The Mascoteers Apps

360 Degree 3.5.1
The most addictive game EVER, 360 degree will mess with your headand have you clicking that replay button for hours on end. Once youtry this fantastic arcade style game you will be hooked forever! In360 Degree you guide your bouncing ball to a safe landing whileavoiding the spikes and collecting rewards. Harking back to some ofthe very first classic arcade games, you are required to swivelyour compass to the right and left while watching your score climbin this addictive, fast paced arcade style game. With downloadsclimbing to over 2 million, 360 Degree has been hailed as one ofthe best free android arcade games available today. So much morethan a free arcade game, 360 Degree tests your accuracy, reflexesand reaction time and challenges the player’s ability to multitask. Utilising the latest touch screen technology, the colourfulgraphics and clever gameplay make this game perfect for any agegroup - kids, teens and adults young and old. FEATURES: • Enjoy thetouchdown of smooth and sleek angular motion • Tap left or right torotate the compass 360 degrees • Collect Diamonds to gain points •Collect Diamonds, Shields and Rubies to complete achievements andunlock levels • Collect Rubies to change the look of your ball •Test your reaction time and reflexes • Simple, intuitivefunctionality • Colourful interactive design • Addictive and fastpaced • New bonus round -------------------------------------- Welove all our fans and with over 2 million downloads it’s nice toknow you love us too, thank you for all your amazing feedback andideas, you have helped make 360 Degree one of the best arcade gamesfor android even more addictive. NOTE: •This app may require readand write permissions to your storage for score share feature
Swiperoo 1.6.0
Swiperoo is the latest addictive game from The Mascoteers.Utilisingthe smartphone’s touch screen technology, Swiperoo challenges yourobservation powers and reaction times. This compelling, colourfulgame will have you addicted in no time as you challenge yourselfand watch your points climb.Swipe left, right, up and down torotate your colourful cube as it flips through space. Thischallenge is a race against time as the seconds count down, makingit very easy to make a mistake which will send you right back tothe beginning.Swiperoo is fantastic for young and old to play in aspare moment and will motivate the competitive among us to comparescores and aim for more points every time.FEATURES:• Enjoy thecompelling 3D visuals• Swipe left, right up or down to swivel thecube• Choose your direction correctly to gain points• Challengeyour reflexes and accuracy• Fast paced and very addictive• Sharescores and screenshots with friends • Fantastic to play for youngand old• Simple to learn but challenging to masterNOTE:• This appmay require read and write permissions to your storage for scoreand game screenshot share feature
Circlify 2.1.0
Experience the exhilarating, hypnotic new puzzle game Circlify,available for free in the Play Store now!From the creative mindsthat brought you Swiperoo and 360 Degree comes this completelyunique and somewhat perplexing game that challenges your speed,timing and focus!The aim of the game is to survive as long as youcan in a circular maze that is forever growing and spiraling aroundyou. As your searchlight searches the walls around it, you must tapas it shines over the exit before the maze swallows you upcompletely. This makes for a puzzling experience that istailor-made to throw you off and even confuse you, while remainingextremely addictive and playable.The tension only builds as youprogress further out of (or into) the everrotating maze, as youapproach a high score and challenge friends!Features:- Clean,colourful environment and smooth interface- Intense, hypnotic andsomehow relaxing all at once- Appropriate for all ages- Gets youhooked within 2-3 plays- Unique and original, no other game likeit!Can you keep your head under pressure and find a route throughthe maze? Download Circlify today and find out if you’re up for thechallenge!NOTE:• This app may require read and write permissions toyour storage for score share feature
Planet Surfer - Space Flight Simulator Rocket Game 1.5.0
Get amped up for a deep-space puzzle adventure experience like noother! Planet Surfer is the latest release from The Mascoteers andit’s all about quick wits, split-second decisions and rocket-ships- truly a match made in heaven!Interplanetary exploration is thename of the game - the further you travel through space, the higheryour score becomes. The goal is to successfully jump from planet toplanet before they are out of reach, avoiding obstacles in the wayand doing so before the planet shrinks down to an unworkable size.Timing is key here and navigating your way through space junk,other rocket ships and ‘dead’ planets quickly becomes a challengenot every space adventurer is cut out for. Collect star fragmentsfor analysis along the way and pick up extra points, but be carefulbecause going after them in the wrong situation can cost you yourlife. Also keep in mind that you never know what the far reaches ofthe galaxy hold, so always be on guard for strange phenomenon. Ifyou like a quick, intense fast-paced brand of smartphone apps,you’re going to love Planet Surfer! Download for free today and letthe deep space fun begin!NOTE:• This app may require read and writepermissions to your storage for score share feature
Stairway 2.4.4
Guide a ball down a narrow staircase, navigating all kinds of crazytwists and turns and the odd spike along the way! You’ll need totap with perfect timing to achieve a high score in thisquick-paced, addictive game from the development company thatbrought you 360 Degree and Circlify. Fail and your ball eitherexplodes or flies of the side of the stairway... The simple,original gameplay and shiny, relaxing graphics combine to give youa gaming experience that will draw you in within minutes ofplaying. Only the best will be able to keep the ball on track as itpicks up speed and the stairway becomes more and moreunpredictable, throwing just about everything at you to cause amistake. Stairway is everything you’re looking for in an app thatcan keep you amused for however long you need to kill time. Get theball rolling and download for free now! Features: Original newconcept Easy to learn with simple controls Addictive andchallenging See yourself improve within just a few plays! NOTE: •This app may require read and write permissions to your storage forscore share feature
