Timber Creek High School: Computer Science Apps

Emoji Click 1.0
Emoji Click is an app that times howmanyclicks you can do in 30 seconds. All you have to do is taptheemoji as fast as you can until you're out of time. You canevencompete with a friend.By: Maddy J. and Ta'ja H.
Immigration Defender 1.0
The 2016 election results have just come in... Donald Trump is thenew president of the United States! But pesky immigrants are stilltrying to get into his new America. In order to keep immigrants outhe must defend his border against Mexicans. YOU will play as DonaldTrump in order to keep America great again!We do not claim any ofthe images used in this student project they belong to the rightfulowners.
StockQuote 2016 1.1
The Stock Broker app can give you an instant stock quote of yourfavorite companies. All you have to do is type in the company thatyou would like to get a quote from in the "Get Quote" box. When thestock quote summary page is rendered, you will be able to see thecurrent stock quote, along with relevant numbers, like the previousclosing price, the daily range, the 52-week range, and the marketcap. The Stock Broker App, helping you manage your stocks. Thiswill allow you to always stay up to date on your favorite stocksand never miss a moment to sell and buy, you will be able to watchany stock without any hassle.Kishan RWilliam M
Operation Apocalypse 1.0
In a post-apocalyptic wasteland, you play as the last humanalive.The golden rule is to never lose hope. The moment you losehope is the moment you are better off dead. Good luck with theburden of leaving your family for dead and trying to move on.Happyhunting.
Straight Outta My Garage 1.0
Developed by the acclaimed mobile game duo, Vincent K. and FosterR. from Period 2 Productions and with over 1,000 5-Star ratings,Tai Lopez Straight Outta My Garage is a SMASH hit! See what we didthere? Get the highest rated and best-selling app on the GooglePlay Store today!OBJECTIVE: Tai Lopez is not a materialistic kindof guy. As a matter of fact, he's a helluva lot more proud of theseven new bookshelves he installed in his Hollywood Hills mansion'sgarage than his pristine Lamborghini. Question is, do you have theknowledge Tai does? Or are you a materialistic? Do you choose theknowledge or the prestige? Will you smash the Lambo or the books?Simply tap the icon as it floats around and you'll find out! It'sall up to you.RECEPTION: Winning the App of the Year 2015, TaiLopez Straight Outta My Garage is the most well-received game onthe Google Play Store. The countless 5-star ratings and numerousaccolades in design and gameplay mechanics establish itself as astandard in mobile game developing.
Tip Calculator 1.1
This application makes it easier for people to calculate tip wheneating out at restaurant. Add your bill amount and move the sliderto indicate the percentage you would like to tip. Press the"Calculate" button and the app will display how much your totalbill will be with the tip you indicated. This is great for thepeople who are too lazy to do the math in their head or use aregular calculator Alex I & Evan J
Password Generator 1.0
This app generates passwords for security. No longer do you have tothink of passwords.
Floors-n-Holes 2.0
Floors & holes is a game where you tilt your phone to get aball through a maze. Floors are levels and the holes are the goalthrough the level. This is a fun game that isn't much of achallenge but can pass the time. This is a simple game but a funone.This game is inspired by the carnival game where you have toget a ball through and obstacle course and into a hole using asteering wheel to balance and guide it through.Controls:Tilt down =Ball goes downTilt Up = Ball goes upTilt Left = Ball goes leftTiltRight = Ball goes rightGoals:Get the ball in the holeThis game wasmade through app inventor 2 and was made by: Bryan P.(2),JunnyV.(2),Mark P.(2)
Student Help 1.0
The app helps students organize things suchasdaily chores, homework responsibilities and work. A simple gamewascreated to help pass time in boring situations. The app as itsnamesuggests is meant to help students.
Lockr Game 1.0
Lockr is a revolutionary new game that serves two purposes. Itincludes the excitement of a puzzle game, getting the trash intothe trash can. It uses the fantastic orientation sensor to make theball move when your tilt your phone! The other purpose of the gameis to encourage people to help the environment and keep trash inthe trashcan. Help the environment and have fun by downloadingLockr Game today.
The Find Something App 2 1.0
This app help you remember where you left you things. You can usesthis app to set the location of your car or item and the app willremember where you left it. It it accurate and can tell you thewhere your car or item is within 15 feet. this app gives you stepby step instructions on how to get to the set location thanks toGoogle maps. You can leave your car at the airport set the locationand travel anywhere in the world (where you have GPS and aninternet connection) and it will tell you not only where in theparking lot you left your car but also how to get there. It is themost useful app you will have if you can never remember where youleft things.By Bryan B. Miguel C. Michael C.
