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Open Face Chinese Poker 4.0.1
The hottest new variant of Chinese Poker iscalled Open Face - Chinese Poker. Instead of in traditional ChinesePoker where you get 13 cards at once, in Open Face Poker you get 5cards at once and then each player draws one after the other. It isthrilling until the last card is placed, because any card can winthe match. That is totally different to Texas Holdem Poker, whereyou do not see all cards at all times. In Open Face Chinese Pokerthere is absolutely no bluffing, pokerface or discretion during ahand needed, because all the information is visible to any playerat all times! It is also very different to Texas Holdem or PotLimit Omaha Poker, because you are involved in every single hand!There is no booring waiting for good cards anymore, you havethrilling action all the time and instantly! So forget about thebooring days of Texas Hold'em where only the most patient playerswould win and start playing and beeing involved in every singlehand, now! ENJOY!# Free live realtime online multiplayer with timebank.# You can always track your highscore and compare to otherplayers.# Each hand you play adds up to your personal statisticspage.Chinese Poker is the english name of this card game, because itoriginates in China where it is called Pusoy or Xập Xám Chướng.This game is very famous in Russia and therefore called RussianPoker also. Some others may recognize it as a variant of Big Twoand the shortname is OFC Poker or 13 Card Poker.Fantasyland:Any Free-Club members can qualify for Fantasyland in theOnline-Mode, you have to get QQ+ on the top row. Golden Clubmembers can choose if they would like to have TT+/JJ+ or QQ+ruling. Golden Club and Silver Club members get free Fantasylandsas well. You can find out more about that on our website Golden Club offers 12 different decks/card styles, including afour-color-deck for Golden Club members.The variety of card decks goes from inverse to jumbo and customcards.Multiplayer-Mode:Play against hundreds of different opponents from all over theworld, in realtime!Just start your game, and the app will find you an opponent whileyou place your first five cards.Leaderboard:Compete against the best players worldwide in theleaderboards.Always keep track of your current leaderboard position, on yourstatistics page.Replays:Every single hand you play is available for you to watch as areplay!You can even watch the best replays worldwide.Statistics:On your statistics page you can see your current fishlevel, you cangrow from a clownfish to a white shark.You can also see how many games you played and won.Or how often you got a royalty and how much your average points pergame are.Best Hand:Your best hand is automatically saved and displayed at the bottomof the statistics page.So if you ever get a Royal Flush in the middle you can be sure tonever forget that and brag to all of your friends.Tutorial: you have any feature requests or feedback to share, feel freeto contact luck and Have Fun at the table!