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Manage SMS 1.4
Manage SMS --- Easy and powerful SMS Manager Manage SMS offerssimple and easy ways to manage your text messages. You can quicklycheck statistics, create and restore backup, schedule auto backup,search and Delete SMS. Have you wondered who messaged you most thismonth? Want to save your messages and restore them quickly? Want todelete all, sent or receive messages with just one click? How tosearch SMS you need from long list? Here is a simple and powerfulSMS manager. SMS Statistics Find out with whom you chat most. Userwith highest message count is displayed at top of the list.Separate statistics view for all, sent and received messages. Viewstatistics for any custom time period. View statistics by Day, Weekand Month basis. SMS Backup Options to backup all received or sentmessages by one click. SMS Restore Freedom to restore messages ofyour choice whether received, send or all messages. All backups arelisted with date and time of backup. SMS Deletion Clear your inbox,sent box or both by just on click. Auto Backup Automatically createbackup daily, weekly, after two weeks or monthly basis. Search SMSSearch SMS by SMS text or by sender’s mobile number. SupportedLanguages Arabic Bulgarian Chinese (Simplified and Traditional)Czech Danish Dutch Estonian Finnish French German Greek (Modern)Haitian Creole Hebrew Hungarian Japanese Korean Italian LatvianLithuanian Norwegian Polish Portuguese Romanian Russian SlovakSpanish Swedish Thai Turkish
DLNA Player 1.2.8
This App allows you to connect to your DNLA certified server onlocal network and remotely access your media files on your Androiddevice. Here are a few remarkable features : Browse images, videos,songs files directly from your certified DLNA server . Automaticscan of your home network over Ethernet or Wifi to identify PC, NASor any other device running UPnP/DLNA media server. Use our Playeras a browser, player or controller. Built in music player withoptions to seek, pause, play, loop, shuffle and repeat. Displaysalbum art and album thumb nails, Images etc NOTE: DLNA is trademarkof We just use the term to confirm that app work withcertified DLNA servers. We have no link or connection with
Manage Call Logs 1.8.9
Manager Call Logs Do you want to know who calls you more and whotalks to you more? Do you want to back up your call history? Hereis a simple yet powerful app to manage your call logs. Features:Call Statistics: Can sort the calls in the call history on thebasis of call duration, putting higher duration calls above in thelist.Can sort the calls on the basis of number of calls, puttinghigher number of calls higher in the list.It displays a list withgraphical bar, showing how much time did you spend on call witheach caller in descending order Call Log Search: Search the calllogs using name or with just an alphabet of that name, thisapplication will help you find details out of long call historyeasily.Search any number or name in call history just with fewdigits. That’s way you can even find numbers you got call but youcouldn’t remember call time. Auto Backup:This application can alsokeep the backup of your call log for future reference.Canautomatically create backup on daily, weekly, after two weeks ormonthly basis. Delete logs:Can delete unwanted call log.You canselect the logs to delete; it can be Received, Dialed or All.Restore:You can restore the logs you want to use again.Custom:Search the call log of a particular month, or of fewdays,you can customize the settings and make the search easy.Youcan search the call history of ongoing week, assuming the weekstarted from Sunday. Additional Features:After searching the callhistory you need not exit the application to make the call. You candirectly call from the call log.More reformed and subtle display inour new version. Try it; I am sure you will like it.We are open toyour suggestions to make it even better. Tags: Call Logs, CallRecords, Call History, Call Duration, Call Statistics, Backup calllogs, Restore call logs Added multiple languages support. ArabicBulgarian Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) Czech Danish DutchEstonian Finnish French German Greek (Modern) Haitian Creole HebrewHungarian Japanese Korean Italian Latvian Lithuanian NorwegianPolish Portuguese Romanian Russian Slovak Spanish Swedish ThaiTurkish
Million Coupons 1.0.8
"The aim of Million coupons app is to save youmoney" ! Our most popular service is helping you find coupons thatare right for you.If you are looking for discounts and promotional deals, thenMillion coupons is the right place for you. Million coupons is oneof the largest stores for local deals and discount coupons. Findthe amazing deals of your most favorite local shopping city forfree over here. Million coupons wants your shopping to be cheap andfun. Simply grab your voucher and start enjoying our discounts!Key Feature :1. Easily find the coupons nearby location2. Filter the list of coupons of your choice easily3. Display the location on map4. Find coupons on other locations also5. Direct call to contractor for more details6. Check review and ratings for coupons and add your ownreviews7. share coupon among friends with the help of social media
Creative Draw 1.0.6
Creative Draw App is easy way to show your creative skills. You canadd simple objects such as flowers, cars, trees etc to make awonderful painting drawing. The interface is so intuitive and letyou learn easily. Key Feature :1. More than 150 prop icons.2.Double tab to select the image from the Categories. 3. Share imageon Facebook ,twitter and E-mail.4. Select image from the PhotoGallery or Capture the image. 5. Change the background board. Trythis app and let us know your review comments if any. Enjoy Drawing!
