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Cube Gun Survival Games C10.1
A dark entity has taken hold of the blockyworld of Cube Gun. Once a peaceful land, the clans turned againstone another in a jealous rage. Where children once played in thestreet, instead, the blood of innocents spilled over thecountryside. This rival between worlds so angered the gods, theSoul Guardian descended from the skies, dealing a punishment towarlords and innocents alike. Without warning, without exemption,young and old alike began to transform. Now monstrous enemies coverthe land, their intent to kill and destroy anything and anyone intheir way to ultimate defeat.**** PREPARE FOR HUGE LEVELS *****In order to bring you the most explosively awesome experiencepossible, this super hit game has levels that are MASSIVE. We jampacked your game play with killer enemies, traps, and extensiveweaponry to locate and utilize. Because of this, load time canoften take awhile…Rate kindly! Please don't penalize us with a one-star review, afterall, this is a FREE game, and we just wanted to ensure you enjoyedan action packed thrill ride of a game so we jammed as much epiccombat as we could into this #1 highly anticipated arcade game.**** POWERFUL ENEMIES ****Monsters have invaded the lands, hiding among the towering trees ofthe forests, planning an ambush in the gardens, and creepingthrough the winding hallways of the mansion. These mighty fightersmake up the risen army of the gods. Walk the edge of survival alongthe frontline of this fast-paced first person shooter worldcraftstyle game where you must hunt the enemy that outnumbers you andprevail through the levels to become the ultimate victor andrestore peace to the block world.**** YOUR SPECIAL MISSION ****In a freak occurrence, you alone have been untouched by thispunishment. With this favor comes responsibility and now it lieswith you to save the blocky world from this terrible curse andrestore order to the worlds. Your mission is to battle these largerthan life enemies and fight for survival. During your quest, pickup special hidden weapons and rock awesome slow motion and megaspeed action! If you want to survive and thrive, quick reactionsare a must in this life and death struggle where explosivechallenges await you as you fight for ultimate bragging rights.**** EPIC LEVELS ****Amazingly crafted, each level is intense with its own set ofchallenges. Set against gorgeous backgrounds, you'll have to forceyourself to keep your eye on the prize and not let your gaze wondertoo long over the rolling expanse of awesome graphic scenery.Danger lurks around every corner, so keep watch on your healthlevel and the entity map provided to you. Navigate the night anddominate the battlefield, you are the hero of this brave frontier,act like it!Features:Hidden melee and firearm weaponsEntity mapHealth meterPrecision aimingStrategic game playSlow motion and speed up actionHand-to-hand combat
Mutant Block Ninja Games E1.5
In a world where militant officials hold theworld in their iron grip, there is no room for ordinary. Only oneof the highest skills and training can dare to ever challenge thecunning warlord and his blocky foot clans. The ultimate test ofskills awaits you. The world needs a hero. Are you ready to bravethis explosive frontier and navigate deadly enemies in this #1highly anticipated first person shooter action game?Fans of free online action games will love the challenging gameplay and awesome HD pixel graphics of this FPS game. Opposeaggressive enemy mobs, navigate winding worlds and challengingobstacles, and land explosive weapons. See and feel the action inthis retro-styled block world game and test your survival skills.The call to action is now.**** PREPARE FOR A BATTLE UNLIKE ANY OTHER*****In the remote hills of an ancient village sits a school unlikeany other. Beneath a rising sun, gifted children orphaned at birthare brought from all over the world. Under the guidance of Sensei,these Chosen Ones are groomed in all manner of discipline and areraised as warriors. Protected in the foothills of these majesticmountains, students have trained endlessly, honing their skills asninja warriors. As their training nears the end, their camp isbesieged by dark enemy forces that cripple their defenses. One byone the students fall, until only you are left, star pupil of therevered Sensei.With the wise words of your teacher guiding you, it is time toface this nefarious warlord and his dark war clans. The futurelooks grim unless you can gather the strength from your trainingand hunt these evil barbarians and restore peace to the worlds.It's time to show the world what you are made of and build your ownheroic ending.