Tommi Saalasti Apps

Lumo 1.2.1
Lumo is a highly addictive arcade game, whereyour goal is to connect, chain and pop same colored circles whiledodging mismatching colors from interfering the connection.In Classic Mode, your goal is to get the best possible score.You climb up Phases while doing so, adding difficulty but moreopportunities to hit it big time.In Match Mode, your goal is to match a specific number ofcircles, indicated on screen. This gets ever trickier with morecircles, and creates interesting puzzle-like gameplay moments.OpenFeint support adds online leaderboards and achievements
Chompy! 1.2
The basic idea in Chompy! is to getthroughpuzzle filled levels with the best possible outcome bycollectingall the candies, racing against time and ultimately,reaching thegoal marker. You do all this by manipulating theenvironment,flipping bocks around to change the level layout,guiding enemiesout of the way and watching your every move whileyou do so. Inaddition to the puzzle levels, there is a infinitearcade mode,where your goal is to simply survive as long aspossible,collecting as much candy as possible while the clockisticking.
Strung Along 1.2.7
Strung Along lets you control a wooden string puppet step by step,literally. Avoid obstacles by walking, jumping and grabbing ontothings. The game features a wide array of different acts withplatforming, balancing and timing puzzles. There is also theendless mode to perfect and practice your moves and stay upright aslong as possible. GAME FEATURES * Unique walking gameplay! * Manychallenging acts featuring timing and platforming puzzles! *Endless mode for practicing and honing your skills! * Beautifulvisuals and entertaining physics simulation! * Funny accessories todress up your puppet! * Soothing classical music! * Free of Ads andIAPs