BlockZ 1.5.0
Shape yourself up for the quick paced challenge that is BlockZ!Developed by the team that brought you such titles as Circlify andEnclose, BlockZ introduces a brand new concept that has youorganising different shapes into their corresponding frames asquickly as possible. As well as being a race against the clock,you’ll go up against subtle and not-so-subtle distractions alongthe way, including ‘ghost’ shapes to throw you off. You need toidentify what shape you’ve got, tap through the available choicesand find the match without losing your nerve. It’s all aboutconcentration and most of all quick wits!With a colourful setting,straightforward challenging gameplay and easy controls or gamers ofall ages, BlockZ is one of the best new free apps on themarket.NOTE:• This app may require read and write permissions toyour storage for score share feature
Dropple: Addicting Bounce Game 3.3.3
This best new addictive bouncing game of 2018 is for all thoselooking to beat physics. Players control the ball and watch itjump, bounce n’ hop on an endless stairway. The moving blocks ofsteps are no match for the ball. Prepare to move up and down thestaircase as well as other variations. Play in several modes,available both online and offline. Here’s the kicker: • Tap thescreen to begin the game • Watch out for the direction of themoving steps • Maintain rapid hand-eye co-ordination to place thebouncing ball. One mistake, you’re doomed • Repeat until the end oftimes! Or, lose and start again. While you are at it, see if youcan extend the 24-hour day period for you will never have enoughtime to play Dropple to your satisfaction. This game is alsoavailable online and offline. Did you have a chance to play thedifferent modes? Game doesn’t end, does it? Consider pre-signing upfor Dropple rehab because this laws-of-physics-defying game willleave you floored. Also, your phone might need an ambulance for allthe fun you have been having. Bouncing games have never been thisexciting since the apple bounced off the ground in front of IsaacNewton. Do not let the candy-colored minimalist look of the gamefool you. This seemingly harmless looking arcade game will ignitebattles between friends, family and foe to boast the superiorDropple scores. That’s enough chit-chat. Show us what you’ve gotfor The Mascoteers has plenty in store to amaze you with. NOTE: •This app may require read and write permissions to your storage forscore share feature
Vanish 1.6.0
Tap into Vanish, the original new game from The Mascoteers, theteam behind some of the most popular apps in 2016 includingCirclify and 360 Degree!Quick timing and instincts are the name ofthe game, as your job is to defend the ocean from fast-moving whiteballs falling from the sky and coming at you from all angles. Youneed quick wits and quicker reflexes in this tapping bonanza as youdefend your space and last as long as you can to get a highscore.Tap on each of the falling balls to shoot out black defensiveorbs. If you make a hit, you will zap the ball to oblivion, but ifyou miss, you’ve got another falling object to deal with as thepull of gravity will bring the ball back at you just as fast!Theaim of the game is to avoid having any ball or orb hit the waterand rack up points with every white ball you manage to ‘vanish’.You can also collect stars along the way to boost your pointtotal!Vanish makes for a great way to pass time without having todo too much thinking - perfect for when you’re traveling on publictransport or chilling at home!Give The Mascoteers’ hottest new appVanish a try today for free!NOTE:• This app may require read andwrite permissions to your storage for score share feature
Mazik 1.5.0
With The Mascoteers’ unique combination of colourful visuals andunderstated gameplay that draws you in more and more as you play,Mazik is simple fun anytime, anywhere. Enjoy the original conceptthat sees you explore a perplexing maze all the while keeping outof harm’s reach... Mazik is available for free now!Set in atwo-dimensional maze world, this arcade platform game has younavigate your character around the twists, turns and all manner ofbooby traps that are set up throughout your journey. You need totap the screen to turn at the right moment and squeeze through thesmallest of gaps, unpredictable rotating doors and dangerous movingwalls. Challenging you visually and mentally, it can be tricky tokeep up with what’s happening on your screen, but concentration iscrucial if you’re going to make it through and progress. Beingquite difficult in the early going, smart players will learn fromtheir mistakes and progress quickly, just don’t expect a walk inthe park! Things ramp up pretty quickly and the pressure will be onbefore you know it... Unpredictable, exciting gameplayEasy forbeginners and young people Share your scores online Collectpowerups to unlock new featuresFree now!NOTE:• This app may requireread and write permissions to your storage for score share feature
SeeSaw World 1.1.0
The fortunes of two characters sitting on a seesaw are in yourhands - use finesse and impeccable timing to launch them into theair and collect the goodies above! But overdo it and they mightjust jump into the dangerous spikes above.... As usual the stakesare high in the Mascoteers’ latest release! Yes, the masters ofpuzzle physics games have delivered again, providing an all new,original challenge that will put your intuitions, timing andendurance to the test. True to its name, this is a game of balancewhere the player needs to control two characters sitting on eitherside of - you guessed it - a seesaw. By controlling the speed atwhich the seesaw moves and the distribution of weight on eitherside, you’re able to determine how high each character is flunginto the air. The aim is to collect candy in the air while avoidingspikes that are constantly changing positions.The action isfast-paced from the get-go, so be ready for edge-of-your-seatgameplay!NOTE:• This app may require read and write permissions toyour storage for score share feature
