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Transparent Screen Wallpaper 1.0
As the name says, this app makes your phone screen transparent.Open the app, and you'll actually see the real time footage of therear camera and home screen icons on top of it. The app essentiallyopens the camera and sets its preview as background and shows theicons on top of it. Transparent Screen Live Wallpaper is comingsoon, stay tuned.
Sea Photo Frames 1.0
The most beautiful Sea site around the world can be a part of yourholiday pics now. Photo mania is everywhere this summer and all thephoto and selfie addicts can use awesome Sea Photo Frames. Choosebeautiful photo frames that suit your photos perfectly and wrapthem up with the best frames.• FEATURES- Apply color effects toyour photo.- Share photo with your friends via facebook, email,sms, whatsapp.- Landscape and portrait wonderful frames.- Select aphoto from gallery or take photo by using camera.- You can applydifferent color effects.
Wildlife Photo Frames 1.0
Beautify your photos with awesome wildlife photo frames. Do youlove Wild Life? Do you love wild life photography? Do you love totake pictures with Wild Life Animals? Well Wildlife photo framebrings you the exact solution you need. Boast taking pics with yourfamous wildlife animals. The app showcases some of the reallyawesome pics with wildlife animals. You can set your own photo ontop of it and save them to your gallery and share them with yourfriends. Working - 1. Select Landscape or portrait mode2. Selectfrom tons of wildlife images3. Select your photo4. Zoom in out,tilt, rotate your photo to fix it properly on a give photo framearea. 5. Save the image to your gallery & share with yourfriends. Features- Apply color effects to your photo.- Wonderfulframes in landscape & portrait mode.- Select a photo fromgallery or take photo by using camera.- Share photo with yourfriends via facebook, email, sms, whatsapp.Now impress your friendsby taking your selfie or by clicking awesome pics with the realwildlife animals.
Love Photo Frames 1.0
Apply lovely, romantic love photo frames to your photos. Decorateyour romantic moments with the most beautiful love photo frames.+FEATURES- Apply color effects to your photo.- Share photo with yourfriends via facebook, email, sms, whatsapp.- Landscape and portraitwonderful frames.- Select a photo from gallery or take photo byusing camera.- You can apply different color effects.
Java Quiz Interview Questions 1.0
JAVA quiz provides Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) related to JavaProgramming Framework. It's the standard mcq format, but thequestions asked in the app are very relevant for a java job seeker.You see four options to any given question and you have to click onthe correct answer. If you are applying for a job or have a collegetest on Java programming, you have to be well prepared. This appwill help you do just that. Java quiz helps you learn not just thefundamentals of the Java programming language but with the advancedquestions, it tests you rigorously.Java quiz helps students andfreshers who are looking for a job or who have exam on Java. It isalso useful for programmers who are looking to update their Javaprogramming knowledge.Java is one of the most basic programminglanguage which is widely used in the world. Programming is oneimportant part. But in order to do so, you have to have yourconcepts right & crystal clear. The purpose of Java QuizInterview Questions app is to make sure that your concept are clearand that you know the basics thoroughly. Android is also based onJAVA, so if at all you want to make android app someday, you needto have mastery over Java. Features- Hundreds of questions toattempt from- Continuous update of questions in the question bank-Beautiful result pageWe are continuously adding new questions tothe Java questions database. So stay tuned for learning more. Javaquiz interview questions in a must have app for any computerscience student. If you download this app, it's clear that you areinterested in Java language. For the next few days, just focus ongetting mastery over Java, that's it. You'll definitely reap therewards one day. The language is just beautiful. Happy Javalearning!
PHP Quiz Interview Question 1.0
Did you know that long for of PHP is PHP Hypertext Preprocessor.Earlier, it was Personal Home Page.PHP quiz provides MCQ related toPHP Programming Framework. It's the standard mcq questions, but thequestions asked in the app are very relevant. If you are lookingfor a job on PHP or have a subject PHP in your college, you have tobe well prepared. PHP Quiz Programming questions will help youprepare well for your exam. With PHP Programming quiz you learn notjust the basics of the PHP but you get familiarized with theadvanced level as well.PHP is a very lucid scripting language. PHPquiz will help students & freshers who are looking for a job orwho have exam on PHP. It is also useful for programmers who want toupdate their PHP programming knowledge.Programming is one importantpart. But in order to do so, you have to have your concepts right& crystal clear. The purpose of PHP Quiz Interview Questionsapp is to make sure that your concept are clear and that you knowbasics thoroughly. Features- Hundreds of questions to attempt from-Continuous update of questions in the question bank- Beautifulresult pageWe are continuously adding new questions to thequestions database. So stay tuned for learning more. PHP quizinterview questions in a must have app for any computer sciencestudent. If you download this app, it's clear that you areinterested in PHP language. For the next few days, just focus ongetting mastery over PHP, that's it. You'll definitely reap therewards one day. The language is just beautiful. Happy PHPlearning!
Marathi Barakhadi मूळाक्षर App 2.2
या app मध्ये मराठी भाषेतील प्रत्येक मूळाक्षर विविध रंगांमध्येगिरवता येते. मराठी बाराखडी लवकर शिकण्यासाठी अत्यंत उपयोगी असेapp.Marathi Alphabet Trace is the perfect app for Marathi Kids tolearn Marathi Alphabets (Marathi Mulakshar Barakhadi). The applet's you trace the marathi barakhadi.Kids love tracing. Kids lovepainting.This is an easy way with which they can self learn theMarathi Mulakshar. When you open the app, you see all the mulakshaof marathi language From A Ka, Kha, Ga to Dnya. Select any, andthen you can see the barakhadi at the bottom and a letter in muchbigger font in the centre. All you have to do is trace on top ofthose letters. You can select from multiple colors, multiple brushsize. The app is made while keeping the target group of kids inmind. So at the top left of the screen the app shows three animals'images - dog, cat & cow. When clicked on any, you can hear thesound of that animal which is just funny. Marathi app for Marathikids with Marathi barakhadi by Marathi people.Marathi kids app,fully functional app for kids.Core Features* Marathi AlphabetTracing* Drawing Board for kids* Cute and beautiful alphabetimages* Intuitive user interface for kids* Three interestinganimals sounds* Trace alphabets with lots of different colorsNewFeature Added* Numbers Introduction & test* AnimalsIntroduction & test* Birds Introduction & test* VegetablesIntroduction & test* Colors Introduction & test* ShapesIntroduction & test* Sarswati Temple, Ganpati Temple* Maths forkids(Addition, Substation, Division, Multiplication)* Memory Game*Coloring and Painting for kidsNow get all in one In MarathiBarakhadi - Kids App for kids, where app will teach yourkid.Download Kids Alphabet Trace, one of the best way to learnMarathi Barakhadi and be a worry free parent. It's ourresponsibility that your kid learns alphabets and learns themsooner.Coming up with lot more exciting features and things toteach to your kids. Stay tuned.
