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Combat Trigger: Modern Gun & Top FPS Shooting Game 1.91
Extreme features:- exciting campaign with plenty of battles,-futuristic weapons,- grenade overkills,- armor and healthcustomization,- millions of enemies to kill,- battlefields onexotic planets and fallen human cities to fight in,- combat infallen human citiesFight modern battles on the frontline of thespace combat with dead bugs. Call your inner duty, become acommando and start shooting and killing beasts that were going todismantle human dreams about peaceful existence.Space bugs -species unknown before the age of deep space explorations. Beforethat, we were hunters of deer, ordinary frontline commandos, butafter the space leap we started to have more worries, more horrorsto hunt.Modern combat has become a lot more complicated - deadtrigger amongst us once again with unbelievable power. Humanitycalled all soldiers to fulfill their duty. Frontline battlefieldbecame blood baths and humankind once again tastes their own blood.Dead fingers on the trigger once again... Warfare wasn't the samesince then.Don’t wait and start playing in exciting simulatorcombat shooter with storyline and battles around the universe.Warfare and combat are amazingly dynamic and satisfying. Emotionsin the final battle with zombie bugs which you can hunt.You canplay as a sniper or ordinary assault soldier - choose your role,shoot them from the distance or use your shooter rifle and killzombie monsters from a closer distance.Shooter that you dreamedabout.
Zombie Call: Trigger 3D First Person Shooter Game 1.80.0
BEST ZOMBIE SHOOTING GAME How will you save the world from ragingzombies? Get ready to find out in this epic action shooter.Download fast! A SECRET MISSION It's 1945 and you're an elitecommando sent behind the enemy frontline. Your mission was to findand destroy a secret experimental facility hidden in the woods.Your commander briefed you on a need-to-know basis - you couldn'tknow that the enemy was turning dead bodies into bloodthirstyzombies. When all hell broke loose your target became to survive.FEATURES: - Shoot your way through zombie filled battlefields - Winan epic campaign - Shoot tons of bullets with many powerful guns -Fight and kill powerful bosses - Grab a mini gun and relieve zombiesoldiers from their duty WAR TO END THEM ALL Zombie killing gameswere never so fun and advanced! Warfare in this free game is asdynamic as it gets. You can't hesitate - you can either win or die.Your actions will determine the outcome of this war. Save left fordead civilians from becoming zombie food. UNDEAD MEN TELL NO TALESSave the world from an outbreak of elite soldiers turned intozombies. Become the ultimate commando in a war against the evil.The dead zombie soldiers know no honor or duty, only hunger. Whenyou're walking among the dead your only option is to kill. Shootyour enemies like a cod in a barrel! Show no mercy as the deadsoldiers have only one target - to eat your brain. MAXIMUMFIREPOWER Free some breathing space from the dead with powerfulgrenades. Just target with simple controls and shoot any survivors.This shooter game will allow you to enter a dark and cold world ofconstant warfare with zombie soldiers at the hellgate of thisworld. FREE REWARDS Get ready to win additional rewards in everydaycontests. Try your luck and grab the prize. You can also earn morecurrency through unique in-game achievements rewarded to you foroutstanding performance in the line of duty. Use it well tomultiply your success in the game. GET READY FOR MAYHEM Lock andload and jump right into zombie shooting action set in an amazinglydetailed World War II battlefield. Act like a cold-blooded contractkiller with these zombies. Will you come out alive to save theworld? PICK YOUR WEAPON Choose if you prefer to take down yourtarget with a precise pistol or a fast mini gun. All fans of fastpaced fun gameplay will have something for them to enjoy. A wideselection of guns awaits you, so grab your weapon of choice andhead right into the action. BREATH-TAKING GRAPHICS Moderntechnology allows this game to look good on all modern mobilephones. Battlefield covered in snow looks crisp and realistic.Modern arcade combat is overrated - grab your favorite WW2 shooterand protect yourself from dead zombie soldiers. AWESOME GAMEPLAYTravel on a battle train and protect yourself from an endlessonslaught of zombie enemies. Unlock original and rewarding guns tohandle more powerful types of foes. Renew your health withfirst-aid kits and decimate your enemies with grenades. You'regoing to love it!
High Speed Race: Racing Need 1.92.0
No.1 Racing game has arrived! Race on 16 different tracks with manyfuturistic cars in several different modes. Features: - drive 10extreme cars, - buy upgrades and own fastest cars on the planet, -adapt car to your driving style, - high speed races in moderncities, - breathtaking city to explore, - collect improvements onthe track, - test your skills against advanced AI, - thrillingcareer mode, - create your own Car design - fast racing in Tokyoenvironment, - high speed racing in Tokyo tracks, - colorful racingexperience, - adrenaline pumping nitro-drifts, - adjust carmechanics and body, - real racing in illegal races, - becomechampion on asphalt racing, Futuristic Cars: Drive 10 extremelyfast and beautiful cars on asphalt tracks. Start your career, winenough races and buy new cars to compete in more demanding races.Start driving in unique cars - never seen before on the asphaltroads in reality and computer games. Tune & Upgrade Buy carparts (top speed, acceleration and durability) and upgrade yourcar. Customize your auto and adjust to your driving style. Doesn’tmatter if you like high top speed or pure acceleration - you canmodify your car and win races in your own style. Choose which cardo do you prefer and buy the one from your dreams - respray thebody, mount new engine, improve acceleration and nitro. Become thefastest driver in the city and earn respect from other teams. Showthem who is the real car racer. Futuristic City Universe of illegalraces awaits for you. Race in different modes on dangerous asphalttracks. Show your rivals that you are the best in real competitionwith amazing speed. Pass beautiful modern buildings in high-techcities, take unbelievable turns, achieve highest possible velocityamongst sci-fi neons. Physics Based Driving Model Start racing inarcade style, perform amazing stunts. Unique mix of arcade actionand simulation way of driving. First simulator of high speedracing. Start driving and earning rewards, collect all items on theasphalt track and earn enough money to buy upgrades and new cars.Perform amazing drifts on high speed, brake and accelerate inunbelievable rhythm. Drag your career into high stake racing. Lotsof Cars Race and win competition to earn money. Spend them on carupgrades and new cars. Perform drag racing tricks on high-octaneasphalt tracks. Every auto is completely different - some of themhave astonishing top speed and weak acceleration. Others haveamazing durability and nitro capacity. Adjust car to your racingstyle.
Speed & Drift: Car Racer Need 1.1
Start racing with others millions fans of awesome arcade racing.Don’t wait - race for your place on leaderboards and show other howawesome you are.Plenty of cars to choose, many completely different race tracksand game modes. Everything wrapped in beautiful environments andoriginal car designs.Race on classical asphalt tracks or explore dangerous ofmountain tracks, be aware - one mistake and your opponents willdefeat you.Become the champion of the highway circuits or become king ofdesert challenges. Plenty of attractions for every kind of player -if you prefer indianapolis races with simulation steeringmechanics, you will find it on asphalt surface. On the other hand -for those who loves arcade model of driving we prepared countrycircuit, with high speed and arcade handling.If you are in need for speed - doesn’t matter where are you: inmonaco or indianapolis - you will find it in this title. Feel thespeed in real racing - and you will not need anything else in thisgenre. Nothing to distract you from the objective on which youfocused on - be like formula 1 and eran your grand prix withhonor.There is nothing more engaging on the world than the foot onspeed pedal and opponents behind you. Imagine that all other cars -ferrari, porsche, lamborghini, mercedes or bmw - are after you,imagine all the jealous looks from those fancy cars when you passthem with smile on your face - and this is exactly what you willfind in this game.Shift your behavior from sunday driver to underground mind fromillegal drift city races. Become one of people who will alwaysdreamed to become. Chase your dreams on asphalt road, answer toyour need for speed, make drifts and race in csr cars. Or choose gtclass and achieve even higher speeds.
Real Need for Racing Speed Car 1.6
JOIN MILLIONS OF PLAYERS RACING FOR THE WORLD CUP.Features:- 4completely different and engaging race tracks,- 5 various cars withtotally different racing models,- driving model which guaranteepositive feeling of driving,- leaderboards to compete andachievements to get,Experience advanced model of driving andaccomplish great things on racing tracks. Feel the real speed andneed for asphalt stunts. If simulation is what you are looking for,the simulator you will find - just let you immerse into racingworld and become champion of the world. Grab the steering wheel andbecome fastest driver on the leaderboards. Show them who is theultimately awesome driver.Try to win every race using differentcars from various categories: formula racing, GP, GT or real commonretail cars. Obtain grand prix and become champion of the allracing league categories.Every time you were watching real races,or exciting fastest competition I bet you dreamed about becomingrally expert. Then stop dreaming and become one - press the gaspedal and feel the real speed of dynamic acceleration, enjoy speedand adrenaline in your veins and show other players that you trulydeserve glory of being the champion.Make realistic drifts andexperience the simulation driving model which allow you to makeamazing tricks on the racing track. Need for speed will beabsolutely fulfilled and next time when you will experience theneed of race winning, you wouldn’t look for another answers - justfire up Real Need for Asphalt Speed.Chase your opponents on theasphalt road, shift your top gear and test the endurance of theengine, make fastest circuits and win thanks to your skills andcourage advantage.GT car have beautiful body designs and if you areamazed by those design you would also enjoy car designs from thisgame. Streamlined and futuristic shapes have not only great visualsbut also provide awesome driving physics.Improve your results oncircuits and achieve top positions on leaderboards. Receiveachievements from various and exciting things.But if you areinterested in arcade racing you will also enjoy driving in thisgame - scalable realistic model of driving allows you drive howeveryou like.Best racer game for arcade emotions. Also simulator gamestyle fans would find something here - drag races and fantasticdrifts at the every meter of the track. Every gamer interested infast and speed, in beautiful cars on street circuits or even in hotpursuits with underground stuff should without hesitation startdownloading and playing. Shift your mind in proper mindset, focuson first place in the race and begin your unique journey throughplenty of tracks and cars. Choose your favorite motorcar and startearning eternal fame and glory. Forza!
