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Hot Seat 0.2.1
Hot Seat is a general knowledge application designed to educate andtest you on world facts. It is equipped with surplus questions andanswers about the world. The questions are designed with fouroptions each. Each question has a virtual prize when answeredcorrectly. It is extraordinarily fun and exciting. This is a nicecompanion when you are idle and also a good friend when you want toknow why and how. Answer each question correctly turn by turn andwork towards winning a virtual prize of a MILLION.
Naija Snake & Ladder Snake_March_2019
Naija Snake and Ladder is a classic board game of all ages. It isdesigned and tailored to keep you happy at your leisure time. It isplayed by one person and computer. It is equipped with two dice butcan also be played with one die. It is made up of 100 tracksstarting from 1 to 100. The first player to reach the last track isdeclared winner. The aim of the game is to move to the last track(100) before your opponent using the outcome of the dice or die.Naija Snake and Ladder is very easy to play. Tap the dice at themiddle of the board to roll the dice and tap on the round buttonbelow to move your piece. If your piece stops at the head of aSnake, it must be returned to the tail of the snake but if yourpiece stops at the bottom of a ladder it must move to the top ofthe ladder. The secret is to avoid the Snake and embrace theLadder. Good luck. Enjoy yourself as you play.