Gita Saar Marathi Krishn quote 1.0
मराठी गीता सiरTeachings of Bhagwat Gita were given by Lord Krishna,the God Himself to his disciple Arjuna on the battlefield ofKurukshetra. These teachings were given more than 5000 years agobut these are still relevant today in our lives. Some of theimportant messages in 'Bhagavad Gita' covered in this app that isalso know as 'Gita Saar'.The app is dedicated to Marathi people.The teachings of Lord Krishna are provided in Marathi languagesjust for the Marathi People. Features - - Set 'Gita Saar' as a LiveWallpaper.- Maintain your favorite 'Gita Saar' list.- You can share'Gita Saar' with your loved once.Download this Gita Saar and getenlightened.
Mahabharat Geeta Krishna Quote 1.0
Gita Saar In English app provides important messages said by lordKrishna in Shrimad Bhagvad Gita which is also known as 'GitaSaar'Teachings of Bhagavad Gita were given by Lord Krishna, the GodHimself to his disciple Arjuna on the battlefield of Kurukshetra.These teachings were given more than 5000 years ago but these arestill relevant today in our lives. In this app you'll be presentedtranscendental knowledge of the most profound spiritual nature asrevealed in the Bhagavad Gita. Feartures- Tons of supreme knowledgein one app. - You can share Gita saar with your loved once.- Addfavourite Gita Saar in your favourite list.- Set Geeta Saar as yourmobile live wallpaper.Mahabharat is a magnum opus written by VyasMuni.Download this Bhagwad geeta saar and get enlightened.
War Quotes 1.2
History has seen a lot of warriors, statesmen, kings, freedomfighters, revolutionaries. With this app we introduce you to someof the greatest war quotes. The war quotes are covered from thefollowing wars. - French Revolution - Russian Revolution - AmericanFreedom Struggle - Indian Freedom Struggle - South African War -First World War & of course - Second World WarYou will love theUI & UX of this app, it's simply awesome. Android Wear Supportcoming soon. You might learn few things about art of war by readingthese war quotes. The world has seen too many wars. It's time forpeace.Keywords: Battle Quotes
Marathi Jokes | पांचट जोक्स 2.2
Enjoy meaningless faltu jokes in Marathi with Marathi Faltu Jokesapp. मराठी फालतू जोक्स..पांचट जोक्स...मराठीतील सर्व प्रकारचे एकदमझकास आणि फुल फालतू जोक्स जे तुम्हाला आणि तुमचा मित्रांनाहसवण्यासाठी घेऊन आले आहेत... हसा आणि हसवा. हा हा हा हा हा....Download करा आणि Share करा . You can get latest Faltu & PanchatMarathi Jokes here. Features - - Bookmark a particular joke to readit again in future - Like a joke globally. This gets saved on theserver - Top 50 jokes - read top 50 most liked Marathi jokes -Share the jokes with your friends via whatsapp, wechat, email &so on. - 100s of jokes to read from. - Marathi jokes for Marathipeople. This is the collection of great Marathi jokes. DownloadMarathi Panchat Jokes today!
Navra Bayko Marathi Jokes 2.2
मराठी नवरा बायको जोक्स घेऊन आले आहेत …… आपले आवडते जोक्स.हसा आणिहसवत राहा..हा हा हा हा....There are hundreds of Navra Bayko jokesthat you see on whatsapp.This app is a collection of them. MarathiNavra Bayko jokes app has a database of over 100 such jokes whichwill make you laugh. If you are sad or unhappy then download thisapp & only laugh continuously. If you are married person, thisis for you. Read the jokes with your significant others and you'llboth laugh together!Features - Share jokes with your friends/spousevia email, whatsapp, messenger - Completely in Marathi - Bookmark aparticular joke to read it again in future - Like a joke globally.This gets saved on the server - Top 50 jokes - read top 50 mostliked Navra Bayko jokes - You will get random jokes - Hundreds ofhandpicked Navra Bayko jokes database - Marathi jokes for MarathipeopleDownload and enjoy!आताच Download करा.
Bandya Guruji Jokes | बंड्या गुरुजी जोक्स 2.7
"मराठी बंड्या गुरुजी जोक्स" आले आहेत तुम्हाला हसवण्यासाठी, तुमचेआवडते जोक्स घेऊन. हसा आणि हसवा...हा हा हा हा …। Bandya Guruji jokesare the new fun jokes being circulated on whatsapp. Download thisapp and get all those jokes and laugh endlessly. If you are sad,unhappy, read these jokes and they will make you laugh. Only forMarathi people. Simple way to have fun messaging your friends withlots of new funny Bandya Guruji Jokes. Features - Share jokes withyour friends/spouse via email, whatsapp, messenger - Completely inMarathi - Bookmark a particular joke to read it again in future -Like a joke globally. This gets saved on the server - Top 50 jokes- read top 50 most liked Bandya Guruji jokes - You will get randomjokes - Hundreds of handpicked Bandya Guruji jokes database -Marathi jokes for Marathi people If you are Bandya, awesome. If youare guruji/master/teacher, you can relate to these jokes. आजचDownload करा "मराठी बंड्या गुरुजी जोक्स"
Daily Selfie - My Daily Looks 1.0
Daily Selfie - My daily looks lets you take your daily selfie photoand store it in a date wise order. With each passing day our lookschange teeny tiny bit but we are not aware of it. After couple ofyears when we see our old photograph we wonder how we changed somuch just in such a short period. Only if we had a record of ourown looks everyday all month all years. Just one look at the 100thumbnails gives you clear idea as to how your looks startedchanging with each day. Daily Selfie - My Daily Looks remind you totake your daily selfie at a given time everyday, that way you won'tforget about it. This does not have to be selfie as well. You canask your friend to take your photo with rear camera. Eventually asyou get older, you are going to wonder how you looked a year backon the same day or a month back the same day. That day you mightlook up an app on store for solving this problem. You don't have towait that long. Download the app today and keep a track of yourdaily looks.
