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Solitaire Collection Fun 1.0.29
Solitaire Collection Fun is a BRAND NEW 😍 card game, includinggameplays like Classic Solitaire (known as Klondike or Patience),Spider Solitaire, FreeCell Solitaire and more (TriPeaks Solitaireand Pyramid Solitaire are on the go). You can enjoy a lot inexquisite card games and keep challenging yourself while gettingplenty of coins, which can be consumed to unlock beautiful cardfaces/backs, gorgeous backgrounds, and fabulous animations. 🏖️💖HIGHLIGHTS 🃏Based on Classic Solitaire Gameplay We keep differentkinds of solitaire games true to the spirit of classic gameplays,and it has been optimized the solitaire experience for mobiledevices. ⭐Creative Solitaire Card Game Besides the classicgameplay, you can find creative tools like "Star Chest" and"Backpack" for helping you to enjoy all kinds of solitaire games.💭Addictive & Challenging Games Solitaire card games areentertaining and challenging puzzle games. They might be verysimple to start but hard to master. Millions of users enjoysolitaire games every day all over the world! 🖌️Dedicated GameDesign for You All the cards, backgrounds and animations areperfectly designed, you can get them by collecting enough stars inthe "Star Chest". 📆Daily Challenges for You If you want to playmore card games, there are extra challenges for you to pass andgreat bonus awards every day. ⚙️Multi-Languages & Left-HandedMode Supported In order to make sure the best gaming experiencesfor millions of players around the world, there are over 20languages supported and you can switch to Left-Handed mode at anytime! 💕FEATURES ♠ Daily challenges with different levels ♠Customizable beautiful themes ♠ Up to 10 top records ♠ KlondikeSolitaire Draw 1 card or 3 cards ♠ Timer mode ♠ Left-handed mode ♠Multiple languages supported ♠ Single tap or drag & drop tomove cards ♠ Auto-collect cards on completion ♠ Auto-save game inplay ♠ Feature to Undo moves ♠ Feature to use Hints ♠ Play offline!No Wi-Fi required 🎴INCLUDED GAMES - CLASSIC SOLITAIRE In ClassicSolitaire (also known as Klondike or Patience), try to collect allthe cards in 1 card or 3 card mode. Don’t forget to try the Vegasscoring mode as well! - SPIDER SOLITAIRE Play with two decks of 52cards each. Depending on difficulty, the deck consists of one, twoor four different suits. Try to collect them with fewest movespossible! - FREECELL SOLITAIRE Win a game by creating four stacksof cards, one per suit. The secret of winning is the extra fourcells! - PYRAMID SOLITAIRE (* this will be added in later versions)Combine two cards that add up to 13 to remove them from the board.Challenge yourself to reach the top of the Pyramid and clear asmany boards as you can! - TRIPEAKS SOLITAIRE (* this will be addedin later versions) Select cards in a sequence, earn combo points,and clear as many boards as you can before you run out of deals! -DAILY CHALLENGES Looking for more challenges? Try to solve alldaily challenges! The challenges are guaranteed solvable and willbe updated every day! ✉️CONTACT support@solitairegame.freshdesk.comIf you want to start an amazing FREE solitaire challenges, don'thesitate to download and enjoy this amazing solitaire card gameNOW! 😄👍
Pyramid Solitaire Fun 1.0.7
Pyramid Solitaire Fun is one of the best classic gameplayofsolitaire card games. It takes strategies, skills, and logictoclear the board in the game. There are thousands of randomsolvabledeals for you to enjoy. You will find that it is a superrelaxingand entertaining card game. And it’s quite a challengingand funway to train your brain.  HIGHLIGHTS - ClassicPyramidSolitaire Gameplay  Nothing beats timeless pyramidsolitairecard game. It’s loved by millions of card game lovers andplayedworldwide every day.    - Creative PyramidSolitaireGame  Not only do we provide classic pyramidsolitairegameplay, but also there are “Star Chest” rewards for you.Win moregames to open the chest and get special card backsandthemes!  - Beautiful Interfaces & Animations Thereare lots of well-designed card face styles, card backpatterns,background themes and winning animations for you tochoose.   - Challenging & Addictive Solitaire Beprepared toenjoy an irresistible adventure of TriPeaks Solitairefor hours,because that’s how interesting it is. - Handy Tools forYou to PlayYou can use “tap to move”, “drag & drop”, unlimited“undo” and“hint”, offline mode, customizable themes and more.Whenever youget stuck, don’t forget to use “Magic Wand” for help! - DailyChallenge to Get Crowns  Feel like a master? Trydailychallenges and get crowns! Three challenges withdifferentdifficulties will be updated every day.  HOW TO PLAY- Pairmovable cards that equal to 13 by number  - Ace equals1, Jackequals 11, Queen equals 12, King equals 13  - Nojokerincluded  - Remove pairs to reveal more cards  -Drawcards to pair with the ones on the pyramid  - Try to pairthemall before the draw pile runs out  - Clear the pyramid towinthe game  Come and play thisaddictive and fun card game and challengeyourself NOW! Pyramid Solitaire is usually played with astandard deck of 52 cards(without jokers), 28 in the pyramid and24 in the draw pile. Thepyramid has 7 layers and 7 beginningmovable cards at the bottom. Towin Pyramid Solitaire, are cards inthe pyramid should be paired andremoved. Movable cards are thosethat are not overlapped by anyother ones. If two movable cardshave a total value of 13, they canbe paired and removed. A Kingcan be removed alone since the valueis 13 by itself. If there’s nopair available in the pyramid, deal acard from deal pile and tryto continue the pairing. To win aPyramid Solitaire, all cards inthe pyramid should be removed beforethe draw pile runs out. 
