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com.thunderofaction.JetFlyHigh 16
Let’s Race with jet fly high! One of the excellent jet racing gamein 2019 with the extremely smooth controls and best 3D Jet Fly HighVR Racing multilevel game for real racing VR experience. 3D VR JetFly High it's Endless Tunnel VR Racing Game which give you Best 3DVR Game Experience for Google Cardboard and VR Box You can alsoplay with Bluetooth Remote Controls Its adventure tunnel racinggame, it’s a drift race on 3D sky road which gives you 3D taildrift experience which any sky road driver will love to play. Asyou will fly your fuel get reduces, you have to continuous collectthe fuel power to fly continuously and avoid colliding withhurdle's coming in way. Whiling flying you will face the differenttype of hurdle coming in way. You are driving your spaceship on 3dtunnel, it’s like a 3d Sky Pipe or space roller coaster, Once youwill start to move in tunnel on 3D sky road, By dodge hurdle youneed to collect the points and power, to go in next step as fasteras you can. The levels in 3D sky road are depicted with waves highthe number of waves high is the speed deadly tracks. You will getthe light speed power, magnet power which boost your jet to moveforward faster and collect coin rapidly. Once you will get coinsyou will be able to unlock more powerful airplanes, helicopter andjet plans which increase your tunnel travel speed. By reach at thenext level you will get more speed and more difficulty in a way onyour sky driving road and of course more money for you to unlocknext level 3D plane. You will share your score online with yourfriends, so everyone can see who the best in 3D tunnel race is andwho is? Jet fly high..... 3D Jet Fly High VR Game Features - 3D Jet- 3D Race - VR Game - 3D sky road - Flying Game - Deadly RaceTracks - Endless Game - Tunnel Race - VR Racing Platform-PC,Android, VR Check out other videos too! and my Gameplaychannel! us on Twitter at Follow us onInstagram at OR like uson to get more info aboutall our upcoming titles.
3D Skateboard Skater Free 1.5
Skateboard Skater is a skate boarding game for skating lovers.Skateboard Skater is compatible with all devices. It's one of thebest & simple 3d Skateboard game.Level Mode Its endless gameYou Have to jump or bend down to Avoid obstacle and balanceskateboard.NEW CONTROLS Screen is divided in two parts, Tap onRight Side of Screen to move forward, Tap on Left Side of Screen tomove Back, Swipe up on Right side of screen to Jump Swipe Down onRight side of screen to Bend Down Swipe Left on Left side of screento roll back in air Swipe Right on Left side of screen to rollforward in airIf skateboarding is your passion, this is somethingyou cannot ignore.
VR Helicopter Racing VR Game 2.4
Are You ready for an exciting VR Racing experience in the firstever Virtual Reality VR GameTake control of your helicopter, dodgethe obstacles and experience a life-like environment with stunning3D graphics .How to play* Use Tilt Controls, to play this wear yourGoogle cardboard or vr box and just tilt device to move left rightto dodge the obstacle .* Challenge your opponent's to beat theirscore !* It works with the new Google Cardboard and other similarVR glasses (headsets).* We recommend you to use headphones, for thebest experience .VR Helicopter or VR Chopper gives a uniqueexperience to the players where they feel like they are in completecontrol of helicopter. Download VR Helicopter Race today
com.thunderofaction.vr_space_jet_war 15
VR game experience (Virtual Reality) VR On Google Cardboard, Its aarcade war game between alien ships,astronauts and Our Space Shipin space, We have to Dodge and destroy enemy ships. Controls areSimple , We have to just aim and move our Ship left right bytilting device left right. Gives VR Experience Without a gyroscope.Try this vr game on VR Box it gives super cool experience. This appand may contain third-party advertisements that may redirect you toa third-party site.
3D Helicopter Race VR Game 2.0
Helicopter Race VR is the most immersive and 3d helicopter battleShooting VR Game avalable on Google Play. attack on terroristsnow!Helicopter Race with powerful combat helicopters.Strategicallyfire your guns and missiles to enemies across the world.Get world'sgreatest combat experience!.Helicopter Race VR combines flyingskills and the right amount of ruthless in this action andadventure.Game Features:- Added three modes like Tilt Device VRMode, Gyroscope VR Mode and , Normal Screen mode- 3D Graphics andStunning visual effects- Flexible for all Android devices withGYroscope or without Gyroscope- Gives Best VR Experience on GoogleCardBoard, VR BOx etc.
VR Boat Race 0.1
Its a best 3d boat racing game, including vr and normal modetiltyour device to control boat drive in super speed and avoidobstaclesgives you the best virtual reality experienceVR GameBestRacing GameAdventure GameAction GameGoogle Cardboard GameVR GamesVRRacing Game3D VR Games