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Snailboy 1003003
Snailboy is a fun physics based, puzzleplatform game, with rich graphics, killer sounds and over 45 levelsof intoxicating game play.Award Winning:- DevGamm Kyiv 2013, Best Mobile Game- FWA Mobile of the Day*** Please ensure you have a WiFi Internet connection. ***Story:Meet Snailboy, a cheeky garden mollusc, super obsessed with hisquest for the perfect shell. Somewhere in your enchanted garden,this lively little guy has been ambushed by the Sneaky Shadow Gang.They’ve stolen his shell-pack, along with his prized collection ofprecious shells.Help Snailboy rescue them back and head out on a courageousjourney of epic proportions.Master the levels and fall in love with this little slugger witha big heart. Be amazed by the magical environments, and get readyto tear your hair out when you simply cannot beat a level!This is a game that will capture the imagination of people andsnails far and wide.Features:- Sling, Slap, Slide and Stick- Collect Slimey’s in every level and bonus levels- These Slimey’s can buy lives- Find Shells- Unlock Jump Boost- Bonus Levels for free slimey's- Purchase Awesome Skins- Earn Game Centre Achievements- Master Game PlayReviews:"The whole thing is looking incredibly polished, especially fora mobile game." -"This game is a thing of beauty! You did an amazing job on thegraphics ... and I also love the way you control the character." -Daniel Sperl ( & Starling Framework)“Gorgeous visuals on par with what you'd see in top-qualityanimated films propelthis platformer starring a snail who's lost his shells.”- IGN ("Snailboy is a pleasant game with some pretty great graphics, asyou might be ableto see. They're clear, colourful, and easy on the eyes. The soundsof Snailboyfalling and landing from a height are also worth a smile."- Pocket Gamer ("With Pixar-esque animations and a charming little hero for usto fall in love with, Snailboy is definitely gearing up for aroaring start for its release." - Punchingbeta.comFor more information visit:http://www.thoopid.comFollow us on Twitter: @Thoopid and @SnailboythegameFollow us on Facebook: