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WebCams 5.4.4
With this fast, simple and modern application you can quicklycreate a list of all your favorite webcams. WebCams application hasa community based database and also allows you to manually add anyIP cam. For example, your own personal webcam. Features: -Community, Lookr and database - Detailed weatherinformations - Adding and managing your own IP webcams - Nativesupport for many types of live streams - Full administration of theFavorites categories - Daylight and Time-lapse function forsupported webcams - Refresh and Auto Refresh function (whole listor only full screen view) - Importing and exporting manuallycreated webcams to external and cloud storage - Intelligentcaching, Localization, Full screen mode, Saving, Sharing and Dragand drop sorting feature - Configurable Widget - Modern MaterialDesign on all devices and full compatibility with the latestAndroid version Community database contains public online webcamsfrom all over the world and also from the popular Czech providers:- (Lookr) - Angelcam - ČHMÚ ( - HumlNET -Opavský bezdrát s.r.o. - and others... Some of the webcams types: -Traffic, Cities, Airports, Animals, Beaches, Golf Resorts, Lakes,Landscapes, Mountains, Ski resorts and others cameras... Supportedlanguages: - English, Czech, Slovak, German, Japanese, Norwegian,Swedish, Russian, Ukrainian, French, Basque, Finnish