TheParodyNetwork Apps

Poor Little Puppy 1.4
Help this poor little puppy. With the objects on the stage helpthis poor dog to trust man kind again. But you have to be carefulbecause there are 10 objects, 5 will earn you this poor dog trustwhile the other 5 will make the puppy dislike you and the game willbe over.
Create A Superhero HD 4.0.5
Create and Customize your Superhero. Choose a female or malecharacter. Change suits, masks, capes, boots, gloves and symbols onyour character. Discover and create your own Superhero. - Slide tothe right for extra skin colors. - Slide downward to save a .jpgimage of your superhero to your phone.
Car Wash: Sport Luxury Auto 1.7
Test drive this sports car. But first you aregoing to have to car wash it before taking it onto the road.Start by getting the car out from the garage, by touching thearrow on the screen. Touch the opposite side of the garage afterswiping the arrow to make the sport car go backward, just don't hitthe box.Second, match the colored number with the same color circle onthe screen by dragging the number to the matching color. That isthe order in which the car is going to get clean and washed.In the third section, drag the flashing item (scrubbing brush)from the soap bucket to the flashing spot on the car. You will seea little animation. Repeat the same step for the water bucket, carsqueegee, cleaning rag and the waxing sponge.Finally in the last section of the game you can see the cardriving on the road! Also you can honk the car horn, turn theheadlights On and Off, customize the tire rims and change the carcolors.Car Wash is a game for kids, but anyone can play it.
ColorMe: Cars 2.5
Do you like coloring?Check out this app, use the coloring paletteto color the cars. Just touch the color you want to use and a paintbrush will appear. Drag the paint brush to the car to startcoloring the car.
Dinosaur Excavation: T-Rex 1.0.7
Would you like to bring a dinosaur back to life? Play this game andyou will. Start by finding all the T-Rex's skeleton parts. You willhave 3 minutes to find them or the game will be over. Also chosethe wrong skeleton and you will lose 1 try. You only have 3 tries.After finding all the skeleton parts you will proceed to the nextlevel of the game. Here you will need to pick up and drag eachskeleton part to its corresponding place to bring the Dinosaur backto life. After completing the puzzle the T-Rex will come back tolife. Touch the Dinosaur in different places to obtain differentreactions.
Colientita: Unusual Adventures 1.8
Meet Colientita, an unusual chicken. Help Colientita find where hernest will be located in this platform/adventure game by reachingthe egg. After collecting the egg, her nest will appear. Get to thenest before the time runs out or Colientita will end up depositingher egg in an undesirable place! Also watch out for the enemies inthe game like the ants and bees.
Halloween - Shooting Ghosts 1.2.0
It is Halloween night. Someone have beenmessing around at the cemetery, summoning bad spirits and thingsgot out of control. They need your help!Shoot as many ghosts as you can. But you have to be fast or elseyou will get cursed. Get cursed 3 times and the game will beover.Look for this extras in the game: Try shooting the Moon, thewitch, the cat, the crow, the shovel, the lantern or the zombiehand.
Create A Pet Monster 1.0.6
Customize and create a Monster. Play and seehow many fun combinations you can come up with. Search deep insideyour heart to find your true self, what will you be creating? Maybea gentle, kind monster or an evil monster that will destroy theworld! Play, create and customize your own monster.
Lowrider Awakening: Car Repair 1.2
Transform this junked car in a low rider. Start by finding the 5tools that will convert this old car into a jumping machine. Afterfinding all the tools use them to fix, paint and modify the car.Finally in the last section play around with the low rider, choosedifferent jump heights, turn the lights on and off. Also press onthe car horn.
Destroy A Xbox 360. 1.0.6
Have fun Breaking this xbox 360 flashing withthe 3 red lights of death (RROD). Hit it and watch how it comes offin pieces. Play this game and get back to your xbox 360 Premium orArcade if you ever experienced this problem.
Create A Super Villain 2.0.4
Everybody loves Superheroes. But what are superheroes without theirarchenemies, the Super Villains? Play this game (Create A SuperVillain) and create the most powerful super villain in the World.Choose from a variety of accessories and customizations like suits,hair and skin colors. Please rate and share the game.
My Pet Frog 1.5
Raise your own virtual pet frog straight from your phone. Start byhatching the frog egg. Then feed the tadpole to make it grow into afrog by dragging the mosquito's larva to the tadpole's mouth.Finally in the last section, play with your frog. Touch it to makeyour pet frog jump.
Dinosaur Excavation 2 1.5.0
Bring a Triceratops back to life!Start by finding all the dinosaurskeleton parts. You will have 3 minutes to find them or the gamewill be over. Also chose the wrong skeleton and you will lose 1try. You only will get 3 tries.After finding all the skeleton partsyou will proceed to the next level of the game. Here you will needto pick up and drag each skeleton part to its corresponding placeto bring the Triceratops back to life.After completing the puzzlethe dinosaur will come back to life. Touch the dinosaur's head,tail, body and legs to obtain different reactions from thetriceratops.
