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Kiến Thức Mẹo Vặt 1.1
Tin Học PQS
Short description:Access the web with URL links.Application of website Kiến Thức Mẹo Vặt. Storage SystemsKnowledgeand Tips in National Vietnam.Home page: www.kienthucmeovat.comFunction:Helps users keep track of the latest posts on the websiteKnowledgeTips on smartphones.Long description:Website Kiến Thức Mẹo Vặt is a news system synthesis ofknowledge.Synthesis other useful knowledge and in each of thedifferentfields:Specialize,Specialized,Research,Creation,Heirloom,Tips,Teaching,Knowledge,...Transmission target thousands of unknowns in life, study,work,specialization.With a data base of knowledge is extremely rich and diverseinall areas, we have Classify data according to eachdifferentcategory for each array. With hundreds of great littleForumUpdate:The data on the system will be updated every day. You remembereveryday application access!Request:Application only requires a phone with an internet connection.