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GLASS 3.0 3.0.8
Reading academic books could sometimes be boring and stressful;several things are fighting for your attention while you are tryingto concentrate, understand and memorize what you are reading. But,do you know you can now enjoy reading your academic books andremember everything you read, just like watching movies or playinggames on your mobile phones? GLASS is a mobile app that lets youconcentrate, understand and remember everything you read easily, byconverting your class notes and textbooks into Interactive TriviaGames, one topic at a time. Here is how GLASS works; • You searchfor any topic you want and download it to your library. • Can’tfind the topic you are looking for? Just take a picture of itspages in your class notes or textbooks and upload to the app. •Using our unique Information Analysis Technique, we simplify everyinformation in your academic topics into IDEAS and FACTS to make iteasier and faster for you to read and understand. Just tap the‘READ’ button on the topic in your library. • After reading thetopic, it’s time to play the Knowledge Acquisition Game and useyour knowledge of the FACTS in the topic to help 'GLASS the Mascot'build a bridge. • Then, play the Knowledge Reinforcement Game tohelp safe 'GLASS the Mascot' from a burning bridge, by recallingthe missing KEYWORDS in the FACTS. At the end of all these, youwould not only understand the topic, but, through Automated SpacedRepetition, you would remember every fact perfectly, for a verylongtime, and have fun doing so. Why GLASS Works GLASS is a productof 15 years research that combines Cornell Learning Method,developed by Professor Walter Pauk of Cornell University, withInformation Analysis Techniques, to make learning more fun andefficient. It systematically guides you through the 4 steps ofEfficient Learning Strategies i.e. Concentrate, Understand, Recalland Entrench (C.U.R.E) 1. Concentrate: By turning the things youhave to read into mobile games, GLASS engages all your senses andhelps improve your concentration through Whole-Brain Learning. 2.Understand: GLASS uses Information Analysis Techniques to breakdownthe information in your academic materials into IDEAS and FACTS,therefore making it easier for you to understand. 3. Recall: TheKnowledge Acquisition Game in GLASS is a trivia game that helps youremember all the facts in your notes, while the KnowledgeReinforcement Game is a missing-word game that helps you reinforcethe Recall Keywords in every fact. 4. Entrench: GLASS usesFibonacci Review Sequence to help you apply the 3rd Law of Memory.It helps you schedule your review periods and notifies you to playthe games at intervals that ensure you never forget any fact. 10Reasons Why You Will Love GLASS • The Games on GLASS can be playedoffline • Every topic contains knowledge from multiple sources,recommended by your curriculum • GLASS enhances whole-brainlearning • GLASS lets you study for your exams anywhere, withoutdistractions • With GLASS, you will never have to cram your notesagain to remember what you read • GLASS lets you read and masterany topic faster • GLASS saves you the cost of buying multipletextbooks • GLASS lets you create time for your other passions,without sacrificing your academic performance • GLASS lets you haveall your class notes, handouts and textbooks in one place • GLASShelps you organize all your academic topics in a way that will letyou understand and remember everything easily Download GLASS todayand start unleashing your genius for excellent academicperformance.
BrainQuest Show 1.0
Adeniyi Adeniji became the first black person from Africa totakepart in the World Memory Championship in 2007. Since then, nootherblack person from Africa has been able toparticipate.TheBrainQuest Memory Game Show is designed to changethat. The aim ofthe show is to select, train and sponsor people torepresent Africaat memory events around the world. Free training,free visas, freeflight tickets, free accommodations and freefeeding every year HowTo Participate1. Qualify for the Game ShowDownload the freeBrainQuest app and start playing the DailyQualification Game. Atthe end of every Saturday, the top 5participants with the highestpoints on the app will qualify to cometo the studio and take partin the Memory Game Show. - Eachqualified participants will get=N=5,000 each to come to the show-All participants will get 2 freeCredits to play the qualificationgame every week2. Participate inthe Memory Game Show How manypictures can your brain hold?On theshow, your task is to memorizeas many pictures as possible, withina given time. The more picturesyou can remember, the more moneyyou will earn on the show- You canearn up to =N=10, 000,000 on theshow just by looking at picturesand remembering what you see- Youcan watch the show on theBrainQuest app every week - Win =N=10,000on the Home Play Quiz bywatching the show on the BrainQuest appevery week3. Become the NextAfrican Memory Champion If you areable to complete all the memorytasks on the show, you are on yourway to becoming the next AfricanMemory Champion. Every year, thereare more than ten memory eventstaking place around the world.Apart from the up to =N=10,000,000you would have earned on theshow, you will also get all expensespaid trip to represent Africaat these memory events every year.