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Odd Eye Premium 2.0.0
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Download a premium version to go on an adventure freely Remove Ads/Unlimited Life / Unlimited Hint / Unlimited Stage Play 'Odd Eye'isthe story of a girl who has different colored eyes. Find thehintsand solve the puzzles while changing the world. Find the onlyrightpath the heroine has to take. The odd-eyed girl is the onlypersonleft in the world. As the loneliness in her heart growsdeeper, shesets out on an adventure to find the truth about theworld that hasbeen forgotten. Help her run away from the worldfantastic like abeautiful fairy tale and horrible like a nightmareat the same time.FEATURES • Harmonious combination of arcade,adventure, and puzzleelements • Realistic physics for objects inthe game • 30 addictivestages that will keep your hands on thephone • Elaborate puzzlesthat will make your brain spin •Exquisite 3D animations made withUnity Engine • Dreamlike andsurreal experience with highlyimmersive visuals and audio •Various levels uniquely designed HOWTO PLAY • Use the Odd EyePower to switch worlds and watch thechanges closely • Solvepuzzles keep changing according tosituations by using Odd Eye andovercome obstacles to survive. •Find 5 Keys to open hidden roomsand collect Stars. 'Odd Eye' is thebest-quality indie arcade &adventure game available on mobiledevices. Fight against yourdestiny while exploring both of theworlds - bright and dark.Download and play this amazing game withbeautiful epic story rightnow. ─ Contact Us:theandgames2018@gmail.comFanpage:
Odd Eye 2.0.0
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'Odd Eye' is the story of a girl who has different coloredeyes.Find the hints and solve the puzzles while changing the world.Findthe only right path the heroine has to take. The odd-eyed girlisthe only person left in the world. As the loneliness in herheartgrows deeper, she sets out on an adventure to find the truthaboutthe world that has been forgotten. Help her run away from theworldfantastic like a beautiful fairy tale and horrible like anightmareat the same time. FEATURES • Harmonious combination ofarcade,adventure, and puzzle elements • Realistic physics forobjects inthe game • 30 addictive stages that will keep your handson thephone • Elaborate puzzles that will make your brain spin•Exquisite 3D animations made with Unity Engine • Dreamlikeandsurreal experience with highly immersive visuals and audio•Various levels uniquely designed HOW TO PLAY • Use the OddEyePower to switch worlds and watch the changes closely •Solvepuzzles keep changing according to situations by using Odd Eyeandovercome obstacles to survive. • Find 5 Keys to open hiddenroomsand collect Stars. 'Odd Eye' is the best-quality indie arcade&adventure game available on mobile devices. Fight againstyourdestiny while exploring both of the worlds - bright anddark.Download and play this amazing game with beautiful epic storyrightnow. ─ Contact Us: theandgames2018@gmail.comFanpage:
Minimal Escape 22
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Fantasy, fairy tale-like, puzzle adventure game Simple gameplaywithdifficult puzzles. Experience a fairy tale fantasy in apuzzleadventure game. Minimal Escape is a story about a small fairyin afantasy world. Is the dark world you travel simply alittlenightmare, or our future to come? Traverse and purify thepollutedworld and try to restore its former beauty. Main Features•A mix ofarcade, adventure, and puzzle •Incorporates the laws ofphysics •24alluring and addicting stages •Advanced puzzles thatrequire all ofyour brainpower •Exquisite 3D animation created withthe Unityengine •Offers a dreamlike, surreal experience with itshighlyimmersive visuals and audio •Diverse and original leveldesigns Howto play •Solve complicated puzzles, and escape andsurvive againstall sorts of obstacles •Find hidden elements,explore paths, andcollect stars •Simple controls with directionaland jump buttonsthat require a little bit of luck Minimal Escape isa top qualityindie/arcade/adventure mobile game. Listen to theechoes of theenvironment. The world's fateful secrets lie beforeyou. Play thisbeautiful odyssey now! Developer
PRND : Parking 1.1.5
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PRND is a car parking game where you can park in variouspartsaround the world. Drive 30 car models and master all typesofparking. Main Features • Turn the steering wheel to forwardpark,reverse park, parallel park, and more. • Drive variousvehiclesincluding sedans, SUVs, sports cars, buses, limousines,forklifts,and more. • Park in over 100 parking lots in cities,beaches,construction sites, rural areas, supermarket, and more. •Challengevarious parking modes including Time Attack, Puzzleparking, Fog,and more to become the Dr parking. How to Play •Practice yourdriving skill with the same driving system as reallife. • Practicefor your driver's license through a parkingsimulation. • Practiceyour parking skills to become the parkingking. PRND is a freeparking game developed with beautiful 3Dgraphics. Get out oftraffic jams and easily park with comfortablemusic. RequiredPermissions. • Storage: Used to store game data,recordings, etc.