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100 Levels - Impossible Game 1.4
In 100 levels, the adventure of returning home will prove to befunny but unpredictable: 100 obstacles of increasing difficultythat will test your reflexes. HOW TO PLAY- Press to changedirection- Avoid the squares- Stay in the path- Use wits andmemory- Use snails for helpFEATURES- Single tap- Minimalistic andcolorful design- 36 original musical combinations- Increasinglychallenging complex paths - Elastic and fun physicsWill you beskilled enough to help the dot to reach his "home sweet home" whileescaping from the evil squares? Find out now! Have fun!Please leavea review on the App Store if you like the game! This helps us todevelop many other engaging games.Thank you for playing!
Just Get 11 1.1.1
The new incredible puzzle game with numbers! Another game fromseries "easy to play but can drive geniuses crazy"![HOW TO PLAY]Tapadjacent tiles with same number and they will merge in a singletile with higher number. Try to just get 11 to win!Play it just 10,100 or 1000 times and... enjoy it!Please send us all your feedbackas we take it very seriously.Visit our Facebook and VK pages “TinyGames”!
Epic Clickers 1.27
Epic Clickers - Be prepared for endless hours of fun andentertainment!The game is very simple:- Challenge as many enemiesas you can by clicking or tapping on monsters and titans as fast asyou can.- As soon as you have enough gold, take a trip to the shopand use your money to buy heroes to defeat monsters evenquicker!Epic Clickers seemingly endless gameplay will allow you toplay for an indefinite amount of time.Become the new Hero... be thefastest clicker...Don't waste time... tap now, your friends havealready started and you need to catch up…. Quick!** ENJOY ALL NEWFEATURES IN LAST UPDATE!! ** Now with Multi-touch, the improved UIand better levels balance!Thank you all for playing and for goodfeedback! Please send us any feedback you have. We take it veryseriously.Follow our Facebook and VK pages "Tiny Games!"
Galaxy Wars - Ice Empire 1.3.2
[HOW TO PLAY]- Control your ships with a single click- Captureenemy planets (only connected planets)- Conquer the GalaxyGalaxyWars - Ice Empire is an amazing strategic game of spacecombat.Command your agar ships with a simple touch, destroy enemiesand conquer all the planets!5 teams of different colors anddifferent temperament.Choose your team.You’ll be Blue for a balancebetween speed and strength or Red for maximum firepower?Galaxy Wars- Ice Empire is an exciting mix of strategy and speed, storm theenemy planets and make your way in the galaxy.Increase your fleetto every planet conquered and use the stored energy to improve thefirepower, strength and speed of your ships. 5 difficulty levels4galaxy sizes5 different teams to choose fromOne goal: the totaldomination!Galaxy Wars is a real-time strategy game... extremelyaddicting!Have Fun!Have any comments or suggestions? Know how tomake our game even better?! Write us at contact@tinygames.it, andat our Facebook and VK pages "Tiny Games"! We also publish updates,interesting news and competitions with prizes there, so like us andfollow us - maybe the next game we will do exactly as you want it!
Zombuster 1.2
*** NEW HEROES ARE READY TO KILL! DISCOVER THEM ALL IN THE SHOP!***Zombies are here! Surviving the apocalypse in Zombuster issimple: kill ‘em all! Challenge your friends: who will be thefastest zombie killer? But pay attention: humans are not yourenemies![HOW TO PLAY]- Tap left or right to shoot- Kill as manyzombies as you can- Avoid zombies attack - Save humans!Challengeyour friends with Zombuster, the new addicting game!Please send usany feedback you have. We take it very seriously.Follow ourFacebook and VK pages "Tiny Games"!
Dot Eater 1.3.4
[HOW TO PLAY]- Eat little dots and candies- Avoid bigger dots- Tryto create the biggest dot possibleHave fun!In this update: newbumpers, new io game and better ui, improved performance![NEWOPTIONS]- Audio switch- Autorotation switch- Enable virtual Splitbutton- Enable virtual JoypadComing soon: new game elements.
Hit That Color! 1.0.1
Hit that color… Up and down! Match the ball color with the rightcolor on both the top and the bottom of the ring. Challenge yourfriends in the leaderboard! How far can you go?Please send us anyfeedback you have. We take it very seriously.Follow our Facebookand VK pages "Tiny Games"!