Spider Solitaire Fun 1.0.27
Spider Solitaire Fun is an INTERESTING & CLASSIC card game with"Star Chest" and "Backpack" for you. It is designed based on theclassic spider solitaire gameplay. And you will enjoy the excitingsolitaire moments with abundant coins, backgrounds, cardfaces/backs and animations in it. HIGHLIGHTS: - UnlimitedChallenges for You Based on the original classic spider gameplay,Spider Solitaire Fun provides you unlimited different challenges inyour hands! - Creative Spider Card Game Besides the classicgameplay, you can find creative tools like "Star Chest" and"Backpack" for helping you to enjoy this Spider Solitaire game. -Dedicated Game Design for You All the cards, backgrounds andanimations are perfectly designed, you can get them by collectingenough stars in the "Star Chest". - Various Cards to CustomizeThere are dozens of card face/back styles for you to choose, suchas wood, golden, classic, diamond, candy, animal, flower, etc. -Daily Challenges for You If you want to play more card games, thereare extra challenges for you to pass and great bonus awards everyday. FEATURES: - Customizable beautiful themes - 1-suit, 2-suit,and 4-suit modes supported - Single tap or drag&drop to movecards - Patience Solitaire with left-handed mode - Auto-collectcards on completion - Feature to "Undo" moves - Feature to use"Hints" - Feature to use "Magic Wands" - Multiple languagessupported - Play offline at any time If you'd like to play classicsolitaire(known as Klondike Solitaire or Patience Solitaire) or anyother solitaire or card games, you will definitly love this SpiderSolitaire Fun game. Want to start an amazing FREE solitairechallenges? Don't hesitate to download and enjoy this classicspider card game NOW!
FreeCell Solitaire Fun 1.0.8
FreeCell Solitaire Fun is an INTERESTING & CLASSIC card gamewith "Star Chest" and "Backpack" for you. It is designed based onthe classic FreeCell solitaire gameplay. And you will enjoy theexciting solitaire moments with abundant coins, backgrounds, cardfaces/backs and animations in it. HIGHLIGHTS: - 10 Thousands ofWinning Deals Based on the original classic FreeCell gameplay,FreeCell Solitaire Fun provides you more than ten thousandsdifferent winning deal challenges in your hands! - CreativeFreeCell Card Game Besides the classic gameplay, you can findcreative tools like "Star Chest" and "Backpack" for helping you toenjoy this FreeCell Solitaire game. - Dedicated Game Design for YouAll the cards, backgrounds and animations are perfectly designed,you can get them by collecting enough stars in the "Star Chest". -Various Cards to Customize There are dozens of card face/backstyles for you to choose, such as wood, golden, classic, diamond,candy, animal, flower, etc. - Daily Challenges for You If you wantto play more card games, there are extra challenges for you to passand great bonus awards every day. FEATURES: - Customizablebeautiful themes - Single tap or drag&drop to move cards -Patience Solitaire with left-handed mode - Auto-collect cards oncompletion - Feature to "Undo" moves - Feature to use "Hints" -Feature to use "Magic Wands" - Multiple languages supported - Playoffline at any time CONTACT Ifyou'd like to play classic solitaire(known as Klondike Solitaire orPatience Solitaire) or any other solitaire or card games, you willdefinitely love this FreeCell Solitaire Fun game. Want to start anamazing FREE solitaire challenges? Don't hesitate to download andenjoy this classic FreeCell card game NOW!
Tripeaks Solitaire Fun 1.0.7
TriPeaks Solitaire Fun is a newly CREATIVE solitaire card gameforyou. TriPeaks Solitaire (also known as Three Peaks, Tri TowersorTriple Peaks) is one of the most famous and beloved gameplayofsolitaire card game. It’s super easy to learn but quitechallengingto master. Come on and have fun with millions of playersaround theworld.   HIGHLIGHTS     - ClassicTriPeaksSolitaire Gameplay   Based on the classic gameplay,card gamelovers will never miss this wonderful card game!   -Creative TriPeaks Solitaire Game   Not only do weprovideclassic TriPeaks solitaire gameplay, but also there are“StarChest” rewards for you. Win more games to open more cheststocollect card backs and themes!    - BeautifulInterfaces& Animations We keep TriPeaks Solitaire Fun simpleyetwell-designed. Relaxing backgrounds, colorful card stylesandvariety of card back are all available. Art is always the bestwayto reach inner peace.  - Challenging&Addictive Solitaire Be prepared to enjoy anirresistibleadventure of TriPeaks Solitaire for hours, becausethat’s howinteresting it is. - Handy Tools for You to Play Weprovide anextremely user-friendly experience. Unlimited hint andundo, tap tomove or drag & drop, offline mode, multi-languagechoice,special magic wand and more.    - Daily Challengeto GetCrowns Feel like a master? Try daily challenges and getcrowns!Three challenges with different difficulties will be updatedeveryday.  If you like to playclassic solitaire, FreeCell, Pyramidsolitaire or Spider solitaire,you should also try TriPeakssolitaire. And if you are looking for aTriPeaks solitaire cardgame, here comes one of the BEST solitairecard game for you. Enjoyendless relaxing and fun TriPeaks solitairegame and download itright NOW!  TriPeaks solitaire is aneasy-to-play card gamefor you. To win a game, you need to clear allcards in the threepeaks. Tap the cards that are 1 rank higher or 1rank lower to thebasic card. Then the card you tapped and clearedis the new basiccard. You can only tap on the cards that are notoverlapped by anyother cards. If you get stuck, draw a card fromthe pile to helpyou continue. Try to clear the three peaks beforethe drawing pileruns out.