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Toppr - Learning App for Class 5 - 12 6.5.43
Toppr - Best Educational App for Students The Full Version of Topprrequires a paid subscription Toppr is an online learning apppersonalized for CBSE students. We are on the mission to makeonline study experience easy and smooth for students. We cover avery wide range of syllabus from CBSE Board, ICSE, and StateBoards. Students who are preparing for IIT JEE Main, NEET, AIIMScan also use Toppr to prepare and practice with Mock Tests. OurVideo lectures cover all topics & chapters from the CBSEsyllabus. CBSE video lectures are available in Hindi and English.You can learn through our high-quality video lectures, take mocktests for the exam you are preparing & also practice questionsasked in previous exams. Toppr also has a real-time doubt clearingfeature. In fact, Toppr is one of the best doubt-solving apps. Beit Chemistry, Maths, Science, Physics, or any subject, our expertsare available 24x7! Toppr - Best Learning App for CBSE, ICSE, andState Board Students For students from CBSE Class 5 to Class 12,Toppr is the best learning app. Toppr provides a wide range ofstudy materials like NCERT Solutions, Previous Year QuestionPapers, CBSE Notes, Important Questions, and much more. NCERTSolutions is very important for CBSE students since CBSE followsthe NCERT Syllabus guidelines. You can get NCERT Solutions forevery chapter & topic on Toppr. Furthermore, you can also cleardoubts in Maths, Chemistry, Biology and other subjects on Toppr. Wecover all subjects - English, Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology,Science, History, Geography, Civics and more. Toppr - Best EntranceExams Preparation App - JEE Main, NEET, AIIMS and more Are youpreparing for IIT JEE Main, NEET, AIIMS or any Engineering,Commerce or Medical Entrance Exam? Then Toppr is the best optionfor you! You can take mock tests for all the entrance exams onToppr. Toppr is the best app for NEET Preparation, IIT JEE MainPreparation, AIIMS Preparation, JIPMER, and much more. You can takethe JEE Main Mock Test to test your knowledge. Toppr Live: LiveClasses for Class 5-12, IIT JEE Main, IIT JEE Advanced and NEETToppr Live class aims at personalizing learning for millions ofchildren by giving them direct access to India’s best teachers.Following is List of Entrance Exams we cover - Medical &Engineering Exams - MHT-CET TS-EAMCET AP-EAMCET BITSAT VITEEE BCECEKCET KEAM & more Engineering Exams IIT JEE Main IIT JEEAdvanced UPSEE (UPTU) COMEDK WBJEE & more Medical Exams NEETAIIMS JIPMER Commerce Exams CA, CS, & CMA Foundation CLAT Getrewards for helping your friend learn better! Having too manyfriends is now rewarding. If you like Toppr learning modules, tellyour friends about us and get cash rewards! How it Works Share yourreferral code Your friends get 20% off with your code Earn cashrewards You get 20% of the subscription fee (up to Rs 10,000) ascash rewards Get cash in your bank We send all your cash rewards toyour bank once every two months Following are the plans that youcan choose Under Advanced Plan You Get - Video lectures Stories& concepts Practice questions & Crash course Test series& previous papers Create your own tests Under Ultimate Plan YouGet- Everything from Master Plan Ask Doubts - Chat with tutors 24x7& get Instant solutions Under Master Plan You Get - Everythingfrom Ultimate Plan + Live Classes You can also avail flexible EMIoptions Certain packages include a welcome kit delivered to thestudent's home. You can avail attractive scholarships for studentsfrom Class 5 - 12& who are preparing for entrance exams. Talkto your academic consultant to check your eligibility PrivacyPolicy: Terms of Service:
Toppr Learn - JEE Main, NEET 1.1.1
If you are studying for the following competitive exams, you cannotmiss out on Toppr Learn!• JEE Main• JEE Advanced (to get into IIT -Indian Institute of Technology)• NEET (Previously AIPMT)• SAT•AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences)• UPSEE (UPTU/AKTU)•BITSAT (Birla Institute of Technology and Science)• EAMCET and TSEAMCET• COMEDK• WBJEE• AFMC• JIPMER• VITEEE (Vellore Institute ofTechnology)• MHCET and other State CETs• HBBVS, NSO, NTSEDon’t missout even if you are preparing for Board Exams. Toppr Learn can helpyou excel at,• CBSE board exams (NCERT)• ICSE board exams• Statelevel board exams (HSC, SSC, etc)Features:• Access to 1500+ hoursof video lectures OFFLINE made by India’s best teachersStatisticsuntil now:• 16 Lakh+ students on Toppr• 7 Crore questions practicedon Toppr• 57 Lakh+ tests taken on Toppr• 7 Lakh+ doubts cleared onToppr• 8 Lakh App downloadsAwards:• CB Insights - Top 10 edtechcompany in the world• IAMAI - Best website award