0 Kills! 1.0
Keep on jumping and no one will die today!== HOW TO PLAY ==- Tap tojump- Avoid all kinds of obstacles- Rise as high as you can- Keepno one diesThank you all for playing! Please send us any feedbackyou have. We take it very seriously.Follow our Facebook and VKpages "Tiny Games!"
The Mars Trip 1.1.1
The Mars Trip is here![HOW TO PLAY]- Tap to flight up- Release togo down- Avoid obstacles- Find or buy powerups!Start your Mars Tripnow!
Shaolin Fury 1.0
Travel along mystic China with our Shaolin Monk, use his power tocut the bamboo sticks and advance through the fury path.[HOW TOPLAY]- Hold the screen to cut the bamboo stick to reach the nextplatform;- Be precise to avoid falling down;- Climb the leaderboardand become the next Shaolin Hero!Each platform you pass you get 1point. Land the stick precisely on the green dot on top of theplatform to double your points.How long can you endure?Please sendus all your feedback as we take it very seriously.Visit ourFacebook and VK pages “Tiny Games”!
Impossible Lines 1.1.2
A new impossible challenge made up of Lines: can you beat it?Useyour finger to draw as many lines as you want where you want. Yes,is that simple! But pay attention: the lines you draw will be youronly help to find the exit, and they can turn into a trap if notused wisely! With over 50 levels to tackle, you'll have to drawyour way to victory each time. Game features:- 50 levels tocomplete, 50 unique challenges!- Lots of different ways to get yourgoal. It's up to you!- A casual gameplay but a hard challenge, funand inspirational!- Engaging for all kind of gamers!Take onImpossible Lines and put your skills to test.Are you up to thechallenge?Please leave a review on the App Store if you like thegame! This helps us to develop many other engaging games.Thank youfor playing!
Unplugged The Game - Charge me 1.2
*** The USB is 20 years old! Used on more than 10 billion devicesaround the world, we cannot live without it! ***Enjoy the first USBgame in the App Store!Unplugged? Charge me! Match the correct sideof USB plug with the socket to fully charge your device! Be fast oryour device will turn off!Challenge your friends in theleaderboard! Will you be the best?[How to Play]- Swipe to changethe side of USB plug- Tap to insert the plug into the socket-Challenge time!Please send us any feedback you have. We take itvery seriously.Follow our Facebook page "Tiny Games"!
Into the White 1.0
Make the circle stay into the white as long as you can! A singletap gameplay, but watch out! Every hit will decrease your safearea, so try to make perfect shot!Is as simple as it gets, butstill a hard challenge!Get ready to go deep Into the White...What's your best score?Please leave a review on the App Store ifyou like the game! This helps us to develop many other engaginggames.Thank you for playing!
TimberBird 1.1
[HOW TO PLAY]- Control your Timber Bird with your fingers- Hit thepipe while keep flying- Avoid the pipe unionsIt's really simpleman, isn't it? Yes it is, but be careful because it could be a hardchallenge to master! Improve your skills and try to reach the topon the ranking.
Magic Carpet Nightmare 1.2
Some bad dreams let you live epic adventures! With Magic Carpet youhave the possibility to become one of those characters you loved somuch from cult movies and get to destroy VIPs from the Star System!Are you ready for endless mayhem?The game is really simple:- Turnthe carpet around- Place the enemies in front of you- Kick theirbutts!- Catch the magic cookie for total mayhem!A retro-style gamethat will make you fear and loathing as in a cult movie... Amongthe Bosses, discover *Disco Man*, *Gaga Ghost*, *Mad Doctor* andmany others.Get ready to kick!Main features:- 2-tap gameplay,simple and funny to master!- Epic Bossfights with VIPs- Full ofquotes from best cult movies ever- Original pixel-art graphics andsound designPlease leave a positive review on the App Store if youlike the game! This helps us to develop many other engaginggames.Thank you for playing!