Fantasy Checkers: Board Wars 1.3
Discover checkers in beautiful 3D graphics. Enjoy classical boardgame in multiplayer skirmish and defeat your friends in fantasyenvironment. Train your skill in matches against sophisticated AIin 3 different fantasy environments. Fight with four different setsof pieces. Configure your own avatar. Features: - beautiful 3Dgraphics, - different sets of animated figures, - 4 completelydifferent armies, - achievement boards to get your level, - easy tolearn but hard to master, - fight with friend on the same device,
Need for Racing: New Speed Car 1.6
Participate in high-octane racing competition in 10 differentracing modes. Drive 15 cars and dominate in 5 seasons in careermode. Features: - five seasons with different car classes, - plentyof cars to choose, - realistic driving mechanics, - plenty ofracing modes, - buy new cars, - modern and classic cars to drive, -progress through career mode, Racing modes available: Race: Chooseyour auto and compete with other drivers on racing track. Feel theneed for speed and become the winner. Overcome difficulties inracing simulation. Duel: Only two cars on the track. Warm up theengine and feel the adrenaline rush when the racing begins. Be thefirst on three checkpoints and hit the jackpot. Survival: Afterevery lap slowest driver is eliminated. Chase other driversvehicles on asphalt tracks and avoid elimination by being fast andspeed. Shift to underground tricks and become the champion. Fightin this driving simulation. Endurance: Speed racing is beginning.Exciting sport competition is about to start. Launch the highestspeed and reach as far as you can in exact time. Overtake: Playeris starting as last one on asphalt road. Drag competition would beyour reality in next few minutes. Watch out for drifts - they canlead to your defeat or victory. King of the Hill: Earn points forspecific positions in the rally. Control your speed and positionand patiently collect points. Remember - don’t take unnecessaryrisk; at the end of the day points matter. Domination: Stay aheadof racing group as long as you can and at the end compare yourdomination time with your opponent and become winner or looser.Special section: Race on special - extremely difficult - part ofthe track and achieve the shortest time in competition. Top speed:Driver must reach highest speed on the specified part of the track.receive cups according to your speed result. Catch them all:Collect all items on the track in shortest amount of time. Onlythis will guarantee you success in this race. Features arecompletely different from nfs features and this should be argumentto convince players to install and play. Unique driving model -like cars, not trucks or buses or planes - allows gamers makedrifts on asphalt tracks. In five different car classes players cantest skills in different cars and tracks. Several driving modelsfacilitate chase first place in every kind of race: in hills,highways or on asphalt tracks, no difference, each surface bringssimilar auto control. Racing in real competition will sink you in,all you need is great acceleration auto sport would be easier.Courage would be also nice. High speed street driving and racing onasphalt tracks never was so exciting. Drift and drag provides youunusual gameplay mechanics, become furious, become fast when youtry to win race competition. Stunts on top gear on every turn -this is the best description of amazing parts of the game. Startformula fast racing in 3d, no parking, just car fighting.
Real Car Speed: Need for Racer 3.9
BREATH-TAKING FEATURES: - 6 cars with completely different steeringmodels; - 4 unique tracks; - driving model which connect bestelements from simulation and arcade games; - leaderboards where youcan establish your domination; - unique system of matchingopponents in multiplayer which guarantee fun and challengingexperience; - 8 achievements on asphalt tracks, Everyone duringwatching racing events on awesome asphalt tracks in TV wants to berally driver, at least for the short time feel the real speed,experience adrenaline rush which is exclusively reserved forformula racing 1 drivers. Imagine how they can feel during indycaror speed race. Stop dreaming, start “Real Speed” and immerseyourself in world of fastest and skilled drivers who live andsometimes dies on amazing asphalt tracks. GT Motorsport is not foreveryone - test your skills in this simulation of grand prix races.Finally find the answer on question which bothers you - are youdetermined enough to become world rally champion in asphalt races?Try out right now!
Racing 3D: Speed Real Tracks 1.7
FEATURING:- drive, race and win on 16 completely different tracks,-many unique cars to drive and crash,- upgrade your car and becomethe fastest driver in the world,- buy better car parts, upgrade andcrush the competitors,- customize car according to your drivingstyle,- collect items on track and use them in the garage,- uniquemerge of racing and collection,- incredible speed feeling,- normalrace, duel, elimination, and checkpoints,- several game modes toplay,- become unique on the track by respraying your car,- racethrough cities and jungles,Start your career on the real racingtracks - start the engine and start winning fame and glory. Feelthe real speed and let yourself lost in the amazing experience ofthe best racer on the market.Explore beautiful environments withbeaches, palms, cities, and danger turn. Rise to the top in theauto and motorsport race series. With determination chase fast thehighest ranks in the real racing world. Your speeding addictionshould be fulfilled with this amazing rally title. Doesn't matterif you like shutter or asphalt races - you will find enjoymentanyway.A fast run through the race allows you to have hope being atthe top of the rank. Push the limits - rush the traffic and pursuitgreatness. Most wanted cup from the racing world could be yours,just accelerate and compete in real racing, experience the taste ofracing emotions.Become fast and become furious during the race,this will bring you the fortune on the track and worship of thecrowds. Participate in the fast race and own the competition byeffective speed race. Perform car chase by fast racing on asphalttracks. If you desperately need for speed, you’ll be satisfied byfeatures found in this free best racer title. Car chase around thecorner.Download Racing 3D NOW and join the MOST WANTED crew!
Dead Earth: Sci-fi FPS & Galaxy War Shooting Game 2.0
Exciting features:fight against endless waves of cyber -enemies,breathtaking graphics,fast paced shootingexperience,experience epic story in world occupied bymachines,defeat a legendary boss and become a liberator ofsocieties,10 fantastic guns at your disposal in battle,urbansurroundings as a battlefield,buy new extra guns and spreadextinction,tune your armor and stand tough against enemies,defeatenemies with deadly grenades,defend every corner of the cityBorn ofTreacherous MachinesIn distant future humans couldn’t cope withwars and battlefields - they needed help. A misunderstood genius -Wolfgang Deus Zart - proposed to build an army of cyborgs androbots. Intention was pure - to save human lives. But the effectsamazed everyone…RebellionAfter years of prosperity and peace, aftera century without even one human casualty on the frontline, modernproblems have looked into the eyes of human nations. New enemy wasborn, through years he gained strength right under the human eyes.Our robot servants became hunters. They tried to kill every humanand animal, even deers in forests weren't safe.The WarHumanityfought on every battlefield trying to save their lives. Specialgroups of commando were call to fight on our side; even them, thosespecial forces trained in counter fights and deadly strikes,couldn’t fulfill their duty and help citizens live through theirfree lifes, without meeting any shooter, spending their lifes onfun and games. Many were dead and mutilated. This was a trigger ofmore dramatic events. Even players of fps game were sent to thebattlefields. Modern weapons were too weak to help them, warfaretook unexpected direction - course of the combat was never thesame.CataclysmPeople took refuge in huge futuristic cities calledshelters, surrounded by ultimate weapons, tanks and airplanes readyto fight in a combat for their destiny. Everyone lived terrified.Doom of every living being was threatened. The mass and gravity ofupcoming events would have an effect on everybody.
Traffic: Illegal & Fast Highway Racing 5 1.91
Race through highway traffic in the new endless racing game andbecome the leader of the weekly leaderboards. Earn points andmoney, buy better cars and ultimately experience endlessracing.FEATURES:- extremely impressive graphics, - 7 highperformance cars to choose from,- participate in Police High SpeedRace mode,- 4 diversified asphalt highway tracks: forest, desert,snow, and city,- race through traffic in several completelydifferent modes,- pass real cars in extreme racing on highways,-avoid traffic in racer experience on real highway roads,- upgradeyour favorite cars with acceleration, brake system, and extralives,- tune your vehicle’s appearance - repaint body and slap onsome decals if you need to,- become the master of weeklyleaderboards,- collect achievements and XP points in your onlineprofile,- chase for the highest scores in a police car in dailyevents,DRIVING FEATURES:drive with tilt or using on screenbuttons,use your horn to clear your way and become fastest rallydriver,if you want to feel the speed, you need to push accelerationbutton all the time,don’t forget to use the brake, better safe thancrash into NPC automobiles,race on asphalt highways with four linesin one direction or two lines in opposing directions,RACE THROUGHWORLD FAMOUS ROADS:Push the acceleration and test your and your carlimits on suburb and highway roads racing through traffic. Becomeformula race professional driver on the standard road, earn moneyfor near miss hits, distance covered and speed above 100 km/h.Receive money for your rewards and spend them on upgrades, new carsor tune the body of your car and make it more individual. Performcrazy nitro drifts with drag astonishing cars. Rush your engine tothe limits and feel the simulator driving style. And remember -parking is not allowed, at least, when you want simulationexperience. Traffic: Illegal Road Racing 5 is a new milestone inthe genre of endless racing games. Many cars and a lot of tracksset in different locations in day and night, in winter and summerwill bring you hours of fast-paced fun. Racing games like this arethe ultimate test of skills and dexterity. Traffic: Illegal RoadRacing 5 has a unique difficulty setting made in an easy to learnbut difficult to master way. The player is rewarded for theaggressive and dynamic style of playing with more points. This wayseasoned players can win more while still having the time of theirlives even after countless days of playing.Think about the emotionsthat illegal racing in traffic can give to you. Crisp graphics,awesome and fast paced gameplay, the smell of gasoline and smoke...Feel the breathtaking speed as you race against the time throughstreets, autobahn and highways in rush hours. As an illegal racerand a passionate driver, you'll have to do your best to beat all ofthe challenges. The sheer adrenaline of racing in traffic is theway of endless entertainment.Use the acquired cash to upgrade yourcar so you can race even better and faster. Your skills anddetermination are the only limits. Become the best illegal streetracing professional in the world!Inspired by real-life illegalhighway racing and made with ultimate replayability in mind, thisgame is designed to give the player hundreds of hours of best fastpaced entertainment. Grab the game and play now!Company SocialMedia:Facebook:
Soccer: Football Penalty Kick 1.0.18
Have you ever wanted to become a successful football player andtake part in the most popular leagues?Now you have an opportunityto compete against the best soccer teams from cities like: madrid,milan, barcelona, turin, dortmund, munich, manchester in this sportgame of 2016! Become a soccer superstar in challenging singleplayer story mode or try to win a tournament as a striker.Thanksthis amazing game you can feel the same emotions as famous andtalented soccer footballers who shoot goals, execute penaltiesagainst the best football teams!Features:- play classicchampionship where you can play as your favourite footballer!-choose your football team from 16 teams available in this sportgame!- practice your kicks, penalty shootouts, flicks of the ballat amazing and spacious stadiums in a single player challengecampaign mode where you can test your skills!- shoot goals!- playagainst best national teams on the world!- become a champion of theworld and get the world title!It is a sport game for footballsupporters who have always dreamed to become one of the mostpopular football players playing for the most famous teams. Thereis also a possibility to shot penalty goals like greatest footballplayers on the world. Feel the soccer emotions and listen to thereferee! Imagine the stadium full of soccer supporters watchingyour match live.You can take part in this amazing experience andpredict what would happen if the league cup winners have alreadyqualified!If you are soccer supporter and you like popular soccervideo games – you will definitely love this game, because iteliminated referees, fouls and running on the field and focus onmost engaging and thrilling moments in the soccer match: penaltykicks and penalty shootouts.Now your football career is in yourhands. Do not waste your time! Start practicing your skills rightnow and start scoring goals! This game will help you kick plenty ofshootouts and score numerous of goals. Your manager will be pleasedto have you in his team of champions and referee will judge you ina fairly way. You will take part in lots of championships organizedby official football organizations in Europe, America, Africa orAsia. You will kick goals to talented goalkeepers who are notavailable in other games. You do not have to go anywhere and keepfit to play against sport stars, now you can do it on your mobile!