Cricketers Quotes 1.2
Here you will find the quotes of the best cricketers all over theworld , find your favorite cricketers quotes which inspire you tobe one of them The most popular and amazing players of the worldscricket team it will let you know about your favorite player quotes.. The cricketers quotes are covered from the following differentcontries.★ Indian Cricketers ★ Australian Cricketers ★ PakistaniCricketers ★ West Indian Cricketers Features:★ set your ownwallpaper of your favorite quotes ★ best cricketers all over theworld find your favorite ones quotes You will love the UI & UXof this app, it's simply awesome.Android Wear Support comingsoon.Keywords: Cricket,Cricketers Quotes
Balloon Pop Marathi Barakhadi 1.0.1
A cool way to teach your kids Marathi letters, barakhadi &alphabets. Pop the balloons, and learn Marathi Barakhadi. आजकालमराठी मुलांना मीडियम मध्ये घालण्याचे प्रमाण वाढत असल्याने मुलांचीमराठी भाषेविषयीची गोडी कमी होत आहे. तसेच मराठी शिकण्याचे प्रमाणहीकमी होत आहे. ते कमी करण्यासाठीच लहान मुलांना गेम द्वारे मराठीशिकवायचे कार्य आम्ही हाती घेतले आहे. This is a simple balloon popgame. Some balloons have alphabets written over them. When you popthose balloons, an image with that alphabet come out. For ex, ifyou pop a balloon with आ you'll see the image of आगगाडी with thesound of आगगाडी.If you pop ब, you will see the image of बगळा alongwith the audio sound of बगळा . All kids & toddlers love to popballoon. We want to make this a meaningful activity. A perfect appto teach marathi alphabets & barakhadi to your kids!The app istargeted to all the Marathi Kids from Marathi families. Whether youare in English medium or Marathi medium, does not matter. Becauseas a Marathi person, each & every Marathi manus must learnmarathi alphabets. What better age to learn Marathi language than a4-5 year old kid.
Marathi Valentine Photo Frames 1.0
मराठी व्ह्यलेण्टाइन लॉक स्क्रीन .मराठीलोकांसाठी.With Marathi Valentine Photo Frames, you can easily setromanticframes to your favorite photos and share it with your lovedone,with your friends via Facebook, Email, SMS...The app lets you set your photo frame on lock screen asabackground as well. So that your love is always therewithyou.The app is for the Marathi people. There are plenty of couplephotoframes for western people. But there is not a single photoframeapp for Marathi people on valentine theme, so we decided tomake anapp for that.Feature of 'Valentine Photo Frame':- Select a photo from the gallery or take photos usingthecamera.- Select from 5 beautiful frames- Set your & your significant other's photo in the locket orinthe selected frame- Set your valentine photo frame as lock screen.- Save photo frame in Gallery- Best quality valentine's photo frames with beautifulcolors.- Share your creations via WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter andothersocial networks.Happy Valentine's Day.
Valentine Photo Frames 1.0
Valentine Photo Frames with screen lock functionality, you can setromantic frames to your favorite photos with your love and set as ascreen lock. Choose romantic, love, hearts, valentines day, lovelyframes from valentine photo frames. Easy to use and quickly saveand share.You can set your valentine photo frame as a phone screenlocker. Feature of "Valentine Photo Frames":- Screen Lock (Set yourvalentine photo frame as a screen lock)- Select a photo from thegallery or take photos using the camera.- Save to Gallery- BestQuality Valentines photo frames with beautiful colors.- Share yourcreations via WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and other socialnetworks.Happy Valentine's Day
Mood Scanner Prank 1.5
Find out how you are feeling today, at this very moment. *** UPDATE- Love Scanner. Find love match between you & fiancee orsignificant other ***Now place your thumb and your loved one'sthumb in the boxes mentioned and find the match. Mood scanner makesit super easy to guess/find your true mood instantly. Just scanyour finger in this mood scanner app. Put your finger on thescanning area on phone, hold for couple of seconds while the appscans your finger print. You'll feel vibration while app startsscanning for your mood. After couple of seconds, remove your fingerfrom the screen and the app will tell you your mood. Mood scanneris sensitive to your feelings. If your mood is sad or depressed, ittries to enlighten your mood by sharing some funny joke with you.Which other mood scanner does that?If you are already feeling good,happy, then it makes you feel even better by sharing somethingreally cool with you. This is really the most unique feature ofmood scanner. In the latest update we also have implemented emojis.Fun, right? So what are you waiting for. Just download the moodscanner, and start scanning your mood & your friends' moods aswell, instantly. Love calculator let's you calculate your love withyour loved ones. Please note that mood scanner app is a prank app.It does not convey your real mood. It is in fact a fun app whichmakes your day by surprising yourself with your own moods :-)Do tryit out on your friends and pull their legs with this mood scannerapp. Mood Scanner Features- Vibration during the scanning- Coolinterface- Lot of different moods to guess from!- Love scanner -find your love match- It makes you feel better by telling somejokeHow to use Mood Scanner:Place your thumb on the rectangularbox. You will start feeling vibration.After 5 seconds of scanning,the app tells you your mood. How to use Love Scanner or Meter:Placeyour thumb and the other person's thumb in the two rectangularboxes.You both will start feeling vibrations. Keep the thumbsplaced for 5 seconds, after that the app tells you the % of match.Use love calculator to check your match with yourfiancee/significant others. You can use love scanner to find yourvalentine as well. Download and enjoy this Mood Scanner, LoveScanner totally free!
Waterfall Photo Frames 1.0
Beautify your photos with awesome waterfalls photo frames. Photomania is everywhere all the photo and selfie addicts can useawesome Photo Frames. With waterfalls photo frames you can addbeautiful images for special photos of loved ones, children andeasily share with family and friends.•FEATURES- Apply color effectsto your photo.- Share photo with your friends via facebook, email,sms, whatsapp.- 5 Landscape and 5 portrait wonderful frames.-Select a photo from gallery or take photo by using camera.- You canapply different color effects.
Nature Live Wallpaper 1.0
Nature Live Wallpaper for nature lovers which contains 10 beautifulwallpapers of nature. It consists of several nature wall paperswith the falling of different leaves according tobackground.features-- 11 amazing backgrounds- 8 Falling differentleaves- Controlling the leafs speedSpread the beauty of natureevery where by using Nature live wallpaper.