Galaxy Wars - Multiplayer 1.0
Become the biggest fleet of the galaxy! Move your fleet of spaceships around and fight against others to become the strongest!Galaxy Wars – Multiplayer is a space-combat-strategy game: the moreyou conquer, the more energy you will have available to strengthenand improve your health, attacks, and speed! But be aware: fleetsbigger than yours will be trying to defeat you and get your energy.How long can you survive?Good luck!Please send us any feedback youhave. We take it very seriously.Follow our Facebook and VK pages"Tiny Games!"
Turbo Bit 1.2
TURBO BIT is an addictive pixel racing on a colorful endlesshighway. Beat your Best Score using your super fast reflexes!Electric and Minimal Arcade Game: simple to play, impossible towin! Play this exciting indie racer game for free! Drive fast intraffic and dodge other vehicles or you will crash: - Tap toovertake: use finger to move the car ­ Dodge cars and trucks -Avoid obstacles - Collect 8­Bit Power­Ups Race against your Friendsat maximum speed and share your Crashes! Have a nice run... and beprepared to crash!
Bouncy Ninja 2 1.0
[HOW TO PLAY]- Tap the screen to make the Ninja jump!- Help theNinja avoid the deadly spikes and strike the rotating ones!- Keephim alive as long as possible!- Complete all missions!Collect COINSand customize your character in the SHOP !!Compare your high scorewith your friends!
All Right - Line Up! 1.2
Put every circle to the right line! *** Try out for free the mostwanted puzzle game in Asia that is ready to conquer all othermarkets! ***All Right - Line Up! is a puzzle game in which you haveto overcome obstacles to help circles reach the right line just intime.You have to be clever to guess the correct path to reach aline, and skilled because it requires correct aim and perfecttiming. 70 levels of growing difficulty await you!Unlock allachievements to become the best!Please leave a review on the AppStore if you like the game! This helps us to develop many otherengaging games.Thank you for playing!
Tap Galaxy – Deep Space Mine
TAP GALAXY is a space mining incrementalclicker game where you mine exotic planets, moons, asteroids, andcomets for resources that help you colonize galaxies and build yourGalactic Empire!The game starts on a small, moon-like planet that you can tap on tocollect resources. You can then spend what you've found on newminers, machines and boosts– and that's just the beginning! Withthe help of Colonel Flint (who's much more than an ordinarychimpanzee), you can explore your Galaxy and search for newresources to mine! Reach the farthest corners of the universe bybuying space probes and leveling them up. The galaxy is yours toexplore!But wait, there's more! Wormholes will let you move from galaxy togalaxy where you will discover uncharted planets and resource richmoons! Who knows, maybe one day you will be able to conquerTrappist-1!But be careful! The universe holds ugly surprises as well. You willhave to defend your ground from terrible aliens. Don't let themstop you on your intergalactic quest!Start mining now to grow your Main Colony... turn it into thelargest in the universe! The potential is endless!Please send us any feedback you have! We really appreciateit!
Snake Eater 1.9.3
In this update: new skins, new colors and new worlds plus improvedperformance!Try your slither io skills against other snakes![HOW TOPLAY]- Eat little dots and agar- Avoid bigger worms- Try to slitheraround enemies and became the biggest worm possible[NEW OPTIONS]-Audio switch- Autorotation switch- Enable virtual Split button-Enable virtual JoypadHave fun!
snakes.io 1.9.3
In this update: new skins, new colors and new worlds plus improvedperformance!Try your slither io skills against other snakes![HOW TOPLAY]- Eat little dots and agar- Avoid bigger worms- Try to slitheraround enemies and became the biggest worm possible[NEW OPTIONS]-Audio switch- Autorotation switch- Enable virtual Split button-Enable virtual JoypadHave fun!
