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ICE - LifeAssyst (Emergency) 2.4.15
LifeAssyst is an ad free ICE (In Case of Emergency) App that cansave your life in an emergency situation by providing criticalinformation to Paramedics, First Responders, ER Staff and Doctorswithout them having to unlock your phone. Life saving emergencyinformation in LifeAssyst includes:• Emergency Contacts (includingthe ability to call, without unlocking your phone)• Allergies•Medical Conditions• Medication• Surgeries and Implants• Contactinformation for Physicians and HospitalsIn short, LifeAssystprovides paramedics, first responders and ER staff all the criticalmedical information they need to ensure your safety and well-being.Since LifeAssyst displays this information on your lock screen, anemergency responder can view all this information WITHOUT having tounlock your phone!LifeAssyst can help you and your family• Stayprepared for an emergency• Provide critical information toparamedics, doctors or first responders that enable them to makelife saving decisions• Store and display information about criticalmedical conditions, medications or life-threatening allergiesTaking5 minutes to install LifeAssyst and storing your vital medicalinformation in it, could save your life and that of your lovedones!LifeAssyst is available in two options:LifeAssyst (FREE):•Emergency Contacts (up to 3)• Allergies (up to 3)• MedicalConditions (up to 3)• Medication (up to 3)• Surgeries / Implants(up to 3)LifeAssyst PLUS ($0.99 annual subscription):• EmergencyContacts (Unlimited)• Allergies (Unlimited)• Medical Conditions(Unlimited)• Medication (Unlimited)• Surgeries / Implants(Unlimited)• Audio Message (ability to record an audio message thatcan be played by emergency staff without unlocking your phone)NEWFEATURES:LifeAssyst 2.2• Add multiple Doctors & Hospitalsdirectly from your contacts• Call Doctors / Hospitals fromLifeAssyst on your lock screen• Access to Emergency Information vianew Lock Screen NotificationLifeAssyst 2.1• Improved data entryexperience• Access to LifeAssyst PermissionsLifeAssyst 2.0•Floating icon on Lock Screen• Images for Surgeries & Implants•Type ahead list for Allergies• Type ahead list for MedicalConditions• LifeAssyst PLUS at just $0.99 a year• German LanguageSupportIf there are additional features that you would like to seein LifeAssyst or if you would like to provide feedback, pleaseclick here -