Tom Brennan Apps

Dmesg Log Viewer 1.1
Tom Brennan
Open source application that is similar in principle to aLogcat,but for kernel message log (dmesg).No ads! - Requires root forJellybean and later. - For versions including IceCreamSandwich andearlier, no root needed.Source can be found here @ free to fork andissue pull requests.
Keyboard for Senior Citizens 1.0
Tom Brennan
This keyboard is designed for Senior Citizens, as the standardQWERTY keyboard layout can cause problems especially, with impedingfocus on searching for the appropriate letter on the keyboard. Itis in a clear and logical manner to make life easier for the SeniorCitizen using it.Predictive text and input can be activated in thesettings, including auto-correction, auto-capitalization,suggestions.Upon installation of the keyboard, a warning willappear "This input method may be able to collect all the text youtype, including personal data like passwords and credit cardnumbers. It comes from the application Keyboard for Dyslexics. Usethis input method?". Tap 'Ok' to proceed. This is a de-facto normalwarning from the Android system and to re-assure, no need to worryabout it.The artwork can be found from here is licenced under the Creative Commons Attribution v2 licence.Many thanks to anatom5 for their work.Thank you for supporting mywork.
Finger Spell Signing 1.2
Tom Brennan
A simple Finger Spell Signing application that shows how to sign,and to enhance one's knowledge in communicating with others who aredeaf, by using Irish (ISL), British (BSL) OR American Sign Language(ASL).The difference between the ISL, ASL, is, that British SignLanguage uses a pair of hands, whereas both ISL and ASL uses onehand. Input a word or two, adjust the speed of signing from 1 to 10and watch the signing, to see how its done.No adverts and nopermissions required.