Christmas Live Wallpaper 1.0
Beautiful wallpaper created for Christmas Eve will beautify yourscreen like no other wallpaper before. Let every day be a ChristmasDay with great wallpaper with falling snow for mobile. Download“Christmas Live Wallpaper” and put colorful snow live wallpapers onyour background with falling snow.
Hoarding Photo Frame 1.0
Every felt like your photo should be up there on a road sidehoarding?You wish comes true with Hoarding Photo Frame!Hoardingphoto frame is an app which lets you put your photo on somehoardings images already provided with the app. You can put yourphoto in the hoarding & send it to your friends & impressor foold them. Now decorate your pictures with cool and awesomehoarding frames. Beautify your photos with awesome Hoarding photoframes. Photo mania is everywhere all the photo and selfie addictscan use awesome Photo Frames. With hoarding photo frames you canadd beautiful images for special photos of loved ones, children andeasily share with family and friends. Make your picturesunforgettable.• FEATURES- Apply color effects to your photo.- Sharephoto with your friends via facebook, email, sms, whatsapp.-Landscape and portrait wonderful frames.- Select a photo fromgallery or take photo by using camera.- You can apply differentcolor effects.
Wedding Photo Frames 1.0
Apply lovely, romantic frames to your wedding photos. The momentsof the best day of your life have to be decorated with the mostbeautiful frames. A beautiful wedding portrait is the culminationof the beautiful marriage, capturing the memorable moment of acouple tying the knot together. • FEATURES- Apply color effects toyour photo.- Share photo with your friends via facebook, email,sms, whatsapp.- Landscape and portrait wonderful frames.- Select aphoto from gallery or take photo by using camera.- You can applydifferent color effects.
Learn Words Lock Screen 1.0
Learning new words is a big deal. We allknowit.We have come up with supposedly the best way to learn newwords,to increase your vocabulary.The app sits on your lock screen and throws new words on lockscreenevery time you lock the phone.This is probably the most efficient way & practical waytolearn words.On any single day we lock our phone almost 1000 times. Youcouldpotentially learn 1000 new words every day.The app is in evolving state. Soon we will implementbookmarkoption where you can favorite or bookmark a particular wordforlater use.The emphasis of Learn Words on Lock Screen is on newwords.However the app does boast a few really beautiful backgroundimagesthat way your lock screen does actually feel like alockscreen.If you are a student taking tests like IELTS GRE TOEFL thiswillhelp you learn words faster.We believe in being a student for life. We believe you believeittoo. Every person is a student for life in some or other way.Youare never too old to learn new words. You don't have to takeextraefforts to learn new words.Download Learn Words On Lock Screen today & improveyourvocabulary. All the best.
Flower Photo Frames 1.0
Beautify your photos with awesome flower photo frames. Photo maniais everywhere all the photo and selfie addicts can use awesomePhoto Frames. With Flowers Photo Frames, and you can add abeautiful images for special photos of loved ones, children andeasily share with family and friends.• FEATURES- Apply coloreffects to your photo.- Share photo with your friends via facebook,email, sms, whatsapp.- Landscape and portrait wonderful frames.-Select a photo from gallery or take photo by using camera.- You canapply different color effects.
Love Live Wallpaper 1.0
Love Live Wallpaper gives you beautiful and romantic backgroundswith beautiful falling hearts. Find amazing new love symbol andlove background completely free. All our wallpapers have beenpersonally selected so you can personalize your smartphone.
Marathi Suvichar सुंदर सुविचार 1.6
*** आयुष्य बदलवण्याची क्षमता असलेले सुविचार ***Get inspire byMarathi Suvichar/Quotes by all the legendary people the world hasseen so far.If your are following some one then go through thisMarathi Suvichar app.Marathi Suvichar for marathi people.1.Bookmark - you can bookmark a particular Suvichar 2. Global likes -you can like a joke which gets synced to the server3 Top 50 - Gettop 50 Suvichar liked globally in the app4. Better user interface5.Random joke on daily levelDownload Marathi Suvichar app today andget enlightened endlessly. आजच Download करा
Bollywood Celebrity Quotes 1.2
"I don't compete with actresses; I only compete with heroes." ~ afamous bollywood celebrity"Maybe because I am from a sportsbackground, I don't give up easily. I am a fighter." ~ a famousbollyood actress"Sometimes it becomes impossible to explain mybeing quiet to people, some silences myst fill themselves." ~ oneof the Khans of the bollywood. Do you know whose quotes are these?Download the celebrity quotes app now and find out yourself. Theapp boasts hundreds of quotes of Bollywood celebrities.Quotes fromyour favorite Bollywood actors, actresses hero, heroine, singer andmusicians. Choose your favorite Bollywood celebrity, read his/herquotes & get inspired.There are quotes of popularcelebrities.Features:★ Set your own LIVE WALLPAPER of celebrities'quotes. ★ Find your favorite actors, musicians, singers quotes.★You will love the UI & UX of this app, it's simply awesome.★Android Wear Support coming soon.
Akbar Birbal Stories Marathi 1.5
Akbar Birbal Stories are world famous storieswhich demonstrate the brilliance of Birbal.This treasure of Akbar Birbal stories, we have now brought toour Marathi friends!Akbar Birbal Marathi Stories is an app dedicated to all MarathiPeople and Marathi Kids which lists down a lot of famous AkbarBirbal stories.ह्या अॅप मधून तुम्ही अकबर बिरबलाच्या काही गोष्टी वाचूशकता.अकबर हा एक मुघल राजा होता आणि बिरबल हा अकबराच्या दरबारात त्याचासल्लागार होता व नवरत्नांपैकी एक होता.बिरबल हा त्याच्याकडे असण्याऱ्या व्यवहार ज्ञान व चातुर्य शैली मुलेप्रसिद्ध होता .अश्याच बिरबलाच्या चातुर्य दर्शविणाऱ्या कथा ह्या अॅप मध्ये आहेत अधिकगोष्टी वाचण्यासाठी अॅप डाउनलोड करालहान्यांपासून ते मोठ्यांपर्यंत सगळ्यांना आवडतील अश्या गोष्टीतुम्हाला ह्या अॅप मध्ये वाचायला मिळतील.Marathi Kids these days don't really know much about the famousAkbar Birbal stories, how brilliant Birbal was, and how visionaryAkbar was to keep Birbal in his darbar.Give this app to your kids and let them understand the geniusBirbal.Download Akbar Birbal Marathi Stories today and have endlessfun.
