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Al Quran Indonesia 1.1
Features: 1. Surah List. 2. Surah Details. 3. Multiple ArabicFonts. 4. Increase/Decrease Text Size. 5. Membaca Modus. 6.Pengucapan. 7. 3 Terjemahan. 8. Stylist Font & Design. 9.NavigationDrawer for Surah, Pages of Hafizi Quran Changes. 10. 4Qari's Added for Recitation. 11. Horizontal/Vertical Scrollbar tochange Surah, Verses, Pages Immediately. 12. Surah/Verse Bookmark.13. Arabic/Indonesian Search. 14. Hafizi Quran with Horizontal andVertical View. 15. Verse by Verse Audio Play. Features: 1. SurahList. 2. Surah Details. 3. Multiple Arabic Fonts. 4. Increase /Decrease Text Size. 5. Read Mode. 6. Pronunciation. 7. 3Translation. 8. Stylist Font & Design. 9. NavigationDrawer forSurah, Pages of Hafizi Quran Changes. 10. 4 Qari's Added forRecitation. 11. Horizontal / Vertical Scrollbar to change Surah,Verses, Pages Immediately. 12. Surah / Verse Bookmark. 13. Arabic /Indonesian Search. 14. Hafizi Quran with Horizontal and VerticalView. 15. Verse by Verse Audio Play.
Imran Khan Zipper Lock Screen 1.1
Imran Khan Zipper Lock Screen is best zipper screen lock used inandroid device. ItKey Features of ik lock screen* It provides you anew way to open yours smartphone's lock.* Ik lock screen containsunzip to unlock home screen lock.* Miss call alerts & any otheralerts are shown clearly .* Incoming calls alerts are showntransparently on this zipper screen lock.* Ik lock is compatiblewith all android devices.* Easy and stylish way to unlock yoursmartphone.* Totally FREE!
Love Meter plus 1.0
Love Calculator plus is best app .This calculator uses numericalalgorithms to check love can find love percentage throughfollowing:1.By Name2.By Picture3.By Fingerprint4 By Date ofbirthNote.This app should be used only for fun with friends.
Disco light 1.1.0
Disco color Lights is a strobe light that catches the music beat bymicrophone and blinking in colourful screen flash.Disco light is afree flashlight application with lot of flashlight features.Discolight Modes: Strobe, Disco, Christmas Party, romantic, love, Crazy,birthday Party, Police and more.Using this disco Flashlight you getgoing anywhere and anytime in a day.Turn your phone into a colorfulflashlight, police light, desco light and sos emergency light.Bestdesco light app with a stylish powerful button for on off light.Blinking desco light features so you don't need to get any specialblinking discolight.Features of Disco light* Beautiful andattractive interface* Desco Flashlight with multiple featuresinside this app.* SOS and emergency function* Amazing led strobelight* Blinking disco light* Police light with police hooter sound*Love flash light.* Strobe Light.* Strobe color light to the beat ofmusic.* Multi-color with maximum brightness.
Cv/Resume maker 1.0
Everyone knows that CV or Resume is important for every person whoneed a job. Cv and Resume is the basic need of any one to applyanywhere for job. Almost 100% company or department demands forresume or Cv.By using Cv maker/ Resume builder application you willbe able to create Resume or CV through your Smartphone.Create orbuild your resume and save your cv or resume in pdf format and youcan also share it to social media.Many types of resume and Cvformats available in this CV maker or Resume maker app.Best Cvmaker/ resume maker app with many resume formats that helps you tomake professional CV or resume for job.Just install Cv maker/resume maker application with perfect templates, just putinformation’s simply according to requirements. It is the bestcv/resume creator app.Cv maker/cv builder,resume maker/resumebuilder,cv creator/resume creator app includes:PersonalinformationFeatures of Cv maker/ Resume builder1. This Cv maker/resume creator app Contains different types of resume and cvformats.2. Easy to build or create professional CV / Resume.3.Manyversion of CV maker / Resume creator also have.4. It containsprofessional format of Cv and Resume. Choose the best format youlike.5. Everyone wants his CV format should be more attractive, andunique. 6. Easy to use, edit, cut, paste.7. Add image feature inthis cv maker app8. You can save your resumes/cv as PDFformat.9.Simple User-Friendly Interface professional cv makerfree7. Totally free app.
Solar Charger/Solar Battery Charger Prank 1.0
Solar Charger/Solar Battery Charger Prank application forentertainment & fun . Solar Battery Charger prank shows theLevel of Your Mobile Battery percentage.Solar Charger/Solar BatteryCharger Prank is a fabulas app for free.Solar Battery Charger prankdoesn't charge in real but it behave like charging battery by usingsolar power or sun power. solar charger prank is only for joke ,fun and entertainment.Simply start the solar app put it in the sunand watches as it regenerates your phones battery.Tell your friendsabout this solar charger prank app and enjoy with them.Features ofSolar Charger/Solar Battery Charger Prank • Free app• Open SolarBattery Charger prank app.• Solar Battery Charger Simulator•Beautiful charging interface.• Attractive Graphics• Not IncreasingCharge level pranksolar charger prank application is a joke anddeveloped for fun and entertainment purpose only.SolarCharger/Solar Battery Charger Prank a free application that is onlyfor fun.Share this app with your friends and family and enjoy thisapp.