**** BATTLE ENEMY ARMIES ****Under the cover of nightfall, stealth armies appear from the mists,using fists and weapons alike. There is no room for error when youconfront these foes. Only precision aiming and skilled combat canoverpower these elite agents. It's time to take back the streetsand show this mob boss who is the ultimate warrior.The fight for victory begins in the dank underground sewerswhere seedy underworld villains appear by the numbers, each moredangerous than the next. These blood-thirsty foes are underhandedand numerous and they certainly don't play fair. Their lair is rifewith various tunnels that take you in circles. Don't get cornered!Many of these lead to dead ends.If you have the fortitude to overpower those lowlifes, you mustproceed aboveground where your mission is to rid the world of thevillains who lurk in the dark corners of the city streets. Stygianstars tremble above yellowed city lights as you battle with skilledninjas who are waiting to pounce as you navigate the windingstreets to confront these cunning warriors atop famed buildings ofepic proportions. Here quick reflexes mean the difference betweensuccess and plummeting to your doom.**** EPIC LEVELS ****-Extensive weaponry awaits you through the levels. Swords,crossbows, guns and more are at your disposal... if you have theeye to find them.-Explore thrilling, 3D landscapes that puts you at the center ofthe action.-Make use of your entity map and health meter and be preparedfor the battle of a lifetime.-Take on new enemies and battle your way through a myriad ofchallenging levels, each bigger and more dangerous than thelast.-As the game progresses, be prepared to war with mobs of armyclan fighters that increase in numbers as you advance while pickupsbecome scarce.-Enjoy explosive speed variations that makes for an awesomecinematographic feel.The pixilated worldcraft-style universe has never been thisexplosively aggressive before. Critical thinking, fast reflexes,and dominating moves are your key if you want to survive thiswarzone. Are you up for the challenge?
Hobbit Blocks - Dragon Rider C10.1
Quest to reclaim the lost kingdom from thefearsome Clan X in Hobbit Blocks - Dragon Rider, a thrilling gamewhere high intensity meets high energy and makes for epic gameplay. For fans of free action games, this medieval-themed blockworld supplies you with awesome HD pixel graphics and easyinterface game play that will have you at the edge of your seat!***WALK THE EDGE OF SURVIVAL***The evil warlord who reigns over the region has threatened yourpeople and stolen the land that legend claims rightfully belongs toyou. Though an unlikely hero you make, you must become the fearlessleader your clans need you to be. Though this journey will take youthrough a treacherous land swarming with enemy fighters, you mustfind the courage to uncover the truth behind the mighty war wizardsand their monster minions who dare deprive you of the landbelonging to your ancestors.Fight trolls, orcs, and powerful war wizards all while stormingenemy territory ripe with unspeakable dangers in Hobbit Blocks -Dragon Rider, the hit adventure game you've been dying to get yourhands on. This quest is a lifetime coming as you reconquer thestolen magical realm of your ancestors.Chapter I.Amid the bucolic hills of an ancient medieval town, you areenjoying a cold ale in the jovial tavern of Id when the place isswarmed with trolls. Armed with only your bare fists, you fight foryour life as it seems you are their target. It is then that youoverhear them speak of the warlord and his orders that you-- theChosen One-- must be vanquished before his kingdom is threatened bythe mighty legend that would have him slain if you survive.Battling your way with fist and a miscellany of found weaponry, youfight these monsters that have mobbed both the tavern itself aswell as the cluster of farm huts that dot the hillside of yourhomeland.Chapter II.Knowing well this fable, you merely thought it nothing more than achild's bedtime story. With the understanding now that you are thelead of this legend, you are left amazed and slightly terrified, ifnot also exhilarated to start out on this journey that wouldrestore the kingdom to its former glory.Armed with the words of an ancient wizard from a favored book,you embark on a journey that takes you through the wastelands of adeserted mountain where word has spread of your quest. Here youmust escape the goblin tunnels