Badbad Geete in Marathi | बडबड गीते 2.6
When we were kids, we all learnt those beautiful Badbad Geete inschool. Badbad geete in Marathi is a comprehensive app which listshundreds of Badbad geete in one single app. Dedicated to MarathiKids. Small kids loves to listen badbad geete or they want sing aswell with you. So now that the your searching problem is solved.Here you will get lots of badbad geete here. This app provide youall badbad geete in marathi. हा अँप खास तुमच्या चिमुकल्या साठीत्यांची आवडती बडबडगीते घेऊन आला आहे. हा अँप नक्कीच तुमच्याचिंकल्याला आनंदी ठेवण्यास मदत करेल. या मधले बडबडगीत तुम्ही तुमचामुलांना ऐकवू शकता तुम्हाला कोणत्या पुस्तकांची गरज भासणार नाही.शाळेत शिक्षकांना बडबडगीतसाठी पुस्तके चालावी लागतात तर हा अँपत्यांच्यासाठीही खूप उपयोगी ठरेल. झुकुझुकु झुकुझुकु आगीनगाडी असावासुंदर चोकलेटचा बंगला दादा मला एक वाहिनी आण and many more Features -Hundreds of Marathi Badbad Geete - Badbad Geete Audio - Bookmarkyour favorite badbad geete - Like any badbad geete - Check globaltop 50 badbad geete - Completely in Marathi - Share your favoritebadbad geete with your friends Download Badbad Geete in Marathi andenjoy with your kid.
Marathi Mhani | मराठी म्हणी 1.0
The most comprehensive collection of Marathi Mhani is here. Marathiis a rich language. And one reason for that is a huge collection ofMarathi Mhani that Marathi language has got. मराठी म्हणींचा खजिनाअग अग म्हशी मला कुठे नेशी ऐकावे जनाचे करावे मनाचे अति तेथे मातीचोराच्या उलट्या बोंबा अडला हरी गाढवाचे पाय धरी गाढवापुढे वाचली गीताकालचा गोंधळ बरा होता अशा बऱ्याच म्हणी आपल्याला काही न काही शिकवतात. All marathi mhani teach uss, enlighten us in some or other way.Now gain the ancient old knowledge by reading these Marathi Mhani.We have provided meanings of those Marathi Mhani as well for yourreference. Features - Daily Special Marathi Mhani - Random Mhani -Category of Mhani - Collection of hundreds of Marathi Mhani - LikeMhani on global level and check out Top 50 Marathi Mhani liked bypeople - Bookmark the particular mhani for your future referenceIfyou are a student of Marathi medium, you must see this app sinceyou need to learn mhani as part of your curriculum. If you belongwith a Marathi family but you are an english medium student, youneed this app since you need to learn about ur mother tongue .
Stotra in Marathi 1.9
Marathi Stotr app consists a variety of marathi stotras thatdevotees chant everyday. This is a collection of famous & notso famous Marathi Stotras out there. स्तोत्र म्हणजे 'स्तूयते अनेनइति' अर्थात ज्याद्वारे देवतेचे स्तवन पुजन केले जाते ते होय.स्तोत्राद्वारे देवतेची पूजा केली जाते तसेच स्तोत्रामध्ये स्तोत्रपठन करणाऱ्याच्या भोवती अनिष्ठ लहरींपासून संरक्षण करण्यासाठी एकसंरक्षण कवच उभारण्याची क्षमता असते. बहुसंख्य लोक सकाळच्याप्रार्थनेत तसेच सायंकाळच्या प्रार्थनेत याचे पठण करतात. या एप मध्येबरेच नित्य पठनीय असे स्तोत्र समाविष्ट आहेत.Usually stotras arechanted in the morning or evening prayers. If you don't rememberany stotra or if you want to learn a new Marathi stotra this app isfor you. A snapshot of marathi stotr this app contains - GaneshStotra,Ganesh Sankat Nashan Stotra,GanpatiAtharvshirsh,Ramraksha,Maruti Stotra,Mahalakshmi Stotra, ShriSaptashloki Durga Stotra & many more.We plan to add a lot morestotr in this app. Download Marathi Stotr app today & happyworshipping!
Marathi Weight Loss Gain Tips 1.5
Weight Loss & Weight Gain Tips in Marathi!आजच्या धावपळीचा जीवनामध्ये आपण काहीही खातो आणि त्याचा परिमाण आपल्या शरीरावर होतो. वजनवाढी मुले खूप साऱ्या रोगांना आमंत्रण देतो.या अप्प मध्ये दिलेल्याउपाय नुसार तुम्ही घरी बसल्या बसल्या आपले वजन कमी करू शकता आणिवाढवूपण शकता.या अँप मध्ये सोप्या पद्धतीने आपले वजन कसे कमी करायचे वकसे वाढवायचे याचे सल्ले दिलेले आहेत. घरघुती उपायावर जास्त भर देऊनसध्या सरळ भाषेत या अँपला खास तुमच्यासाठी आणले आहे.Perfect app forhealth conscious peoples, who really want to loss weight or gainweight. This app guide you how to gain your weight and loss yourweight.It is harder to increase weight rather than decreasing. It’sEverybody’s Dream to Increase their Weight when they find themselfs as underweight. Here are many promising tips that which willincrease your body mass in a healthy way.This app gives you veryneedful tips to gain & loss your weight. This cool app willhelp you improve your body image, self confidence, self esteem,skin, hair, lips, eyes, and face. It will also help you stayfocused on losing those excess pounds you don't need! App help youto gain your weight & loss your weight.This app guide to indetail with step by step for weight gain & loss. This appprovides simple & easy methods for weight gain & weightloss.Just download and enjoy the Marathi Weight Loss Weight GainTips, app and stay fit n fine.
