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DISH NETWORK Weather 4.2.0
With over 200 meteorologists and our ultra-local TruPoint(sm)forecasting technology, you can trust The Weather Channel to helpyou plan the best day possible, with the most accurate weatherforecast available.Our favorite features include:- “Expect rain to start at 3:15p”—No more guessing! If yourweather conditions (snow or rain) are changing within 6 hours, welet you know not only the chance of precipitation, but also theexact time it will happen.- Detailed weather forecasts (hourly forecasts, 36 hourforecasts, and 10 day forecasts)- Fast, accurate, and localized maps provide you with featureslike past radar and future radar, severe weather bulletins forstorms, and tropical cyclone tracking (this includeshurricanes).- Easy location management, so you can edit and save yourfavorite places. Set up your favorites to take full advantage ofour weather widgets and notifications.- Local forecast and popular videos- Beautiful and easy-to-use interfaceBut don’t just listen to us! Here’s what the experts aresaying:“We love [The Weather Channel app on Android] because we can hitall the important features, like ‘What It Feels Like’ temperature,the 10-day forecast and hourly temperature, faster than any otherapp. If you need the ‘expertise’ of a meteorologist, the short andsweet video forecasts will get you up to speed in no time.”~Gizmodo’s The Best Android Apps"Basically, forget everything you knew about The WeatherChannel's app, because for all intents and purposes, this is anentirely new thing. And it's fantastic." - Android Police"One of the other new changes aside from an awesome new userinterface is the way the app will alert you of rain. Before it hada general idea, but the official Weather Channel app will now tellyou the exact time it will start raining in your location. That’sneat." - Android Community"My personal favorite is the new and improved narrative of climatedescriptions. For example, the app now gives a more precise idea ofwhat to expect from the weather in your area. Things like “dryconditions will continue,” and “expect rain until 4 pm,” show up toclue you in about local weather. You could say, it pretty muchtakes the guesswork out of reading weather forecasts." - AndroidHeadlines”Great, up to the minute weather updates right to your phone…Terrific, basic weather app backed by experts.”~Appolicious“You can count on the fact that the data is vetted by a large teamof on-staff weather professionals.”~ZeroPaid“The Weather Channel app is necessary... With voice search,hourly forecasts, one-click access and local video highlights, thisfree Android app is essential…” ~Appolicious“More intuitive, good-looking, and user friendly… Thanks to TheWeather Channel, you will have comprehensive knowledge aboutpredictions from wherever in the World.” ~AndroidZoomAmong the “Favorite Android Widgets” from Business Insider!Gold Medal winner from Gizmodo’s best weather apps!“The Weather Channel App for Android has been ranked as thenumber 1 most downloaded weather app and one of the most used appsavailable on the Android Market… so if you’re looking for afully-featured weather app that delivers goodness all the time, goahead and check it out.” ~IntoMobileThe Weather Channel greatly appreciates our customers' feedback andpatience as we work on our next build. Please see our customerservice page to provide feedback and for our FAQs: us out at and follow us on Twitter@weatherchannel for the latest breaking news.
