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Plan and prepare with confidence with theworld’s most downloaded Weather App.GET ACCURATE FORECASTS FOR ANY LOCATION• Cognitive Home Screen: Changes based on your currentlocation, weather, and time of day, so you get your currentconditions plus the weather info you need most.• Winter Storm Central: Monitor winter storms and get safetyand preparedness tips. When a snowstorm approaches, track it andstay safe with Winter Storm Central.• Local & National Forecasts: Hourly, 15-day and weekendforecasts available in Celsius or Fahrenheit for the US, Canada,and locations around the world.• Current Weather Conditions: Beyond accurate temperaturesyou’ll get “feels like” weather, humidity, dew point, sunrise,sunset, wind speed, UV index, visibility and barometricpressure.• Weather Maps: Fast-loading doppler radar maps show pastand future radar. Map layers show road or satellite views, watertemperature, wind speeds, snow cover, and more.• Plan for Trips: Get access to seasonal weather trends,road conditions, the tides, and 15-day forecasts for your favoritedestinations like Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles, Toronto andVancouver.PERSONALIZED REAL-TIME WEATHER ALERTS• Severe Weather Alerts: Stay safe with National WeatherService government issued notifications of extreme weather. Knowthe moment tornado, hurricane or severe storm watches and warningsare issued.• Breaking News Alerts: Stay informed with national andlocal weather news updates. Track tropical storms and hurricanes asthey develop while receiving storm safety and preparednesstips.• Lightning Alerts: Get real-time alerts for your GPSlocation, and know where lightning is striking near you.• Daily Rain Alerts: Never get caught in the rain again withreal-time alerts for your GPS location and morning precipitationreports for your favorite locations.• Pollen Alerts: Know the pollen counts near you.It’s easy and free! Activate these alerts by going to your in-appsettings.DIVE DEEP INTO YOUR WEATHER• GoRun Forecast: Like to run? Now you can create apersonalized GoRun Forecast to help you answer questions like “Whenshould I run?” “What should I wear?” “How far should I go?” Scrollto the Outdoors module in our app to try it out, and let us knowwhat you think at• 24/7 Remote Temps: Populate your notification bar with thecurrent temperatures of your favorite locations worldwide.• Weather Widgets: We have widgets available in 1x1, 2x2,1x4 and 4x4.• Seasonal Tools: Use our pollen counts to help plan youroutdoor activities. (SMARTPHONES ONLY)• Weather News: From severe storms and tornadoes tostraight-up bizarre weather occurrences, we’ll keep you up todate.• Weather Videos: Local forecasts, climate change news, andeverything in between, all streamed in HD.• Sleek Interface: Easy to use and beautiful in itssimplicity.• Stunning Imagery: Amazing background photos match yourcurrent weather conditions.• Love For Android Tablets: The best weather app and widgetsare optimized for Android Tablets.THE WEATHER CHANNEL ON THE WEB AND SOCIAL MEDIA:Find us at, like us on,and follow us on Twitter and Instagram @weatherchannel.FEEDBACK:We’re always looking to improve our app and appreciate yourfeedback. So please rate, review, and +1 us in the Google PlayStore. If you have suggestions, submit them may be interested in our Privacy Policy, which can be foundhere: and our Termsof Use, which can be found here:
DISH NETWORK Weather 4.2.0
With over 200 meteorologists and our ultra-local TruPoint(sm)forecasting technology, you can trust The Weather Channel to helpyou plan the best day possible, with the most accurate weatherforecast available.Our favorite features include:- “Expect rain to start at 3:15p”—No more guessing! If yourweather conditions (snow or rain) are changing within 6 hours, welet you know not only the chance of precipitation, but also theexact time it will happen.- Detailed weather forecasts (hourly forecasts, 36 hourforecasts, and 10 day forecasts)- Fast, accurate, and localized maps provide you with featureslike past radar and future radar, severe weather bulletins forstorms, and tropical cyclone tracking (this includeshurricanes).- Easy location management, so you can edit and save yourfavorite places. Set up your favorites to take full advantage ofour weather widgets and notifications.- Local forecast and popular videos- Beautiful and easy-to-use interfaceBut don’t just listen to us! Here’s what the experts aresaying:“We love [The Weather Channel app on Android] because we can hitall the important features, like ‘What It Feels Like’ temperature,the 10-day forecast and hourly temperature, faster than any otherapp. If you need the ‘expertise’ of a meteorologist, the short andsweet video forecasts will get you up to speed in no time.”