Tweak My Pic. 3.0.8
This app let you tweak your pictures with various effects.Fascinating filters to transform your Images. -Amicable UserInterface and Easy to use.-User is able to add multiple effect onsame image.-Swirl, Pinch, stretch and Bulge distortions to distortthe image.-Save image to the Photo library.-Instant sharing toEmail and other applications such as Facebook, Twitter and dropbox( if installed)Keywords: photos effects, effects, lomo, fx, imageeffects, fisheye, photo, art, pic effects, photo edit, pictureeditor, picsin, mobile photoshop, photobucket, hipstamatic
jiCABS Driver 3.4
jicabs app is a free taxi app that allows you to easily, with a tapof a button, book a taxi and track it in real time. The jicabs appdispatches a taxi in just a few taps for safe taxi rides. Order acab without calling the dispatcher – your order is sent directly tothe drivers in your area so they reach you as quickly aspossible.Features:✓ Fast & Easy: Don't waste your time hailingcabs under the hot sun or in the rain. Find taxis easily with apush of the button and don’t be late anymore✓ Free: Jicabs is freeto download and the taximeter only starts running upon boarding. Noextra charges when you book a taxi.✓ Excellent service: The supportteam will contact your taxi driver to ensure timely arrival. Shouldany disruption occur rest assured we don’t leave you on your own.No more bargaining and callouts!
jiCABS 3.4
jicabs app is a free taxi app that allows you to easily, with a tapof a button, book a taxi and track it in real time. The jicabs appdispatches a taxi in just a few taps for safe taxi rides. Order acab without calling the dispatcher – your order is sent directly tothe drivers in your area so they reach you as quickly aspossible.Features:✓ Fast & Easy: Don't waste your time hailingcabs under the hot sun or in the rain. Find taxis easily with apush of the button and don’t be late anymore✓ Free: Jicabs is freeto download and the taximeter only starts running upon boarding. Noextra charges when you book a taxi.✓ Excellent service: The supportteam will contact your taxi driver to ensure timely arrival. Shouldany disruption occur rest assured we don’t leave you on your own.No more bargaining and callouts!
Speed Math Game 1.0.8
Speed Maths Game is a fun way improve calculations speed forchildren. It's a great way to keep the kids entertained with funinteractive graphics and music while practicing their math skills.Children as well as Adults can play this game. There is norestriction of age group. Sharp your math with Speed Math. Go andget it.
Total Call Recorder ( TCR ) 2.13
The Best automatic VOICE CALL recording app. Listen to therecording or share it with your friends!! The default storagedestination of all calls is ‘External SD Card’, so the size of yourrecordings is not just limited to your phone memory. ###########IMPORTANT NOTE ################## - App may not function if othercall recording applications are in use. Please close or delete (uninstall ) all other recording apps. - App may not functionproperly if the cellphone model you are using does not support thecall recording function, and can only be used if custom ROM isinstalled. The app works perfectly in the vast majority of devicese. g Samsung Note 2, Samsung Note, Galaxy S3 , Samsung Galaxy TabII, Samsung Galaxy Win, Lenovo Mobile LNV-L etc - its NOT workingon Galaxy S DUOS , FLY mobiles, Motorola RZR ** i - XT890, SongXperia etc. ############################################## ★ SIMPLETotal Call Recorder, is an amazing voice call recording mobileapplication, with a user friendly design, that enhances userexperience, of application usage. ★ ENABLE/DISABLE CALL RECORDINGEnjoy the privilege to decide which call to record and which notto, at your own convenience. ★ SHARE RECORDED ITEMS Now, share yourrecordings, with anyone anywhere! Total Call Recorder provides anoption to share recordings with friends through, Bluetooth, Gmail,message and leading messengers. ★ SAVE RECORDINGS TO YOUR SD CARDThe default storage memory for all your recordings is now your SDcard, so limited phone memory is no longer a limitation. ★ EASY TOMANAGE RECORDING LIST This Voice call recording application has asimple, well organized, recording list and helps distinguishbetween received and dialed calls. ★ DELETE RECORDED ITEMS Deletingunwanted recordings could never be simpler! Total Call Recorder,provides an easy delete option, that lets user, easily delete allunwanted recordings. ★ BUILT IN AUDIO PLAYER Built-in audio player,to play recorded files. It help supporting greater number ofdevices. ★ WORTH USING This user friendly, manageable, voice callrecording application, is a must to use App for all Android users.Want us to help you find the best video/audio gems?
