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Resizable Contacts Widget Pro 2.5.3
Toby Yu
Put your favourite contacts on your homescreen or lockscreen in aresizable/scrollable grid with quick actions, including directlymaking a phone call!**Note**This is the new paid version, and youcan still grab the free legacy version from, you can just build from the sourcecode( by yourself.** Please make sure all thecontacts and groups are managed via the GoogleContacts(, otherwise the groupsmight not be properly loaded. Because some OEM have changed the wayhow contacts are managed. **The How To document is available at Features:* Add a list of contacts on yourhomescreen or lockscreen* The list of contacts could be starredcontacts, one of your contact groups or all contacts* Resizablewith default size to be 1 * 1, or 2 *2* Directly dial your contactswithout the quick action dialog. Phone number priority: Default-> Mobile -> Main...* A large version with default size to 2* 2, and a button at the bottom to directly launch the People app*Sort your contacts by ** Times Contacted, the most frequentlycontacted appear at the top ** Last Time Contacted, the mostrecently contacted appear at the top ** Display Name* A stack viewbased wiget(2*2) can show your contacts with larger images* Optionto customize how many contacts to be shownFor those who arecomplaining about the low resolutions, this widget will never tryto download the contact photos for you and directly get photos fromthe system contacts database. If you have a low resolution picturesin your People app, then there is no chance this widget would findany higher resolution copy for you.This is an open sourced Androidwidget built for Android 4.0.3+ devices(lockscreen widgets onlyworks for 4.2+ devices). It allows users to quickly view yourfavourite/starred contacts or any groups via a resizable/scrollablecontacts grid. ##NOTEs, if you encounter any issue please uninstallyour currently installed app and then re-install from theMarket##Known Issues:* If you have multiple Google accountssynchronized to your device, the contact groups selection listwould not distinguish where the group comes from* Can notautomatically refresh the widget when you make a change to thecontactKEYWORDS contact widget, widget, direct dialLike:ContactWidget ContactsWidget
Resizable Contacts Widget 1.2.1
Toby Yu
Put your favourite contacts on your home screen in aresizable/scrollable grid with quick actions, including directlymaking a phone call!**Note**For the latest version please check thepaid Pro version( instead. The paid version nowsupports high resolution pictures, Direct Dial, support for SonyXperia devices and languages like English, Simplified Chinese,Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Italian,Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Czech!Major Features:* Adda list of contacts on your home screen* The list of contacts couldbe either starred contacts or from any of your contact groups*Resizable with default size to be 1 * 1.* Sort your contacts by **Times Contacted, the most frequently contacted appear at the top **Last Time Contacted, the most recently contacted appear at the top** Display Name* A new stack view based wiget(fixed size 2*2) canshow your contacts with larger imagesKEYWORDS contact widget,widget, Like:ContactWidget
PiCorner for Flickr, Instagram 2.2.0
Toby Yu
*******NOTE: With the latest chrome update, auth for flickr and500px are ok now, but in case you still cannot auth with it, pleasetry other browsers, thanks.*******=== Main Features ===* Browseawesome photos from: Flickr, Instagram, 500px, and more coming*Browse your own, your friends or anyone's phone stream of Flickr,Instagram and 500PX* Share photos* Download photos* View where thephotos were taken on a map if the GEO location data is available*Set photos as wallpaper* Slideshow including Daydream(Android 4.2+devices only)* Flickr Specific Features: ** Comment ** fav/unfavphotos ** Tag/Group Search ** Offline view for your own photo sets** Export offline photos ** Friends' photos* 500px SpecificFeatures: ** Vote ** fav/unfav photos ** Comment ** Follow/Unfollowusers* Instagram Specific Features: ** Like/Unlike **Follow/Unfollow users ** Nearby pictures* ... KEYWORDS: Flickr,Instagram, 500px, Photo, Picture
Flickr Viewer HD 1.2.8
Toby Yu
An open sourced Flickr Viewer programoptimized for Android Honeycomb tablets, and it promises to bringyou the best Flickr viewing experience possible.=== Great News ===Just Published a new Paid Version: Picorner(, which supports any phonesor tablets running 4.0 or higher. It is not limited to Flickr, butalso supports Instagram, 500px and more coming on the way!**NOTE**. If you are experiencing unable to authorize issue ,then please double check the time setup on your device, such astime region being setup properly.The Main Features:* Browse Daily Interesting Photos* Browse Your Photostream, including Set/Gallery/PopularPhotos* Browse Your Contacts' Photostream* View Image with Full Exif and Comments* View your recent activities, like comments on your photos,comments on photos you commented* Save a photo to your local sd card, and set it as thewallpaper* Share any pictures with your friends via G+, Facebook, Twitter,Gmail, Sina Weibo and many more.* Localization for English, Simplified Chinese, Italian.Min Required Android Version: 3.0Tested Devices: Xoom Wifi, Galaxy Tab 7.7