Find Me 1.3.0
Find Me! is an arcade game that promises to keep you on your toeswith its fast-paced action and addictive gameplay, suitable forgaming on the go! You have just a few moments to tap the rightnumber in a series of 12; score a point by finding the number intime before doing it all again. See how long you can last! It’s anintense, fast-moving challenge for all ages as you tap your waythrough hundreds of dizzying digits, designed to distract you fromfinding the number you’re after that’s is hidden away. Remember tokeep an eye to the top of screen, where the number you need to findis shown - it changes with each successful tap. As you go on,you’ll have even less time on your hands and the margin for errorwill start closing on you fast! To get a top score, you’ll have towork up your skills and Find it! quicker than anyone else...Download Find Me! today for free!NOTE:• This app may require readand write permissions to your storage for score share feature
MineBoom - Ball Blast Bounce Game 1.0
Introducing MineBoom, an addictive, challenging, points-basedarcade game that has guiding a bouncing ball around a mine-filledenvironment! MineBoom is an edge-of-your-seat gaming experiencethat follows on from the concept explore in earlier Mascoteers’titles - Enclose and 360 Degree. This time around, you have tocontrol the movements of a ball bouncing inside a large circle,which dodging dangerous and numerous mines that are floating aroundinside. To do this, you need to rotate the circle by tapping thescreen - this controls the angles that the bouncing ball takes andalso allows for some manipulation of the mines. While they moveunpredictably and are quite large, good players are able to runscircles around them and score big points - it just takes a littlepractice before you get a feel for the game. With sharp 2Dgraphics, nice visual and quick-paced gameplay, MineBoom is a hitfor young and old and makes for a long-lasting gamingexperience.Download now for free!NOTE:• This app may require readand write permissions to your storage for score share feature
JetFly 1.3.0
JetFly is the ideal time-killing new game you’ve been looking for!It’s easy to learn with simple controls and fast-paced action thatyou can pick up and play anywhere. Tap and hold the screen toactivate your jetpack and blast up into the air, release at theright moment and if you time it all correctly your land softly onthe platform ahead. As you jetpack your way from platform toplatform, rack up points and challenge your buddies to do better!Asyou progress, the platforms will become increasingly unpredictableand in later levels will fall away within seconds of your landingon them. It requires you to jetpack more quickly and accurately tokeep the game going. Progress through impressively detailedbackgrounds and landscapes as fly your way to the top of theleaderboard, with beach, space and snow scenes that add to thevisual aspects of the game. Keep in mind that there are rubies tocollect along the way, which can be used to pay various items fromthe JetFly store to help you get higher scores...With terrificgraphics and compelling gameplay, JetFly keeps all ages entertainedfor hours on end. Download for free today!NOTE: • This app mayrequire read and write permissions to your storage for score sharefeature
Block The Ball 1.8.1
Following the release of the hugely popular 360 degree, Block theBall is a further evolution of the classic arcade gameplay our fansknow and love. This game is yet another fun, addictive app thatwill have you hooked on sight.In Block the Ball you must once againguide your ball to a safe landing, this time by carefully movingyour paddle across the bottom of the screen by tapping to move itfrom right to left. Your ball will bounce off the left and rightwalls and from the top of the screen, but don’t let it slip downbelow your bat or you’ll have to start again!This game is enormousfun and so easy to pick up and play in a spare moment, offeringfantastic intuitive controls for you hone your reaction times andreflexes, this is the perfect game to challenge your friends withand compare your scores.Following on the heels of one of the bestfree android arcade games, and one of the top free Android games360 Degree – young and old are sure to love the simple, colourfulgraphics, intuitive gameplay and addictive action, keeping everyonecoming back time and time again.-------------FEATURES:- Tap toslide your paddle from right to left- Collect the gems to gainpoints- Redeem your gems for different balls- Challenge yourreaction time and reflexes- Simple, sleek functionality-Eye-catching interactive design- Addictive, fun fast pacedgameplayNOTE:• This app may require read and write permissions toyour storage for score share feature
Enclose 1.5
The long-awaited Enclose is here with more of the classic brand ofaddictive, intense, physics-based action that you’ve come to lovefrom The Mascoteers team!The spiritual successor to the hugelysuccessful 360 Degree, Enclose utilises the same game engine butadds a number of new wrinkles, features and ideas that are sure toappease fans of the original and also new gamers unfamiliar withthe concept.The aim is to keep the ball in play for as long aspossible as it bounces around inside a large shape, which is madeup of any number of walls. By tilting your phone, you are able torotate the shape and manipulate the movement of the ball to avoidhazards and collect rubies. The challenge is to ensure none of theouter walls disappear; when they start flashing it’s high time tobounce the ball off them! Otherwise you’ll have a tough timekeeping the ball in play...As you progress and collect rubies, moreand more levels with different shapes are unlocked with even morehazards and pitfalls to challenge you! It’s all about working theangles and keeping your cool in the mayhem, when the chips aredown. How long can you keep the ball in play?Expect an evenlonger-lasting gaming experience that draws you in more and morewith every play. Download for free now and pick up where you leftof with 360 Degree!NOTE:• This app may require read and writepermissions to your storage for score share feature