Marathi Tomane | मराठी टोमणे 2.1
#1 Marathi Tomane app for Marathi People | मराठी टोमणे मराठी टोमणे,खुप जणांना टोमणे मारण्याची सवय असते, आता खास तुमचासाठी खुपसाराहास्यकल्लोळ आणि टोमन्यांचा खजिना घेऊन आला आहे मराठी टोमणे अप्प…Thisapp consists of 1000+ Marathi Tomane. Marathi people have thishabit of saying tomane to random people, mostly funny sometimesmean. Read these Marathi Tomane and have endless fun!Marathi Tomane| मराठी टोमणे -- Get top 50 global Marathi Tomane- Bookmark yourfavorite Marathi Tomane- Get today's special Marathi Tomane- Get 1random Marathi Tomne everyday- Share Marathi Tomane with yourfriends & loved once via Whatsapp, Facebook, Hikeetc....Download and enjoy Marathi Tomane | मराठी टोमणे
Marathi Ukhane | मराठी उखाणे 2.0
The most complete Marathi Ukhane app on the store! मराठी उखाणे,उखाणे म्हंटलेकी लग्न सराई, बाळाचे नामकरण, मंगलागवर असे प्रत्येक सणसुदीत उपयोगी पडणारे उखाणे, खास तुमचासाठी. If you are about to bemarried, know that you need to say ukhane aloud at many times. Ifyou don't know any, it creates a problem. So download MarathiUkhane app and be the master of Marathi Ukhane. Impress yoursignificant other by your sheer knowledge of Marathi Ukhane.Marathi Ukhane | मराठी उखाणे - - Different types of Ukhane fordifferent occasions like for bride, groom, during marriage,gruhpravesh & on. - Bookmark your favorite ukhane. - Shareukhane with your loved once and friends via whatssapp, hike, fbetc. - You will get daily today's best ukhane. - You can like yourfavorite ukahne. - You can vote different ukhanes and can see thetop 50 best ukhane. Download this best app for marathi ukhane.
Blood Pressure Scanner Prank 1.0
Please note that this is a FAKE bloodpressurescanner app. It is a prank app meant to fool your friendsand havefun! The blood pressure figures it tells are completelyrandom!Blood pressure scanners scans for your blood pressure.Your blood pressure SYS, DIA, and your pulse heart rate evenyourbody temperature will be measured and displayed with bloodpressurescanner. Again, note that these are random figures to foolyourfriends.When you open Blood Pressure Scanner app, place your indexfingeron phone screen. When you place a finger in finger shapedarea thenit will scan your blood pressure.- Realistic looking blood pressure scanner- Simple to scan- Beautiful design & UIBlood Pressure Scanner does not need any external hardware.Usefingerprint blood pressure and heartbeat rate detectorforoptimizing your exercise and to track your progress and highandlow bloodBlood Pressure Scanner will tell you the easiest waybloodpressure, as well as your heart rate.* Note - Blood Pressure Scanner Prank is forentertainmentpurposes only. It does not calculate your bloodpressure. Thedisplayed results are random numbers. It is the bestBlood PressureScanner prank.
Marathi Love SMS 1.3
Marathi Love SMS | मराठी प्रेम मेसेजस Marathi Premi lokansathi khascollection of love sms!मराठी प्रेमवीरांसाठी.खास तुमचा प्रेमासाठी,तुमचा मनातील असलेली प्रेमाची भावना, प्रेमाची ओढ, प्रेमाच्या आठवणीआता व्यक्त करू शकता या मराठी प्रेम मेसेजस अप्प मधुन.......कुणीतरीअसावंगालातल्या गालात हसणारंभरलेच आसवांनी,तर डोळे पुसणारंकुणीतरीअसावंआपलं म्हणता येणारंकेलं परकं जगानं,तरी आपलं करून घेणारं.Startyour morning with this app, send love & romantic SMS to yourlove & valentine.Enjoy every moment of life with your lovedonce with this app. Share your exact feelings, your mood, and yourpossessiveness with love, valentine or your crush.Enjoy your lovewith this app.Enjoy your valentine with this app.Marathi Love SMS |मराठी प्रेम मेसेजस - - Top 50 Love SMS- Bookmark your favorite LoveSMS- Get today's special Love SMS- Get random Love SMS- Share LoveSMS with your valentine, friends & loved once via Whatsapp,Facebook, Hike etc....Download and enjoy Marathi Love SMS | मराठीप्रेम मेसेजस
Ajibaicha Batwa आजीबाईचा बटवा 1.11
'Ajibaicha Batwa | आजीबाईचा बटवा ' Best and simple for home madesolution for health. The ayurvedic way is the best way to heal.This application contains several ayurvedic tips in marathi. आधुनिकविज्ञानाने कितीही प्रगती केली असली तरीही, त्याला न जुमानता लोकांनासातत्याने खूप साऱ्या आजारांचा सामना करावा लागतो. सहसा हा आजारवातावरणातील बदलामुळे होतो. हिवाळ्यात तर तो अगदी चटकन पसरतो. यादिवसात काही नैसर्गिक घरगुती पदार्थ वापरून आपण त्यावर नियंत्रण मिळवुशकतो. या सर्व गरजांचा विचार करता आजीबाईंच्या बटवा हा अँप खासतुमच्यासाठी आणला आहे. या मध्ये सर्व छोट्या रोगावरचे घरगुती उपायदिले आहेत. या अँप मधून गरम मसाल्याचे फायदे, कडधान्यां पासून होणारेफायदे, फळां पासून होणारे फायदे, आजारांवर उपचार या सर्वांचा समावेशया अँप मध्ये करण्यात आला आहे. Best way to stay fit and maintainhealth is good food. Just take healthy food and stay fit and fine.Ajibaicha Batwa provides Ayurvedic Upchar in Marathi the androidapplication provides you solution for common health problem thatyou search in day to day life. This app provides you thr besthealth tips as well, which would be very helpful for you to improveyour health and live a healthy life.healthy lifestyle can lead to alonger, more fulfilling life. healthy living can help your heart,mind, and whole body. All the health tips are in marathi language.Download and enjoy Ajibaicha Batwa आजीबाईचा बटवा | घरचा वैद्य
Body Temperature Scanner Prank 1.0
Please note that this app does NOT scanyourbody temperature, it is a prank app made for fun. Do not takeitseriously!The app shows fake temperature of your body. Your friendmightthink it shows the real body temperature however it's not!When you open Body Temperature Scanner app, place your fingeronphone screen. The app starts scanning your bodytemperature.After the scanning, your body temperature result will be shownastwo kinds of measuring units - Celsius degree orFahrenheitdegree.Please note that Body Temperature Scanner or Thermostat isaprank app, it does not really detect your body temperature.Thisapp is meant to be for fun.You can use it to prank your friends that you can scanyourfingerprint to take your Body Temperature and see whether youhavea fever or not.- Realistic looking temperature scanner- Simple to scan- Beautiful design & UI- animation of mercury like real barometerBody Temperature Scanner does not need any external hardware.Usefingerprint to calculate your Body Temperature. TemperatureScannerwill tell you the easiest way Body Temperature.It's an interesting prank! BodyApp will calculate your Body Temperature* Note - Body Temperature Scanner Prank is forentertainmentpurposes only. It does not calculate your bodytemperature. Thedisplayed results are random numbers. However thisis the best BodyTemperature prank app.