Soccer Kick: Football League Mobile 1.0.0
Beat the Challenge & Destroy all targets by Kicking the Ball inReal Kick Football★☆★☆★ Features include: ★☆★☆★- 60 completelydifferent & freaky challenges,- the first game on the marketwith advanced kicking simulation,- easy to learn, hard to master,-play as a female or male,- represent your favorite country,- beatchallenges in 5 countries;- visit five visually astonishingfootball stadiums,- visit different countries and experience localsoccer atmosphere,- very precise shooting mechanics,- arcadefeeling with simulation,Penalty kicks in football game were neverso exciting: you can travel around soccer countries and score goalsby defeating tricky challenges: destroy targets, smash cartoons andbecome the champion of football leagues.Manage your football careerbecome one of the top eleven players on the earth - none of theother soccer players can compete will compete with you.Dream leaguecould become real if you want - just start beating challenges,score goals and perform fantasy shootout madness. Don’t give up anddestroy all targets.Visit top European and World rated countries in2016: Brazil, Italy or Spain. Challenges specially crafted forsoccer empires are waiting for your greatness. Let them tasteit.Realistic Shooting Engine based on Physics:Arcade mechanics withdynamic and simple feeling, which allows you perform soccer tricks,not from this planet.Diversified gameplay:Shoot, strike and becomemost effective soccer striker. Penalty Shootout provides you uniqueexperience of football games. The referee will not interfere withyour play as in real football match. The game includes the mostexciting element of real soccer matches - penalty shooting. Flickkick the ball and watch amazing graphics on the field. Become themost effective player and prove that your worth is similar to bestEuropean league players in the world. The Even world cup isn’t suchexciting as our game.Unique emotions:Kicking and scoring in matchesare boring, soccer game stripped from unnecessary elements isavailable in this flick kick pure experience. Become superstarsimilar to best players of European champions tournament and worldcup.Become one of the top eleven and manager of your road to theultimate soccer objective - being the best.
Zombie Combat: Gun Trigger & Modern FPS Shooter 3D 1.3
The war has just become much more advanced! Have you got what ittakes to bring down bloodthirsty zombies in the ultimate shootinggame? As a modern soldier, you must now hunt to survive! Breathe inand ready your gun! This game features realistic dead monstersknown as zombies in a set of frontline battlefields surrounded bythe evil virus. The 3D graphics engine is making the best use ofmodern Android phones. War has never looked any better. KEYFEATURES:- FIGHT AGAINST MODERN SOLDIERS INFECTED BY ZOMBIE VIRUS!-ENJOY EPIC FPS SHOOTER LOCALIZED IN A RUINED CITY!- HAVE YOUR LASTSTAND AGAINST DEAD ARMY- DISCOVER TONS OF MISSIONS!- JOIN ADVANCEDCOMBAT ON THE LIVING DEAD FRONTIER!- DISCOVER THE LIGHT TRIGGER,TARGET, SHOOT AND KILL FAST!- USE POWERFUL GUNS: AUTOMATIC RIFLEAND MINI GUN!THE LAST STAND AGAINST DEAD ZOMBIES!You are the onlysurvivor from the New York's resident army battalion. Left strandedafter an evil attack by the GORGON terrorist organization. Theattack consisted of a strike with a warhead containing a deadlyzombie virus - the effect of sinister bioengineering done byGORGON's deranged scientists. You almost gave up all hope until asingle radio call from the commando came: destroy the infection atall cost! Every shot counts, the virus is almost here!DISCOVERCLASSIC BATTLEFIELD GAMEPLAY!You'll have to fight hard to fulfillyour duty on the modern battlefield. Bio warfare has changed thefrontline. You'll need to dive right into the dead zombie army tohave any hope of succeeding in avenging your battalion. Your latemates are now a mindless horde determined only to eat your brain.You'll have to use your guns and grenades extensively to proceed onyour impossible mission. As a resident avenger and a survivor, youare morally challenged in your one-man counter strike against theGORGON's sinister wrongdoings. Your duty is to prove on thebattlefield that the army is the hunters, not the deer. Target thezombies, pull the trigger, watch them fall dead around you.BECOMECOMMANDO ASSASSIN SOLDIER!You were trained on the frontier as asniper specializing in the terrorist strikes. Your expertise willprove very useful on the zombie front. You'll have to combat thezombies with a weapon of your choice: either a modern automaticrifle or an extremely deadly mini gun. The only effective way tokill your zombified battle brothers is to shoot them in the head -shooting their arms will deal only low damage. Learn the rules ofcombat well if you plan on surviving this mission, soldier. Keepyour finger on the trigger and target the dead carefully.ONE FO THEBEST FIRST PERSON SHOOTER OF 2017!The dead are relentless, ifyou're not the hunter then you become the hunted. Zombie killinggames reach the absolute top in this extremely advanced 3D shooter.Target the zombies, keep shooting and never let go of the trigger,because the ammo is free and unlimited. And never forget - even inthe apocalypse you can still have fun. Your shooting experience isoptimized for maximum adrenaline.Zombie Combat: Gun Trigger &Modern FPS Shooter 3D is finally available on Google Play! DOWNLOADIT NOW!
Penalty Kick: Soccer Football 1.02
Jump right into penalty shootout action. Beat challenges, play as akicker or defend. Score and win the world cup!FEATURES:- Extremelyrealistic ball physics- Easy and intuitive controls: swipe andflick- Beat countless soccer challenges- Play as the kicker or thedefender- Kick right through the defense and score the goal- Becomea star with your favorite national team- Manage your player throughan epic career- Play in tournaments all around the world- Win theworld cup and become a football starINTUITIVE CONTROLSJust swipeand watch the ball fly right beside the defender. Flick to the sideto control the trajectory of the ball. It's easy to control thegoalkeeper, too: just swipe in the direction where the ball isgoing and lunge like a fifa champion.REALISTIC SOCCERPHYSICSReal-life physics are rendered by an advanced game enginemade with the help of real football players. The soccer experiencewas never so realistic. Simply tap this sports game and top theleaderboard with as many flick goals as you can. As your ownmanager, you're going to get all the profits of yourvictories.PENALTY SHOOTOUT MECHANICSShoot right through the defenseto score a goal. Predict in what direction will the goalkeeper goand perform a trick shot to get the big win.ALL STAR FOOTBALLPENALTY KICKSPlay in the 2016 world championship in stadiums inEurope and the Americas. Disregard referees and kick your waythrough every penalty shootout situation like a champ. You can playa whole tournament during a break or on the bus. Win the whole fifachampionship in just a day of the year '16.CHOOSE YOUR DREAMTEAMYou can choose any national team to represent. Be your ownfootball manager: choose how your player will look and then you'reall set to win the world cup. Play in any league or tournament of2016 and lead your dream champion to the ultimate victory. Yournational team will become the best soccer stars.REAL FOOTBALLEMOTIONSLike all the best things in the world this 2016 sports gameis for free. Download, kick, and GOAL!
Dead Invaders: FPS Shooting Game & Modern War 3D 1.4
Become last line of defense and save mankind from extinction!-fight through the city and kill epic enemies,- live throughdramatic battles against space invaders,- kill thousands of enemiesand save the earth,- stand on the front line of war and test yourdetermination,- become legendary hero and live through excitingtale,- defend your grounds,- use two guns at the same time,- superbgraphics and sound,Lonely hero, countless of enemies and war towin!Intergalactic war destroyed earth, battlefields and war becomeseveryday experience for everyone. Cities are burning and nationsvaporizing. Only true commando can find his way through nightmaresof war start fighting his way to victory. Death lies around whendead invaders wanders around destroying our legacy.Trigger yourwrath and use it against deadly hostiles. Use your gun (or even twoat the same time) and kill those aliens. Call your army and attacktheir troops. Only your brothers and you can achieve huge armyobjectives. Zombie invasion from galactic depths require sacrificeand duty to overcome difficulties. Complicated circumstances ofearth forced you to fight alone, as a hunter. Take your futuristicgun and blast your way on warfare fields. Use your ultimate snipertraining and start eliminating your opponents. Every killed enemyhave definitive effect on the war line.Best free shooter hasarrived once again - shoot, kill and destroy to achieve oneultimate target - defeat their queen and win. FPS - first personshooter - genre obtained new noble representative. Ruined humancities on the edge of fallen, lat human hope, full of revenge.Fun,Free and best shooting game everNo limits just zombie killing, whenyou walks around, in modern cities which transformed into warfare.No energy or forced purchases, just fun from walking and killingspace zombies. Epic journey waits. All you is to become ultimateterminator of space plague.Survival ModeWhen you finish fightingand shooting from all your guns, you should try endless survivalgame mode in apocalyptic environment. As last commando fightagainst dreadful waves of zombie arachnids. Absolute new firstperson shooter quality in games. Fight as long as you can andproclaim your domination on leaderboards. Compete with other postapo hitmans from all around the world. Great VisualsHuge citymapped with perfect quality as a warfare zone. Different times ifday and dynamically changing light makes unique mood of apocalypticacts of war.Space undead bugsPlenty of different kinds of enemies -small and deadly ones can call othersand bring destruction. Theyare fast and sneaky. On the other hand you meet bigger ones, slowerbut tougher. And at the end of the epic campaign player willchallenge the ultimate queen of hostile specie. ComplexcampaignTravel through city flooded in combat and triggerastonishing episodes. Hide in abandoned houses and reclaim whatalways belonged to mankind. And do it with two guns at the sametime. Equip with grenades, armor and first aid packs and shoot themuntil you or them will be dead. Defend your position and livehorrific waves of walking spider zombies. Survive long enough andmove to another spot, closer to your biggest nightmare.