The Weather Channel App 1.22.0
The Weather Channel App for Android is your best option for gettingaccurate weather information. Now with Mesh Network Alerts, you canreceive severe weather alerts even without the internet or data.Make confident decisions, whether you are planning for the day, theentire week, or the next 15 days! We’ve improved the app so that itruns faster, offers offline access, gives you more control overdata settings, and keeps you safe with the most accurate andup-to-date severe weather alerts.FAST & INTUITIVE WEATHERFORECASTS:• Small Download: Don’t waste storage space on your phonewith a huge weather app - This app is only a 4MB to download!•Improved Speed: Get the weather information you need faster thanever before. The Weather Channel app for Android is optimized forperformance. • Beautiful Design: Navigate the app quickly andsmoothly with clean interfaces designed for Android devices.•Intuitive Forecast Graphs: Know weather for the next hour, to thenext 15 days, with new and improved weather forecast graphs.KNOWTHE WEATHER ANYWHERE, RIGHT NOW•Weather Map: Fast-loading radar mapallows you to quickly see any precipitation in your area, includingrain, sleet, and snow.• Current Conditions: See “feels like”temperature, heat index, humidity, wind speed, and more.•Forecasts: Hourly, daily, weekly, 10-day, and 15-day weatherforecasts.•Track and read detailed weather information frommultiple locations around the world.• On-going temperaturenotification in the Android status bar for follow me and favouritelocations.LONGER OFFLINE ACCESS AND CONTROL OVER DATA SETTINGS•Optional Offline Access: No internet access? No problem! The appnow offers optional offline access for up to 24 hours from the lasttime the weather was updated.• Control Data Settings: Customize theapp’s data usage based on your needs. Choose to get weather updateson all connections, only over WiFi, or you can set the app to onlyrefresh manually.STAY SAFE WITH WEATHER NOTIFICATIONS AND ALERTS•Weather Glance Home Screen: Get all the weather alerts you need ata glance, directly on the home screen!• Severe Weather Alerts: Staysafe with real-time notifications and warnings for rain, wind,lightning, hail, flooding, heat waves, and severe storms, includingtropical storms, cyclones, and hurricanes.• Changing weatherconditions: Even if you’re on the go, you can get up-to-the-minuteweather information warnings and alerts based on wherever you are.• Mesh Network Alerts: The world’s first platform to deliverweather alerts even in areas with limited internet or cellconnection. Stay safe with emergency weather alerts, even if you’reoffline. ANDROID OPTIMISED WEATHER WIDGETSNew and exciting widgets,in 4x1 and 4x2 available to have all your important weatherinformation at the palm of your hand without increasing the size ofthe app on requiring to be always connected to a network. Nowincluding a weather clock so you can track weather and time on thesame widget!!THE WEATHER CHANNEL ON THE WEB:Forgot your phone?Access many of the top app features on the web, wherever you go:find us at love feedback! If you love ourweather app, please rate and review us in the Google Play Store. Ifyou have questions or suggestions, please submit them by sending usan email at PRIVACYWe respect your privacy!Please check out our Privacy Policy, which can be found here: and our Terms of Use, whichcan be found here
Storm Radar: Hurricane Tracker, Live Maps & Alerts
Storm Radar is your NOAA forecast, weather radar and hurricanetracker with severe weather alerts. Stay safe and informed throughrain and severe weather using 8 hour past to future radar, livewind speed, NOAA radar and tornado updates. Get ready for stormseason with live wind speed and tornado updates from The WeatherChannel. Rain and floods tracker, wind speed and local temperature,our cutting-edge doppler radar technology lets you customize yourHD weather map in real-time with GPS localization. Plus, get livesevere weather alerts, including floods, lightning and hourlytornado updates from your NOAA storm radar and hurricane tracker.Plus, Storm will give you tornado alerts and hourly NOAA forecastin real-time (or up to 8 hours in advance) with our radar HDweather map. Storm offers you weather like you've never seenbefore. Storm Radar Maps, Tornado Alerts & Hurricane Tracker:TOP 3 FEATURES 1. GPS weather map and NOAA forecast in real time:view doppler radar imagery of severe weather patterns, includingwind speed, lightning and rain. 2. Future radar maps: your weathermap, storm radar and hurricane tracker predicts local temperature,risks of floods and hourly tornado trajectories up to 8 hoursbefore the storm hits. 3. Live severe weather alerts with Storm:stay safe and track real time tornado updates and hurricane alertsfrom The Weather Channel. Your storm tracker keeps you in with ourstorm radar and hurricane alerts. • The Storm future radar toolgives you data on all impending storms. Find out wind speed,lightning, flood warnings and much more. • Weather radar maps arecustomizable with detailed data overlays, including localtemperature and seismic activity. Get live weather alerts from TheWeather Channel. • Track rain with real time precipitation updatesfor your area. • When lightning strikes, be aware: your hurricanetracker sends live lightning alerts for your GPS location. Chasethe perfect storm with your tornado tracker, or get home before therain starts. Storm uses cutting-edge doppler radar to help you tostay safe and informed in any weather. Find all the weathers mapsyou need to stay safe, and unlock and track even more maps andhourly visualisations with our ad-free version. *Continued use ofGPS running in the background can dramatically decrease batterylife ---------- THE WEATHER CHANNEL: WEB & SOCIAL MEDIA Forgotyour phone? Access Future Radar and many of the top app features onthe web, wherever you go. Find us on the Web: Like uson Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:@weatherchannel PERMISSIONS In order to provide personalized localweather data, alerts, and forecasts, The Weather Channel app needspermission to access your location.