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Warning : all the events are French automatic translated ! 100%free, 100% History, 100% free advertising: "Today in History" is acalendar that lets you discover events, births and deaths thathappened today in History. Main features of this application are: •Discover the events that occurred on this day • Discover the eventsof any day of the year by using the built-in calendar • Discoverthe events that link with one or more keywords • Discover randomevents • Share events with your contacts by email, message,facebook, twitter and other ... • Award events that are importantto you with medals • Consult the top 10 of more awarded events
Castle Maze 0.3.204
Explore the castles labyrinths of Castle Maze in search of theirtreasures ! Many adventurers ventured into these mazes and dungeonsbut few returned. Some were taken madly by trying to solve thepuzzles, others were poisoned and the less brave were afraid fromtheir very first steps. Many of them are always inside ! Ifanguish, puzzles, traps do not scare you and if you have a goodsense of direction then you will come to your end ! Good luck !
The Path 0.2.2
The Path is a puzzle game in which you have to arrange orientedtiles to build the correct path. This path must start with thestarting tile, already present on the board, and end with the endtile symbolized by an empty circle. To solve the puzzle, you mustalso fulfill the entire board.- Levels -Dozens of levels ofincreasing difficulty will give you a hard time! A hint can beasked for each level if you are stuck! Tiles of different types andeffects provide additional elements of gameplay. Levels will beadded progressively during updates.- Premium Account -You can givesome money to acquire the premium account. This allows you toremove all advertising from the app and not having to wait for newhints in the levels.- Stars and achievements --For each level, youcan collect stars based on the time and number of shots you haveplayed! To unlock certain levels, you will need to collect amaximum of stars.You can unlock achievements by logging in withyour google account!- Progression -It is possible to save yourprogress in the cloud and thus retrieve it on any other androiddevice. To enable this feature, you must log in with your googleaccount! You can also share your progress and achievements withyour friends on social networks!
Kid Maze 0.0.5
Explore the labyrinths of Kid Maze in search of their treasures !