Marathi Fishpond शेलापागोटे 1.3
Fishpond is a famous activity people do every now & thenespecially in schools & colleges. Marathi Fishpond | मराठीफिशपोंडFishpond | शेलापागोटे तुझ गाव पूनामाझ गाव पूनाआपली दोघांचीजोड़ी म्हणजेतम्बाखू आणि चुनाHere it come Marathi Fishpond | मराठीफिशपोंड for Marathi peoples. Now you can enjoy and send fishpond toanyone on single click via Whatsapp, Facebook, Hike etc.Now MarathiFishpond | मराठी फिशपोंड in your pocket. If anyone asked forfishpond then you have the best app for marathi fishpond to assignor send them.Marathi Fishpond | मराठी फिशपोंड - - Get top 50Fishponds - Bookmark your favorite fishpond- Get today's specialfishpond- Get random fishpond- Share fishponds with your friends& loved once via Whatsapp, Facebook, Hike etc....Download andenjoy Marathi Fishpond | मराठी फिशपोंड
Kids Aplhabet Doodle Paint 1.0
A truly unique alphabet tracking app for your kids. Kids AlphabetsDoodle Paint = Learn Alphabets + Doodle Paint + Kid app.KidsAlphabets Doodle Paint is one of its kind app for your kids whichteaches alphabets to your kids in a very innovative & kidfriendly manner. Kids love doodle paint apps. Kids need to learnalphabets. They have to trace the alphabets again & again inorder to get them right. Kids need kid friendly app. All of thesethings are well considered and packaged into a single app.The appboasts a very kid friendly user interface & background. Apleasant music runs throughout. At the left corner, you can seeimage of dog, cow & cat. If you click on it, the audio of dog'sbarking or cat's meow meow runs which kids just love. As for themain app, you will see each alphabet in a larger size, the kid cantrace on top of those alphabets. You can change color, size ofbrush & what not. This is a very fun way for kids to learnEnglish Alphabets with funny background music, animal sounds,attractive alphabets.Let your kids learn English Alphabets in aneasier way by relating each Alphabet with an object. Alphabetswriting app is a virtual teacher to practice alphabets tracing.OurLearning App will educate and entertain the kids at the same time.This app helps the kids to familiarize the alphabets and itsTracing.Keeping in mind that the app is for kids, we haveimplemented tons of things as mentioned above which makes sure thatthe kid or toddler comes back to the app and learn more. CoreFeatures* Alphabet Tracing * Drawing Board for kids* Cute andbeautiful alphabets* Intuitive user interface for kids* Threeinteresting animals sounds* Funny Background music* Trace alphabetswith lots of different colorsDownload Kids Alphabet Doodle Paintand be a worry free parent. It's our responsibility that your kidlearn alphabets and learns them sooner. Stay tuned for morefeatures.
Complete Hindi Aarti Sangrah 1.0
Hindi Aarti Sangrah, as the name says, is a collection of lot ofaarti in Hindi language. हिंदी आरती संग्रहइस हिंदी आरती संग्रह मेहिंदू देवी देवताओंकी आरती उपलब्ध है।नित्य पठण करना आसान हो इसलियेयहा हम आपके लिये सभी आरतीया उपलब्ध कर रहे है।इस आरती संग्रह मे गणेशजी की आरती ,भगवान शिवजी की आरती ,शनि देवजी की आरती ,श्री रामचंद्रजीकी आरती ,हनुमान जी की आरती श्री साईं बाबा की आरती ,श्री सत्यानारयणजी की आरती ओर अन्य सभी देवी देवताओंकी सभी आरतीया उपलब्ध कर रहेहै।If you are religious person, this app is for you. If you don'tremember any hindi aarti or if you are just learning any new hindiaarti, the app comes handy to you in that case. The app consists ofaarti of lot of Hindu Gods. Hindi Aarti List - Ganesh ji kiaarti,Bhagwan Shivji ki aarti, Shani devji ki aarti,PrabhuRamchandra ki aarti, Hanumanji ki aarti, Sai baba ki aarti,ShriSatya Narayan ki aarti & many more.
Marathi Chat | मराठी चॅट 1.0
जय महाराष्ट्र, आता चॅट करा मराठीमध्ये, एन्जोय करा आपलीमहाराष्ट्राची माय बोली मराठी भाषा या मराठी चॅट App मध्ये. MarathiChat App is a top class chat app just like whatsapp & hike. Youcan add your friends, make groups & chat in groups. You cansend smileys as well. All the text is in Marathi. You can type inany language by changing the keyboard. Features - Invite people onMarathi chat.- You can create your friend circle group.- you canset your profile photo*To type in Marathi please download MarathiKeyboard.
Dancing Talking Cat 1.2
Do you love cats? If so, dancing cats is the just the right app youneed. Funny and awesome dancing cat app for free. Why look forTalking Animals when you can have dancing animals? Cat will dancefor you. Dance cat dance. Dancing animals make awesome entertainingview for kids and adults. The cat moves are entertaining to bothadults and kids. Your kid can dance with cat. Your will enjoy hisevery moment with this app. If you want to make your kid smile thenshow this app. Dancing cat, singing cat. Now play with your own Caton your own Android mobile. The Cat can do many funny things. Itswill repeat all you say, it will dance for your anytime and evenplay Guitar for you. Kids love it to play with this little Cat. CatDancer Street Dancer. Talking Cat. Dancing Tom. We will soon addtalking cat to the app. Meanwhile have fun with dancing cat.
Shiv Leela Amrit | शिवलीलामृत 1.1
शिव भक्तांसाठी खास शिवलीलामृत पठणासाठी बनवलेले app . Shiv LeelaAmrit is a prayer of Lord Shiva. The app is a complete collectionof Shiv Leela Amrit. Shiv Leela Amrit / Shivleelaamrit consists of14 chapters & 2453 ovis. It is particularly popular inMaharashtra state and almost all Lord Shiva devotees read Shiv LilaAmrit on daily basis. If you are a devotee of Lord Shiva, this appis for you. The app not only gives the complete text of Shiv LeelaAmrit, but it also guides you on how to do parayan of Shiv LeelaAmrit. History of Shiv Leela Amrti:Shiv Lila Amrit was written byfamous saint of Maharashtra Shri Shridhar Swami at Baramati in1718. Shridhar Swami was borm in 1658 in Solapur district. Hisfamily moved to Pandharpur when he was 20. He spent his childhooddoing Kirtanas & Pravachana. Om Namah Shivay!
