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Snowboard Freestyle Skiing 🏂 6.1.0
Welcome to the ski resort on the snow-capped mountains in ourSnowboard Freestyle Skiing !Open this fast-paced ski stunt togetherat the beautiful snow mountain ski resort!To get to the finish linefaster, you need to show off your stunts continuously before youcan continue to accelerate!Game Features:◆ Exquisite game style,the perfect restoration of real ski competitions, the mostauthentic ski arena;◆ Continuously making pattern moves canmaximize scores and speed;◆ 40 levels;◆ 10 cool snowboards;◆Suitable for all Android 4.0 mobile phones;◆ No WiFi, no problem.🏂Stay balanced and enjoy this fast-paced snowboarding game !
Football- Real League Simulation 1.1.0
⚽️Whether you are a veteran football player or a new player,theFootball - Real League Simulation is worth to challenge!Unliketheaverage football league, they don’t have many rulesandrestrictions in this game!Create a brand new stickmanfootballgame, the operation is simple but the system is not, whichwouldgive you a refreshing game experience!Game Features:★ Moreracesare waiting for you: In addition to the World Cup, there areallkinds of top-notch events in the world, including theAmerica'sCup, the European Cup, the Stickman League, and women'sfootball.Can you conquer every football league?★ More teams waitingfor youto choose: There are a total of 135 teams including 40nationalteams and 95 league clubs. There must be your favorite teamhere,all teams can get it for free, use it for free. What areyouwaiting for? Come and lead the team to play it.★ variety ofgamemodes: 8 game modes: French European Cup mode, 24 nationalteamscompete for the final championship; season mode, including7matches for the America's Cup, women's football; leaguemode:including 4 German leagues including the German League; fastgamemode : All the teams are here. You can choose to play thegame.Skills practice mode: Practice shooting in variousdifficultconditions. Training mode: Practice cooperation amongteams,organize attacks; Penalty Wars: Turn opponents into penaltyshotsand defense, take the lead in winning 10 goals,customcompetitions: select opponents, set up games, and competeforchampionships;★ Simple to operate: The arrow keys on the lefttocontrol the movement of the character in each direction. Thereareonly two buttons on the right side to control the pass, shoot,andcontrol the player and steal. There are no excessivecontrolbuttons, which is simple to operate, classic passingteammates,through the other defense.Be careful to change yourattack at anytime in order to deal with different opponents!Play invariousleagues and World Cups to show your talents and make yourteam aworld-famous team!
Run Mania: Temple Rush 1.1.0
Run Mania: Temple Rush will bring you a brand new templeescapeexperience!Join this soul run, choose and control yoursoul!Run inthe mysterious jungle and become a real runner!GameFeatures:◆ Moresoul characters: 17 mysterious souls are waiting foryou to summon.Different characters have different special skills.You need tocontinuously collect gold coins in this endless escape.When theenergy bar is full, you can release the skills. Allcharacters canbe bought by gold coins, and collect gold coins tounlock morecharacters.◆ More cool skills: Unlock more characters togain thecharacter’s skills. You can earn gems, upgrade skills, andgainmore powerful effects during the temple escape. In addition,eachcharacter can carry a pair of additions to the main skills.Thenumber of different roles can be carried different skills;◆ Easytooperate: The character automatically runs forward, tilting theleftand right phone to control the left and right movement ofthecharacter, sliding the screen up and down to controlthecharacter's jumping and falling, and sliding the screen leftandright to control the character to turn left and right. If youaretripped by an obstacle, the monster behind you will catch you.;◆Perfect 3D game screen: Run Mania: Temple Rush uses a brandnewgame engine to create the smoothest, clearest 3D game screen.Thegame adapts to most devices and is easy to play!Don't lookback,keep running forward and challenge higher scores!Run Mania:TempleRush will subvert your perception of 3D running gamesanddefinitely make you feel refreshed
Wildland Animal Hunting 1.1.0
🐺The season of hunting is coming. It's time to bring your shotguntothe wildland and show your perfect hunting skills to theworld!Areyou ready to begin this exciting wild hunting tour?As aprofessionalhunter, your prey will not be slipped away from yourhands!GameFeatures:◆A variety of items are free to choose: Thereare 7 sniperrifles, 4 shotguns, 5 submachine guns, 2 pistols, 3special weapons,including all mainstream weapon types on themarket. The sniperrifle can accurately hit different part of theanimal's body. Riflesand shotguns can shot the animals in a widerange; In addition tothe weapon, the traffic tools is alsoindispensable in the wildworld, off-road vehicles can cross allthe complicated terrain; ifyou need to accurately hit the animal'sdifferent body parts, thenthe night vision instrument can helpyou;◆ Powerful equipmentupgrade system: There are 6 upgradesystems, damage, stability,sight, stability, time change, gunquality. There are 18 guns can beupgraded. Whether you are asniper rifle enthusiast or a rifleenthusiast, you can findsuitable weapons and upgrades for you inwild animal hunting.◆Perfect wild game environment: There are allthe famous huntinggrounds in the world: the prairies of Asia, therainforests ofSouth America, the deserts of Africa, and the GobiDesert in NorthAmerica, all of them are the favorite huntinggrounds to hunters,shuttle through the bushes and look for yourprey;◆ More wildanimals: The famous hunting grounds are here, asthe result, thereare species of wild animals. Deer, zebras,giraffes and antelope,and all of them are the favorite prey forhunters. Of course, inaddition to these herbivores, grizzly bears,cheetahs, cougars andother wild predators can also be captured, butthe danger is quitehigh. You need to be prepared to prevent themfrom launchingattacks;Go into the vast grassland hunting groundsand use yourshotgun to conquer these wild animals!Wildland AnimalHunting meetsyour desire for animal hunting and brings you a brandnew shootingexperience!