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Photo College Creator 1.1
Photo College CreatorPhoto College Creator application through your different photo tocrate in one album or frame with your different style of photo alsoprovide different frame with new colors also you add differentbackground and texture.Photo College Creator application provides the different effect ofyour photo also you add the different sticker of your photo and addtext also add your favorite frame.Photo College Creator application also adds your family’s photo orother photo added.Share your creation with your friend or families through socialapp.
Flash Blink on Clap 1.2
Flash Blink on ClapYou like different Flash Light with different color like green,red, blue or more.If any time in your house light is not that time you must needtorch. But in dark night you not find the torch.Flash Blink on Clap application through you gets any time flashlight just you clap your hand and flash light is on.You must need the camera flash light to on the flash light alsoyour device has gesture sensor you strike your hand and flash lightis start.Also you enable or disable the Flash Blink on Clapapplication.
Slow Video Maker 1.1
Slow Video MakerSlow Video Maker is app which will create video in slow speed. Makea slow motion video and have fun! This app will create slow videowhich will be very slower compare to original video.• Slow Video Maker will fetch all your video in app fromdevice.• You can choose your favorite video for make slow.• You can also choose particular portion of video to make slow withthe help of time interval.• You can set factor like 1/x, 2/x, 3/x up to 10/x for ultra slowmotion.• This app supports all video formats to create slow video.• You can save created video and share it with your lovedonce.
Full Screen Incoming Call 1.3
Full Screen Incoming CallFull Screen Incoming Call application to you shows the any personis calling you this person photo or image show in your devicesscreen.You also use the incoming call, outgoing call, Sms, Email orother.You also select photo from gallery or camera and set as the callerphoto. Also you give different effect or theme selects yourphoto.
Night View Camera 1.0
Night View CameraIn dark night to not show the any type of thing or activity toclear. You must need for the light in dark place.Night View Camera through you shows in dark night. And also takea photo in night. Night View Camera is the preferable application.This night view camera through you gets the photo in darknightThis camera automatically accommodates the any type of phase andcircumstances.Also this Night View Camera support front and back camera. Alsoyou take a video in high quality.Also take picture in night automatically adjust the light orflesh sensitivity.Also save this photo to in the gallery. Also this photo to setas wallpaper.Also you set the camera to zoom, rotate, brightness low orhigh.Also share this night vision photo through social sites withyour friends.Disclaimer:-This application is not supported and not affiliated any type ofagency or organization.Night View Camera is the totally fake application. This applicationonly made for enjoyment.Not use any type of name, trademark and other structure of theapplication and owned by their respective owners.
Add MP3 File to Video 1.2
Add MP3 File to VideoWant to see your favorite video with your favorite music? Add MP3to Video is right place for you. You can simply add your favoriteaudio in your selected video.You can select any mp3 audio or video from your device. This appsupports all formats of video. You can also select any portion ofaudio to add in video.You can set time interval for select particular portion. You caneasily save your video with your favorite audio in your device andshare it with your friends and family.
Lite Mp3 Cutter 1.1
Lite Mp3 CutterLite Mp3 Cutter is an easy and fast use application for cut audio.Using this application you can cut the best or favorite part ofaudio fast. You can choose recorded audio also for cut.You can set this audio as your ringtone/alarm alert tone/ musicfile/notification tone.You can saved and share audio after cut it. Make your own ringtonefast and easy. Application is intended to make music editing soeasy and fun.
Fake Caller Id Free 1.2
Fake Caller Id FreeFakes Caller Id Free Phone Call is just the fun game.You want any celebrity call you like model, actor, chief ministeror more. So your wish is complete now.You use the Fakes Caller Id Free Phone Call app through you choosethe different character and also you talk your favoritecharacter.You choose any person image and to caller screen.
Spy/Secret Camera Recording 1.0
Spy/Secret Camera RecordingThis application allowed you to record secretly. Thisapplicationis very useful for capturing videos and images withoutknowing theothers. You can Records video in background while yourdevice isblocked or another app is running. Using Spy/SecretCamera Recordingapplication you can record video using front orback camera onchoice. You can saved your recorded videos on SDcard and play it.Different quality options are available likehigh, medium and lowfor recording.
Blur Image background 1.1
Blur Image backgroundBlur Image Background applications through you blur your backgroundimage and also your photo to make the focus photo means your phototo only you are highlighted.You capture the different type of photo indifferent place. Yourpicture is capture with unwanted people, bird or more.You remove this image to your photo is deleted. So don’t worry BlurPhoto Background applications through you blur you’re behindbackground and make your photo to marvelous.