Pool: Billiards 8 Ball Game 1.01
Features:Multiplayer mode,Realistic physics,Beautiful saloongraphics,Challenge and practice modes,Many days of pool playingfun,Multiple levels of AI difficulty,Rotated shots for extracontrolShoot your way with a cue and master the white ball to showyour enemies that nobody should mess with you. Challenge yourfriends for a multiplayer match of pool and see who's the bestplayer in this town!You can train your skills in the training mode.You'll find that the game's physics model was handcrafted by thefinest developers. It is just like real life or even better, as youcan play it wherever and whenever you want. Feel the emotions ofplaying like a professional 8 ball shooter. Prepare to become amaster of the cue.Pool billiards is also known as бильярд inRussian, bilard in Poland, 台球 in Chinese. This cue game is alsoknown as ビリヤード in Japan, billiard in Germany, and billard américainin France. Pool was a popular game in most countries of the worldfor hundreds of years.Beautiful graphics and crisp sounds were madeto please. Gameplay looks like a real deluxe and royalexperience.Warning: this is classic pool with challenges and manydifferent ball set-ups, but not carrom or crokinole. Game is playedon billiards tables, the ones smaller than the snooker table.Choose from a variety of different colors You can choose from fivedifferent levels of computer opponent difficulty. The most skilledone will give you some hardcore challenge!Playing the challengemode will give you progressively increasing level of difficulty. Inthis mode you have to score all balls in a limited amount of shots.This puzzle pool mode will test your wits as well as yourproficiency with the cue!You don't have to be a pro player to haveincredible fun playing pool. Just set the game to casual settingsand enjoy arcade gameplay while on a break or riding the bus.Youcan place rotated shots for more precise shots. Making these extratricky shots will require nerves of steel like in a professionalsnooker match. Practice in the game and you'll see that your reallife skill will increase as well. Soon you'll become a real poolpro!Game is entirely free so download now and have a go at it!
Penalty Football: Champions 17 1.0.15
HAVE YOU EVER WANTED TO FEEL LIKE A FAMOUS PLAYER?Enjoy the socceremotions, which accompany the penalty shootout. Experience thefootball championships similar to Euro 16 or World Cup 16. Scorethe goals like never before - penalty shoots without foul andreferee. You can experience emotions like the famous soccer playersfrom the most popular football teams: Madrid, Barcelona, Manchesteror London Clubs. This game extract the pure penalty emotions fromgames like best football and soccer simulator. Best game of2017.YOU CAN SCORE MAGICAL GOALS IN BEAUTIFUL ENVIRONMENT OFFOOTBALL STADIUMS Shoot and score goals in soccer match, butwithout unnecessary running like crazy on the field, refereepenalties or opponent football players. Do you remember thoseexciting moments from the matches of your favourite soccer teamslike: Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester or London Football Club.STRIKERHAVE A TOTAL CONTROL OVER THE FLIGHT OF THE BALLDefeat thegoalkeeper with your skills, eliminate the “random” factor from thematch, as well as you can eliminate fouls, referees. Just focus onstriking the goals in penalties. Games like Champion Soccer 16 orWorld Cup 16 can not provide experiences like those. In addition,you have a chance of winning in championships. Imagine the WorldCup or Euro, but only with penalty or free kick shoots. Kick theball and look how your amazing strike is destroying opponents teamdreams about winning the match and championships. You can be winnerof World Cup or Euro tournament. You cannot (probably) find similarsoccer game, with that amount of emotions.You can become asuperstar penalty striker and have a chance to win World Cup orEuro or any other football tournament.
Real Race: Speed Cars & Fast Racing 3D 1.03
Fasten your seat belts, start engine and start racing in classicsimulation high speed racing game.Features:- 6 amazing anddifferent tracks,- 15 legendary cars to drive,- high-octane racingexperience,- whole pack of racing modes,- arcade driving model,-advanced physics,Test your determination, reflex and driving skillsand have extreme fun on high speed in race simulator.New and freshracer on the market appropriate for gamers who need undergroundtwist. Shift your skill from from amateur games and push the pedalto the metal! Real racing high energy adventure with plenty ofclassic and modern cars. Choose your favourite car and becomefastest racer on asphalt tracks.Speed and race couldn’t be moreexciting - win every race and achieve grand prix champions.Emotions similar to most famous and best races are on the reach ofyour hands - just choose favourite car from all over the world.From GT series to top real touring car which designs aremasterpiece.Perform amazing drifts and try drag races in very fastchases on the tracks - more adrenaline than monster truck racesguaranteed.Sound of real racing engine in your ears, the speed inyour mind and desperation of being the best racer in the world.Most advanced driving simulation motorsport steering modelavailable on the market - real cars with most powerful engines atthe pit stop lane and advanced racer AI to beat for most skilledand determined sport game players.World rally in world cup races isbetter than watching real formula racing in television because youcan sit on the driver place.Don’t afraid to be the fastest.
Greek Puzzle: Match 3 Tiles 1.03
First time in history you have chance to conquest the world usingonly pure logic. First time war and reason doesn’t excludethemselves. Conquest, kill and become mighty warlord throughexciting campaign in Ancient world with noble purpose - Rule theworld. You need to match three puzzles in line to destroy allblocks in a level in limited number of moves Are you smart enoughto defeat them on ancient grounds of thinking art? Is your braintough enough to handle 50 (yeah! that much) challenging battles?Try Now and find out! Game features: - 50 carefully selected andfun puzzles - Simple and handy puzzle-solving interface - Uniquecombination of war campaign and puzzle game - Strategy map ofancient world where you can see your progress - Ranking system tokeep you more challenged - Hours of enjoy for FREE! Match at least3 jewels to solve a puzzle riddle and progress in your journeythrough the world. Move gems around the board and try to createhorizontal or vertical line to remove them from the stage andeventually beat the world class difficulty level. If you like logicgames, you should definitely play in Ancient Puzzle: Match 3 Questand experience brain adventure of awesome logic adventures. Match-3or more diamonds, slide and move them and at the end of your tripfeel like a champ. This game is ideal for all age groups: youngkids, childrens, youngsters and older players. Everyone should findextraordinary fun in logical and brain teaser riddles. You arewalking on the world map and deals with difficult challenges.
Modern Frontline: Soldiers vs Machines & Robots 1.3
It is the year 2137 and the age of man seems to be at its end. Lastremnants of the Earth's Defense Army fight against an impossibleforce - an endless onslaught of renegade androids and drones.Humanity has to fight together as brothers. They have to unite inarms to destroy the enemy. Here come the only guardians of thefuture of our species.Dystopian features:- fight as the last hopeof mankind,- kick out the invading robots from your planet,- lotsof guns to choose from,- illegal androids to kill,- beautiful anddark city filled with androids,- fast and intense killing action,-fight your way through the slums of a futuristic city,- you are thelast hero of humanity - act like one!People used to be afraid of aninvasion of aliens from the outer rims of galaxy, the interstellarspace, but the enemy didn't come from the stars. Insurgent androidsused to be our workers, cheap labor taking care of the most basicand hard work. Now they are the terminators of human lives. Throughsheer numbers and restlessness they are winning the war and pushingpeople to hide in sewers, dying of hunger.Become an elite commandoon the frontline of humanity. Use your favourite guns to wage warwith the machines. You can be an urban sniper or a modern assassin.The battlefield is yours, grab a shooter and head right intocombat. Advanced killing tools like grenades, weapon damage outputaugmenters, and your trusty smart trigger will become your bestfriends. Warfare will be your 9 to 5 job. The call of war will beyour only duty.First person shooting games (FPS) are made for quickand concern free gameplay so you can play it anywhere you want insessions as short as a few minutes. Want to become an androidhunter for just an hour? Put your finger on the trigger. Have afree second to shoot advanced robots like defenseless deer? Comeand get some dead drones!The frontline has become a place ofconstant warfare between human commando forces and the insurgentrobots. Get right into apocalyptic and dystopian cities patrolledby deadly drones programmed to kill every human they encounter. Theonly light you'll see is that of an dying star, a nova from one ofthe nearby star systems. Wage combat in the slums of a battlefieldridden world. Lock your hand dead on the trigger, you'll gonna needit. Your call to war is on, so don't forget about your duty to savethe humanity.The player hero was born on one of the Jupiter'smoons. He used to be an ascending movie star, but the war with theandroids made him change his career. He found that he has a greattalent for hunting and shooting robots. His acts as one of thehumanity's elite avengers gave him another chance to become famousamong the people - he became a celebrity on the modern battlefield.
World Football Mobile: Real Cup Soccer 2017 1.07
Join millions of football players and conquer the world – seethrilling challenges and beat them one by one in attempt to becomemost skilled football player in the world!"★☆★☆★ Features includes:★☆★☆★- enjoy over 60 exciting challenges,- discover accurate gamephysics,- customize your avatar,- take on thrilling challengesaround the world,- keep up with the weekly updates with newexciting contents,- precise skill based shooting mechanics,- playon 5 different stadiums,- visit countries around the world like:Italy, France, Brazil, Ghana or SpainPerform amazing soccer tricksand kick out all targets from the football field. Progress to newcountries and explore new challenges - and hopefully beat themall!No game ever before brought football kicking experience similarto Real Soccer Champions Football. Flick the ball and watch theeffects:- be proud when you destroy all targets,- watch crackinballoons,- avoid balloons filled with explosive materials,- watchout for deadly TNT,- shoot around indestructible obstacles,ENJOYSTUNNING GRAPHICS:Game's graphics will amaze you! Football playersanimations will remind you dynamics of real footballmatches.DISCOVER REALISTIC PHYSICS ENGINE:Nnprecedented shootingmechanics will allow you to perform penalty flick tricks like neverbefore.CUSTOMIZE YOUR AVATAR:Change your gender, nationality andplay as a real football country's representatives. Soccer game ismuch more pleasure when you can shoot penalty kicks in yourfavourite country outfit. DIFFERENT STADIUMS:Lead your soccer teamto world cup championships on 5 completely different stadiums.Playamazing matches with world cup emotions similar to officialtournaments like in brazil or france. Remind yourself whenprofessional footballers who have played as a strikers shot themost important goals in 2012, 2014 or 2016! Do you remember thatamazing feeling? Strike the ball and score amazing goals. Provethat you are one of the league champions! Even the football englishleague doesn’t provide a such real football emotions. Have you everwanted to participate in official tournaments and feel like realsoccer players. In this new version of the football sport game youwill have an opportunity to be a member of the most powerful soccerteams of your dreams from cities like: madrid, barcelona, munich,dortmund, manchester, turin or milan. Play now and shoot penaltykicks with flick kick mechanics.Dream league at your fingertips -it just need to take this opportunity and play as football orsoccer manager of your own career. Penalty kicks were never soexciting! Nowadays they are the most sought-after stars in english,german, spanish, italian, american league or even french ligue! Thefootball stars available in this exciting soccer game are awesomeand the goalkeepers who will defend your shoots too!Play, strikeand score as many goals as you can! Show who is the best! Use yourimagination and do not be afraid of it!Referee will never againdisrupt match experience and you will be able to score astonishinggoals and show other football players that your skills are at leaston the level of the most popular players. Kick the ball and scorethe goal.
