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Siralim 2 (Monster Taming RPG) 2.4.10
Thylacine Studios, LLC
Siralim 2 is a creature summoning RPG game. Summon and customizehundreds of creatures to fight for you as you crawl your waythrough endless dungeons. Find rare treasure and use it to upgradeyour castle, empower your creatures, craft powerful artifacts,learn new spells, and much more. Siralim 2 is an endless fantasyRPG. There's an infinite amount of content, and absolutely nolimits or level caps of any kind. A list of the game's mainfeatures can be found below: - Summon over 600 unique creatures tofight for you. Each creature has its own unique abilities. - Breedyour creatures to make them lay eggs. The offspring inheritsattributes from its parents! - Use your creatures to fight your waythrough randomly generated dungeons and complete randomly generatedquests. - Equip your creatures with spells. Spells can be foundwith randomly generated properties that change the way they behavein battle. - Craft and customize equipment for your creatures withthe help of over 700 different crafting materials. - Upgrade yourcastle to unlock new rooms, NPCs, quests, and more! - Tons of sidecontent - gamble with the dwarves, fight in the battle arena, studyin the library, cook a meal, entertain the riddle dwarves, and muchmore. - An endless fantasy RPG adventure - there are no level caps,no inventory space limits, and no true end to the game. Difficultyscales as high as you want. Roguelike elements keep the game fresh.- Cross-platform cloud saving allows you to play the same save fileon multiple different devices, including Windows, Mac, Linux,Android, and iOS! - All IAPs are cosmetic only, and are obtainablejust by playing the game - Siralim 2 is not pay-to-win in any way!
Siralim 3 (Monster Taming RPG) 1.4.5
Thylacine Studios, LLC
Siralim 3 is the deepest monster catching RPG in existence.Ifyou're looking for a game with an unbelievable amount ofcontentthat will last you for hundreds (or even thousands) ofhours, thisis the game for you! FEATURES • Collect and breed over700different creatures to fight for you. • Explore randomlygenerateddungeons with 15 unique tilesets. • Craft artifacts andspell gemsto equip your creatures for battle. • Infiniteplayability -there's not even a level cap. New features areintroducedwell-beyond the 100-hour mark. You'll never run out ofthings todo! • Rich end-game content, including ItherianRealms,super-bosses, arena battles, and much more! •Asynchronousplayer-versus-player combat allows you to fight againstotherplayers' creatures! • Supports gamepads! • Cross-platformcloudsaving allows you to pick up where you left off with thedesktopversion of the game, or simply another mobile device. •Nopaywalls, pay-to-win microtransactions, energy systems, ads, oranyother BS! And no, you don't need to be connected to the internettoplay.