Rebuild A Car 2.4
There are 4 sections in the game.In the first section, you have tofind the auto parts to help you put the car back together. But youhave to be quick and find them. If time runs out the game will beover. Also if you grab the wrong parts lose a try. You will startwith 3 trials.The second section of the game you will have to useeach part to fix a specific part of the car.In the third part tocustomize your car with different colors, alloy wheels, neon lightsand body kits.Finally take the car for a test drive on the street.
Smacking Trump. 1.0.2
This game is not intended to offend anyone. Ido not have a political agenda against anybody. But I think I wouldbe fun to face Donald Trump face to face and give him a piece ofyour mind.Smack Donald Trump on the face by swiping to the right or lefton your phone screen. You will have 60 seconds to smack him as muchas you can. You will receive 1 point for every smack. After thegame is finished, share your score to Facebook.
Always Hungry Caterpillar 1.8
If you like "Snake" games you are going to like playing AlwaysHungry Caterpillar. The Mechanics of the game are simple. With thebuttons on the screen control the worm direction. Try to eat asmany apples as you can. The more you eat the higher the score. Butavoid touching the grass or the caterpillar will abandon the stage,ending the game.
Poor Little Kitty 1.4
Help this poor little Kitty. With the objects on the stage helpthis poor cat to trust man kind again. But you have to be careful.There are 10 objects on the stage, 5 will earn you this littleKitty trust while the other 5 will make the cat dislike you.
Poor Little Dog 2.0.2
Help and adopt this poor little dog. With the objects on the stagehelp this poor dog to trust mankind again. But you have to becareful because of the 10 objects in the game, 5 will earn you thispoor dog trust while the other 5 will make the dog dislike you andthe game will be over.After earning the dog's trust, play dress upwith the dog. Slide the object you want to try on the dog. Doubletap on the flower, necklace, ribbon, etc... to get different colorsand styles. - Unlock an extra costume by keeping the game for 5days or more.
Create A Motorcycle: Classic 1.5
What is your dream motorcycle? With what creating will you comeup?Play this game and custom build your own motorcycle. You will beable to change colors, seats, tires, mufflers and stickers. Thenafter you are done creating a motorcycle you can take the bike fora ride.
Find The Hidden Object: Fish 2.2
Find the hidden objects (fish and aquatic animals) on thisbeautiful well detailed hand drawn game. When you find the hiddenfish/animals they will come to life, mimicking the way theseanimals move and swim in real life. But you have to be fast to findthe hiding objects (fish) before the time on the game runs out.
Car Creation 1.3.2
Customize and show your car to the World!Change the car colors,tire rims, neon lights and body kits. Also add cool stickers andturn on or off the lights. Then after you are done customizing thecar, you can take a snap shot of the vehicle and post it todirectly to Twitter or Facebook by pressing the correspondingbutton.More cool features are coming, keep the game please. Alsoplease rate the game if you liked it.
Chibi Ninja Run 1.2
Take a break from boredom and play thisgame.Test your ninja running skills and reach the highestscore.Challenge your family and friends to see who is the bestChibiNinja.Game Instructions:- Run- Touch the screen to move up.- Stop touching the screen to move down.- Evade the balloons.- Avoid hitting the pagoda's roof.- Do not fall down the wall.
Repair My Car HD 1.3
Are you a car fan? You are going to love this repair my car game.Fix an old auto to get to the customize part of the game where youwill be able to change tires, colors,neon lights and body kits.Then take the car for a test drive on the street.Start repairingthe car by finding the tool that will repair the car by dragging itto the corresponding glowing area. After finding and repairing allthe car areas, you will be able to customize the car. Finally presson the steering wheel when you are ready to see your car on theroad.
Repair My Expensive Car. 1.6
Repair an expensive car! Use the automotive tools on the stage torepair your car then you can get to the customization part of thegame, where you will be able to change tires, turn off and on thelights, change the car colors, add body kits and neon lights.
Rebuild My Car: Extra 1.0
There are 4 sections in the game.In the first section you will haveto find the tools that will help you fix the car. But you will haveto be fast and find them. If time runs out the game will be over.Also grab the wrong tools and you will lose a try. You will startwith 3 tries.In the second section of the game you will have to useyour automotive knowledge and use each tool to fix an specific partof the car.In the third part customize your car with differentcolors, tires rims, neon lights and body kits.Finally take the carfor a test drive on the street.
Highway Zombie Annihilation 1.4
Do you have what it takes to save your cityfrom a Zombie invasion?Turn on your sport car and hurry to the highway infested withzombies. Kill as many zombies as you can with the build in canon onyour sport car.Extras in the game:Change colors.Change canons.change spoiler.