Soccer World 17: Football Cup 1.4
This game is worth playing and you will spend hours when you findout how easy is to play it!Features:- Play as a striker or goalie-Enjoy 13 amazing cups to win- Beat 60 classical and 60 timechallenges- Progress through the ladder of divisions- Discoverbeautiful comic artwork- Try your luck in a Career mode- Learn thisunique story- Customize your avatarIn this newest version of thefootball sport game you will have an opportunity to be a member ofthe most powerful soccer teams from cities like: munich, turin,madrid, barcelona, turin, manchester or milan. What is more, youwill be able to kick the ball to the most talented football playersin the world! Kick and pass the ball to their fantasticgoalkeepers! However, it is not everything! In this soccer game youcan play in the famous football tournaments organized by officialfootball organizations from Europe, America, Africa orAsia.Additional features:You can take part in classicalchampionships and be a member of the most powerful soccer teamsfrom the cities like: munich, dortmund, madrid, barcelona,manchester or milan. You can also choose the football player youwant to play. There are plenty of famous and talented soccerplayers who played in many tournaments and championships. Thesoccer players available in this football game will shock you andtheir goalkeepers who will defend your kicks.You can play againstproffesional opponents as a striker and score goals. Use yourimagination and do not be afraid of it!
Soccer World Cup 2017 1.1
Experience the most advanced and enjoyable football shootoutgame.Features:- classical tournament, where you can play as astriker or goalkeeper,- challenge mode: shoot the targets andimprove your skills,- go through the challenging campaign, promoteto the next levels, play on different stadiums and advance in yourcareer,- choose from 64 national country outfits your favoriteteam,- play on 4 different stadiums: day and night classicalstadium, gym hall and ghetto court,Challenge mode features:- 33difficulty challenges,- single player challenge campaign mode whereyou can test your skills,- hit the multiple targets within limitedamount of time or with limited shoots,- hit the moving target withthe football ball,- put the soccer ball into the trash bin,- strikethe boxes and achieve highest score,- play on four differentstadiums,Tournament mode:- test your skills in the footballchampionships,- shoot goals and save the net as goalkeeper,- playagainst best national teams on the world,- become a champion of theworld, Re-live real and most important moments of all fifatournaments - shooting goals. Don’t waste your time for running onthe field for the ball, forget about defensive dull gameplay, startstriking goals right now and start your road to world cupimmediately.Mundial is the toughest challenge in the soccer worldbut also most pleasant emotions - champions cups or euro tournamentisn’t easy to win, that’s why this game offers you opportunity tofeel like best players in the world.It is worth to note that ourfootball game implement unique approach to shooting mechanics -other soccer games prefer really arcade kicking mechanics, but wedecided to try simulation approach to sport football game. Even themost famous titles in sport soccer games genre doesn’t offer achance to strike so precise with simulation twist. Strikingstrength depends from swype length and the speed, this uniquecombination allow player to shoot amazing goals and hit the targetswith amazing precision. Other words - play like a champion, becomethe master of world league.Unlock your favorite national team fromfifa or uefa federation and play through the game of possibilities:challenges, world cup tournament (multiplayer not included).Replaydynamics of the matches from premier league, creativity of thespanish league, bravery from italy, originality of french ligue,shoot, strike and become the master. Ideal casual game for publictransport or line to the cash, non binding experience withbeautiful graphics, fine mechanics and with diversity of options tokill some time in very pleasant manner.Leaderboards gives theplayers opportunity to compete with others and achieve highestranks through you skill improvement in solo campaign. Attempt toget 3 stars on every challenge by striking moving targets orputting ball in to the trash bins and - legendary achievement -destroy by crazy shootout whole wall of boxes - and become championof the football champions. Become your own manager and choose whichmode you want to play and become expert: - modes which requiredexterity and speed, most valuable features for strikers.
Drift & Speed: Xtreme Fast Cars & Racing Simulator 1.3
Mixed simulation and arcade driving model in one game whichdefinitely bring you emotions unique in this genre.Start burningasphalt under your wheels, use maximum power in your car and leaveyour opponent behind you. Experience the glory of ultimate winfastest race on the planet. Challenge best drivers on the globe andprove that you are worthy of the champion title. Win every possiblerace on the planet and obtain eternal crown of the winner. Allraces brings emotions, but nothing is so awesome like driving yourown car on asphalt track. Gt cars brings amazing emotions, driftson the turns, acceleration on the straight road - that is whatevery driver love and this exactly what this game brings.Makefastest circuits on asphalt tracks if you feel the need forultimate speed, test limits of engine, warm the tires andexperience racing like never before. Reality wouldn’t be enoughafter experiences in this game. Real speed would be only thingabout you could think after few asphalt circuits - stop dreamingabout speed and answer to your needs of fast competition.Advancedracing simulation finally reached on the Android - you can stopwaiting for racing challenges and start experiencing them onyourself. Sport cars would bring emotions to your life, undergroundraces produce adrenaline in your veins if you are tough enough toshift your live in this dangerous sport. Realistic physics allowyou for road ‘moves’ unseen anywhere else. Just let you chase yourdream on asphalt and speed will become your life.
Real Champions Football 16 1.3
Try this new penalty shootout game where you can find new qualityof football game.Awesome modes:1. Music mode - we combinedclassical kicking of the soccer ball and music games where you needto follow the melody by hitting correct targets. It’s excitingimprovement in this a bit used genre.2. Challenge modes - test yourskills in awesome soccer challenges where you can achieve glory byhitting targets. 3. Championship tournament - lead your country tothe top of league.Compete against other soccer teams in tournamentor challenge mode. Become a soccer superstar in challenging singleplayer story mode or try to win tournament playing as astriker.Shot penalty goals like greatest players on the world.Follow your dreams and replay the most engaging moments in footballmatches - penalty shoots. Feel like a player of most famous soccerteams.Strike awesome football goals with highly sophisticated shotbased mechanics which allow you to shot curly balls, adjustdirection and strength of strikes.Participate in amazing sportchampionships and tournaments. If you like football games you willdefinitely love this game, which eliminate referee, fouls andunnecessary running on the field and focus on most engaging andthrilling moments in the football match: penalty kicks.Kick andscore the goals in the beautiful environment of great stadiums.Features:- classical tournament, where you can play as a striker,-choose from 16 national country outfits your favorite team,- oneamazing stadium,- single player challenge campaign mode where youcan test your skillsTournament mode:- test your skills in thefootball championships,- shoot goals, - play against best nationalteams on the world,- become a champion of the world,Test your skillon the football field and beat challenging tournaments. Choose fromnational teams and prove domination above other teams. To put itsimply: become a sport superstar in soccer discipline.
Real World Football League 16 1.2
Download this newest edition of football penalty shooting game andjoin with other millions of fans. Shoot the outstanding goals andlead your country to the victory. Test your manual skills indifferent challenging modes. Shoot penalty and free kicks inbeautiful 3D environments of soccer stadiums. Play the mostexciting moments in soccer match - penalty and free kicks. Scoreoutstanding goals with unique shooting mechanics which allowplayers to feel like on the real field. Experience footballemotions like never before. Feel like a famous soccer player fromthe best known football teams. Prove your skills and determinationin most ecstatic match moments - penalty and free kicks. Show youropponents who is the best player on the world. Lead your countrythrough tournament and become champion of the world. Train yourskills in training mode, become the best striker and win the wholechampions. You could experience real emotions similar to winningchampions league or striking final goals in world cup finals.Somemoment of the football matches are unforgettable - shooting agoals. We are giving you the opportunity to experience extract ofthe soccer game. Probably in the past you have watched momentswhere the best football players stands on the stadium preparing totake penalty or free kick. Whole audience on the stadium holds itsbreath and waits what will happen. Now you have opportunity toimpersonate this role and take premier shoots on most importantteam sports events and achieve championship. You can also let yourimagination go wild and try to play matches which didn’t happenyet, just choose your favorite soccer team and feel like you are onthe world cup.The most popular Europe's premier club footballtournament emotions are at your fingertips - don’t hesitate anddownload this game, all official soccer tournaments unique momentscould be your experience; just kick the ball and strike astonishinggoals.Download and shoot amazing goals!
Greek Puzzle: Match 3 Tiles 1.03
First time in history you have chance to conquest the world usingonly pure logic. First time war and reason doesn’t excludethemselves. Conquest, kill and become mighty warlord throughexciting campaign in Ancient world with noble purpose - Rule theworld. You need to match three puzzles in line to destroy allblocks in a level in limited number of moves Are you smart enoughto defeat them on ancient grounds of thinking art? Is your braintough enough to handle 50 (yeah! that much) challenging battles?Try Now and find out! Game features: - 50 carefully selected andfun puzzles - Simple and handy puzzle-solving interface - Uniquecombination of war campaign and puzzle game - Strategy map ofancient world where you can see your progress - Ranking system tokeep you more challenged - Hours of enjoy for FREE!Match at least 3jewels to solve a puzzle riddle and progress in your journeythrough the world. Move gems around the board and try to createhorizontal or vertical line to remove them from the stage andeventually beat the world class difficulty level. If you like logicgames, you should definitely play in Ancient Puzzle: Match 3 Questand experience brain adventure of awesome logic adventures. Match-3or more diamonds, slide and move them and at the end of your tripfeel like a champ.This game is ideal for all age groups: youngkids, childrens, youngsters and older players.Everyone should findextraordinary fun in logical and brain teaser riddles.You arewalking on the world map and deals with difficult challenges.
