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Interval Timer PRO 1.5
Interval timer is designed for any kind ofinterval training. All the values are configurable so it can beused in other interval training methods such as tabata , hiit ,boxing or sprint training.Interval training will help you to get in better shape andincrease your vo2max levels. Test have showed that intervaltraining is better for fat loss than normal cardio.Features:- Easy to setup- Install to SD- Big timer interface- The timer remembers the settings last used and uses them as adefault for the next training session.- Color coding for preparation, work and rest periods.- Beebing sound between work and rest periods. Beep volume iscontrolled by your phones media volume control.Additional PRO features:- No Ads- Customisable work, rest and end-sounds- Customisable work and rest beep type- Vibrate mode on/off- Vibrate type** MAY NOT WORK PERFECTLY ON CHEAP ANDROID TABLETS! **** If you like this application, please give it a favorablereview. If you DO NOT like it, please send me an email how toimprove the program. All improvement ideas are taken toconsideration ***All bugs and improvement ideas can be sent to qthrasherq@gmail.comOr at the facebook page timer, diet, fat loss, exercise, weightlifting, cardio,boxing, cycling, mma, vo2max, running, sprinting, hiit, tabata,bodybuilding, weightlifting, routine, schedule, ufc, clock