Cyclus 1.6.0
Cyclus is a shooting arcade geometrical game that will test yourreflexes and skills, while making you enjoy your free time!- Touchthe screen and shoot all the semicircles- Avoid geometries liketriangles and squaresIt's all about timing and reflexes! How longwill you last?GAMEPLAYCyclus puts you to the test with 200challenging levels. The main goal is to shoot all the semicirclesin each level with the cursor in the centre of the screen. Whiledoing so, you must avoid obstacles such as triangles and squareswhen they appear.–Be precise! Reflexes and timing arecrucial–ARCADE MODEIn Arcade mode, the main goal is the same as innormal mode, but this time you must shoot the semicircles on thescreen till you miss them. –You’ll need the skills of a sniper tocollect as many coins you can without making a mistake–SECRET BONUSLEVELSIn Cyclus there are some “secret bonus levels”, that willallow you to earn a coin for every semicircle you shoot. –Be sureto find all the secret levels!–HARD MODE You can unlock 40 new hardlevels. Only an expert could finish them. –What are you? An expertor an amateur?–GRAPHICS & MUSICThe graphics and music are notsimply ornamental. We deliberately chose the minimalblack&white theme to match the soothing melody in thebackground. The music running in the background is perfectlyintegrated with musical notes and played every time you hit asemicircle, making this game both a visual and audio gamingexperience.–Let your senses enjoy!–Please leave a positive reviewon the App Store if you like the game! This helps us to developmany other engaging games.Thank you for playing!
Push! Just in Time 1
Push the right button just in time to bring the circle safely toits end point!In this new and enchanting puzzle game timing andspeed are essential to reach the objective.Accept the challenge andplay for free Push! Just in time... to have fun!In Push! Just intime, you have to decide which is the best way to get to the exitsafe and sound and the perfect timing to overcome obstacles,getting help from squares and collecting diamonds at the same time.By helping the circle you'll go through lots of amazing levels fullof challenges and intriguing pitfalls.How long will you be able toPush your limits?Enjoy!Please leave a review on the App Store ifyou like the game! This helps us to develop many other engaginggames.Thank you for playing!
Amazeness - Survive the maze 1.1
In the maze of Amazeness you do not have to find the way out, butyou have to use your skills and quick reflexes to finishincreasingly difficult paths. Challenge your friends to beat yourscore!HOW TO PLAY:- Drag your character to change direction- Dodgeobstacles- Collect as many coins as possible to achieve the highestscore- Use your ingenuity and alertness- Use powerups to overcomethe most difficult passages- Avoid powerdownsFEATURES:- Touch anddrag- Achievements to reach to score points- Minimalistic andcolorful design- Original sounds- Increasingly more challenging andcomplex paths- Dynamic and fun interactionsWill you be able topersevere in the amazing mysteries of the labyrinth of Amazeness?If you're smart enough, you will reach a level where no one elsehas ever been able to get to!Warning: once you enter the maze, youwill not want to get out of it... Enjoy!Please send us anysuggestions you want to communicate. We take any feedback underserious consideration!Follow us on Facebook and VK pages "TinyGames"!
Fury Roads Survivor 2.1.1
THERE'S NO ESCAPE. Take the chance to FIGHT for your life in thischarged-up ENDLESS arcade, free-roaming racing game.Select yourPOST-APOCALYPTIC modified vehicle and drive it through the desertedruins of the wasted world, while trying to defend yourself from themotorized oil-cultist SCAVENGERS hunting to seize your FUEL... andyour flesh! Only a madman can do it! Are you mad enough?BE MAD ORBE DEAD!FEATURES:- Survive the longest you can against SPIKEDBUGGIES, ARMORED FLAME-THROWERS, TANK-CARS, WAR RIGS and muchmore!- Use high lines, ramps and hills to challenge your enemieswith evasive acrobatic jumps- Master dozens of vehicles to enjoy acompletely different driving experience- Unlock loads of offensiveand defensive gear to enhance your vehicle- Find your perfectvehicle+gear balance- Challenge yourself by smashing enemieswithout the support of your gear (Fury Roads Survivor ""SmashyMode"" included!)- Explore a gorgeous isometric 3D “voxel”world!Please leave a review on the App Store if you like thegame!We use all feedback to keep our games engaging andinnovative.Thank you for playing!
Geometry Falls 1.0.1
Connecting geometrical shapes to destroy all them is your goal – bethe faster you can if you want to achieve it!Geometry Falls willput your skills and reflexes to the test! Set always new records toachieve and enjoy new minimal and colourful graphics!Geometry hasnever been so funny and addicting... Be prepared for totaldestruction in this awesome matching puzzle game!Please leave apositive review on the App Store if you like the game! This helpsus to develop many other engaging games.Thank you for playing!