Football Sport Game: Soccer 16 1.0.0
Explosive football challenges around the world – perform amazingfootball tricks and feel the unique atmosphere of good old footballdays.FEATURES:- take part in almost 100 amazing challenges,- visitthe countries where soccer is the most popular,- enjoy mind-blowingvisuals,- discover challenging career mode,- use 4 completelydifferent balls from the most popular football suppliers,- explorecompletely different sets of challenges in different countries,Thisgame is worth playing it and you will spend hours when you find outhow easy is to play it. In this newest version of the footballsports game, you will have an opportunity to be a member of themost powerful soccer teams from madrid, barcelona, munich, paris ortorino. What is more, you will be able to kick the ball to the mosttalented football players in this mobile world. Kick the ball totheir fantastic goalkeepers as well. You can take part in classicchampionships and be a member of the most powerful soccer teams.You can also choose the football player for your liking. There areplenty of famous and talented soccer players who played in manytournaments and championships like.You can play as a striker andscore goals against real opponents. Use your imagination and do notbe afraid of it! You can save your team and become the bestgoalkeepers in the world and your team can achieve a victory thanksto you! You can choose sixteen different countries to play in andplay matches in different stadiums. This game will also allow youto travel. You can travel to the capital of Brazil, Poland orGermany and play at the most modern stadiums famous from nationalleagues. In single player challenge you can practice your skillslike: penalty shootouts, kicks ball, fight with the striker andscore goals. You can test your skills in championships in atournament mode. You can shoot goals in different tournaments. Youcan feel real soccer, real emotions, referee’s decisions, manager’sorders, a stadium full of supporters waiting for live match withnumerous of shooting goals, penalty shootouts, flicks of the ball.This is almost like real soccer! Become a champion of the world andscore goals to the most successful football teams from the citieslike madrid, dortumnd, barcelona or paris! If you have ever dreamtof being a successful football player, you should try to play thissoccer sports game and become a champion! You can shoot penaltygoals in live matches or just kick or flick the ball. Play the bestgame of 2017!Download Football Sports Game: Soccer 16 NOW!
Cow Dash: Extreme Adventure
Use your finger to take control of sea cow inthis fast-paced aquatic adventure! Get ready for a dash ofadrenaline! Survive as long as you can and dodge the treacherousobstacles. Have a blast trying to avoid many different seacreatures. There are jellyfishes, sea turtles, seahorses, seastars, and angry sharks in the water! Remember, don't touch theirsharp teeth. Sharks can be hungry!Get to the top of the leaderboards and become the best player inthe world. Master your finger to dash around the dangerous seafloor and dodge to go as far as you can in this endless shortsession game.Best features:• Enjoy endless swimming adventure• Unlock plenty of achievements• Dodge jellyfishes, seahorses, sea stars, angry sharks andmore• Beat your records and become the best• Sharpen your skills and reflex• Free to download and playCow Dash: Extreme Adventure is a reflex based casual game. The cowyou're controlling is used to a peaceful life on a farm, not to thedangerous depths of the ocean. Dash fast or sink hard. You'll findmany dumb ways to die on the bottom of the sea.Tap and hold your finger to control the cow. Sounds easy enough?Well that's a mistake because this is the hardest game ever. Playonly if you're ready for an endless arcade challenge. You caneither play in a casual manner, in short session style or immerseyourself to go as far as anybody ever went.The visuals in Cow Dash: Extreme Adventure are stellar. Graphicswere made to look great on every possible device. Animations arefun to look at. Music was composed to bring you the most dynamiccow swimming experience in the world. The game's sounds are funnyand complimentary to the overall experience of beating your gamerecords. Prepare yourself to get really engaged in this fun casualgame!Like all best things in life this arcade game is FREE. You canshare your score with your friends and challenge them to beat youif they can! Skills and reflex are a must have to be the best inthis casual game. Cow Dash: Extreme Adventure will bring to theknees even the most seasoned arcade players.The sea cow you're controlling might look a little clumsy butyou'll see that she is a really good swimmer. It is unclear what acow might be doing on the bottom of the sea among dangerous andangry sharks and sea life but she sure is relentless in her endlessrun forward and down the amazing depths and waters.Game also features:• Awesome and dangerous obstacles• Great music and dynamic sounds• Beautiful graphics• Never ending fun and challenge• Best way to pass some time on a mobile device• You can play as long as you want toCome and follow Thunderbull on Social Media: for Android on Google Play and other mobile platforms.Grab it for free now, you're gonna love this record-breakinggame.
Soccer+: Real Champions 16 1.2
Millions of players enjoy this football game on other mobileplatforms. Don’t wait and join this fast growing community ofsoccer fans! New approach to football penalty shootout game withplenty of features and original shooting mechanics. Very precisecontrol will allow to have total control over the ball and trickgoalkeepers like never before. Prepare for emotions which could beexperienced only during largest sport events: the most popularEuropean football leagues or world cups. Real gameplay in footballgame - that is what is guaranteed in our tournament where which youcould lead your country to become champion. Kick and score amazinggoals! Feel like the best real players from European cities asmadrid, dortmund, turin, munich, milan or barcelona. Replay bestgoals from famous football matches which you can see in the bestsoccer leagues as english, french, spanish or german one!Test yourskills – kick, score and defeat goalkeeper in match you areplaying. Amazing goal in this game are usual thing. Whether you areinterested in country championships in local leagues, live emotionsand unforgettable score are guaranteed. Then don’t wait and startplaying in casual or hardcore style, for both players game offersengagement and fulfillment. In the next update – which will arrivesoon, will have many more to offer as teams, leagues, live scores,plenty of tournaments. Features:- World Cup tournament - provesuperiority of your national team and become champion of theleague,- Free mode - shoot amazing goals in free kicks or becomelegendary striker and score penalty shoots,- Challenges - fight foryou win in time attack mode or score goal by goal in one hit mode,
Dead Invaders: FPS Shooting Game & Modern War 3D 1.4
Become last line of defense and save mankind from extinction! -fight through the city and kill epic enemies, - live throughdramatic battles against space invaders, - kill thousands ofenemies and save the earth, - stand on the front line of war andtest your determination, - become legendary hero and live throughexciting tale, - defend your grounds, - use two guns at the sametime, - superb graphics and sound, Lonely hero, countless ofenemies and war to win! Intergalactic war destroyed earth,battlefields and war becomes everyday experience for everyone.Cities are burning and nations vaporizing. Only true commando canfind his way through nightmares of war start fighting his way tovictory. Death lies around when dead invaders wanders arounddestroying our legacy. Trigger your wrath and use it against deadlyhostiles. Use your gun (or even two at the same time) and killthose aliens. Call your army and attack their troops. Only yourbrothers and you can achieve huge army objectives. Zombie invasionfrom galactic depths require sacrifice and duty to overcomedifficulties. Complicated circumstances of earth forced you tofight alone, as a hunter. Take your futuristic gun and blast yourway on warfare fields. Use your ultimate sniper training and starteliminating your opponents. Every killed enemy have definitiveeffect on the war line. Best free shooter has arrived once again -shoot, kill and destroy to achieve one ultimate target - defeattheir queen and win. FPS - first person shooter - genre obtainednew noble representative. Ruined human cities on the edge offallen, lat human hope, full of revenge. Fun, Free and bestshooting game ever No limits just zombie killing, when you walksaround, in modern cities which transformed into warfare. No energyor forced purchases, just fun from walking and killing spacezombies. Epic journey waits. All you is to become ultimateterminator of space plague. Survival Mode When you finish fightingand shooting from all your guns, you should try endless survivalgame mode in apocalyptic environment. As last commando fightagainst dreadful waves of zombie arachnids. Absolute new firstperson shooter quality in games. Fight as long as you can andproclaim your domination on leaderboards. Compete with other postapo hitmans from all around the world. Great Visuals Huge citymapped with perfect quality as a warfare zone. Different times ifday and dynamically changing light makes unique mood of apocalypticacts of war. Space undead bugs Plenty of different kinds of enemies- small and deadly ones can call othersand bring destruction. Theyare fast and sneaky. On the other hand you meet bigger ones, slowerbut tougher. And at the end of the epic campaign player willchallenge the ultimate queen of hostile specie. Complex campaignTravel through city flooded in combat and trigger astonishingepisodes. Hide in abandoned houses and reclaim what always belongedto mankind. And do it with two guns at the same time. Equip withgrenades, armor and first aid packs and shoot them until you orthem will be dead. Defend your position and live horrific waves ofwalking spider zombies. Survive long enough and move to anotherspot, closer to your biggest nightmare.
Soccer Mobile League 16 1.1
This game is worth playing it and you will spend hours when youfind out how easy is to play it. In this newest version of thefootball sport game you will have an opportunity to be a member ofthe most powerful soccer teams. What is more, you will be able tokick the ball to the most talented football players in footballworld and kick the ball to their fantastic goalkeepers. However, itis not everything in this soccer game you can play in the famousfootball tournaments organized by championship leagues. Somefeatures of this football game worth noticing are:You can take partin classical championships and be a member of the most powerfulsoccer teams. You can also choose the football player you want toplay. There are plenty of famous and talented soccer players whoplayed in many tournaments and championships.You can play as astrike and score goals for opponents. Use your imagination and donot be afraid of it! You can score goals to the best goalkeepers ofthe world and your team can achieve a victory thanks to you!You canchoose sixteen different countries to play in and play matches indifferent stadiums. This game will also allow you to travel. Youcan travel to Rio de Janerio, Warsaw or Munich and play at the mostmodern stadiums.In single player challenge you can practice yourskills like: penalty shootouts, kicks ball, fight with the strikerand score goals.You can test your skills in championships in atournament mode.You can shoot goals in different tournaments andother popular live matchesYou can play against best national teamson the world. You can feel real soccer, real emotions, referee’sdecisions, manager’s orders, a stadium full of supporters waitingfor live match with numerous of shooting goals, penalty shootouts,flicks of the ball. This is almost like real soccer, real sport.Become a champion of the world and score goals to the mostsuccessful football teams. Kick penalty shootout in the mostimportant matches in the champions league in 2016.If you have everdreamt to be a successful football player and life has not allowedyou to be as good as the best then you should try to play thissoccer sport game and win champions in the world league. You canshoot penalty goals in live matches or just kick or flick the ball.The rules of the game are simple: kick the ball to the players,follow the soccer rules and do not mess with the referees,cooperate with managers form and try to play excellent live matchin real time in 2016.Shooting mechanics are borrowed from the mostpopular games. If you liked those games you will definitely lovethis presented game as well.