Qubely 1.1.1
Introducing Qubely, the latest release from The Mascoteers! Take abouncing cube as high as you can as it ascends a tower thatmaterializes above you. Navigating these chaotic steps that ascendcan be much more difficult than it first seems...Following on fromthe basic principles of recent classics Dropple and Stairway,Qubely has the player tap to change direction, moving left, rightand straight to avoid falling off the structure and its twists andturns. To succeed, you’ll have to keep one eye on what’s happeningup ahead and another on the layout below, tapping at the right timeto keep the little cube hopping along! Mind your footing as there’smore than a few missing tiles and various hazards that are designedto slip you up. The winding, unpredictable trial to the summit ofthe tower is rife with danger, and it becomes more chaotic andunpredictable as your climb higher and higher Keep a look out forgems as well which are scattered around the structure - pick themup to unlock new features and colour schemes!NOTE:• This app mayrequire read and write permissions to your storage for score sharefeature
Smatch 1.3.1
Step into the colourful world of Smatch, the puzzle app that bringsall the best qualities of addictive gaming to the table and isavailable free now! Forget about putting your phone down for awhile as you immerse yourself in one of the most addictive newgames available. The aim is to shoot darts from a rotating innercircle, aiming for various points on the outside. By tapping thescreen at the right time, the player ensures that the next dart inline makes hits a point of the outer rim that has its correspondingcolour. As time goes on, more and more darts will be added to theinner circle, if there are too many, the game ends so it’simportant to fire them off as soon as possible! At the same time, amishit will where a blue dart hits a red part of the outer edge,for example, will mean game over... Amassing more points will meanboth the inner circle and outer edge rotate more quickly, making itmore difficult to hit your targets, making things a little moretense unpredictable. Download Smatch for free today and remember tocheck out your progress on the leader-board as you improve andprogress! NOTE: • This app may require read and write permissionsto your storage for score share feature
Tunnel - Rotator 1.7.0
Get into the mesmerising 3D world of Tunnel, where all you’ve gotto do is survive for as long as possible as you race down aninfinite tunnel! Sounds easy right? Well think again. This is noordinary tunnel - with colours, flashes and patterns that aredesigned to perplex and bamboozle, you might just have a hard timekeeping the ball on course.Anything goes as the tunnel will throwall sorts of obstacles in your path that you’ll need to skilfullydodge around and navigate, collecting coins along the way to boostyour score. Add to that various objects shooting towards youheading in the other direction and the tunnel’s tendency totransform itself into a narrow, single path at a moment’s notice -and you have quite a challenge on your hands.Good luck!NOTE:• Thisapp may require read and write permissions to your storage forscore share feature
Drumheads 1.0
Drumheads is the ultimate test of your speed and quick fingers, asyou tap your way through wave after wave of coloured drumsstreaming across the screen, which is not an easy ask by anystretch of the imagination. The premise is simple! The backgroundcolour is constantly changing; to stay in the game you’ve got totap the drums of the same colour as they move downwards. If anytiles make it to the bottom of the screen, the game is over and youhave to restart... It’s a dizzying gaming experience that is sureto test your reflexes and concentration! Look out for thefollowing! Power - If you tap a power drum, all other titles inview disappear instantly. A good time for a breather! Not only isDrumheads fast-paced and challenging, but it’s super addictive andwill keep you entertained whenever you need to kill some time!Download Drumheads today for free.NOTE:• This app may require readand write permissions to your storage for score share feature
Ticky Tap 1.7.0
More arcade-style gaming madness from The Mascoteers! Ticky Tap isa tapping challenge like no other where you have to stop thequickly rotating hands of a clock on the minutes they match up to.With each successful tap you score a point, and more hands arethrown into the mix, speeding up the game as the player hangs onfor dear life. There is next to no room for error as tapping andstopping a hand of the clock even slightly before or after thecorrect minute will result in the game ending, as will trying tobuy your time and failing to tap at all as the hand rotates. It’sas simple as matching up the colours of the hands with the coloursaround the clock, but in practice it is increasingly difficult! Anadded wrinkle is the various stars that show up around the face ofthe clock - tap when the hand passes to collect them as they canopen up exciting new clock faces and more. Ticky Tap is afast-based arcade game that will keep you on your toes andentertained for weeks. Download today for free!NOTE:• This app mayrequire read and write permissions to your storage for score sharefeature
Mad Head 1.2.0
Perfect your soccer header skills with Mad Head, available for freenow! Mad Head makes for an instantly addictive arcade gamingexperience, as you rack up points by heading as many soccer ballsas you can in succession without making a mistake.Score points bysuccessfully heading every ball that comes your way and keep itgoing as long as you can as more soccer balls are coming at you andat greater speeds! Tap the screen to jump into the air at the rightmoment to make contact - fail to time your jump correctly and it’sgame-over. Timing is key and it’s important to get in a rhythm ifyou want to put up big numbers...Mad Head’s arcade game style issure to keep you hooked for hours on end as you challenge friendsand climb the ranks on the leaderboard. Develop those headingskills and you might even see your name on top. Good luck outthere!NOTE:• This app may require read and write permissions toyour storage for score share feature