-Free training on MemoryEnhancement Techniques- Free Visas everyyear- Free Flight Ticketsevery year- Free Hotel Accommodationsevery year- Free Feedingevery yearSo, do you have the brain tobecome the next AfricanMemory Champion? Download this app now andget started forfree******Learn More******Join the BrainQuestGameshow Group onWhatsapp and start improving your memory powerevery week, forfree.Join usonWhatsapphttps://chat.whatsapp.com/invite/9HYlvocQ5bT7upEKdUyhEJ
BrainBank (Alpha) 2.1
ABOUT BRAINBANK Your brain is like a muscle, the more youexerciseit, the smarter and healthier it gets. Research has shownthatregular mental exercises improve academic performanceamongstudents and prevent the onset of diseases like ADHD andAlzheimer.BrainBank is a mobile app that uses game psychology andrewardsystem to motivate you to exercise your brain everyday.BrainBankis designed, developed and deployed by TinqSpaceInternational, inconjunction with our partners. HOW IT WORKS IN 5STEPS STEP 1:DOWNLOAD THE APP AND REGISTER 1. You need aRecommendation Code tocomplete your registration. Get it from theperson who introducedyou to the app or contact 08037872737 onWhatsapp to get one. STEP2: PLAY THE EXERCISE GAME TO QUALIFY FORTHE DAILY TEST 1. You get1-day free access to use the app, start byplaying the ExerciseGames for free now. 2. The Exercise featuresSIMPLE ADDITION,SUBTRACTION and MULTIPLICATION for SPEED THINKINGGAME and RANDOMLETTERS, RANDOM NUMBERS, RANDOM WORDS for MEMORYGAMES 3. You canplay the Exercise Games as many times as you want,for as long asyour account is active STEP 3: TAKE THE TEST TO EARNCASH EVERYDAY1. After qualification, select two games, one eachfrom both SPEEDand MEMORY GAMES, to play the TEST GAMES 2. You willearn instantcash prize of up to =N=1,000 everyday, based on yourpercentagescore and points, at the end of the test 3. You can onlyplay theTest Games once in a day STEP 4: BID FOR CASH EVERYDAY,WITH YOURPOINTS 1. Use the points you earn in the test to bid forcashinstantly everyday, before they expire at midnight. 2. Tap theSHOPicon in the app, select any cash category, between =N=1Kto=N=100K, and add as many points as you want to it 3. Tap theTABLEbutton on the bid to see the top 10 participants with thehighestpoints in the bid. 4. The more points you add to any cashbideveryday, the higher you move up the top 10 table 5. At the endofthe bid for any cash, the top 10 participants, who havecontributedthe highest number of points to the bid, will share themoneyaccording to their positions on the table. No draws and nolottery6. You can see the previous top 10 winners of any cash bidbytapping the RESULT button on the bid STEP 5: GET PAID TO SHARETHEBRAINBANK APP WITH YOUR FRIENDS 1. You earn =N=15instantly,everytime someone use your Recommendation. Code toregister on theapp 2. You also earn 10% of the subscription fees,everytime, fromeveryone who used your Recommendation Code toregister 3. Just copyyour Ref. Code from the app and start sharingit with your friends.We can also help you share your code for free,just join us onWhatsApp. 4. Note that you can only register oneaccount on yourmobile phone, else your wallet will be forfeited. 5.Also note thatyou only get paid for the active users you referred6. You mustclaim your Referral Bonus everyday, before midnight,else it willexpire 7. Tap the RECOMMEND icon in the app, click onthe CLAIMBONUS button to claim your bonus and it will be added toyourwallet instantly GETTING PAID 1. Every money you earn isinstantlydeposited into your wallet on the app 2. You can withdrawyourmoney by clicking EARNINGS in the side menu on the app, submityouraccount details, enter the amount you want to withdraw andsubmit.3. You’ll be paid within 24 hours, except on weekends andpublicholiday. BRAINBANK TRAINING We offer a weekly training on howtoimprove your brain performance for all active users oftheBrainBank app. This training takes place on Telegram.Contact08037872737 on WhatsApp, after your first subscription, tobe addedto the group. PUBLIC DISCLOSURE As a company,TinqSpaceInternational makes money from Training Subscription,ContentPartnership and Product Partnership. Prizes are guaranteedthroughGrants from Partners, Revenue from Advertisements andSponsorships.