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Smart Calculator is a FREE calculator app which contains basiccalculator, scientific calculator, equation calculator and BMIcalculator. You can scan the math problems and get answers at oncewhen you’re doing math homework. Smart calculator will assist youwith all the math problems. Our install volume has already reach5,000,000+! DOWNLOAD it and try this smart function now! FEATURES:☆Scan Math Problems★ Take photo to solve math problems and getsolutions at once. ☆Basic Calculator★ Easy-to use calculator withpercentage. ☆Problem Checker★ Check and correct the wrong answersin your homework. ☆Multi-line Solver★ Solve Multi-line mathproblems on paper at one time. ☆Scientific Calculator★Multifunctional scientific calculator. ☆Equation Calculator★ Solvedifficult equations. ☆Simple Interface★ Simple but beautifuldesign. ☆BMI Calculator★ Calculate your health condition easily.☆Calculation history★ Check, copy and reuse your calculationhistory. Scan Math Problems “Scan Math Problems” is the mostcreative function of this calculator. Unlike the old calculator,you don’t need to input all the exercises one by one but take apicture and then you can get the solutions at once. Multi-lineSolver & Problem Checker Now we support to solve multiple mathproblems at one time. What's more, when you finish your mathhomework, you can use our Problem Checker function to check youranswers to see if it's correct or not. Basic Calculator The basiccalculator in this app contains add up, subtraction, multiplicationand division. What’s more, it includes the percentage calculationand brackets. It’s simple designed but has complete function.Scientific Calculator Slide up from the bottom of the keyboard andthe scientific calculator will be shown. This all-in-one scientificcalculator contains all the scientific calculations. You can dotrigonometric calculation, anti-trigonometric calculation, powercalculation, logarithmic calculation, square root calculation, cuberoot calculation, factorial calculation, π calculation and so on.Equation Calculator Are you annoying by the complex equationhomework? Are you still doing it by hand? Please forget this oldmethod now. With smart calculator, you just need to enter theformula and the equation calculator will give you answersautomatically. Simple Interface We insist that the simple is thebest, especially for calculator. It’s simple but it still keep allthe beauty factors. You’ll enjoy doing calculations with ourcalculator. Calculation history Slide down from the top of thekeyboard and your calculation history will be shown. It shows allthe calculation you done before so that you can copy, delete orreuse them. With Basic Calculator & Scientific Calculator, youcan do simple math problems. With Scan Math Problems function &Equation Calculator, you can do math problems simply.
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Female workout - lose weight at home Workout at home with noequipment needed, and u can get the perfect body you want byexercise. This is a tailor-made fitness product for women that doesnot require any equipment and can easily workout at home anytime,anywhere. The workout plan, scientifically arrange exercise andrest time. Exercise properly and rest reasonably can help youexercise safer. Professional action guidance, detailed descriptionof each action, simulation animation, and live video assistedteaching to help you easily control the action. We have absworkout, hip workout and full body workout, which can help youeffectively develop muscle lines to achieve weight loss, shape,enhance physical fitness or enhance strength. We also offer recipesfor fitness programs that recommend daily calorie intake based onyour fitness goals. Every meal recommended is nutritionallybalanced and you can clearly see their calories. Plus, you can scanyour prepared food and learn about its calories with a singleclick. We recommend slimming by sticking to exercise and a healthydiet. As a partner in your fitness, we will urge you to exercisedaily punching and daily punching. You can see your workout recordand weight changes in the report. At the same time, the reportautomatically calculates the BMI based on your height and weight,and scientifically knows your physical condition. Features: --Diverse workout plan -- No equipment required -- Animation andvideo guide -- Tracking weight changes -- Tracking the progress ofweight loss -- Track calories burned -- Training diet guidance --Daily diet record  - Calorie scanner - Suitable for everyone,who is a beginner or a fitness person Download now, keepexercising, to have a better body together! This picture is forillustration propose only, your actual results may vary.