Nail It 1.9.4
It’s hammer time! Arcade game connoisseurs, get ready for anaddictive tapping experience as you launch into Nail It, TheMascoteer’s freshest title off the press. Take control of apowerful hammer as you set out to successfully hit every nail intothe timber as you move past it. Every time you hit a nail, youscore a point – miss just one and you start over. It’s abouttiming, precision and anticipation – plus there are dangers alongthe way. You’ll come across the odd spike here and there, so keepan eye out and make sure you avoid hammering them; otherwise it’sback to square one. Give yourself an advantage by hitting power-upsthat are dispersed along the timber. These boosts will make variousmodifications and upgrades to your hammer in play, giving you evenmore power, length and range, and making it easier to keep thescore moving in the right direction. Meanwhile, you’ll notice starshere and there. Definitely pick these up, as they can be used tobuy permanent tool upgrades in the Nail It store, very helpful ifyou’ve got your sights set on the top of the leaderboard. Try NailIt now for free! NOTE: • This app may require read and writepermissions to your storage for score share feature
Pogo Jump 1.1.2
Tap and hold the screen to start jumping toward the next markedcircle with your pogo stick, release at the right time to land onright ground. By jumping from one circle to another circle youcollect points. Moreover, if you can give a bull’s eye shot bylanding exactly on the red big dot inside the circles, you will getone extra point for each perfect shots. With time, the markedcircles will start appearing far from one another. You need to jumpquickly by tapping and releasing at the right time to keep the gamegoing. As you progress, you will find springs on your way. Bycollecting those springs, you can skip few circled stations andstill get the points of those skipped station. There will becandies on the circles. You can collect those candies and you willbe able to purchase more characters that Pogo jump has in its storefor you. NOTE: • This app may require read and write permissions toyour storage for score share feature
Boo Wee 1.3.1
How high up do you dare to climb? Try out Boo Wee, the arcadestyle, timing-based platform game that creates addicts out ofgamers young and old. Navigating through a unique 2D world, youwill need to hop your way from platform to platform as you movehigher, avoiding obstacles, collecting gems and utilizing varioustool along the way to advance you further. Tap the screen to jumpand launch yourself onto the platform above you. With eachsuccessful jump, you receive a point. Just keep an eye out forspikes, hollow platforms and a number of weird creatures along theway... It’s all about good timing and patience, as things get verychaotic as you advance to the higher stages! Keep an eye out forsprings that bounce you up even higher, adding to your score.Features: Lots of fun for all ages Simple and easy to play at anytime, no matter Collect gems and use them to buy various items inthe store! Fun cartoony graphics and soundtrack to add to theexperience Share you score with friends and watch yourself advanceup the leaderboard! Download Bow Wee for free today and join thefun! NOTE: • This app may require read and write permissions toyour storage for score share feature
Carpenter : Axe Champ Wood Cutter Game 1.3.4
The new game by the Mascoteers – “Carpenter” will literally giveyou the feel of being a carpenter as you have to slice timbersalong with many different kind of woods and pipes. Tap and hold onthe screen at the right time to cut the marked area. Every time yousuccessfully cut, you score a point. If you miss a single time, youhave to start over again. Many stars will show up for you duringthe game. You have to cut the area with the star sign to achievethose stars. Try to collect as many stars as possible to unlockmore powerful saws and tools from the purchase page. The game isfun and all about timing but you have to be aware of the oddobstacles that come along. Never tap on the bombs that show up.Avoid those bombs and stay in the game for a longer time. The fastpace gameplay can drive you crazy. Being wide-awake and tapping onthe right time is the only way to keep yourself in this slicingsaga. So, it’s time to start sawing and be a hard-core Carpenter!!Download Carpenter for free now! NOTE: • This app may require readand write permissions to your storage for score share feature
Dotzy 1.3.0
A unique mix of edge-of-your-seat gameplay and originality! Dotzyis set in a futuristic 2D maze which you need explore to findvarious stick objects as the clock counts down. Rotate your wayaround walls, ceilings and various objects to destroy otherstick-shaped objects quickly and efficiently. Tap to rotate yourstick by tapping the screen and remember to keep your cool! This isa game that is all about finding a rhythm so keeping calm andcollected is the key. The physics and graphics engine make playingDotzy a mesmerizing experience and it requires timing andprecision. The levels become more and more difficult as youprogress, and it’s all about keeping advancing for as long as youcan to the higher stages of the game. Features • Free to downloadand play!• Collect stars through the levels to buy upgrades in theDotzy store• Can be played by young and old• Original and uniqueconcept• Fun, colourful graphics• Numerous levels that increase indifficultyNOTE:• This app may require read and write permissions toyour storage for score share feature
FrameZ 1.0.0