Find The Differences: Cars 1.7
Find the differences between the twopictures.After spotting the difference touch the area spot tocorrect thepicture. The theme of this find the differences game isabout cars.This game is extremely difficult. You should feel proud ifyoufind all the differences.
Hospital Emergency Surgery 1.1.1
Play to be a doctor and help this kid to get well again. He had anaccident and is injured. Nothing major, but he is in the surgeryroom waiting for your help.Start by taking out the glass shardsstuck in his body. Be careful not to scare the kid too much or thegame will end. Also try to be as precise as possible when pullingthe glass shards out or the boy's or his health will start toworsen.Next clean and sanitize the wounds by dragging and droppingthe cotton pads on the injury.Finally use the band-aids to coverthe cuts.
Find Hidden Stuff Game: Insect 1.5
Find the hidden insects in the game. When you find an insect itwill come to life, mimicking the way it moves in real life. Youhave 3 minutes to find all the hidden animals (insects) in each ofthe 5 levels of the game.
Destroy A Video Game Console 1.0.0
Have fun breaking this video game console. Hit the console andwatch how it comes off in pieces. Play this game and get back toyour video game console if you ever experienced this problem. Note:The console's pieces come off in order. Try hitting it on differentparts until you break all pieces and the "grey" button turns"green".
My Kitchen: Cooking Pancakes 1.4
Do you like cooking? Then you will love this cooking game.Make 3delicious pancakes with the help of the chef. Start by finding theingredients located all around the kitchen. After finding all theingredients you will proceed to the mixing part of the game. Followthe chef's instructions on how to mix the ingredients. On the nextsection turn on the stove, then pour some pancake batter in thepan. Wait a few seconds when the spatula starts blinking, thepancake is ready to be flipped. Wait a few seconds again then platethe pancake. Repeat this steps for the next two pancakes.Finally inthe last section you will be able to decorate your pancakes, addsyrup or even ice cream. Press the button with the fork to EAT YOURPANCAKES.Have fun cooking.
Find The Hidden Barn Animals 1.0.2
Find the hidden barn animals. When you find an animal a greenbutton will appear behind the animal you just found. Press thebutton to hear the sound the animal makes. You will get 3 minutesin each of the 5 levels to find the hidden farm animals.
Check My Car 1.4.1
It is your first day at your new job as a automotive technician.You are going to have to inspect a car to make sure it is safe tobe on the road.Start by lifting the car with the hydraulic carlifter. Then inspect the car and check closely for any defects inthe car and touch the area to mark it. Finally in the last section,grab and drag the corresponding wrench to the area you markedbefore.Would you pass or fail the car inspection?
Destroy My Imported Car 1.6
Have fun breaking this imported car.Start by finding the 5 objectsthat will cause damage to the car. After finding them you willproceed to the next part where you can start destroying theimported car. Use all the 5 objects to cause damage to the car toproceed to the last part of the game.
Grow A Butterfly 1.5
Grow your own butterfly.Start by waking up the caterpillar, bypoking the butterfly egg. Then hurry up and feed the caterpillarwith the loose leafs on the stage before the bird gets to thecaterpillar and eats it. Finally wake up the butterfly by poking atits cocoon (chrysalis).
ColorMe Cars Vol. 2 1.5
Touch the color you like to use and a smallpaint brush will appear under your finger. Drag the paint brushonto the car to start coloring.You can create your own combination of paint by mixing the colors.Also click on the blue camera button to save a screen shot of yourpainting to your phone.
Raining Money 1.0.5
Who says money does not bring happiness? At least in this game, itdoes! Grab as much money as you can before the time runs out. Youwill start with 60 seconds, grab the yellow coin and 3 seconds willbe added to the timer. But if you miss grabbing any of the fallingmoney, 1 second will be deducted from the timer. The goal of thegame is to grab as much money as you can. The most you grab themore prizes you will unlock. Also for every prize you get, you willunlock a Google Achievement, if you are signed in. Submit your highscore to the Raining Money leader board and see how you rank worldwide. Share the game and I will add more prizes!
Car Wash: Sport Car 2.1
Start by getting the car out from thegarage,by touching the arrow on the screen.Next, match the colored numbers with the same color circlesonthe screen by dragging each number to the matching color.Then, drag the blinking scrubbing brush from the soap buckettothe blinking spot on the car. You will see a littleanimation.Repeat the same step for the water bucket, car squeegee,cleaningrag and the waxing sponge.In the last part of the Car Wash game you can see the car ontheroad. You can customize the car here. Change colors, honk thecarhorn, turn the lights and choose from different tires.