where your life is yet threatenedagain. Armored with the magical elements of a ring inherited by along dead ancestor, you find yourself more than well equipped tohandle yourself against these legendary foes.Chapter III.Along your journey, you learn what devastation this fearsomewarlord has wrought on the region. Knowing now more than ever thatthe lands must be free of this dictatorship, you are ready to bravethe undefeatable fortress where he hands down his cruel laws. Thiscastle, so deep within the gnarled claws of the malevolent forest,is impenetrable. Said to house underground passages, you begin yourstrategy of entry. It is here the final battle begins. Through thedank and dark tunnels of the warlord's palace and on to the throneroom, rich in gold and jewels, you will make a name for yourselfthat will continue the legends for generations more to come. Hereyou will prove the true hero you are and reclaim the throne in thename of Blocky Kind!CREATE A WINNING STRATEGY AND OVERCOME POWERFUL FOESIn this retro-styles pixel art action game you play as the heroin a high-stakes fist shooter block world where you are the hero.Navigate obstacles, avoid snipers, and fight to survive. Smooth,intuitive controls make it easy to run through levels and extractrevenge on your enemies. Explosive and addictive play awaits you inthis worldcraft style game. This is Hobbit Blocks - DragonRider.Features:- Exciting 3D action- Intuitive touch controls- Challenging enemies- Various melee and firearms weaponry- Pickups include speed, health, and ammo
Zombie Survival Hunter Games 2 1.0
Zombie Survival Hunter Games 2 is ablockbusterhit, loaded with the newest and best features! Downloadthis gametoday and experience for yourself one of the best Zombieshootergames available on the market, completely free!✲✲✲GAME STORY✲✲✲The zombie apocalypse has started. You are one of the lastremaininghumans left. You grab your weapon and prepare to fightthe zombieand monster hordes in the last beacon of hope for thehumans.Protect the human stronghold, you must remain alive and destroyallthe zombies.Mankind is counting on you!***GAME PLAY***This game is a top down survival zombie shooter. There are morethan5 different weapon types that will help you mow down the wavesofzombies.But be careful, the enemies get stronger and more difficultwitheach new wave.Earn coins by destroying enemies, and earn weapons to buypowerupswhich will help you in battle, and the rare golden weapons,whichare more powerful and shiny than the normal ones!Are you the best zombie hunter in the world? Submit your scoretothe worldwide leaderboards!Features:-User friendly interface with touch pad controls-Wave based action-Power-ups-More than 5 different weapons to collect and use!-Fast paced battles!
Alien Cow Balloon Escape 1.1
The Feds are after your floating alien cow.Canyou speed down the roads fast enough to evade capture,whilecollecting enough helium blobs to keep your floating cow intheair?HOW TO PLAYAvoid crashing by:- swiping up and down to change lanes- swiping right and left to boost and brakeCollect helium blobs to keep your cow aloft.- Too many or too few and she'll explode!ENDLESS road tripUNLOCK cool tractorsEasy SWIPE controlsCREDITS-------------GAME BY:Rodolfo Valezin, Clinton Blackmore and William Alvarez.MUSIC"Corncob" Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License art provided free by
League of Thrones - MMORPG RPG 1
The fight for justice has begun. Join inthebattle when you download League of Thrones MMORPG RPG todayandexperience the exciting RPG adventure on your mobiledeviceanytime, anywhere. In a world of chaos and mayhem you mustbuildyour legion of warriors to defeat the evil that rules thisvastfantasy world rife with challenges. Enhance your skill onthebattlefield where skill and strategy define your success.Gainstrength in your travels and become undefeatable!STORYLINE:The first blade that a boy owns, whether it is made of steelorwood, whether possessing a leather or jeweled hilt, whetherbluntor sharp--is part of him...Fighting for dominance is the fight for respect and power.Allrealms understand this, but unlike these alter worlds, our worldisnot made up of good and evil. Our world is forged ofdemonsfighting against each other, and we--once belonging to theseotherworlds-- are caught in the crossfire. No, worse than that-- wearea part of the battle. Upon entering this realm, our soulshavebecome a highly desired commodity, and the demons are fightingtoclaim it at the same time. This is not an easy war we fight. Itismade even more difficult