Zoom Chat Messenger 1.0.8
ZoomChat  is messaging app that let youchat for free with any other user of the service.What does ZoomChat do?ZoomChat allows you save the cost of sending SMS by exchangingfree messages with anyone else who has the app installed,regardless of what smartphone platform they are using.Besides just chatting via instant messaging, you can attach images,video, audio and voice messages to your chats with ZoomChat.ZoomChat includes a group chatting feature too.ZoomChat includes a wide selection of fun emoticons that you canadd to your chats.How to use ZoomChatAfter installing the app on your phone and completed the shortregistration process you're ready to start chatting.When you're all set up, you'll see a list of all your onlineand offline contacts in the main window. Starting aconversation is merely a case of clicking a person's name to openthe chat tab. The chat interface looks great.
Tweak My Style 2.0.1
Tweak My Style is a free app that will let you apply funny, prettyand eye-catching effects to your favorite photos.Make your photosextra fun with creative shots with new Styles, Dresses, Frames,Stylish hair , Masks, Backgrounds.How will you look like? Will yourappearance be cheekier, more charming, sweeter, sexier, funnier ormaybe lightly scary? Find it out, with this glamoroustool!Accessoires / Accessories: Ad some particular gadgets to yourpictures as for example a pretty hat, a freaky wig, a noble crownor nice sunglasses.Tweak My Style is packed with loads of features,frames, styles, backgrounds and scenarios that will allow you topersonalize your photos for almost any occasion you canimagine.Tweak My Style is that simply clicking on the effect isenough to insert your image very accurately - it detects people andfaces very well, and even if it doesn't, you can change them bydouble-clicking again.Tweak My Style's effects are certainly not toeveryone's taste, but if you're looking for some fun for yourphotos, it's worth checking out.Share your pictures per e-mail,with Whatsapp, Twitter, Skype, another Messenger Tool or simplyupload them to Facebook, etc.Take a photo of some friends and letthe photo fun tool generate funny pictures.Image sources:Open animage from your gallery.Use the camera from within the app to takea photo and immediately change it. A lot of predefinedpicturesCreate wallpapers and backgroundsTake picture with yourbuilt in camera or upload it from your photo albums.Place your facebehind selected scenario.Adjust you photo size to give morerealistic look to created photo. Save to your photo album. Shareyour created photo to your friends.With this app it is very easy tofake photos.Get a cool style and become the new star of your town /village.
Web Health Monitor ( WHM ) 1.0.4
Monitor server or websites status on mobile anytime. Get alert forany failure of Linux and Windows servers that run applications.Ensure minimum overhead and maintenance costs.Web Health is a webinfrastructure monitoring service that helps to monitor the uptimeand performance of websites, online applications and servers. Themonitoring is done from 50+ locations across the world, thus givingyou a global perspective of the end-user experience. Web Healthsupports monitoring HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, TCP, IMAP, SSL, Ping, FTP,SFTP, DNS and other internet facing network services
Million Coupons Business 1.1.0
If you are looking for more customers foryourshop, then Million Coupons Business can help you. Simply postyoursale deals online and we broadcast it for you to customers inyourcity.Key Feature :1. Easily find the customers nearby location2. Filter the list of coupons of your choice easily3. Display the location on map4. Find coupons on other locations also5. Direct call to contractor for more details6. Check review and ratings for coupons and add yourownreviews7. share coupon among friends with the help of social media
Private Data 1.1.2
You can hide your call and SMS using this app. Just add contactnumbers to private list and select the level of protection. If youselect both call and SMS, all received SMS would be moved toprivate message box. All incoming and outgoing call are deletedfrom call history. You can see those details in your private space.
Text 2 Speech 1.1.3
Text to speech an android application that can convert the textentered by you into voice.You can listen to the text/words enteredby you. Make your phone say anything you want in many languages!Let your phone read the news for you!Features1. Easily convertscharacter, letters and sentences to voice.2. Lots of languages.3.Clear and easy-to-understand sound.4. Easy-to-install & usewith automatic, free updates.5. Support for multiple devices withdifferent screen resolution.
Zoom Dating App 1.5
This app let you find people nearby your location and make newfriends.Main features are:- Free to join and use.- See nearbypeople on the App.- Start chatting with people you like- Keep trackof all conversations in the message section.
Black Box 1.0.3
User turns on process from inside the app. Process begins once userleaves the app.Temp file starts (10 seconds long) As long as nosound is detected, loops around, deletes temp file and starts newone. Once sound is detected, main file starts. For duration ofrecording, every 60 seconds a new temp file is created and checksagain for sound. Sound detected, delete temp file and record foranother 60 seconds. No sound detected, recording over. Temp fileadded to beginning of recording and file saved. Application willstart and user will have option to record. User has option to editthe recordings. User can select the desired portion from the wholeaudio and save that portion only and discard other recording. Usercan view the list of his recent recording and saved recordings inthe two different tabs. User can make settings for the applicationhere. Setting for Recording on reboot of phone(yes/no). RecordQuality selection: High, Medium, low(It will be the pitch frequencywhich will be used for voice recording). Record Calls option(Yes/No). Battery Save(App will stop recording if battery becomesless than X%). Record path: User can choose the path to save therecordings.