~Gizmodo’s The Best Android Apps"Basically, forget everything you knew about The WeatherChannel's app, because for all intents and purposes, this is anentirely new thing. And it's fantastic." - Android Police"One of the other new changes aside from an awesome new userinterface is the way the app will alert you of rain. Before it hada general idea, but the official Weather Channel app will now tellyou the exact time it will start raining in your location. That’sneat." - Android Community"My personal favorite is the new and improved narrative of climatedescriptions. For example, the app now gives a more precise idea ofwhat to expect from the weather in your area. Things like “dryconditions will continue,” and “expect rain until 4 pm,” show up toclue you in about local weather. You could say, it pretty muchtakes the guesswork out of reading weather forecasts." - AndroidHeadlines”Great, up to the minute weather updates right to your phone…Terrific, basic weather app backed by experts.”~Appolicious“You can count on the fact that the data is vetted by a large teamof on-staff weather professionals.”~ZeroPaid“The Weather Channel app is necessary... With voice search,hourly forecasts, one-click access and local video highlights, thisfree Android app is essential…” ~Appolicious“More intuitive, good-looking, and user friendly… Thanks to TheWeather Channel, you will have comprehensive knowledge aboutpredictions from wherever in the World.” ~AndroidZoomAmong the “Favorite Android Widgets” from Business Insider!Gold Medal winner from Gizmodo’s best weather apps!“The Weather Channel App for Android has been ranked as thenumber 1 most downloaded weather app and one of the most used appsavailable on the Android Market… so if you’re looking for afully-featured weather app that delivers goodness all the time, goahead and check it out.” ~IntoMobileThe Weather Channel greatly appreciates our customers' feedback andpatience as we work on our next build. Please see our customerservice page to provide feedback and for our FAQs: us out at and follow us on Twitter@weatherchannel for the latest breaking news.
Storm Radar with NOAA Weather & Severe Warning
The Storm Radar app for Android has the latesthurricane updates, warnings and alerts with fast-loading dopplerradar maps so that you and your family can stay informed about thestorm!Our storm tracking app has a full screen interactive map with 8hours of high-definition past to future radar, advanced storm celltracking, and real-time severe weather alerts allow you tovisualize weather heading your way. Whether you want to viewcurrent weather conditions or daily and hourly forecasts at aglance, they’re all available at a glance on your Androiddevice.Get weather like you’ve never seen before with the Storm Radar appfor Android!FEATURES• Radar: High resolution weather radar.• Global Future Radar: 6 hours of cutting-edge, animatedforecasted future radar across land and sea.• Storm Tracks: See detailed analysis of impending severeweather, including storm arrival time, strength rating, detailedcomponents of the storm (such as wind, hail, lightning, andtornadoes), the speed and direction of the storm, the precipitationrate, storm tracker data, and more.• Winter Weather: See 24 hour past snowfall accumulationestimate.• Hurricanes and Tropical Storms: See historical andforecasted paths complete with wind speed, strength, arrival timesand the cone of uncertainty.• Lightning: View 100 miles of lightning around any globallocation.• Customizable Data Layers: Earthquakes, severe weatheralerts, local storm reports, temperature and precipitationoverlays, and more.• Local Storm Reports: Get local weather radar and severeweather warnings from anywhere in the US and around the globe,including Miami, Orlando, Chicago, Minneapolis, and St Louis.REAL-TIME WEATHER NOTIFICATIONS• Severe Weather Alerts: Stay ahead of the storm with NationalWeather Service (NWS) government issued severe weatheralerts.• Rain Alerts: Get notified of incoming rain with real-time rainalerts at your GPS location• Lightning Alerts: Know when and where lightning strikes near yourGPS location with real-time lightning alertsTHE WEATHER CHANNEL ON THE WEB AND SOCIAL MEDIA:Find us at, like us on,and follow us on Twitter and Instagram @weatherchannel.FEEDBACK:We’re always looking to improve our app and appreciate yourfeedback. Please rate and review us in the Google Play Store.Submit your suggestions to may be interested in our Privacy Policy, which can be foundhere: and our Termsof Use, which can be found here: