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TopDecked is the essential Magic app for brewers, collectors,traders, competitors, and fans. Simulate decks on a virtualbattlefield, get recommended cards, test new ideas, and keep upwith the latest decks and strategies. Run tournaments at home.We’re on your side of the battlefield - your portal for everythingMTG. Basic accounts are free to use, forever (Power-ups available.)— Your account syncs between devices, including our website. DECKBUILDER - Easy to use intuitive design, with legality checking forpopular formats. - Get auto-recommendations and ideas to improveyour decks - Support for Commander, Oathbreaker, Brawl, and more. -Cloud sync, share to friends or social networks. - Deck charts helpanalyze CMC, colors, and mana curve. - Move cards between main,sideboard, and maybe board. - Quickly share, print, or sendofficial DCI deck-sheets. - Import, share, and export MTG Arena,MTGO, .dec, and text deck-lists - See missing cards and cost tocomplete or buy decks. - Tag, archive, and color code decks in youraccount DECK SIMULATOR - Drag, drop and test on the go. - Test on areal battlefield. - Swipe between your hand, library and otherzones. - Tap to select and drag, or double-tap for menus. LIFECOUNTER - Quickly start games for up to 6 people - Swipe open orclosed to access the app in-game CARDS & PRICES - Advancedsearch - Quickly find any card, any types, any printing, anyartist, any colors (and more filters available). - Daily and weeklytrends - for each set and printing (including promos!) - Simple andfast card search, with images, text and rulings. - Always up todate with latest sets and special products. COLLECTION TRACKER -Track the value of your cards with intuitive haves and wants lists.- Quickly add and remove cards of any set or printing. - Cloudsync, always available in app or website. ARTICLES & METAGAME -Read the latest articles - always up to date. - Browse local andnational top-8 tournament results and deck lists. - See a breakdownof the top cards & decks, by format. TRADE TOOL - Up to datecards and prices. - Select set, foil, and/or custom price bycondition. - Updates your collection at the push of a button.TOURNAMENTS - Run tournaments at home or on the go - Set customrounds, see standings & stats - Automatically receive pairings& tables numbers at Grand Prix, Premier, and participatingevents when you enter your name & DCI number. PREMIUM FEATURES:- Upgraded accounts (Spark, Powered, and Elite) are available forsale as Monthly or Yearly Subscriptions. Upgrades increase thefeatures and storage capacity beyond basic free services - see"Power up" screen in-app for more details on individual features.Wizards of the Coast, Magic: The Gathering, and their logos aretrademarks of Wizards of the Coast LLC. © 1995-2021 Wizards. Allrights reserved. TopDecked, LLC. is not affiliated with Wizards ofthe Coast LLC.