Toppr Doubts - Instant Solutions to Questions 2.4.5
If you are studying for the following competitive exams, you cannotmiss out on Toppr Doubts! • JEE Main • JEE Advanced (to get intoIIT - Indian Institute of Technology) • NEET (Previously AIPMT) •SAT • AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences) • UPSEE(UPTU/AKTU) • BITSAT (Birla Institute of Technology and Science) •EAMCET and TS EAMCET • COMEDK • WBJEE • AFMC • JIPMER • VITEEE(Vellore Institute of Technology) • MHCET and other State CETs •HBBVS, NSO, NTSE Don’t miss out even if you are preparing for BoardExams. Toppr Doubts can help you clear doubts actoss, • CBSE boardexams (NCERT) • ICSE board exams • State level board exams (HSC,SSC, etc) Features: • Ask doubts to subject experts who havecleared JEE Main 2016, 2015, 2014 and previous years. Similarly,ask doubts of medical entrance exams who have cleared AIPMT 2016,2015 and NEET 2016. • Feel prepared? Practice on India’s best testseries and get an All India ranking. Statistics until now: • 16Lakh+ students on Toppr • 7 Crore questions practiced on Toppr • 57Lakh+ tests taken on Toppr • 7 Lakh+ doubts cleared on Toppr • 8Lakh App downloads Awards: • CB Insights - Top 10 edtech company inthe world • IAMAI - Best website award
Toppr for Tutors 1.5.3
With "Toppr for Tutors" app, you can connect with students andanswer their doubts wherever you are. Students post their doubts onToppr, you can review the doubts and take up a doubt that you thinkyou can answer. Features - * Take photos or upload images ofanswers * Get push notifications when a student sends you a message* Rate doubts
Homework Help App | Scan Question, Get Answer 1.2.1
Do you need help with your homework? Ask Toppr is the best homeworkhelper and solver app for students. You can use this homework helpapp for your school homework, assignments, and projects for allclasses and subjects. With Ask Toppr you can finish your homeworkquickly and easily. You can scan your math and science homeworkquestions and get answers with detailed explanations written by ourtutors and experts. You can ask doubts from many subjects on AskToppr. On Ask Toppr, students get homework help for the followingsubjects - Get Homework Help for Maths Class 5 to 12 Get HomeworkHelp for Science Class 5 to 12 Get Homework Help for Physics Class5 to 12 Get Homework Help for Chemistry Class 5 to 12 Get HomeworkHelp for Biology Class 5 to 12 Get Homework Help for English Class5 to 12 Get Homework Help for Computer Science Class 5 to 12 GetHomework Help for Social Studies - History, Geography, Civics,Economics Class 5 to 12 Get Homework Help for Accountancy andBusiness Studies Features of Best Doubt Solving App - Ask Toppr - ◾Ask questions and get instant answers. ◾ Students can get homeworkhelp with Math doubts, Physics doubts, Chemistry doubts, Biologydoubts, History doubts, Geography doubts, English doubts, Sciencedoubts and from many more subjects. ◾ Get answers for importantquestions from books, engineering, and medical entrance exams like- NCERT, RD Sharma, RS Aggarwal, JEE Main, NEET, and more. AskToppr is the best doubt clearing app for CBSE students, StateBoards students, IIT JEE, NEET, and other competition aspirants.You can ask and clarify your doubts from any exam and book. AskToppr is completely FREE for UNLIMITED usage and totally Ad-Free.You can ask your question and get answers 24/7. You will getanswers to all your Maths, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and othersubjects' questions in this app. Ask Toppr is the only instantdoubt solving app you will ever need. Whether doing homework,studying for school exams, or preparing for entrance exams, thisapp will help you. Best Question Answer App - Scan Your Question,and Get Answer On Ask Toppr, You don't have to type difficult mathsand science homework questions. You can simply use the QuestionAnswer Scanner and get the answers to maths and science problemsquickly. You can get answers to your questions in just 2 steps - ◾Scan your question using question scanner, or type your question ◾Get Instant answers to your question, that's it! You can alsosearch for videos, topics, concepts to clear your concepts on AskToppr. About Toppr: Toppr is one of India’s leading educationcompanies for students of classes 5 to 12. Toppr provides studentswith videos, practice, mock tests, previous year question papers,live doubts clearing, and Edu games helping students to learnbetter and faster. Toppr covers the syllabus for all school boardsacross India for class 5 to 12.