My Photo Auto Changer 1.2
My Photo Auto ChangerMy Photo Auto Changer application through you makes your own photowallpaper and automatically change your photo in your devicesscreen.You select your photo from camera and gallery and give timeduration. All photos move or change your device screenautomatically.Also this My Photo Auto Changer shares with your friends orfamilies through social app.
Snap Video to Photo 1.2
Snap Video to PhotoSnap Video to Photo provides facility snap your photo from yourgallery videos. Sometimes you take video on any occasion and forgotto take pictures at that time this is best app for you.You can grab multiple photos from single frame of video and choosethe best one to save. You can select video from your internal or SDstorage and snap using click capture button and take particularmoment.You can easily delete unwanted photos and saved you favorite oneand share it. This app have user friendly interface for snap photosfrom video.
Perfect Drum Set 1.1
Perfect Drum SetPerfect Drum Set is our traditional or mordent music instrumentswith different sound play. You like very much Perfect Drum Set andalso you have passion for this Perfect Drum Set also you go anyfestival and your child show drum and tell you I want this drum.You give your mobile drum and he is happy with this Perfect DrumSet.Also you are very tire and you want relaxing music you listenPerfect Drum Set and relaxing your mind and fell better.Perfect Drum Set application through you gets drum with differentsound look like real. Also this application through you gets otherdrum instrument with different sound. Also you share thisapplication with your friends or families through social app.
Tabla 1.3
TablaTabla is our traditional music instruments with different soundplay. You like very much Tabla and also you have passion for thisTabla also you go any festival and your child show Tabla and tellyou I want this Tabla. You give your mobile Tablas and he is happywith this Tabla.Also you are very tire and you want relaxing music you listenTablas and relaxing your mind and fell better.Tablas’s application through you gets Tabla with different soundlook like real. Also this application through you gets otherinstrument with different sound. Also provide other instrument likedrum, dhoal, gitar or more instruments with different sound.Also you share this application with your friends or familiesthrough social app.
App Phone to SD Card Mover 1.1
App Phone to SD Card MoverApp Phone to SD card Mover allows you to move application fromphone memory to SD card. You can move any file from phone to SDcard in any folder. You can move multiple file at a sametime.You can see application details like name, size, and installationtime and apk path. Using this application you can manage memoryspace very easily.This application provides very easy and user friendly interface.You can short available application by name size or time.
Door Lock Screen 1.1
Door Lock ScreenYou use different lock screen with different pattern through secureyour data or private or sensitive data. You wants totally differentlock screen.Door Lock Screen application through you gets totally new stylelock screen just you touch the door handle and open lock screen oradd password and open your lock.Any time you change this password easily. Also you change differentdoor background for your lock screen.You also on or off your lock screen also on off your lock screensound.
Water Drop Ripple Effects 1.2
Water Drop Ripple EffectsWater Drop Ripple Effect Live Wallpaper gives the different or livewater drop in different place and gives your screen to very soaklook like real.In Water Drop Ripple Effect Live Wallpaper through you give yourscreen to totally natural look.Also provides the sound of that water drop and also change thespeed of that Water Drop Effect Live Wallpaper.You remove Water Drop Ripple Effect Live Wallpaper to long press onyour screen.Water Drop Ripple Effect Live Wallpaper is user interface and useruse to very graceful. This wallpaper provides high quality of yourscreen.Features:-Water Drop Ripple Effect Live Wallpaper gives gallant livewallpaper.Also set timer to change constant that wallpaper.Gives different nature look on your phone.Very easy to use and attractive.Provides high quality wallpaper.You also set this live wallpaper as followHome----Menu---Wallpapers---Live Wallpapers
Piano 1.2
PianoPiano is our mordent music instruments with different sound play.You like very much Piano and also you have passion for this Pianoalso you go any festival and your child show piano and tell you Iwant this piano. You give your mobile drum and he is happy withthis piano.Also you are very tire and you want relaxing music you listen pianoand relaxing your mind and fell better.Piano’s application through you gets drum with different sound looklike real. Also this application through you gets other pianoinstrument with different sound. Also you share this applicationwith your friends or families through social app.
Speak to Flashlight on/off 1.1
Speak to Flashlight on/offSpeak to Flashlight on/off application through you gets any timeflash light just you speak one word and flash light is on. You mustneed the camera flash light to on the flash light also your devicehas gesture sensor you speak your word and flash light isstart.You set the word in your Speak to Flashlight on/off applicationalso any time you change this word. Also Enable or Disable thisapplication.Disclaimer:Speak to Flashlight on/off application is not endorsed by oraffiliated with any agency.Speak to Flashlight on/off application is not endorsed by oraffiliated with any social app, names, trademarks, and otheraspects of the app trademarked and owned by their respectiveowners.
Transparent Id Caller 1.0
Transparent Id CallerTransparent ID Caller makes solid plastic you look likewatertransparent screen. You also show any thing behindyourdevices.Transparent ID Caller you taking call any person also showbehindbackgrounds your devices. You also handled your phone formalwaywith transparent screen.Also you playing any games and any call is incoming you notstopthe game also show which person is calling you. Also acceptthecall without stop the game. These applications give the smallpopupnotification.Using this application your mobile while walking on road ordrivevehicles and easily ignore accidents.Transparent ID Caller is also saving the battery of yourmobilephone.And also use the camera or cell phone to parallel.
App Move/Uninstall/Share 1.1
App Move/Uninstall/ShareApp Move/Uninstall/Share application allowed you to moveapplications available in your device to SD card or SD card to yourdevice. It’s also allowed for uninstall any installed application.You can share your installed application to other device or yourfriend using different options.This application helps you like your personal device manager. Youcan see all installed applications and their details like size andupdates in one place.You can also take backup before uninstall application. Send yourfriends directly application installation files (APK) withoutrequiring phone network. Using this application you can sharemultiple applications at a time.
Draw Glow Paint 1.2
Draw Glow PaintDraw Glow Paint application is particular made for the children todraw any image with glowing effect. Children use this applicationeasily and draw picture on canvas. You memorable your childactivity through this application.Draw Glow Paint application through you chooses any size of brush.Also select different color of brush or select different size ofline. Also these applications provide the different color likerainbow, sketch or more.Also you draw the different shape picture with figure and also yougive this picture to glowing and lighting effect.You give the background color of your image. Draw picture and makeany type of lapse to provide eraser to erase that lapse or makeglowing picture.You also set this glowing picture to set on wallpaper. And alsosave this picture to your gallery and also share this glowingpicture with your friends or family through social app.
Cube Effect Live Wallpaper 1.2
Cube Effect Live WallpaperYou like different wallpaper or different shape to decorate yourdevice screen. You like cube live wallpaper also you show yourphoto continuously move or rotate on your device screen.Cube Effect Live Wallpaper provides the best or totally new livewallpaper. Also you select your own photo and set that photo onyour cube.Cube Effect Live Wallpaper provides different 6side. You selectphoto from gallery and camera and make cube image to complete. Alsoyou change speed of that cube. These photo creation shares withyour friends or families through social app.
Text on Image/ Photo 1.2
Text on Image/ PhotoText on Image/Photo application provide the different type of texteffect like 3D text, rounded text, square text or more type of textprovided.You set your own photo on the home screen and also you want towrite name on your photo.So your wish is complete Text on Photo application provide thedifferent text you’re your own name or other name on yourphoto.Also you give your screen to totally different look.Also you share this creation with your friends or families throughsocial app.
My Name unlock Screen 1.1
My Name unlock ScreenThe entire android mobile give unique lock screen background. MyName unlock Screen application chooses the custom background andmakes your lock screen to attractive.You select your own photo from gallery and camera and also set yourown name on the lock screen. And give the effect of your photo likebrightness, gray, shadow or other effect.Also set your photo to circle or rectangle shape. You also givecorner of that shape and color of that corner. You also selectphoto background from the inbuilt collection and also selectgallery and camera.You also select ON or OFF the button like you not put the image inlock screen to OFF the “lock screen” option.You also select the lock screen sound ON or OFF.My name lock screen application is user interface and easy to use.User uses this app to very gracefully.
Torch light on call 1.3
Torch light on callTorch Light on call is simple Android application which will useyour camera flash to make flash alert while incoming call as wellas incoming sms.This application helps you to find a phone when you put your devicemisplaced or your device is in silent mode. This applicationusually used when you are at noisy place where you don't listen toyour ringtone and that time you have incoming call.You can set flash interval, flash light blinking speed fromsetting.
