Tomer Rosenfeld Apps

Franco's Adventures 1.2
Franco's Adventures is an exciting and fastRunner Platformer game where you need to defeat enemies throughoutlots of challenging levels.Franco's Adventures is a 2D platform game in which you have tocollect coins and defeat enemies. More than 20 easy and hardlevels. Try to get as many diamonds as you can.Download Franco's Adventures now! It's an exciting game foreveryone. Try it out and enjoy.The game works great on any screen size.FEATURES:> Over twenty different worlds! and more soon.> Amazing enemies.> Great Tile Set.> Great Music.> Smooth graphics and sounds.> Great physics.
Double Tap Power Button Camera 1.25
Double click your power button to quicklylaunch your camera just like on the Nexus 6P and Nexus 5x.A fast way to launch the camera on android.This app is in beta and it contains bugs, please report them.
Always On AMOLED - BETA v1.0.4
Get an always on display for your phone or tablet. Keep your screenon all the time. An always on display for every device! The idea isto provide users with information about, time, date, notificationsand more and all without having to touch the phone. Just by lookingat it. This is made possible thanks to AMOLED displays. Most of thescreen stays black except for a few pixels. ★Notable features• Always On Screen • Notifications - view notifications withouttouching your device • New: Now featuring raise to wake! • New:Backgrounds and wallpapers! • Automatic rules - preserve batteryusing predefined rules • Auto movement - avoid AMOLED burn-in• Auto night mode - dim the screen automatically in darkenvironment • Pocket mode - lock the device when you leave it inyour pocket to save battery • Custom watch faces - Digital S7style, Classic 24H, Analog S7 style, Analog Pebble style and more!• Always On Memo - write a reminder and make it show up on yourscreen all the time! • Double tap to wake + Swipe up to wake +Volume keys to wake + Back button to wake • Force orientation - setyour preferred screen orientation • Customization - change the textcolor, text size,font, brightness and more • Can be used as a nightclock • Greenify integration - start Greenify automatically whenlocking the screen to save battery • Force doze - activate dozewhen the screen is in the always on state The app is in BETA, itstill has bugs and lacks features. Permissions Camera permissionThe app needs camera permission to toggle the flashlight Phonepermission The app needs phone permission to recognize incomingcalls, dismiss the always on screen and show the incoming callscreen. Modify system settings permission The app needs permissionto modify system settings to change the brightness of the lockscreen. ** Note: For Xiaomi devices you will need to access theSecurity App -> Permissions -> Permissions -> Always OnAMOLED -> Display pop-up window permission and Show on Lockscreen. Google Plus Community
Plugin for Always On AMOLED 1.0
A plugin for Always On AMOLEDTurns the hardware buttons light off/on
Light Weight Launcher 1.0
A very simple and basic launcher application.This is a very simpleandroid home application don't expect tons of features or beautifulgraphic.
L/Lollipop dialog demo 1.0
Create beautiful android 5.0+ dialogs on android 2.3+devices.Github page
F Launcher-Friendly Launcher 0.1a
This launcher is a beta launcher, is made for the mid range usersof android.Its a super light launcher, about 0.5 MB only.Our goalis to simplify your phone by decreasing amounts of screens andcompress all what you need into a simple home screen.Never leaveyour home.The homescreen is divided into three screens, the mainscreen, show you efficient stuff as: Time, day of the week andbattery info.It gives you your favorite apps in just a tap away,you can use gestures such as swipe up and down for morefeatures.The screen on your right will show you all the appsinstalled on your phone.The screen on your left will show youimportant settings and features, you can use the fast toggles toturn on and off WiFi , Bluetooth Battery Saver etc.You can easilyincrease/decrease your brightness and volume, you can change theapp theme and see recently opened apps and long click them tokill.The app is no longer maintained and updated. 1.0
נוסחה- אפליקציה נוסחאות לרשונה אפליקציה המאפשרת מציאת כל נוסחהבמתמטיקה בצורה פשוטה.האפליקציה מותאמת ליחידות הלימוד במתמטיקהבישראל. ניתן למצוא באפליקציה נוסחאות- כיתות ז'-י'- יחידות הבגרותהשונות (801-807).האפליקציה פותחה ע"י מרכזי הלמידה גיא קורן בשיתוףפעולה עם תומר רוזנפלדNoshh- application formulasResin applicationenables math formula to find any simple way.The app is optimizedfor units of study in mathematics in Israel.You can find theapplication formulas- Classes VII-X- Various maturity units(801-807).The app was developed by Guy Koren learning centers incollaboration with John Rosenfeld