Paper Toss 1.0
Admit itWho doesn't enjoy tossing a paper ball into trash can? Nowyou can do it without the teacher getting on to you!Game playfeatures Include:-A Throwable Paper Ball-A Trash Bin-Bankshots
Black Hole 1.0
Black Hole is an Arcade Endless Game With Leader Board so YouCompete with the World and with Your Friends!Its All Free and HaveNo ADVERTISEMENTS!●There is a Black Hole You Can Drag it.●There areBalls Coming From the Top of The Screen.●You Have to Drag The BlackHole and Get the Balls.●Each Ball You Get You Score Will Raise.●IfYou Miss a Ball You Will Lose.●There is a Global High Score.Try toGet a High Score and be the Best In the World! HAVE FUN!Developer:Loiy H.Timber Creek High SchoolProgramming 1 Class P2
Bounce! 1.0
How can you bet a game designed by two high school students?Bounce! is that game! Bounce! is a free amazing time killer game,were you deflect incoming objects. You will progress into manyrounds trying to bet your high-score! Bounce! is a fast paste gamethat you don't wanna pause. Bounce! has endless bounces that gointo oblivion. Bounce! has no end goal as the game is limitless!Invite friends from Facebook, use the hashtag Bounce!...what agame."I hate...but I can't stop" - Emily W. "Love this game!" -Kate U. "Wow" - John W. "Amazing time killer game" - Drake G."Makes me wanna pull my hair out, love it." - Bob R.
EazyNotes 1.1
App by Eden W. and Olivia Y. (period 2). Do you ever feel thesudden desire for a note taking app? Do you tire of all the fancyoptions for text sizes and background colors? Are you the type ofperson who opens a note app, only to write down a name of a song,and then feel bad about all the empty space on the rest of thescreen? Well then this is the app for you!This app is a simple notetaking app for on the go ideas. Dated titles will help your notesstay organized. Scroll-able screen allows for infinite saves. Noteswill stay until you feel the need to delete them. instructions:1.Type your notes in the text box.2. Press the save button to add thenote to the bottom list of all your other dated notes.3. To deletea note from the list, tap the delete button. Then select the noteyou want deleted. 4. Repeat until satisfied. (no advertisementpopups!)
Jokes Galore! 1.2
In our app Jokes Galore, we have jam-packed it with dozens ofgut-wrenching jokes fun for all ages. We have different categories,fitting for all senses of humor. Simple-to-use and easy tounderstand in the layout, surprise you friend with your wittyhumor, and be a class act at any party or social gathering. We planto add pranks to the features of the app, so you can surpriseanyone you wish to with a harmless joke or two. Our jokes areguaranteed to leave all your friends gasping for breath over howbad they are. Kidding! Ha, see that was a joke! Ok... maybe thejokes won't be nearly as bad as this joke. Everyone wants a goodlaugh or two, or 5, or 20, and that was the goal we had in mindwhen we were designing this app. While the jokes aren't necessarilyG-rated, kids 13 and up will be left snickering and enjoying thecorniest jokes known to man!
Contact Book 1.0
This app functions similarly to an address book, but it alsodetects your location in order to record specific locations withoutthe need of accessing your GPS. You can place the location that youhave recorded to a specific contact.Addison C.Jimmy F.1
Note & Picture 1.0
Take a picture and assign a short note to it.This app allows you tosave one picture along with a couple word note or message.The savedphoto and note can only be viewed within the app.
InfireLines 1.1
If you ever need a quote that is inspirational, a quote to help youwith friendship, advice to help you along the way, or just need alaugh, then this is the app for you.The InfireLines app cangenerate any random quote an of any kind from various topics thatyou need such as inspiration, friendship, proverbs, love, pick uplines, and jokes.The app can help you to feel better, have a laugh,or even get a date.Simply Press the fire button, choose youroption, and press generate.As simple as that you can generate aquote that you need.-Trisha R-Zach M-Tony R.
TCHS GPA Calculator & Schedule 1.0
This nifty little tool allows you to enhance your learningexperience at tchs please not that this coordinated for TCHSstudents and as such it may no work work with your schoolsschedule. Improvements such as schedule time changing and savingmay be implemented in the far or near future.DISCLAIMER : This is aStudent Project.
AnimalSOS 1.0
Links for donations and learning more abouttheextinct and endangered animals of our glorious world. Find outwho'sat risk and what can be done to save them! On a more localscale,find out about animal abusers and abuse cases in your areathroughour twitter feed and see if there's any close and personalcases youcan bust for the betterment of us all.Not officially associated with the WWE or any of the foundationswehave provided links to.This is a student project.
TClator (Spanish) 1.0
Need help with translation? Struggling with a language class? Orare you just interested in learning about a word in anotherlanguage? All can be helped and cured with the TClator app!TheTClator supports Spanish translation for anyone in a Spanishlanguage class. If you are having trouble with any word in Spanish,simply use our app and you'll get the answer in a heartbeat! Allyou'll need to do is use our easy pressand speak feature and ourapp will do the rest for you!TClator currently only allows Spanishtranslation, but we plan on bringing Latin and German to the app inthe future! We also will provide the ability totype in text in anupdate, so if you're better with your fingers there is no worry! Wehope to see you use our app soon!App Made By William B. Cole H.Zion L.
Speakr Helpr 1.0
This is an app that can help those with Laryngitis. It works bytaking typed text and converting it into speech for communicationbetween people. Have a sore throat? Don't feel like talking? Wantto have a anonymous voice for secret conversations? With the newand improved Speakr Helpr, you can now solve all of these problemsand much much more.-- Emilio G.--Joseph G.--Matthew H.