Rocket Ball - Endless Jump 1.0
The purest, most challenging, progressively faster infinitebouncing game for mobile devices!Test your reflexes: swipe to drawyour platforms, avoid obstacles along your path, climb faster andfaster, until your ball flies like a rocket!Unlock allachievements, beat your friends’ best score and make it into theglobal leaderboard: be the king of the hill, make your ball aRocketball!Features:- Flat design- Heart shocking speed- Obstacles,obstacles, obstacles!- Easy to play, hard to master - Worldleaderboard[How to play]Swipe to draw a platform. Don’t fall &don’t hit the obstacles.The shorter the platform, the faster thebounce!* WARNING: Don’t play while driving or skydiving! *Pleaseleave a positive review on the App Store if you like the game! Thishelps us to develop many other engaging games.Thank you forplaying!
StarFly 1.2
Welcome to StarFly! Do you have what it takes to fly over theuniverse avoiding obstacles in a mystifing maze?Control the twostars at the same time and drive them into a tunnel where everyblock is a deadly collision.Going forward you will collect sparksto speed up or slow down your space trip. Learn how to fly in thisnew interconnected way. How far can you go?  Unlock alldifferent colors and skins combinations to personalize the tunnelgraphic environment and maximize your visual experience.Use thesingle player mode as a training ground for the real challenge:real-time online multiplayer race! Challenge people from all aroundthe world and try to be the best in the global leaderboard or inthe local one. Invite your friends to beat you, and when you'll beat the top, pay attention: all other pilots will try to steal yourcrown!FEATURES- Tight and fast paced gameplay- Amazing graphics-Simple controls- Unlockable colors or graphics to customize yourtunnel- Real-time multiplayer mode- Endless hours of flyingfun----PERMISSIONS FOR NEW UPDATEWe added the replay function withEveryplay, so now you can share your gameplay videos with yourfriends! For this reason, the game will ask you for the followingpermissions:- RECORD AUDIO: allows an application to record audio.-ACCESS TO CAMERA: required to be able to access the camera of thedevice.- ACCESS PHOTOS, MEDIA AND FILE: allows an application towrite to external storage.Thank you for your understanding andenjoy all new features of last update!Keep Starflying withus!Please leave a positive review on the App Store if you like thegame! This helps us to develop many other engaging games.Thankyou for playing!
TimesTap 1.0
TimesTap is a mathematical game that enables you to train your mindwhile having fun with multiplication tables, multiples and muchmore. Test yourself and challenge your friends!
Geometry Cut 1.1
Cutting geometrical shapes is your goal – avoid bombs if you wantto achieve it!Geometry Cut will put your cutting precision skillsto the test, making you experience neon lights explosions and greatgraphic effects!Geometry has never been so fun... Be prepared fortotal destruction!Please leave a positive review on the App Storeif you like the game! This helps us to develop many other engaginggames.Thank you for playing!
Time Bomb Race 1.5
Help Tiny Wheels and its friends to survive as long as they can.Imagine waking up with a bomb on your head and knowing only youhave to run as fast as they can! Put the wings to your wheels!Travel through many landscapes: from the nice calm country, tobumpy canyons, slippery icebergs and many more.Time Bomb Racefeatures you're going to love:- HAND-DRAWN GRAPHICS: immerseyourself in a colored and beautiful world, playing with many funnyand unique cars, each one with different strenghts and weakpoints!- AROUND THE WORLD: race on many beautiful tracks, travelaround different world locations and give your best to reach theend of the circuit!- REALISTIC PHYSICS: power up your cars byupgrading components and have fun jumping between hills and doingflips!- GEAR UP: collect coins and use them to improve your cars'stability, traction, wheels and motor! Make them more powerful tobeat your record.- EXCLUSIVE OBSTACLES: Watermelons? Zombies?Octopusses? Watch out for them as they impair your driving. Collectrockets to fly high and collect lots of coins!- TRICK OR TREAT?:Use our spooky car to survive a zombie invasion on the Halloweentrack! Run them over and try to get as far as you can!Please leavea positive review on the App Store if you like the game! This helpsus to develop many other engaging games.Thank you for playing!
Neon Assault 1.1.0
A big spaceship fleet is attacking you. Attack![HOW TO PLAY]- Tapto shoot but be careful: you have only 14 bullets!- Destroy all theships with your rotating cannon!- Follow your laser pointer and youwon't miss any shot!How long will you resist?