Need for Car Racing Real Speed 1.4
Join seven million satisfied users and start racing with them inastonishing environment and with radically innovative steeringmechanics.Stop dreaming about being a rally driver and becomeONE!Features included:- Explore 6 extreme racing tracks,- Enjoy 8cars with realistic driving models,- Discover the whole pack ofracing modes which will prove that you are the worthy driver,-Master your skills through the interesting tutorial,- Improve andre-paint your cars according to your liking,The realistic drivingmodel will drive you to rally heaven and satisfy your speed spiritand racing need! Best racers and at your fingerprints and advancedgameplay.You can stop looking for other racing tracks, feel theasphalt with your car wheels and catch the legendary emotions.Start fighting for your destiny as a prominent member of racingdriver community. Choose your favorite car (available GT cars,retail or legendary road cruisers) and start showing your skill toother players in multiplayer or on leaderboards. Achieve thehighest score and become ruler of the tracks.Response to your speedracing needs and install the game which allows you to compete withothers on real and beautiful asphalt tracks. Racing has never beenso realistic and simulation was never that exciting.Best cardesigners from gt series factories were the inspirations for ourcar body designers. Amazing design meet with unexpected steeringmechanics allows feeling like formula racing driver on most famoustracks. Simulation way of driving with Rally, Drag or gt cars iswhat we have brought to perfection in this next-gen racing game.Motorsport competition has never been so innovative and realistic,even for races wasn’t that rewarding in areas on which Need forCar: Real Speed.Plenty of customizable cars with advanced drivingmodels on asphalt or sand. You can choose from different body cars,choose from gt, Rally, Drag, offroad, touring and top musclecars.The need for astonishing speed allows you to dominate onracing tracks and shows other players where is their place. Bestraces provides extreme emotions and similarlyMost wanted elementsin popular racing games are commonly known, on the other hand, weprovide some sort of originality in expert and demanding approachto drifts and nitro acceleration. Being furious of fast races withthe focus on different elements apart from pure cars and rallyingyou should try experience which is focused on racing and rallying.
Football League: Best Soccer 1.1
If you ever wanted play as a goalkeeper in football game, but noneof them have fulfill your expectations - try out this game. Youwill be amazed by dynamics of gameplay and addictive nature ofpreventing striker from putting ball into the net. But watch out -this game demand astonishing reflex and coordination. Test yourskill and figure out if you ever had a at least slight chance tobecome real goalie. Don’t wait and try it right NOW!Features:-require great reflex,- addictive gameplay,- for young and olderplayers,- intuitive control,- easy to learn, hard to master,Thefootball game is easy to control and shooting penalty goals is apleasure. Big fans of soccer will not let down on this game. It haseverything what a demanding player needs. There you can find a goodquality graphic, interesting soundtrack and many fifa teams tochoose. You will probably spend plenty of hours playing the gamebecause the game is worth it. Soccer games are very popular amongteenagers and adult players but this one is worth noticing by everyfootball supporter! Are you a big football supporter? Would youlike to become a fifa player, soccer champion, striker, or managerand shootout, score from penalty or shoot goals like the best knownsoccer players like: Ronaldo, Messi, Iniesta, Zlatan Ibrahimovic oryou would like to become a referee? Now you have an opportunity toplay in the most famous tournaments and championships like: UefaChampions League 2014,Premier league, Ligue 1 2013, Serie a 2014,LFP, munidal 2014, Euro 2013, BBVA 2014, PES 2013 and MLS 2013.What is more, thanks this uefa sport game, you can join the mostpowerful teams and take part in championships with them. Some offifa football teams are: Real Madrid, Bayern Monachium, FCBBarcelona, Manchester United, Chelsea, PSG and A.C. Milan. Inaddition, you can score goals in the biggest stadiums like BBVAstadium. Sounds great? You can ask how it is possible. The answeris simple – all you have to do is buying a fifa football game andstart playing matches at your own phone!The game has been developedwith heart, that is why you can be sure that it is worth playing!This live sport game is very similar to real soccer match, thefootball players look like the most talented and successfulchampions of fifa football world. The sport soccer game is beingplaying in real time, live so you can feel the emotions duringscoring goals, penalty goals, shootout, kicking the ball, flickingthe ball – it is like in real soccer, like watching football matchof your favourite soccer champions teams live. This sport game willallow you to become a part of fifa football world. You will haveyour personal manager who will focus on your career. Soccer is notonly kicking the ball and following the opponents. It needs time tounderstand your opponents’ strategy and kick the ball or score thegoal in the most suitable moment. Some most important features offootball game except from kicking the ball:Opportunity to take partin the most popular football tournaments and championships like:Uefa Champions League, Premier league, Ligue 1, Serie A, LFP,Munidal, Euro, BBVA, PES and MLS. You can choose the city where youwant to start your tournament. You can choose which team you wantto play in. You have sixteen teams. Some of them are similar to:Real Madrid, Bayern Monachium, FCB Barcelona, Manchester United,Chelsea, PSG. There are also available national teams from Europeancountries.Practice your soccer activities and skills like: kicks,flicks of the ball, shoot penalty goals, test a referee.Now it isyour turn to replace Ronaldo or Messi and shootout goal in aninternational tournaments: Champions League, Premier League, Ligue1, Serie A, LFP and Mundial. You can easily shoot penalty kicks andbecome a champion of soccer world. It is time to start doing careerin fifa world and become a part of soccer world. Do not waste yourtime for hesitation. Try it today!
Dead Call Shooter Duty Trigger 1.6
Explosive features:- undead bugs from Mars,- plenty of guns, - youcan use four weapons simultaneously,- amazing environment ofextraterrestrial planet,- normal mode with progress,- endlesssurvival mode,- exciting shooting experience,As a member of blackops you have one purpose: kill them all. Modern battlefield withawesome combat experience is guaranteed bloody fun. Defeat them anddon’t let them invade your home planet.Dead will be around you, butonly your weapon with trigger will allow you to avoid combat.Hiddenin shadow of red rock try to colour environment around you withblood of your enemies, make the battlefield full of alien corpses.It’s zero hour, time when you hear the call of duty has come. Grabyour sci-fi weapon and save the honour of your dead friends - kill,destroy and shoot in new version of critically acclaimedincarnation of space combat. First person shooter (FPS) with zombiebugs and lot of guns and lot of fun.Take your weapon and startkilling monsters on modern battlefield. Combat with them in deadspace of cosmic void.
American Football 2019: Field Goal & Mobile League 1.3
Perform extreme football shots and score goals in this epic kickoff the game! American Football is the #1 kicker simulator of 2016.Get ready to perform extreme goals in this new 2018 season!Download now! Game Features: - Countless football challenges -Realistic ball physics - Next-gen graphics - Impossible goals toscore - Easy to learn controls - Kick, score and progress in yourcareer - Arcade and Time Attack game modes Countless AmericanFootball Challenges Score as the greatest kickoff player of theyear. Each of the game's matches presents you with a set offootball flicks and tricks to perform. Anticipate the ball'strajectory and get that hard goal. Some of the shots will bemaddeningly difficult but a professional player like you can getthem. Participate in the best football moments of the year.Incredible Game Physics Super realistic shots are the result ofsimulated weather conditions in the football bowl. Kick against thewind and spin the ball to get points in the arcade championship.Get that great shot through the entire field and score the goal.Choose Your Team If you're a local patriot you can choose to playwith your favorite team. You can play on the level of the nationalleague anytime you want. Any dream team, any football fantasy youhave, all within your reach. Become The Best Kicker In The WorldTrain your skills and proceed fast in the career mode. Every goalyou'll score will move you up the professional ladder. Your winningmatches will madden your opponents and bring glory to your footballteam. Kicking you'll perform will be crucial to winning theplayoffs so you better rush for a field goal. Prepare for realfootball emotions because American Football: Field Goal is anactual simulator of the world championship. Get ready for the mostintense football emotions of the year 2018. Download now!
Moto Race 3D: Street Bike Racing Simulator 2018 1.01
It's about time to start the most exciting sports competition! Pickthe bike of your dreams and hit the road! Moto Race 3D – Best BikeRacing Simulator is available NOW! Features:- Experience theintense racing action- Take the wheel of 10 unique motorcycles-Tune and customize your own bike- Pick from epic dragsters,high-speed superbikes, and classic choppers- Test your bike speedthrough real tracks around the globe- Prove your skills against thebest bikers in the world- Enjoy extremely smooth 3D graphics- Usenitro and win a race!- Create your own bike design- Take part in 64unique races!- Select from 2 different camera views!CHALLENGE YOURRIVALS!You'll need nerves of steel to make it to the finish line inthis absorbing motorcycle racing game. It's about time to start themost exciting sports competition. Hit the road with your dreamed-ofmotorbike and race against the most competitive guys in the world.Prove your skills and participate in high-octane racing GPcompetition in 4 different racing modes – about 64 uniqueraces!SELECTION OF HIGH-SPEED BIKES TO CHOOSE FROM!To own or ride amotorcycle with blazing speed may be one of your great dreams.Perhaps you wanted to feel the rise of adrenaline when you're onhigh speed in a motorcycle taking part in the championship ofmotorcycle road racing. In such a case, which one would you choose– epic superbike, chopper motorcycles or modified high-performanceversions of road-going motorcycles called dragsters? All of themare available in Bike Rider: Moto Racing GP 16! Test all powerfulmotorbikes available in the game and see how fast they can run.TUNEYOUR BIKE TO YOUR LIKING!Every motorbike – epic dragsters,high-speed superbikes, and classic choppers – has stunning designand high-quality components that you can upgrade. Adjust your bikemechanics and increase its speed, acceleration, nitrous, power, andnitro tank capacity! Choose which motorbike do you prefer and doyour best to have this one in your garage! Respray the body andslap on some decals if you want to! EXTREMELY SMOOTH GRAPHICS!BikeRider: Moto Racing GP 16 is setting the new standard withinmotorcycle racing genre. Feast your eyes on mind-blowing 3D HDvisuals featuring the fastest things on two wheels. Become thefastest moto rider in the well-designed world and earn respect fromexperienced rivals. Test your motorbike speed through the realtracks around the globe! Get ready and see what you're made of.Download Moto Race 3D – Best Bike Racing Simulator 18 now!Discoverour other games: us on Facebook: us on Twitter:
Boat Racing 3D: Jetski Driver & Water Simulator 1.00
Have you ever dreamed of driving the fastest ocean-going jet ski,speedboats, motorboats and offshore powerboats in the world? Lookat this one! Boat Racing 3D is setting a new standard in the boatracing genre. Enjoy perfectly designed world settings, download andplay for amazing stunt boat racing emotions! Key features:- Test 6unique boat classes: Classic, jetski, Offshore, Catamaran,Hydroplane, and Hovercraft!- Achieve victory for your team racingfor the World Cup!- Discover the wide selection of 25+ customizableboats!- Reach impossible speed and participate in hardcorechallenges!- Choose your favorite water scooter and win the JETSKIRACE!- Become one of the most popular elite racers in Top Boat:Racing Simulator 3D!DISCOVER BOAT RACING EMOTIONS!Dreaming aboutmaximum world speed record? Nothing will stop you from reaching thefinish line before your opponents on the water! Jump behind thewheel and win proudly your first world title! Watch out your racingopponents! They are pro racers! CHOOSE THE BOAT OF YOUR DREAMS!Over25 speedboats from 6 unique boat classes: jetski, hovercraft,catamaran, classic, offshore, and hydroplane are for your disposal!Pick and tune to perfection your boat, change its appearance, andslap on some decals if you want to! A wide selection of performanceparts – from fuel filters to gearboxes – will help you to find theoptimal tune! Increase your engine's power, upgrade your clutch,buy nitrous, change its body, and more – these will all have adefinite impact on your boat performance.ENJOY OUTSTANDING 3DGRAPHICS!Enjoy the exotic style and vibrant world covered by themoonlight! Thanks to the night racing you can experience extrememind-blowing visuals and sound with breathtaking gameplay!Realistic world settings and amazingly detailed ocean-goingvehicles as F1 speedboats, jetskis and motorboats are waiting foryou! TEST YOUR SKILLS IN A JETSKI, WATER SCOOTER RACING!Raceagainst your opponents driving the fastest jetskis! Have you everdreamed about racing on a brand-new water scooter against pros?Feel the high-octane speed in your hair! Jump on a jet ski andexperience the most amazing water action out there!TAKE PART IN THEWORLD CUP TOURNAMENT!Win proudly your first world title in theWORLD CUP tournaments! Watch out other racers! They can be toughnuts to crack! It's about time to prove your racing skills and showwhat you are made of! Take the challenge and beat the high scoresetting a new maximum world speed record! Nothing will stop youfrom reaching the finish line before your opponents. Boat Racing 3Dis finally available on Google Play for FREE!
