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Tim Sayers
The Official ADHS TAG app.Get help with:- Android- iOS- Windows- Mac OS- Chromebooks- Additional Help, via in app help service.
ADHS TAG Donate 1.1
Tim Sayers
Donate to ADHS TAG!If the ADHS TAG APP or ADHS TAG Team have helped you in anywayplease consider a donation, it's greatly appreciated.How money is used (after Google gets their share):- 95% of the money goes to helping and improving ADHS TAG:+ Goes to supporting the ADHS TAG Team.+ Goes towards application costs (Server, storage etc.)+ Goes towards further development and improvements to ADHS TAGapp.- 5% of the money goes to supporting the developer.
Dogecoin Faucet 1.1
Tim Sayers
Get free Dogecoin every 2 hours!High paying Dogecoin faucet!Payouts:- 10 (Minimum)- 15- 20 (Highest)Minimum withdrawal payout is 10 Dogecoin and will be payed within48hours.More users = more Dogecoin for you!This Dogecoin faucet will be topped up at least once a week.
TopMine 1.0
Tim Sayers
Access TopMine on the go!Features:- Free mining!- Fast payouts!- 24/7 Support Service!Mine Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, Ethereum or evenearnUSD!
Tim Sayers
BTCPOP for mobile!BTCPOP:- Secure & Reliable!- Exchange ALTcoins and Bitcoins!- Uses Ardeva Verification Services- Savings account with 5% APR!- Invest in loans, IPOs & shares!- Create a loan & get funded!- Free!