Break a Smart Phone 1.5
Are you tired of your smart phone freezing, restarting or justacting crazy? Have you ever just want it to break it? I know Ihave. Play this break a smart phone game and get back to your phonefor ever letting you down. Hit it, Hit it, Hit it until the screenand battery come off its place.
Pirate Ships War 1.4.0
Your pirate ship is under attack by a rival pirate clan. Defendyour ship and honor in this mini-game.Instructions:Explode the 10fuel barrels on the enemy pirate ship to win the game. Aim yourcannon up or down using the "up button" and "down button". Stop thecannon from moving by pressing the "red button" and firecannonballs by pressing the "green button". Use your cannonballswisely, you will only have 20 cannonballs to defend your pirateship before it gets completely destroyed.
Repair A Luxurious Car 1.2.1
There are 3 sections of the game. On the first section of the gameyour car is at the auto shop, with the tools on the screen you canrepair your car. Make sure to double tap. On the second section youcan change colors, tires, add body kit and neon lights. Finally onthe last section you can take your car for a test drive!
Destroy A Sport Car 1.0.7
Admit it. We all at some point have fantasize about breaking a carinto pieces.Fantasize no more and play this Destroy A Car game.Find the objects on the stage (some are hiding) and use them tocause damage to the car. Move the object on the part of the car youthink would cause damage and double tap. See the car break in frontof your eyes. The best part...Your car insurance premium won't goup. This car game was not created to offend anyone. The onlypurpose for this destroy game is for pure fun.
Kissing The Bartender. 1.0.5
This is a interactive kissing game. Choosetheright answers (make the right moves) and you might get to kissthisbeautiful bartender.It is a rainy day. You decided to go to the bar and getsomedrinks. Right away you noticed the hot bartender. Lucky for youitis a slow day at the bar. Maybe you can get to make-outwithher.
Dinosaur Discovery 1.0.3
Use your finger to uncover dinosaur bones. Find the bones at thebottom of the screen to complete the dinosaur skeleton. When youfind the correct bone press on it to collect it. But be careful,choose the wrong bones 3 times and the game will be over.After youfind all the dinosaur bones you will proceed to the next section ofthe game. In this section drag the bones to its correspondinglocation to complete the dinosaur skeleton. Finally after youcompleted the skeleton, the dinosaur will come back to life! Touchits head, back or tail to get different reactions from thedinosaur. Also you will unlock a new dinosaur.Please rate the gameif you like it and would like to see more dinosaurs.
Car Wash (Reloaded) 1.1.0
Wash and clean your favorite car model. Then take it for a testdrive where you can change the car's color, tire rims, turn on andoff the lights, honk the horn and even change to differenthighways.Start by taking the car out of the garage by pressing thewhite arrow. After the car is parked outside you will need to matchthe colors, symbols or objects to its corresponding place. Aftercompleting this you will be able to clean your favorite car.Finally, take your clean car for a test drive. This version of thegame includes many free unlockables like new colors, tire rims andextra cars!Unlock more cars by washing the first 2 cars.Unlockdifferent tire rim colors by keeping the game 3 days.Unlock new carcolors by keeping the game 5 days.
Colientita Adventures 2 1.2
This is the second part of thegameColientita's Adventures.Colientita's Adventures 2 is a platform game. The purpose ofthegame is to collect the egg while avoiding losing lives.Aftercollecting the egg, Colientita's nest will appear, reach thenestto proceed to the next level.As you advance the game will start becoming more difficult. Youwillhave 3 lives in each level of the game.
ColorMe: Reloaded 1.1.5
Coloring is so fun and relaxing. Select from a variety of imageswhat would you like to color, like cars, animals, dinosaurs andeven insects. Choose the color you want to use by selecting it fromthe coloring palette. Then use your finger to give color to yourfavorite drawing. Unlock more colors and images by keeping the app5 days!
Car Wash 1.0.3
Wash clean your favorite car. Then take it for a test drive whereyou can change the car's color, tire rims, turn on and off thelights, honk the horn and even change to different highways. Startby taking the car out of the garage by pressing the white arrow.After the car is parked outside you will need to match the colorsor objects to its matching place. After completing this section youwill be able to wash your favorite car. Finally, take your niceclean car for a drive. - Unlock more cars by washing the first twocars. - Unlock different tire rim and colors on all cars by keepingthe game for three days. - Unlock a new car and more colors bykeeping the game five days.
Create A Wrestler: Champion 1.0.3
Create and customize a wrestler. Change the wrestler'sappearanceand attire. Choose from a variety of accessories,clothing andpersonal customization like eyes, nose and hair. Useyourimagination to create the best wrestler in the world!Unlockextrasin the game:- Keep the game for one day to get moreclothingcolors.- keep the game for 3 days to get extra accessoriesandcustomizations.- keep the game for more than 5 days to unlocktheFemale Version, all costumes, belts and accessories foryourwrestler.