because the humans who are trapped inthisrealm have been separated and now span the land. It is vital tooursuccess that we band together. We must build an army anddefendourselves. We must defeat these horrible enemies. My onlyhope isthat the humans of this horrid world see this truth and arewillingto band together instead of tear down their own kind. Inthisworld, so much is unpredictable. All we can do is fight.ABOUT THE GAME:Numerous quests and endless enemies await you in this brutalworld.While the battles are intense, the stunning 3D effects meanawesomedynamic battle, stunning effects, and smooth combo strikes.Recruita team of powerful warriors and battle the enemy in realtime gameplay. Test your skills and see how you rank. Move andattack in adiverse range of battlefields and daily quests. Earnachievementsand join other fighters to defeat brutal bosses. Awhole world ofadventure awaits. Conquer it!Game Features:-Player vs. Boss-Player vs. Player-Player vs. All Player-Team vs. Team-Boss Fight-Conquer Random Events-Daily Challenges
Mutant Block Ninja Games 2 C10.1
Brace yourself for a battle that will rockthenations in Mutant Block Ninja Games 2. Mutant enemy numberone,Blockadious and the nefarious dark warlord are set to recruittheirown mutant army in exposing the human race to theiradvancedradiation technology that alters the mind and bodies ofthoseexposed.**** PREPARE FOR MASSIVE GAME PLAY *****Mutant Block Ninja Games 2 bring you a most explosively epicFPSexperience like you've never seen before. This super hit gamehaslevels that are MASSIVE and is jam packed with powerfulenemies,vast weaponry, and extensive terrain. Because of this, loadtimecan often take awhile…Rate kindly! Please don't penalize Mutant Block Ninja Games2with a one-star review, after all, this is a FREE game, and wejustwanted to ensure you enjoyed an action-packed, thrill-ride ofagame. We jammed as much epic combat as we could into this #1highlyanticipated sequel.**** POWERFUL ENEMIES ****Once a pupil to the revered Sensei, you lived and trained withtheChosen Ones. Under his guidance you became an elite fighter,poisedto lead your class in a war against the nefarious warlord andhisdark war clans, but when a powerful enemy and his footclansbesieged the camp, your classmates and Sensei lost the battlewhileyour sheer force of will drove you to continue to fight tothebitter end. Or at least, what you thought was the bitterend...The dark warlord is back and he is not alone. Althoughyougreatly crippled his defenses, his intent to rise to glory hasonlyincreased in the many years since you foiled his attacks. Fromafarthis war master has kept a keen eye on you and the secretschoolyou amassed in Sensei's honor.In a repeat of history, this warlord has seen to it that thatnoninja will dare threaten his ascension to domination. This time,hehas brought an entirely new breed of enemies with the helpofBlockadious and his devious radiation technology. Withthispowerful device the warlord can amass his army fromvirtuallyanywhere as he bends the minds and bodies of the everydayman tohis will.**** YOUR MISSION ****Your mission begins in the remote hills of a small village,muchlike the one where you yourself grew up. Although the attackwasunexpected, your quick thinking leads to your survival and thefallof your enemies. As the mission progresses, you are taskedwithfinding and eliminating the threat of all of the remainingmutanttechnology. This part of your mission involves thebrutalassassination of a plethora of devastating enemies. As theclimaxof battle draws near, your quest to ensure the domination ofthenation does not come to pass leads you straight to the lair ofthedevious warlord where you have a bounty upon your head andeveryevil foot clan is set to see your defeat.**** EPIC LEVELS ****Amazingly crafted, each intense level is rife with its own setofchallenges. Set against stunning backgrounds, you'll have toforceyourself to keep your eye on the prize and not let your gazewonderover the rolling expanse of awesome pixilated graphicscenery.Danger looms large, so keep watch on your health level andtheentity map provided to you. Locate and utilize perks such asammo,health and speed pickups to aid you in your quest. Plan todominatethe battlefield, you are the hero of this brave frontier.Surviveand thrive.Features---Immersive first-person shooting experience-Large arsenal of weapons to choose from-Hand-to-hand combat option-Precision aiming-Block world style graphics and tight controls-Three challenging levels:*Village*Medieval Castle*Training Facility