An instantly addictive, physics-based game that doesn’t take a hugecommitment but will have you playing for hours on end! FrameZ isfast, challenging and addictive, as you have to tap with perfecttiming to ensure the growing shapes fit into their frames. Eachlevel presents you with a series of random frames, with shapesinside them growing at a rapid pace. Your job is to tap the screenat the exact moment they grow into their frames and not a momentlater! After completing the series of five or six, you’re onto thenext stage, where things move even faster and the difficultyrises.How far can you make it? Features: Various, unpredictableshapes to play with Numerous levels of increasing difficultyFunkysoundtrack and retro graphicsEasy to pick up and play wherever youareShare your progress with friends on social media Large communityof players to compete against and leaderboardHaving issues with thegame? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and feel free to leaveus your feedback!NOTE: • This app may require read and writepermissions to your storage for score share feature
Bumble Up 1.4.4
Put your tapping skills to the test with Bumble Up, the brand newarcade game from The Mascoteers! Climb the stairs while dodging thevarious shapes and objects that are tumbling down at break neckspeed. You have the ability to move left, right and upwards,hopping as you go and navigating the perils and danger thatsurrounds you. One strategy is to take it slow and steady; hoppingalong steps, waiting for the right time and making a dash when yousee that opening. Another strategy, which we’d highly recommend, isto put the pedal to the metal and dash your way up the stairs,dodging obstacles by instinct! Find a strategy that works for youand see how high a score you can get. WARNING: highly addictive!Expect to not be able to put the phone down for weeks! Features:All kinds of weird and unpredictable objects falling down thestairs as you climb them More difficult the higher you climbChanging backdrop to keep you guessing Collect crystals to buyitems in the store Download and play for free! Having sometechnical issues with Bumble Up? Contact us NOTE: • This app may require read and writepermissions to your storage for score share feature
Trash It Dove 1.0.0
Help the dove trash some eggs! Trash It Dove – is an arcade stylecasual game. A dove that stays in the same place will wreck theeggs that are coming towards it. Tap on the right to break eggs onright, and tap left to break eggs on the left. Tap on the wrongside and it will be a game over.Be careful about the timing. As,when the time bar will run out of time, the game will automaticallyend.The game is simple and fun, with fascinating graphics,addictive gameplay, and exhilarating background music.NOTE:• Thisapp may require read and write permissions to your storage forscore share feature
Download the funnest, freshest arcade game for your phone today!Ringle promises hours of finger-tapping fun as you help threecharacters scale their way up a disc-tower. The higher you go, thehigher you score! Tap the screen to pull a disc out of the tower.The aim is to ensure that the characters always have a disc tobounce off of, meaning they don’t plummet to the ground the below.When there are three characters to take care of, it can bedifficult to keep them all in play - keep a lookout for power upsthat can help you along the way. With fun, endearing graphics andcharacter design, a cheerful soundtrack and challenging gameplay,Ringle will keep you on your phone for days at a time. Features -Compete with your friends Power ups help you get higher scoresalong the way More challenging as you get higher Fun originalgameplay Collect rubies to change the color scheme Test yourconcentration and speed - download Ringle for free today. NOTE: •This app may require read and write permissions to your storage forscore share feature
Sneaky 1.4.0
Speed and shoot your way through a highly complex moving maze inThe Mascoteers’ latest - Sneaky! Deceptively simple and fun for allages, Sneaky promises edge of your seat fun as you twist, turn andfinesse around a maze with many moving parts, obstacles and evensome power-ups to help you along the way. Intuitive, easy-to-learnfinger sliding controls make Sneaky one of the most addictive gamesof the year. Just try not to get too bamboozled with what Sneakythrows at you! FREE to play right nowScore points with every blockyou pass through A procedurally generated maze that is differentevery time you play Gameplay that moves at breakneck speed Pick upammo that allow you to shoot bigger openings in the maze tonavigate through Look out for stars that you can spend in store tounlock new characters Shield power-ups are scattered around theplace, giving you an extra lifeIf you’ve played Sneaky, we’d loveto hear your feedback! Feel free to leave us a review and if youare experiencing technical issues or have any questions, please getin touch at team@themascoteers.comNOTE:• This app may require readand write permissions to your storage for score share feature
TableTopper-Find The Ball In The Cup (Shell Game) 1.0.0
The classic cup and ball game we all know and love has arrived onyour smartphone! An exercise in concentration, memory and quickwits, TableTopper promises hours of fun as you have to keep youreye on the movements of a hidden ball under a specific cup as itrevolves around a table at lightning speed! The ball is placedunder one of five cups, which are then moved around the table -it’s up to you to make sure you follow the cup with the ball andtap it when the session ends. If you’ve played this game withanother person and found it easy, get prepared for the challenge toramp up to great heights. The speed at which the cups move androtate around the table is not to be taken lightly as you’ll haveto pay close attention and maybe even do a bit of guess work hereand there for a top score! TableTopper keeps you engaged and you’vegot the opportunity for hours of fun. Features:Easy,straightforward gameplay Chances are you already know how toplay!Fun graphics and a boppy soundtrack Play it anytime,anywhereCollect rubies and unlock special itemsAddictive funguaranteed! You can download TableTopper today for free! Try it outand let us know what you think.NOTE: • This app may require readand write permissions to your storage for score share feature
Basketball Retro 1.3.0
