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Album Art Grabber 6.0
Download missing album art for your albums.✓ One click downloadsall your missing album art✓ Data from LastFM & MusicBrainz✓Manual cover load from Gallery✓ Auto-save to SDCard✓ Auto-lookupalbum art when new album is added✓ Custom search by artist oralbum✓ Built in media scannerFORUMVisit the forum for all questionsand answers related to Album ArtGrabber.http://album-art-grabber.2309410.n4.nabble.com/PROVERSIONSupport development with the ad free pro version of AlbumArt Grabber :)PERMISSIONS'Internet' for fetching covers andads.'Access Network State' for ads.'Wake Lock' for 'Auto-lookup forNew' preference.'Write External Storage' for saving album art toSDCard.'Receive Boot Completed' for 'Auto-lookup for New'preference (will not be used unless preference ischecked).INFORMATION• To update your album list use the MediaScanner under preferences.• If album art is not found it can bebecause the tags for your mp3s are inaccurate.• Album Art Grabberhas two modes of finding covers. The default mode and the strictmatching mode. If you are getting the wrong album covers set thenturn on 'Strict Matching' under preferences.• Album Art Grabberworks with ICS, though not with Google Music as they do not useAndroid's music database.
Album Art Grabber Pro Key 1.0
THIS IS A PRO KEY ONLY!You still need the free version of Album ArtGrabber installed. Use this key to remove ads from the free versionand support development :)Album Art Grabber downloads missingcovers for your albums.
Colors 4.0
Set a solid color as a wallpaper.From black and white to hot pinkand radioactive firefly.Enjoy! PERMISSIONS'Internet' forColourLovers and ads.'Access Network State' for ColourLovers andads.'Set Wallpaper' for setting wallpapers.'Set Wallpaper Hints'for setting wallpapers.CREDITSColors are fromwww.colourlovers.com.Superdry Color Picker fromhttp://code.google.com/p/superdry-colorpicker/
Pocket 2.7
ABOUT POCKETPocket allows you to safely store all your sensitive data such asbank account details and passwords on your phone. Pocket is alsouseful for remembering all those bits and pieces of information inone place from frequent flier numbers to contact lensprescriptions.SECURE YOUR INFORMATIONPocket is all about security. Many people still store theirsensitive information under contacts, which can easily be seen ifyour phone falls into the wrong hands...ouch! When you use Pocket,your data is encrypted using the industry standard AES-256. Onlyyou will be able to access your data via a master password. Even ifyou lose your phone your data will still be safe. For extrasecurity, Pocket doesn't store your master password locally on thedevice, but rather as a SHA-512 hash. In addition, Pocketself-locks after a timeout period and clears the clipboard toensure your data is protected.ONLINE DROPBOX BACKUPPocket provides an option to automatically backup your wallet toyour Dropbox account. All communication to Dropbox is over HTTPSand the data itself is encrypted so that even if your Dropboxaccount is compromised, your data is inaccessible without themaster password.DESKTOP VERSIONNew beta desktop version now available. (Click 'Visit thedeveloper's web page' for the download links).PRO VERSIONGet the PRO version key to remove ads.
Eye In Sky Weather 4.5
Eye In Sky Weather is for those who like their weather clean,simple and beautiful.The app includes 14 of the best weather iconsets available, with the ability to add your own icon sets.Fourwidgets and an expandable notification are available which arehighly customizable.Also has a DashClock extension.A pro key isavailable to remove ads and support development :)Enjoy!
Eye In Sky Weather - Pro Key 4.0
PRO KEY ONLY!!!This is a pro key to remove ads from the freeversion of Eye In Sky Weather. You still need the free versioninstalled._____Eye In Sky Weather is for those who like theirweather clean, simple and beautiful.The app includes 14 of the bestweather icon sets available, with the ability to add your own iconsets.Four widgets and an expandable notification are availablewhich are highly customizable.Also has a DashClock extension.A prokey is available to remove ads and support development :)Enjoy!
Colors PRO Key 1.2
This key removes ads for Colors.You still need the free version ofColors installed.
ASAP Launcher 1.28
ASAP Launcher is a home screen replacement which lets you do whatyou want faster, without the clutter. Beautiful, Clutter Free HomeScreens Using cards and a slide-up expandable dock, ASAP provides aclean launcher experience without widgets and icons everywhere.Current cards include: home (clock, quick weather, search and musicplayer), contacts, weather, calendar and to-do. Fast Navigation Theslide-out app drawer and quick settings drawer let you get whereyou need to go faster. The slide-up dock also features two extrarows of recent or pinned apps. Minimal Design & SimpleCustomization ASAP has a beautiful Material design withcustomizable colors. Several themes are available including dark,light, day/night and a wallpaper theme which lets you choose colorsfrom your wallpaper. Icon packs are supported to provide that extrabit of personalization. Plus there are many small details, such asthe music controls which intuitively adapts colors to the artworkof the track playing. What ASAP Launcher Isn't If you are lookingfor the ultimate customization experience, there are many wonderfulapps for that. ASAP has a different approach focusing on speed,beauty and simplicity. __________________________ If you are readyfor a different approach, give ASAP Launcher a try – I hope youlove it! For feedback and community support join us on Google+http://plus.google.com/communities/101864521042971713042 Note: Thisapp uses the Device Administrator permission. (For double tap tolock screen functionality)