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Stock Launcher - Android 4.1 4.1.1-2
Tim Hutt
UPDATES: You may have noticed I haven't updated this for ages.Sorry. I bought a Nexus 4 and so I don't need this any more anddon't have motivation to update it.ALTERNATIVES:1. Anotherdeveloper has compiled the latest launchers from Google - searchfor "Digital Cookies" in the play store.2. ApexLauncher----------------------Google's launcher from Android 4.1Jellybean, available for you, good gentleperson, right here, rightnow. No ads. No catches.WHY DO I HAVE TO CHOOSE THE WIDGETSTWICE?!Unfortunately it has to be this way. Sorry. It is due toGoogle cheating slightly with widget security.I previously saidthat it "will likely never be fixed by Google, 'cause it doesn'taffect them". Well I guess I have to eat my words because inAndroid 4.1 they fixed it! If you run this app on Android 4.1 itwon't ask you to pick your widgets twice. Whether you'll actuallyever get Android 4.1 is a-whole-nother story.Oh yeah, also pleasedon't rate it low because it doesn't have many features. That iskind of the point - it has exactly the same features as in thestock app. If you want more, check out Apex Launcher. :-)If youwant ICS icons, install ICS apps! The launcher does not decide theicons.
Egg Timer 1.4.2
Tim Hutt
A very simple countdown timer. Its raison d'être is ease of use -only one click to start the timer.Long-press the buttons to editthe times. Options->Setting for vibrate, volume etc.Useful formany activities: meditation, exercise, etc.Donations welcome (pressmenu in app)! :-)
Sound Recorder 1.0
Tim Hutt
The is a VERY simple sound recorder. Itrecords 22 kHz WAV files the "Sound Recordings" folder on your SDcard.The UI is simple. Don't knock it.Recording continues even if app is closed. NB: 1 minute of audiotakes 2.5 MB of space.If you want more features, donate some money totdhutt@gmail.com. :-)