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Clash - Space Shooter
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CLASH is a 2.5D arcade space shooter game inspired by japaneseShoot 'Em Ups (shmup or STG).Key features:- Gamepad support- Campaign mode with 40 stages- Challenges mode with survival and boss battles.- Four levels of difficulty settings.- Portrait and landscape gaming view- AI managed enemies- 5 deadly bosses- Skill system- Ship upgradesUpgrade your ship and level up while advancing in the galaxy.Taking too long killing a boss? Increase ammo damage! You die toofast? Increase hull resistance! Upgrade your weapon model, bulletspeed, hull recovery, critical damage and more. 5 pairs of statsthat cover every aspect of your ship. As you level up, unlock newskills to equip.A simple skills system allows you to customize your preferredspecial move. Choose the number of lasers, their size andbehaviour. Do you prefer homing bullets? They improve your normalshoot too! Don't forget to add a shield and customize it!AI managed enemies make sure that you cannot memorize where or whenthey appear. Will they shoot at you? Will they flee? Careful, maybethey are angry! Enemies modify their behaviour based on your leveland how angry they are. Be carefull with elites and bosses, theirskills are usually powered up!----------------------------------------------------Due to this game using lots of particles and a hight count ofgraphical elements, a medium to high end device with at least 2cores is recomended. It can work on lower devices but depending onthe graphic configuration used, the performance may be notsuitable.This game is not Tegra2 optimized.---------------------------------v1.0.2Fixes a bug that could make the game crash from stage 3-5 andforward.v1.0.1Fixes when finger is not recognized and it cannot move ship untilsome time passes.