Goat Turbo Attack 1.4
You can be a goat. You can be a goat and destroy everything. Youcan be a goat, but also a Chtuluh, a Gotzilla, a Pig, a Unicorn, aPug, a Bull and much more.Take your imagination to new racingadventures! Race through the city, destroy everything that is onyour way and collect coins. But be aware, because you’re not alone!Escape the POLICE, the EVIL ROBOTS and the ZOMBIES! How long canyou last?You can make turbo attacks, create mayhem and brag to yourfriends that you have a goat to destroy everything! Challenge yourfriends to beat your high score in the onlineleaderboards!FEATURES- 18 unlockable characters! More are comingsoon!- A quiet and calm city environment to demolish- Allcharacters have their own sound effects and features. Discover whatis your preferred one!- Great voxel art and original sounddesignPlease leave a positive review on the App Store if you likethe game! This helps us to develop many other engaging games.Thankyou for playing!
UpTap 1.1.1
UpTap is an arcade game where the Cube istheprotagonist. Help the Cube rise up to the sky in 4differentworlds!Features of the game:- 4 unique themes, 40 completely different levels: PostAtomic,Industrial, Glacial Era, Meltdown- Tons of obstacles and different game elements to avoid- Crystals that give you unique Cube skins that change yourgameexperience- Lively and original music- Global leaderboard to show off as an UpTap Champion- More worlds and levels coming soon!Personalize your Cube and maximize the fun!Please leave a positive review on the App Store if you likethegame!This helps us to develop many other engaging games.Thank you so much for playing!!!
Bouncy Ninja 1.2.1
[HOW TO PLAY]- Tap the screen to make the Bouncy Ninja jump!- Helpthe Bouncy Ninja, don't touch the deadly spikes!- Keep Bouncy Ninjaalive as long as possible!Bouncy Ninja is not as easy as it seems.Stay in the tiny spaces between the black stars. Help the Ninja Bitto survive.Never touch the top and bottom lines.Compare your Bouncybest scores with your friends!-- Suggestions? Give us a feedback inthe reviews, we'll make the game as you wish! --If you like BouncyNinja, please support us with a good review! We will continue toadd new features!
Catch the Bus 1.0
Has it ever happened to you that you are so eager to get home butyou're on the other side of the street and the only bus you cantake has just departed from the stop?In this case there is only onething you can do: RUN! And it's not gonna be easy… To reach thenext bus stop you'll have to avoid cafe tables, phone booths,hipsters, other strange people and so much more...And if it wasn'tenough already, you'll get in the temporal loop! You'll run afterbuses in different cities and in two different modes: STORY andENDLESS. And don't forget to consume energy drinks that will helpyou to overcome the most difficult obstacles!Unlock new cities bycompleting the levels in the story mode and collect the tickets toplay endless mode. Don't forget to catch coins to unlock 10 bizarrecharacters!If the game has made you sweat, then leave us a reviewon the App Store! Have fun! ;)
The Lunar Explorer 1.1.2
Have you ever dreamt to become the best spaceengineer? Now you can do it! Invent your own space rover using amotor, eight wheels and your creativity! Beware: it's not as simpleas it seems!Test your rover on a deserted lunar space in the single playermode! Pass craters, bumps and other obstacles without gettingstuck. If you do get stuck, don't worry: you have 4 power-ups thatwill help you get out of any difficult situation! Don't forget tocollect diamonds to recharge the power-ups immediately during thegame.Will you become the first in the daily leaderboard? Or your roversucks?.. (Well... in that case you can delete it and make a newone!)Don't forget that the space is very competitive: show your skillsin the multiplayer mode and leave behind everyone else! Challengeother players to find out whose rover arrives the farthest.Remember that you can always improve: you can have up to 5 rovers aand conquer the galaxy!Do you like Lunar Explorer? Then rate us! ;)
Space Max 1.0.0
Destination: Earth. Gas-engine: ON.Get ready for a noisy takeoff!Help Max the Astronaut Monkey get back home with his high-techjetpack, famously powered by eco-friendly flatulent energy. Ripthrough space thanks to this powerful yet all-natural gas that letsyou fly higher and higher!After a crash landing on planet Cowa-426,our brave hero discovered that the only way to get home was throughthe power of flatulence. Help him collect scrap metal to buildpowerful space suits. Careful though! The journey through spaceisn’t exactly a piece of cake (or cut of cheese…)! Watch out forspace cows, asteroids, and other silent but deadly perils of theuniverse. Remember: you only have yourself to count on. Don’t beembarrassed: as they say, IT’S BETTER OUT THAN IN!