Video Collage Maker 1.1
Video Collage MakerYou add multiple video in single frame also you add all this videoin frame style. You add one, two, three or more video. Also youplay all this video at a time.Video Collage Maker applications through you convert your photo orimage to video. You just convert all photos to video or VideoCollage Maker. You just select photo from camera and gallery andconvert photo to video Collage maker. Also you add differentsticker and also you put background music. You play your slideshowmusic is automatically play.You remember all photo your life child hood to young. And thisvideo or slideshow share with your friends or families throughsocial app.
Video To MP3 1.2
Video To MP3Video to MP3 app converts any video to mp3 with most effectivelyand smoothly in your device. It is like extract audio from yourvideo.• You can choose your favorite video from your device to convertmp3.• Video to MP3 supports all video formats.• You can choose your favorite portion of video to convert mp3 byselecting time interval.• You can set extracted mp3 file as your ringtone, alarm tone ornotification sound.• You can save mp3 file in your device. You can easily shareconverted mp3 file with your friends and family.• Video to MP3 app is very easy and user friendly.
Birthday Countdown LWP 1.1
Birthday Countdown Live WallpaperEveryone loved to wish happy birthday to their loved one. BirthdayCountdown Live Wallpaper is application for everyone who wants toremained birthday to their family and friends. Birthday is treatedas a big day of everyone life, hence this birthday countdown appwill help you a lot. This app will manage the birthday remindersfor and show countdown wallpaper on your home or lock screen. Thisapp help you to easy to remind all the birthday’s and events.• You can insert birthdates for countdown.• This app automatic calculates of the age and time until thebirthday.• You can set different theme for available calendar.• This app show you count down the days, hours, minutes, andseconds to your birthday with this app that will give you an exacttime until your special day!• This app is very easy to use and provide you beautifulgraphics.
Two Face Changer 1.2
Two Face ChangerTwo Face Changer application through you gets beautiful andstunning pictures of popular Hollywood Actress, Hollywood Actor,politician or other famous celebrity. Two Face Changer lets you caneasily change faces in photos. Change your face, friends or changeface in any image.You can replace your face with the image which is near to yourheart .Select your favorite picture and replace your face them andyou can save the image and share the image to your friends and youcan enjoy.Take picture in gallery and camera or save it from your photoalbums.Change your photo size and rotation, shape, zoom, crop etc. You canalso apply different effect for photo. Also Share your createdphoto on social media.You will enjoy their unseen pictures. This application will be yourall time favorite entertainer.
Reverse Movie Maker 1.1
Reverse Movie MakerReverse Movie Maker helps to reverse your selected video and createa new one. You can select video from gallery or record it withdevice camera.After selecting video you can decide portion of selected video bydeciding start and end point. You can see preview of reverse videobefore creating. You can easily save created video in your device,rename it and share it with your friend.This app is very easy to use because of its user friendly UI. Otherinteresting features of this app in no data connectivityrequired.
Pass code Pin Lock Screen 1.1
Pass code Pin Lock ScreenYou secure your data with different pattern and different passwordprotection. You want totally new application not show any passwordand not show any pattern.Pass Code Lock Screen is stunning lock screen with new style oflock screen.This Lock screen through you securely or secretly locks your devicehome screenYou set different background in your lock screen. On / off thislock screen application. Also you enable or disable the sound ofthe lock screen.Also you Change the pattern easily.Pass Code Pin Lock Screen provides vibrating the lock screen. Youselect the different pin code number also you set the differentphoto in your lock screen.
Mobile Mirror 1.3
Mobile MirrorMobile Mirror application provide mirror on your device. You goanywhere and you have a no any type of mirror and you want to combyour hair, make up your face or more thing.You must want to mirror. So Mobile Mirror application through youget a mirror you wear the different style any time like on meeting,on vehicle, or brake in your office.You ready any event instantly or immediately any place.Mobile Mirror application gives totally different effect MobileMirror.
Make Your Watermarked Video 1.1
Make Your Watermarked VideoMake Your Watermarked Video add watermark to your video to make itpersonalize. This Application offers a very easy and intuitive wayto watermark your videos with text of your choice.Create your own watermark with your very own text, adjust itsposition, size, transparency, rotation, alignment, and add colorand opacity over your video. You can select video from your device,add watermark on it then preview watermarked video.You can save watermarked video in your device and share it withyour friends and family.
Voice Screen Lock 1.2
Voice Screen LockYou use different lock screen with different pattern andpasswordfor secure your private data. Want to secure data withyour voice?Voice Screen Lock app you get totally different stylelock screenjust you speak your password or any selected word toopen your lock.For this you can set any word as a password.You can change this word anytime. You can protect yourprivateand confidential data from anyone.