Welcome to Basketball Retro! The bestballersare out in force and it’s up to you to make a name foryourself inRetro Tournament.Make baskets from all over the court and bamboozle youropponents,who will be trying to block your shots as best they can.It’s allabout taking advantage of the defenders’ poor positioningandfinding a lane to the basket. The best will find ways to fakeoutthe opponent and scatter the defense, and there arevariousstrategies that can help you do this.Swipe in a certain direction to release your shoot while keepinginmind the position of the defenders. Provided you manage to getoffa quick release and be mindful of where your opponents are,youshould be able to sink the basket.Hone your skills with various different game types includesbattlesand time challenges. Once you’ve got your eye in see how faryoucan advance as you look to master tournament mode!Features:Simple, addictive gameplayA must for basketball fansVarious game modes to keep you entertainedPick up coins on the court and buy bonus itemsCatchy retro graphics and soundtrackDownload Basketball Retro for free today and make sure you leaveusfeedback! Remember that if you’re having any technicalissues,don’t hesitate to get in touch with usatteam@themascoteers.comNOTE:• This app may require read and write permissions to yourstoragefor score share feature
Swing Dwing 1.1.2
The stakes are high and the action moves at lightning speed inSwing Dwing! The latest arcade gaming experience from TheMascoteers makes for hours of challenging, nail-biting fun thatwill keep you on your toes and trying your hardest to avoid beingsliced. Your reflexes will have to be razor sharp as you control alovable piece of fruit that has found himself in quite a bind,stuck underneath a swinging, circular saw blade that is quitesimply out of control! Your only chance of survival is to hop anddodge your way around it as it drops down from above, with itsmomentum dictating its movement. This makes it quite unpredictableas it changes speed depending on its motion and balance, but as yougain experience and start leveling up you’ll find that you’ll beable to guess its movements more easily. If you can manage to findtime to collect the stars that appear every so often while stillavoiding the blade, you know you’re probably ready to get a highscore! Use them to buy items and upgrades in the Swing Dwing store.Download for free today, good luck out there! NOTE: • This app mayrequire read and write permissions to your storage for score sharefeature
Lava Floor 1.0.0
A zigzag path is enclosed with hot magmaandyou have to drive through this lane. This scary road is notonlysurrounded by hot magma, it also contains holes and manyotherobstacles. You must try not to touch the floor with lavaunless youreally want to injure yourself.You need to tap on the screen so that you can flip your position,asthe path is very crisscrossed. So, you will not tumble fromthestreet and can run over the road without falling or collidingwithenemies. However, your movement will be very fast, so it willbevery hard to keep yourself from burning.Concentration and timing are the name of the game, as youexperiencerunning over a road surrounded by hot lava. Keep an eyeout forrubies scattered around the route as you can use them tobuy new andimproved characters.Download Lava Floor free for your smartphone today and experienceanadventurous trip where the floor is lava.NOTE:• This app may require read and write permissions to yourstoragefor score share feature
Volkan 1.3.0
The Mascoteers
Things are about to heat up with the release of Volkan, an originalvirtual reality 3D gaming experience that is as intense as it isaddictive. A first-person adventure, you need to hop your wayaround various pieces of infrastructure still standing includingold, damaged buildings, pipes, and narrow platforms, as well asnatural structures such as mountains and rocks. Meanwhile, thevolcanoes that have destroyed the world around you continue toexplode, depositing piping hot lava that flows in all directions.Adding to the mayhem is the fact that there are various obstaclesin your path, which you will either have to jump over or navigatearound. Fall to the lava below or run into something and it's gameover! You'll pick up speed as you move through the metropolis,meaning impeccable timing, vision and a good feel for the game arerequired to get a high score in Volkan. Good luck out there!
Zapped 1.0.0
Your neighborhood is experiencing a crimewave,with a dangerous burglar making his way through housesandbusinesses, stealing everything he can! He has to be stoppedandit’s up to you to slow him down with a special zappingtechnology,designed to deter criminals.Zapped offers up fast-paced arcade madness as you follow theburglarand zap him from above, so he’ll think twice about turningto crimein the future! Tap the screen when he exits a building andyou’llzap him, but if you misfire, you run the chance of himgettingaway.Concentration and timing are the name of the game, as you put anendto this crime wave once and for all. Keep an eye out forcoinsscattered around the city as you can use them to buy newandimproved zap guns.Download the free Zapped today for your smartphone and letthezapping mayhem begin!NOTE:• This app may require read and write permissions to yourstoragefor score share feature
HOP & POP 1.4.3
Introducing HOP & POP. The most comprehensive minimalist arcadegame collection. Our mantra: we put out limited and infinite modesand you find out how long you last. This monstrous union of gameswas made possible due to the individual thrill and enjoyment ofeach game. Game modes: • Duckling: this obstacle course challengesyou to move through passages in motion which will come your wayfrom unpredictable directions, never letting you settle down. Tomake it more challenging, the block runner must move laterally, hitthe diamonds to score points while avoiding collisions with theslab and blocks. Think you know dodge games and dodge ball? Notlike this that’s for sure. Dodgeball theme in a maze of walls anddiamonds: how cool is that? • Dotzy: this requires absolute controlover timing. The stick you are operating has a pendulum motion. Youneed to be able to tap so it moves towards the objectives and hitthem. Tap at the wrong time, while your stick is moving in thewrong direction, then you risk going off course and losing theround. • Stairway: the player must use gravity to their advantageand tap at the right time to change direction. Don’t fall off thisstair climb to hell and into the pits of defeat. Moreover, thespikes put in place are there to not only derail you but burst youinto pieces. Be sure to tap and move around it while coming downthese stairs. • Nail it: we all probably played it at carnivals andarcades where we hit something on the head with a hammer. Molewhacking. Not a real mole! Whack mole. Get it? The classic whack amole game, that’s the one. Think hammering is that simple? Here,you are not on stationary ground. While you are moving, you musthit the nail, the diamond and avoid all other misleading objectswhich are put in place to confuse you and cause you to lose thegame. A sharp eye and fast reflexes will make a winner out of you.