Hindi SMS 1.0
Hindi SMS for all occasions! Over 1000 Hindi SMS &counting!हिंदी के लिये बेहतरीन Hindi SMS अॅप...दिन की सुरुवात कीजीएहिंदी मेसेज के साथ, अपने प्रियजनो तक पोहचाईये अपने दिलं कीबात.Hindi SMS provides 1000+ Hindi SMS well categorized in Love,Friendship, Jokes, Good Morning, Good Night, Festival Messages& many more for easy browsing. Best sms message app in hindi.Weprovide a simple & elegant way to save your favorite textmessages and share them with rest of the world through SMS, Email,Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Hike and more. ‘श्रद्धा’ ज्ञान देतीहैं,‘नम्रता’ मान देती हैं,और‘योग्यता’ स्थान देती है !पर तीनो मिलजाए तो..व्यक्ति को हर जगह ‘सम्मान’ देती हैं.!!!**सुप्रभात** UniqueHindi sms to express your self or mood.You can browse Hindi SMS bycategories, latest addition or ratings.Now express your feelingwith Hindi SMS app. Say good morning, good night with Hindi SMSapp.Share your feelings with your loved once.Several categories ofbest hindi sms.Categories - - Good morning sms- Funny sms-Friendship sms- Romantic sms- Love sms- New Year sms- InspirationalsmsFeatures - - Share Hindi SMS with your loved once via Whatsapp,Hike etc.- Check out top 50 Hindi SMS loved by people.- Bookmarkyour favorite Hindi SMS.- Get daily special Hindi SMS - today'sHindi SMS- Get random Hindi SMS on single click.- Like yourfavorite Hindi SMSDownload Hindi SMS | Free SMS App today.
First Aid in Marathi | प्रथमोपचाराच्या पद्धाती 1.0
First Aid in Marathi | प्रथमोपचार is the best assistance given toany person suffering a sudden illness or injury, with care providedto preserve life, prevent the condition from worsening, and/orpromote recovery. The first aider is also likely to be trained indealing with injuries such as cuts, grazes or bone fracture.या अँपमध्ये प्रथमोपचाराच्या पद्धती, आवश्यक सूचना आणि महत्वाच्या गोष्टींचासमावेश करण्यात आला आहे. रोगा बद्दलची माहिती व त्या वरील साधे सोपेउपाय या First Aid in Marathi | प्रथमोपचार अँप मध्ये देण्यात आलेआहेत. या अँपच्या साहाय्याने तुम्ही घर बसल्या प्राथमिक उपचार घेऊशकता. रोगांना आटोक्यात आणण्यासाठी प्रथमिक उपचाराची खूप आवश्यकताअसते. या अँप मध्ये कापणे, ओरखडणे, उष्माघात, गुदमरने, चक्कर येणे,पाण्यात बुडणे इत्यादी, अशा घटनांनावर लागणारे प्राथमिक उपचार कसेकरावे या First Aid in Marathi | प्रथमोपचार अँप मध्ये दिले आहे. हाअँप तुमचा पर्सनल प्राथमिक उपचार गाईड असाही वापरू शकता.First Aid inMarathi | प्रथमोपचार is essential in emergency cases. Knowing whataction needs to be taken to control an emergency can make thedifference between life and death. It also provides the readerswith information on the latest life-saving procedures and sharesguidelines for resuscitation. This app provides the user to selectand know the detailed solution for any unwanted circumstances. Bestapp for health care, for human body problems, health relatedissues, accidental issues, pregnancy issues etc.Now you can takecare your own with the help of this First Aid in Marathi |प्रथमोपचार | Marathi Health Tips app.Download this app & beready for unwanted circumstances.
Learn Farming : Marathi Game 1.0
Learn Farming for Marathi Kids is a game made for Marathi kids toteach them the basic concepts of farming. चला शेती शिकूया हा एकशेतीवर आधारित एक मराठी गेम आहे Kids these days do not know anythingabout farming. Learn Farming is a simple interactive game that justhelps them understand what farming is exactly. Learn Farming is a20 level game where in each level you are given a certain target.You have to interact with different items & achieve thattarget. या गेम मधून नांगरणी , कापणी , पेरणी अशा विविध कंसेप्ट्सशिकविण्यात आल्या आहेत. Download Learn Farming today & have.
Haripath in Marathi | हरिपाठ 1.8
|| जय जय राम कृष्णा हरी || हरिपाठ म्हणजे नेहमी ईश्वराचे नामस्मरणकरण्यासाठी केलेली अभंग रचना. वारकरी संप्रदायामध्ये हरिपाठालामहत्वाच स्थान आहे. संत ज्ञानेश्वर, संत तुकाराम, संत एकनाथ, संतनामदेव आणि संत निवृत्तीनाथ यांनी हरिपाठाचे अभंग रचलेले आहेत.यामध्ये मुख्यत्वे संत ज्ञानेश्वर महाराज कृत हरिपाठाचे अभंग जास्तगायले जातात. - श्री ज्ञानॆश्वरमहाराजकृत हरिपाठाचॆ अभंग - श्रीनामदॆवमहाराजकृत हरिपाठाचॆ अभंग - श्री ऎकनाथमहाराजकृत हरिपाठाचॆ अभंग- श्री तुकाराममहाराजकृत हरिपाठाचॆ अभंग - श्री निवृत्तिमहाराजकृतहरिपाठाचॆ अभंग Haripath in Marathi | Marathi Abhang | Daily Prayerin Marathi Haripath is a collection of abhangas written by Marathisaint, Shree Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj, Shree saint Namdev Maharaj,Shree saint Eknath Maharaj, Shree saint Tukaram Maharaj, Shreesaint Nivruttinath Maharaj. This abhangas are sung as a prayer tolord Vittal also known as Vithoba. Varkaris during their annualgathering on Ekadashi come to Pandharpur singing Haripath.Dnyaneshwar simply says, “Spend moment in remembering Him and chantHIS name, “Hari Mukhe Mhana’. Jai Jai Ram Krushna Hari, TheHaripath is daily chanting verses for Varakari sampraday in India.Download Haripath.