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Disco RMX 3
Disco RMX allow to play your audio tracks likea Deejay,Deejay Pad supports:play-cuepitch changeon the fly seekMaster-TempoJet EffectTune effectShift EffectJingle paletteAuto-DJPlay music from network NAS shared folderssupport mp3 files only
Public Location Badge 5.6
This App allow you to easily share yourAndroid device position with your friends.No sign-up needed and no new social network to manage.You can share a link with your friends and they will be able to seeyour badge using any web-enabled device.Badge can be customized witht a Nick name and a picture, no otherinfo will be shared.You can show on the map all your friends public badges, just add inthe list the UserID of your friends,in this way you can easily track your family components or friendsgroup.If you are late, your friends will see where you are.If you want some privacy, just get a new UserID, your old one willbe deleted automatically.If you own a blog, a forum or a public website where your positionis important,and you was using Latitude public location badge, this App is whatyou need.Just include the web page showing your position in your blog andthat's it.Turn on History, the App will save your locations to your SD card,in this way you will never loose your old positions and you cankeep track of the places you visit.Visit to see "virtual"demo user moving aroundthe country and instructions for website integration.Please support this project clicking on the banners!