EverHero - Wings of the Ever Hero 1.66
This is a classic Shoot'em Up game. You will take control of a loneHero, and must protect world from swarms of invading monters.Yourtask is to save the world from the hordes of attacking monters. Flyto a mysterious island, where mystical monsters and fearsome bossesawait you! You are the best Hero ever.Wing of the Ever Hero is afantastic adventure into the fantasy world of dragons and fairyheroes. In this bullet hell shooter game,you will be faced with anincreasingly large number of projectiles and enemies.As the gameprogresses, you will earn the right to upgrade your hero to bringit to full lethal capacity. Touch screen to move,kill all monstersin your adventure!Features:- Easy to play, hard to master- IncludesPower-ups and Bosses!- Fast smooth action on phone or tablet- Greatsound effects and soundtrack- Retro arcade feel- Achievement-Global ScoreboardThe future is now in your hands. Download EverHeroShooter today!
GameDev Empire 1.2.0
Dear “I_would_like_to_be_a_developer_but_I’m_not”, stop dreamingabout building a successful video game company, and make it areality with “GameDev”! Build a video game empire, create the gamesyou’ve always dreamed of, and crush the competition along the way!Begin by creating a few simple casual games and sifting through thegame designer market in search for the next Sakeru Minamoto.Together, you and your game designer will create the mostextraordinary (and profitable!) platform game in existence!Continue to publish video games while earning millions of dollarsuntil you have gained enough to hire a titan of the game designindustry. Become powerful enough to change the future of gamingaltogether!To grow your company, hire new employees, get upgrades,and expand your fan base (as well as potential $$customers$$) withthe social media simulator. You can also obtain new resources byearning points from the 10 classic retro games available to play!The world of video games needs a new stand-out personality, a newhero of game design, a new unstoppable gaming ruler: it needssomeone like YOU!GameDev Empire: simple, instant, impossible to putdown!!!
Plain Escape 1.91.9
Tap the sides of your screen to move left and right across theplain. Collect spheres and booster items while dodging fallingblocks and crumbling tiles to survive. The farther you go, the moredifficult your escape becomes. Choose your path wisely… once youmove forward, there’s no turning back.– Endless gameplay –Challenging missions with excellent rewards– 3 Game Modes– Clean,colorful graphics and an original soundtrack– Dozens of charactersand color themes to unlockPlease leave a review on the App Store ifyou like the game!We use all feedback to keep our games engagingand innovative.Thank you for playing!
Fatal Flap 1.0
Fatal Flap is a minimalist, 2D, arcade adventure in which onlythosewith the best reflexes will survive! Play the classic endlessandsee how long you can last, or play the level-based Racestochallenge your way through increasingly difficult levels! Youcanunlock Challenge Modes for a faster, tougher, gameplay. Butofcourse... watch out for danger on the way! Features: - 3GameplayModes- 75 levels and 15 challenges to unlock- 20 skinsandcharacters to collect- Vibrant graphics and original soundtrack
Runaway Duffy 1.0.0
Maybe running away from home wasn't the best idea… Because hecan'tfly, Duffy has to jump from block to block across a forestfull oftricky obstacles and deadly enemies. Jumping is exhaustingthough!The higher Duffy has to jump the more energy he uses, butperfectjumps can help Duffy recover health and earn extra coins.Use thecoins you collect to unlock new costumes with specialpowers! PlayStory Mode to help Duffy find his way back home, orunlock endlesslevels in Challenge Mode and compete to become thechampion of thewoods!Features: - Over 80 levels- 3 types EndlessChallenges- Over120 Costumes to unlock - Beautiful graphics andoriginalsoundtrack- Simple but challenging gameplayHave fun, anddon'tforget to rate us!