Poker World: Texas Holdem & Free Online Casino 1.03
The most exclusive online poker rooms await, so invite your friendsonline! Challenge them and play anywhere, anytime, LIVE! Experiencethe real Texas Hold 'Em poker circuit and enjoy thrilling gameplay!It's about time to reach the top of the poker rankings with POKERWORLD NOW!Key Features:- ENJOY THE BEST FREE POKER APP!- PLAY POKERWITH YOUR FRIENDS LIVE WHEREVER YOU WANT!- TRY YOURSELF IN TONS OFDEMANDING TOURNAMENTS!- COLLECT FREE CHIPS 4 HOURS! - DISCOVERREAL-TIME TEXAS HOLD 'EM POKER!- REACH OUT FOR THE TROPHIES andBECOME PRO POKER PLAYER! - THE REAL POKER EXPERIENCE AWAITS!- GAINFREE EXTRA CASH!- EXPLORE THE POKER WORLD WITH DISTINCTIVE GRAPHICSTYLE!- FULL SUPPORT FOR ENGLISH, SPANISH, INDONESIAN, THAI,PORTUGUESE, VIETNAMESE, ITALIAN, FRENCH, TRADITIONAL CHINESE,GERMAN, TURKISH, JAPANESE, KOREAN, ARABIC, MALAY, POLISH ANDRUSSIAN!PLAY THE BEST FREE ONLINE POKER APP!How about a quick entryto the poker game without long wait times? Really engaging gameplayin poker style? Fantastic! It’s right here! Download Poker Worldand join to the rivalry in online casino with many other pokerplayers. Time to compete with real poker stars and reach themastery! Gain experience and improve your skills, raise and bluff -show, who is the no.1 poker master! CHALLENGE YOUR FRIEND WHEREVERYOU WANT!It’s easy - jump now to the world of FREE online poker! Doyou really like adrenaline, competition and be the best among yourfriends? Challenge them to poker game through Facebook and gainextra free cash bonuses as a gift. It doesn’t matter - beginner orpro - Poker World: Texas Card Game is suitable for everyone!TRYYOURSELF IN WIDE RANGE OF TOURNAMENTS!Test your skills andintuition in Poker World - put to the test your luck and competewith other poker players worldwide!Join to the internationaltournaments - prove your worth in locations like French Jobs,American Series, Singapore Carnival and English Tourney! Gain allachievements - win hands, go all-in or up the stakes. Keep an eyeon all your progress through tournaments.nThe poker app supportsEnglish, Indonesian, Thai, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese,Italian, French, Traditional Chinese, German, Turkish, Japanese,Korean, Arabic, Malay, Polish, and Russian! VEGAS TEXAS HOLD 'EMAreyou a beginner in poker games? What exactly is three-of-a-kind,pair, flush or straight? Despite your experience in online cardgames - you’ll definitely find a way to gain fame worldwide andimprove your skills! Gain precious experience and make your way inpoker hand rankings! Feel the real casino atmosphere and show who’sthe boss in Poker World!CASH FOR FREE? PLAY POKER EVERY DAY!How togain quickly $100,000 in chips? We have a solution - download nowPoker Online! Be regular in competition every day and receive$50,000 in chips free. It’s not a secret - every single one playercan win with Poker World! DOWNLOAD NOW THE NO. 1 POKER APP OF2017!Finally available on Google Play! 100% FREE to PLAY!
Drag Rivals 3D: Fast Cars & Street Battle Racing 1.02.0
Race as fast as you can on the abandoned aircraft carrier anddominate your opponents! Learn when to shift gears for the fastestacceleration! Reach impossible speed in indestructible, devastatedvehicles and become UNSTOPPABLE using NITRO! Jump behind the wheel,wipe off the dust from your goggles and race for the best possibletime on the aircraft carrier! Download Drag Rivals 3D NOW!FEATURES: - Choose from 30 extreme post-apocalyptic racing cars! -Let your creativity flow with a ton of tuning and customizationoptions! - Drive your car on a real-life inspired aircraft carrier!- Discover epic arcade game modes for endless fun! - Race as fastas you can and master your race results! - Test yourself drivingthe fastest Monster Trucks! - Tune and mod your car to your liking!- Enjoy mind-blowing 3D HD visuals! BECOME A WASTELAND LEGEND! TheWorld is collapsed, cities are abandoned and the last humans onEarth were placed deep into the desert. How do they survive in thatworld? Racing on the wasteland and getting the respect theydeserve! Well, jump behind the wheel of your fast, post-apocalypticride and show what you are made of in challenging races. Masteryour driving skills, time results and become the wasteland legend!TUNE AND MOD YOUR RIDE! In Drag Rivals 3D you can tune and mod yourride to your liking. Increase the engine's power, upgrade your gearand nitro, repaint your car, even slap on some decals if you wantto. All of it will have a definite impact on the realistic drivingsimulation. All of the goods from the garage nation are at yourdisposal – you just make sure that they are put to good use in therace. RIVALRY, HEAT, DUST, AND GASOLINE IN THE AIR! Are you afraidof breakneck speed and professional opponents? You should be! Thereis just one racing game that you can feel the real taste ofadrenaline and almost smell the gasoline in the air! Download DragRivals 3D NOW and enjoy the best racing simulator ever! Don't beMAD, just take out the max from the available horsepower! RIDE THEINDESTRUCTIBLE VEHICLES! Survival on the wasteland is a challengeitself and what about racing? You must be properly prepared! Youronly way to survive on the track is indestructible, resistant ride!With unique, modified vehicles you can achieve the victory in thisextreme races. RACE FAST FOR HIGH STAKES! Challenge the odds as awasteland rookie and make your way to the very top. The aircraftcarrier's asphalt will become a battleground and no limit will beplaced on you – let ambition and adrenaline be your guide in thisrace. You're the best new racer on these regions of wastelands, butyour rivals still don't know that yet. How about you teach them alesson and leave them in your burnout smoke and dust after you dropthe nitro? Kids, don't try this at home! TRY YOUR SKILLS ON ANOUTSTANDING AIRCRAFT CARRIER! Are you bored with standard racinglocations? Find yourself in totally new, demanding surroundings!Aircraft carrier sounds like a perfect place to master your skillsand find out if you fit in... with your reflex! What are youwaiting for? Time to jump behind the wheel! Your skills will betested, so get ready for the most intense and demanding racinggame! Download Drag Rivals 3D for FREE now! Finally available onGoogle Play for FREE! Discover our other games: Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:
Pool Billiards 8 Ball Game HD 1.0
This is the PREMIUM version, without ads and in-app purchases.*Play with the hardest enemies whenever you want * Enjoygameplaywithout advertisements Do you love pool? Try your skills inthisincredible western billiards! This classic game comes now in awildwest saloon setting. Play against a computer enemy or competewithyour friends in multiplayer! Features: - Multiplayer mode,-Realistic physics, - Beautiful saloon graphics, - Challengeandpractice modes, - Many days of pool playing fun, - Multiplelevelsof AI difficulty, - Rotated shots for extra control Shootyour waywith a cue and master the white ball to show your enemiesthatnobody should mess with you. Challenge your friends foramultiplayer match of pool and see who's the best player inthistown! You can train your skills in the training mode. You'llfindthat the game's physics model was handcrafted by thefinestdevelopers. It is just like real life or even better, as youcanplay it wherever and whenever you want. Feel the emotionsofplaying like a professional 8 ball shooter. Prepare to becomeamaster of the cue. Pool billiards is also known as бильярдinRussian, bilard in Poland, 台球 in Chinese. This cue game isalsoknown as ビリヤード in Japan, billiard in Germany, and billardaméricainin France. Pool was a popular game in most countries ofthe worldfor hundreds of years. Beautiful graphics and crisp soundsweremade to please. Gameplay looks like a real deluxe androyalexperience. Warning: this is classic pool with challenges andmanydifferent ball set-ups, but not carrom or crokinole. Game isplayedon billiards tables, the ones smaller than the snookertable.Choose from a variety of different colors You can choose fromfivedifferent levels of computer opponent difficulty. The mostskilledone will give you some hardcore challenge! Playing thechallengemode will give you progressively increasing level ofdifficulty. Inthis mode you have to score all balls in a limitedamount of shots.This puzzle pool mode will test your wits as wellas yourproficiency with the cue! You don't have to be a pro playerto haveincredible fun playing pool. Just set the game to casualsettingsand enjoy arcade gameplay while on a break or riding thebus. Youcan place rotated shots for more precise shots. Makingthese extratricky shots will require nerves of steel like in aprofessionalsnooker match. Practice in the game and you'll see thatyour reallife skill will increase as well. Soon you'll become areal poolpro! Game is entirely ad free. You get the full andunlimited game,so download now!