Manage Tweets 1.0.7
Manage Tweets is an amazing App that allows you to significantlyenhance your experience with Twitter. This App is the ULTIMATEcompanion for your Twitter App. Manage Tweets has a gorgeous lookwith an intuitive interface that makes it super easy to use whilepacking in tons of features. We bring you an Application that willmake it easy to access Twitter straight from your home screen.Allat one place without having to search for anything . Popular Tweetseliminates the hassle of following different Twitter accounts forthe Best Tweets , instead ,it brings you all those tweets at yourdoorstep.The only app that allows you to make long tweets in aseamless manner, via the official Twitter Android app.More than1.000.000 tweets made shorter to date.Track your Tweets count withthis free and handy little app!This application is completely free,but please consider upgrading to ad-free version if you like it.Youwill be able to browse all these tweets very quicklyIt is equippedwith a lot of useful features and basic functions fulfilling.Toptwitter friends i'm engaging withFriends that i'm not communicatingwithFriends that i'm following but aren't following meI follow thatmay be spam accountsFriends that are Tweeting too muchReceive quickaccess to your Favorite tweets* Must steady your feedback to updatethe user receives.Improvements to the e-mail and comments pleaselet us know.NOTE: To use 'Manage Tweets' you must have a Twitteraccount.
ToXSL 0.0.1
This application helps the user to connect with the ToXSL. Itenables you to build a network of Web & Mobile experts, andthen leverage you to achieve your goals. You can discuss yourproject ideas, work collaboratively through the application.-Connect with the environment with the ToXSL- Find experts inorganization and accomplish the Goal- Take Training From theExperts- Influence and share your expertise through Blogs.- Trackyour Carrier from progress to success with Activities.
Any Tasker 0.0.1
Anytasker is a trusted community marketplace for people andbusinesses to outsource tasks, find local services or hire flexiblestaff in minutes via your iPhone.Find local people to help youaround the home and office or earn money by completing tasks forothers.- 100% free to post your task- Trusted workers with verifiedreviews.- Saves you time- Safety first- Easy to get Help- Hundredsof tasks posted daily
Total Blocker 2.0.6
This app would save us from unwanted calls and SMSes from variousspam marketing and mischievous elements. Even if you have DNDactivated, you cannot be spared, they still bother all us and takeaway lot of quality time. Our app show in real time, how manypeople blocked that number and why? . It also let us report DNDviolations just by a single click. Lets stop the spam, make mobilea better world again. Due to hardware and mobile OEM restrictions,It may not automatically block calls on some android devices but itwould warn us not to pick and just ignore unwanted calls and evenreport DND violations. App is free to use and only use ads tosupport the development and its maintenance. You can always upgradeto "ads free" version by paying $1. I am sure you all would lovethis app. Let us know if you need features. Tags: Call block, SMSblock, Private SMS,
Total WiFi Power Saver 1.0.6
Total WiFi Power Saver is an android application that helps yousave battery and data charges. This application automatically turnoff your wifi/wlan when there is no network available. Sets yourWiFi connection according to the locations.This applications runsin background that uses minimum battery.Features:1. Turn off WiFiwhen no connection available.2. Add and Save your WiFi connectionwith locations.3. Automatically saves the WiFi connections.4. Turnon WiFi automatically for saved locations.5. Save your BatteryPower and data charges also.6. Get Notifications while connected ordisconnected from WiFi.7. Sets the priority for the WiFiconnections.8. Automatically switch between saved networks whensignal is not ideal.
PYM 1.0.1
No need to search for recharge shops. Stay in touch with your nearand dear ones. Recharge your prepaid mobile and pay your postpaidbills online. Use PYM.In mobile application which is low in sizeand works well on all versions of android phones. DOWNLOAD IT &EXPERIENCE the best and the fastest RECHARGE APP for Android.KeyFeatures:--- All Netbanking/ Debit Card/ Credit Card paymentoptions available -- No Extra charge for recharge-- All MobileOpererators Supported-- Fastest recharge with Easy Wallet-- LatestTariff Palns with Full Talktime, SMS Packs, Internet Packs, 2GPacks, 3G Packs etc.Disclaimer: This app only directs the user toavail required service and we are not responsible for any financialor technical difficulties faced by the user due to network failure,device failure or any other complications.
jiOCR 3.2
jiOCR is an app, that decodes valid text from an image &displays it separately. Currently jiOCR reads only the images,which contains English characters & Numeric values. In nearfuture jiOCR will decode image for text in different languagesalso.