and dump truck. Driveand collect the huge piles of debris and sand and hop in yourloader cleaner the stack and dump it in the wagon. your job is toclean up the streets by collecting all the trash garbage withsweeper trucks, once you collect all the trash and mess from thecity streets, take your automobile for washing in the truck washingarea and then part it in the special car parking lot truck parkingzone and area for next day work. Play your role as the bestAmerican trucker and hauler of the urban garbage truck, drivemassive garbage vehicles, don’t drive in furious mode and avoidaccidents with the traffic. Too fast driving will let you have agrand auto accident on the busy roads, avoid traffic violationsdon’t crash your pickup lorry on the busy roads. Secure your debristruck with proper locking and using best hydraulics to clean amunicipal and maintain healthy and hygienic environment, clean andpickup rubbish from dustbins, sweeper trashcans, waste collectionpoints from different locations and reach your destination with allthe recycle garbage use dump truck to dispose trash and rubbish.Drive garbage trucks around the metropolis, following your routefind and collecting city garbage from collection points and thenreach dump station with all the compost to successfully completedthe level.This dump truck and refuse simulator is really on of therealest dump truck and compost collection unit. Driving a realgarbage trash sweeper truck cleaner 3D in a real big 3D city isreally fun but can also be a bit of a challenge. Driving around inregular city cars or other small vehicles is easier than drivingaround in this big garbage truck. Real Garbage Trash Truck:City Cleaner 3D features include:• Stunning 3D graphics• Garbagetrucks with amazing controls• Multiple camera views• Realistic cityenvironments• Exciting trash collecting and dumping missions
Helicopter War Gunship Attack 1.1
The country is in the state of war. Airbase is ready for thehelicopter war gunship attack. Become an ace pilot of globalhelicopter war. Engage into combat battle mission with desertgunship helicopter. Fly the aerial battle chopper in freehelicopter war game. Feel the action and thrill of gunship aircombat attack, this helicopter is loaded with machine guns, guidedmissiles, heat traps, camouflage and decal types.Helicopter wargunship attack is the most powerful gunner cobra war helicopter.Load your heavy machine guns and missiles. Slay hordes of enemiesacross the enemy base. Get your war gunship helicopter attack inwar strike in air to air battle. As an army commando helicoptershooting pilot demolish the enemy military bases. Your mission isto destroy enemy areas. As an army cobra chopper ace pilots engagegunship strikes. Your apache cobra chopper helicopter is full ofammo and heavy equipment.Initiate frontline gunship attack andrescue mission. Save your base and destroy enemy troopers. Helpyour soldiers & commandos to attack forward with air strikesupport. Take your navy helicopter into air battle gunship warfare.Helicopter War Gunship Attack game is designed to increase yourfighting and shooting skills. Take down all enemy fighters and warhelicopters simulators before they land at your army base. Rememberyou are a lone survivor ace pilot of this mission.Test your aircombat pilot fighting skills, engage combat helicopter gunner waroperation in desert gunship. Enemy is in air with most powerfulmilitary helicopters and war planes. The can strike with clusterbombs at your naval bases. Save empire and throne of your country,charge your waypoints and destroy enemy. Take control of your eliteanti-terrorist heli battle gunships. Unleash a devastating attackon tanks via aerial helicopter attack. Aim, shoot and kill theenemy soldiers with brutal gunship air attack. Become a realhelicopter ace pilot hero of this game. Engage dogfight withdifferent fighter jets and secure your airbase. Navigate throughyour air control tower. Follow orders from your air commandofficer. Launch rockets and missiles around enemy hideouts.Initiate to assassin the opponent military with apache gunshipcobra helicopter simulator free. Survive your gunship war copterwith accident and take the shot with precision and accuracy.Getready to feel the real helicopter war gunship attack. Loaded withexceptional weapon systems and guns like M16, RPG and AK47 assaultrifles. Hold trigger and shoot at will in commando games withcombat warfare thriller. Lead your gunship war squad tovictory. Enemy have left a large portion of weapons and arsenal ofdifferent guns and explosives in their bunkers. Send your bestfrontline commandos to collect them. Transport the injured warsoldiers from the battlefield, deploy tam of mercenaries to takerevenge from your enemies. Move sharpshooters and medics. Move outof the battlefield. Build protective shield for snipers, tanks,helicopters and drones to be deployed at enemy borders.HelicopterWar Gunship Attack Features:• Best Apache Cobra Helicopters.• AirStrike Missions.• Landing & Takeoff operations.• Challengingtasks.• Realistic Sound Effects.• Amazing 3D environment.