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Emoji Quiz - Guess the Movie 3.0
The World Leader in quiz games presents one oftheir most cute instalment to you in the form of Emoji Quiz.You just have to guess the name of the movie based on the emojispresented to you. Playing with emoji's has never been so fun andyou can spend hours guessing the movie. You can test your memorypower and your love for movies both at a time using emoji quiz.Emojis are waiting to tell you the names of the movies, it's yourturn to guess them now. Go for it!Game features- Fun to play- Cuteness that makes you smile- 200 movie names- Emojis in their best avatar
Guess Upp Emoji : Find Emoji 1.0
Are you ready for a guessing game like noneother?!The Guess Upp Emoji : Find Emoji will entertain you forhours!Everyone can play this game by simple guessing! Its Easy time passgame!!Do you want to play the most fun emoji guessing game on the go?!Play Guess Up for free !You will be presented with multiple emoji puzzles and letters, youwill have to guess what the emojis represent.Player comments:"Guess Upp Emoji : Find Emojii Nice memory game, addictive""Guess Upp Emoji : Find Emojii Amazing game very good timepass""Guess Upp Emoji : Find Emoji I love this game very much""Guess Upp Emoji : Find Emoji Brings back memories""Guess Upp Emoji : Find Emoji Fun Game!"Solve it!!! now
Guess the Country Quiz 3.0
From the industry leader in quiz games, herecomes another quiz game for the globetrotter in you!This is a simple yet addictive game for the person who lovesvisiting places. We have put together photos of some of the mostinteresting and famous places in the world. All you have to do isrecognise the place with the help of the photo.Start playing the most entertaining game of 2014 that will help youimprove your memory and also increase your General Knowledge. Thisapp is also for kids and adults looking for an interesting way tospend time.***** Game Features *****- Addiction guaranteed- Helps improve your memory and general knowledge- Beautiful user interface- Looks perfect on both phones and tablets
Super Tank Battle Tactics 1.0
Super Tank Battle Tactics is a Turn BasedStrategy Game where the player controls from more then 10+ tanksand systematically take turns to figure out ways to defeat theopponent by destroying all the tanks.Features:Main Campaign of 20 Missions8 Game Types12+ Tank TypesSkirmish Mode to practice
Puzzle Dragons Free 1.0
Puzzle Dragons consists of multiplelevelswhere you have to score more points each level. Will you beable toget enough points to get through to the next round?Like most popular match-3 puzzle games, all you have to do is link3or more same gems to destroy the dragon, you can also usepower-upsto destroy multiple gems at once. You can play itcasually-butbattling, collecting and levelling up can also providehours of fun.Battle the enemy legion by linking 3 or moreelemental gems on thegame board. Match 3 or more of the same gemsthat matches yourmonster's element to attack. Try Puzzle Dragonsnow.Puzzle Dragons Free Features :- Magnificent gameplay alongside great graphics!- Over 100 levels with an incremental level of complication.- Progressive difficulty level to keep both kids andadultsentertained
Gem Match 3 1.0
Fun and addictive game: Gem Match 3, is agamecan be played by anyone, and you can expect the ultimateinexplosive fun with Gem Crushing ! Your goals is to crush thegemsuntil the board transparency. Match 3 until you run out ofmoves inthis fun puzzle game. Earn awesome power ups and combinethem foreven bigger gem explosions. What’s your high score? Startmatchingand crushing and play Gem Match 3 today! If you love Gemgames, GemMatch 3 is the perfect game for you! Try to get all starsin eachlevel. Once you start, with satisfying and awesome visualeffects,you can't stop!Gem Match 3 Features:- Enjoyable and Addictive gameplay- 32 Challenging levels- Easy-to-play interface with outstanding graphics.
Shadow Quiz 2.0
The most awesome Cartoon CHARACTERS packedintoONE game Guess the Shadow is the coolest cartoons of alltime!Challenge yourself to guess the names of famous cartoons. Seehowmany you can recognise!!HOW MANY OF THEM DO YOU KNOW?Have a look at the shadow-image and guess the CHARACTER!It'ssimple to play and a lot of FUN! This game will take you onajourney to meet the best cartoon characters in the historyofentertainment!Imagine all the movie cartoons, funny, comic, TV cartooncharactersthat you have grown up watching. Well, you are gettingall of themin ONE game!But can you recognise them? This game is truly anentertainingchallenge!EARN BRAGGING RIGHTS!
