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The Pilates Advocate is a quarterly magazinetargeted to Pilates enthusiasts. Whether you are a long timeteacher, a new teacher, a physical therapist, or just plainlycurious about Joseph Pilates and the proliferation of his work, youwill find value in the magazine. The magazine is purely content, nofluff thus you will get the value of what you paid for.Sonia Kang, the editor-in-chief, is also a Pilates studio ownerwho understands the successes and failures that teachers run intoand poses questions to Pilates professionals and others in relatedfields about their personal experience. Again, referring to thecontent, you will hear the interviewee's voice and message loud andclear. Sonia Kang ensures that the interviewee gets to review thefinal draft of the article before it is published. So the finalstories are a result of a harmonious effort between the interviewerand interviewee to bring the most important points to you thereader.Get past issues of your favorite teachers, Pilates "Elders",people you would like to know more about in the industry.