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CrazyPump 1.2
Tocha Games
Facebook: @TochaGames - is a 2D platform game basedon the Donkey Kong puzzles.The goal is simple: Help Boby to reachthe last barrel of each stage without falling and not be leftbehind!During the game we go through several levels throughforests, dark swamps and cities!Collect cashews to release extraitems and more !!The game contains extra stages that are releasedduring the trajectory in the game!Have fun!
NotaBaixa 1.0
Tocha Games
Twitter: @TochaGames -ática parece um bicho desete cabeças?? Baixe o NotaBaixa e descubra como resolver equaçõespasso a passo, basta entrar com as variáveis e pronto!O NotaBaixalhe mostrará todos os passos para resolvê-las de forma rápida efácil! Função do primeiro grau, equação do primeiro grau, equaçãodo segundo grau e até mesmo as tão usadas regras de três. Baixegratuitamente!Twitter:TochaGames - seems like a bigdeal ??Download NotaBaixa and discover how to solve equations stepby step, just enter the variables and you're done!The NotaBaixashow you all the steps to resolve them quickly and easily!Functionof the first degree, first-degree equation, quadratic equation andeven used as rules of three. Download free!
CrazyTyller 1.2
Tocha Games
Twitter: @TochaGames - is an awesomeadventure/strategy 3D game , based on the enigmatic Königsber'sChallenge . Explore this immersive new world that is an explosionof emotion and discoveries! Take dozens of items, find the rightway to spend the phases and uncover the secrets to overcome thechallenges. Conquer new worlds, overcome your scores! Run, becausetime flies!"If there is a way ... So, there are two ways" -CrazyTyller.
CrazyDynno 1.0
Tocha Games
Twitter: @TochaGames - to the amazingland of CrazyDynno! Take the role of a friendly baby dinosaur,whose goal is to overcome all cacti.CrazyDynno is incrediblyaddictive. Try to get all the eggs and prove you're the best of thebest! But be careful... Because this maybe not be achievedeasily.The four eggs are:1. Bronze Egg (easy)2. Silver Egg(medium)3. Golden Egg (hard)4. Platinum Egg (expert)Come to ourworld and experience the great folly of CrazyDynno! What are youwaiting for ?? Run and dive into this crazy, fun and addictiveadventure!"No matter how big the obstacle, you can always overcomeit" - CrazyDynno.
Galow 1.0
Tocha Games
Similar to those machines of the games you will find amusementparks. In the Galow game, your mission is, hammer the cocks thatappear in the hole and try not to let them escape. There are 4types of personages: common Rooster: get 10 points. Rooster withPalito: you get 100 points. Rooster with corn bag: you get 10points + special. Fish: lose 50 points. Stay tuned, they are veryfast and will try to get away from you. An incredible gameplay anddynamic, adopt a tactic to spend more time and score more points.You should be very careful when entering this game. Only the mostskilled players can spend more than five minutes playing. And youcan be the master of this game? Take this super challenge andenjoy!