• Qubely: imagine a stacked mountain made of stairs constantlybuilding and breaking itself and it’s up to you to climb safely,hit your diamonds or you fall into certain death. Now, we are hereto bring that beauty to reality. Flex your wrists and palms, you’regoing to need those tapping reflexes to make it through thisstacking block behemoth. • 360 degree: now, you’ve got to work hardto earn those diamonds. Tap and spin the colored circle wheel. Youmust avoid spikes, do it long enough, stop those spikes fromduplicating, and you will have your diamonds in this roly vortexwheel spin circle extravaganza. NOTE: • This app may require readand write permissions to your storage for score share feature
Twisted Blockz 1.1.4
Haven’t had real fun in the gamer’s world for a while? Are you adaring 6-pack-mind gamer searching for addictive and twistedchallenges to light you up? Let's tune up the fun. Your search endshere! The Twisted Blockz is just the zone for you. Fast reflexes.Heart beat pounding. And balance for survival is what we're about.Speed will be your ally as all the roads come crashing against you.Space ball, dunk ball, and dodge ball bouncing side to side withobstacles popping all around you. Can you handle that? Master thetwists and tap with skills through your reflex and fast-timeaction. And a thin line will be the mark of your survival. Gear upfor what’s coming… The rolling ball goes on and on. Sideways. Up.Down. What direction’s next? Pass through the sickest hurdles – ifyou’re good enough and go straight up in levels. Better watch thescreen closely or you might fall out of the sky. Difficulty? Check.Insane tons of twists? Check. Best tuning and upgrades on android?Check. Tap your screen right now. Get the Twisted Blockz and seefor yourself! This jump ball game right here sharpens your dodgingskills and is a space ball convention game. Every action ormovement will be on the spot, else you fall off in the twists. Letthe rush take over you as the ball movement goes lateral, hops,falls, bounce wide, jumps out of control and dodge the star-likeshuriken or objects that’ll stop your winning tracks. No one wantsto lose and start over, so pour on some creativity and focus intoyour dodging skills as you tap and roll through the screen. Havewhat it takes? Let’s find out on Twist Blockz. To get started issuperfast, easy and fun. All you’ll need to do is download andlaunch the Twisted Blockz app. Tap, roll, twist the bouncing ballthrough the screen and draw out those emotions. The Blockz game isbuilt with challenging modes that unlock as you tap skillful, rollfaster, jump higher and beat the odds. Let’s see why: Game with theTwisted Blockz. Leap through gravity, switch through hoops and jumpyour way out of doom. This is what all dunkers and classic gamershave been waiting for. There will be no mercy in this space hopphenomena, only whatever it takes. So, don’t fall out so or youlose. Even the elite gamers step into danger, get brutal crashes onspeed, break through walls to level up, watch the counts, stack upcrazy combo points, keep score on what’s real and conquer the firstdare. Let’s see you do that. The Twisted Blockz comes well equippedwith the adventures from the rainbow wheels of danger, rotating androlling through spikes. Tap that screen to get in now and be thefirst to beat the twisted wave. See you on the other side of thereal gamers. DOWNLOAD this app and have the experience of alifetime.
com.themascoteers.tiltball 1.0.2
Tilt Ball is a simple yet challenging game where you control a ballby tilting the platforms with your finger. The target is to rolland drop the ball from one platform to another without falling,until you reach the finishing line for each level. The game is easyto start with, but the consecutive levels get increasinglydifficult as you meet new obstacles that put your hand-eyecoordination to test. You can rotate each platform to steer theball in the right direction. But be careful! You get only one ballper level. So, what are you waiting for? Tilt the platforms, rollthe ball, and make your way through countless levels full of trickytraps in this modern arcade game. Features - Zero learning curve.Simple single-finger control Smooth 3D graphics with realistic gamephysics Free to play! Unlimited levels to finish
Fruit Land 1.0.0
The Mascoteers
A first-person adventurous shooting game, where you have toshootthe enemies and their throwing objects to protect anancienttreasure and yourself. Just aim your crossbow to the objectandtrigger it to lead a destruction. You may find your selfsurroundedby hot, boiling lavas or in a island of cold sea. Let'slead yourself to the world of adventure, the world of thrill !
Clubeez 1
Enjoy hassle-free club management with Clubeez - a powerfulplatformfor club owners, associations, or any type oforganisations.Interact with your club members, collect membershipfees, andschedule club events, all from our mobile app. Keyfeatures Managemultiple clubs and memberships from a singledashboard Add people toyour club and organise them into teams andlevels Interact with yourmembers via in-app messages andnewsletters Manage differentmembership types and collect feeswithout hassle Create, schedule,and track attendances for clubevents Engage with your members andgrow your community or fan baseClubeez helps you run your club likea pro - For FREE! To get themost out of these features, log intoyour Clubeez account from abrowser.