SHARETHEFUN!Over 100 picture puzzle games to guess
Logo Quiz - Guess the Brand 3.0
The World Leader in quiz games presentsthemost interesting quiz game ever!We have brought together the logos from top 200 global brandsandpackaged them into a most interesting and challenging quizgameever.Come join the league of people who challenge their memoryandgeneral knowledge everyday trying to recognise the mostfamousbrands from their logos. This is a game of fun, challengeandaddiction.Game features:- Fun and intuitive- Keep yourself upto date with the top global brands- Test your memory and challenge the limits
Pick Quiz 1.0
The Ultimate Quiz Pack is finally here:PickQuiz!Download Pick Quiz today and test your knowledge abouteverythingyou can imagine!Pick Quiz Consists of Picture Quizzes of Football, Emoji,Movies,Celebrities, Logos and many many more! It also has theNational FlagQuizWith Pick Quiz you will never have to purchase another Quizgameon the Google Play StorePick Quiz is the only game to feature over 900 Questions!! Sowhatare you waiting for?? Download for Free and increase yourknowledgetoday!★★★★ Features ★★★★✔✔ Tablet and Phone support✔✔ All Quiz games in One✔✔ More than 800 Questions✔✔ Free!!!
Guess Celebrity - Movie Stars 3.0
Guess the celebrities and movie stars. Oneofthe most exciting game with 100s of top celebrities from acrosstheworld.We have handpicked individual celebrities which includesmoviestars and TV actors from US, UK, Mexico, Korea, India, Koreaandmany more countries.This celebrity quiz is so fun, it will also be one of themostaddictive game you will play this season. Come, start guessingthestars and test your skills.★★★★★ Game Features ★★★★★- Designed to be phone and tablet friendly- Fast, responsive UI- Addictive and fun to play
Football Club Quiz - Brazil 3.0
The World Leader in quiz games presents oneoftheir most challenging game for the football fan in you -TheFootball Club Quiz, Brazilian Edition.You have to guess the name of the football club based on thelogoshown to you.Football is one of the most popular game in the world withmillionsof followers across the world. This is your chance to testwhereyou stand among the millions of football fans.Come start guessing the football club with true spirits andshowyour sporty side to the world!Game features:- Hundreds of clubs from across the world put together atoneplace.- A game of pride for every true football fan- Guaranteed fun for hours
Football Games 1.1
One of the ★★BESTSELLING★★ 3D Football gamesisfinally here on the Google Play Store!!For all the hardcore Football fans out there, we present toyouFootball Games 3D for Free, Where you can choose yourfavouriteteams and compete for the coveted championship. Show offyourfootball skills in Football 3D Free.Awesome 3D visuals will keep you hooked on for a long time.Oneof the best 3D Football games in the marketPlay Football Games today!!❖❖❖❖ Features❖❖❖❖✔✔ Top football teams✔✔ Tablet and Phone Support✔✔ Console quality graphics✔✔ 3D visuals and fluid Animations✔✔ Free✔✔ One of the best Football games
Rocket Jump Extreme 1.0.0
Rocket Jump Extreme is insanely addictive,anddeliciously re-playable arcade game with procedural levels.How high can you push rockets? Guide your rockets to thehighestdistance into the stars and Make sure you collect the powerups,astronauts, and coins. And be warned: Rocket Jump Extremeisinsanely addictive!Rocket Jump Extreme Features :- Procedural Levels.- Awesome power-ups to pick-up- Trippy obstacles to avoid- Upgrade Rocket
Football Players Quiz - Brazil 3.0
Football Players Quiz 2014 is now out ontheGoogle Play Store!! One of the best Quiz games of 2014 isfinallyhere!Now’s the time to test your knowledge of football playerswithFootball Players Quiz 2014!! Football Players Quiz 2014 is agamefull of fun that consists on guessing the names of hundredsoffootball players and managers from different countries.How many soccer players do you know? How many managers do youknow?In this game you can show us! You will find the bestsoccerplayers, trainers and managers in the world. You have 200footballplayers to recognize…..Download it now! One guess and you’ll be hooked!★★★★★Quiz Game Features★★★★★✔✔ More than 200 Football players, mangers and trainers
✔✔ Designed for both Tablet and Phones
Guess the Country Flag Quiz 3.0
The World Leader in quiz games presentsthemost engaging game for the global audience.You just have to guess the country based on the flag. Playingwithflags has never been so fun and you can spend hours guessingthecountry. You can test your memory power and your loveforcountries. It's your turn to prove that you are theflagexpert.Come, start guessing the countries and engage in the mostintuitivegame of 2014******** Game features ********- Fun to play- Over 200 flags to keep you entertained for hours- Awesome fluid user interface- For people of all ages