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com.nifty.rsp38218.SimpleAlarm3 1.4
* May not work on android5 This is Wake up Alarm with your favoritemusic and additional playlist. You can set - alarm title - day ofweek - alarm sound - alarm music - playlist or folder contains mp3s(played after music above) for each alarm. * If you want to setyour alarm every day, set no day of week. Tap on check box rightside, and set day & time you like. * If you choose folder asplaylist, for example "MP3" folder in SD card is like -> sdcard1/ -> MP3/ -> This folder. * You cancreate your playlist with Winamp. Playlist by Google music playerseems to be not found. * If your playlist is not played, try RescanMedia.* I'll drop Ad at bottom of this App. Please wait a minute. * Imade some modification to drop Ad. Then registered alarm getssometimes fail and removed. That's why I can't release update. Doyou have same phenomenon? Please give me some information. keyword目覚まし alarm clock シンプルアラーム Simple Alarm 音楽 music プレイヤー player
クレジットカードメモ 1.0
Toshiharu Okada
カードでお買い物をしたらすぐにこのアプリでメモしましょう。今月はいくら使っているのかすぐにわかります。使い方はこちらのページの画像の説明を順番にご参照ください。 クレジットカードを使った時に金額と明細等のメモをつけることができます- 月ごとの利用金額の合計を表示します- カードは複数登録可能で、カードごとに明細登録ができます※保存ボタンが押せない場合、『あA1』等で入力文字を切り替えて下さい。ご利用は計画的に(^^)[このアプリをつくったわけ]最近、ちょっとした買い物にもクレジットカードを使うことが増えました。自分の場合は楽天カードを使ってますが、楽天からのカード利用お知らせメールがきた時たまに“何に使ったんだっけ??”と悩むことがあったので、このアプリを作りました。ETC料金なんかも覚えているうちにメモっておくと良いかも。トクワリナカ、とかいきなりメールが来ても意味わかんないので。[免責事項]・作者は、このアプリケーションの使用によるいかなる損害に対しても一切の責任を負いません。・このアプリケーションは、エミュレータによる動作確認は十分にしていますが、全ての実機での動作を保証するものではありません。キーワード、クレジットカード、メモ、クレカ、クレジットAfter you shop atcardLet's note immediately with this app. This month you will seeto itwhether immediately are using much.How to use it, please refer to the order to the descriptionofthis page of image. You can add a note of the amount and details such as whenyouuse a credit card- I will display the total spending of each month- Card is multiple registration, you can register here foreachcard※ If you do not press the save button, please switch theinputcharacters in "A A1" and the like.Available is intentionally (^^)[And not made this app]Recently, have more to use a credit card to a little shopping.Iam using the Rakuten card in the case of their own, but sincetherewas a thing to worry that it occasionally "Kke I was usingwhat ??"when the card usage information mail from Rakuten came, Imade thisapp.And be good If you leave Memo~tsu within you remember somethingevenETC fee. Tokuwarinaka, Toka because suddenly I do not knowthemeaning even come mail.[Disclaimer]· The author, not be liable for any damages caused by use ofthisapplication.• This application, operation check by emulator has enough, butitdoes not guarantee the operation in all of the actualmachine.Keyword, credit card, memo, Kureka, credit
Golf Logger 2.0
Record your shot point and you'll know your distance of shot.Youcan know how long you are from pin on the map.For example, you canknow distance to the edge of dog leg.I'm sorry, Course Guide EditorWEB Search is available only in Japan. It's depends on RAKUTEN WEBService. I could not find out same service outside of Japan. If youknow other WEB Service of Golf course information, Please tell me.I'll implement of that.[Logger]1. Tap Begin on your tee shot placeand select club.2. Select club on your next point. Do the sameuntil your ball get cup in.3. Tap End when you get cuppedin.[Distance]1. Tap Distance.2. Tap any place where you want toknow the distance on your map.3. Tap Distance again to quitDistance mode.Keywork Golf Log Record
SimpleCheckListBeta 1.6
This is a Very simple check list application. When all items arechecked, your favorite sound rings.
SimpleKitchenTimer 1.1
A simple kitchen timer(egg timer/minute minder).You can change Time& Subject by long click button.
SimpleAlarm 1.0
You can set - alarm title - alarm sound - alarm music -playlist(played after music above) (*)for each alarm.*Please don'tmove this application to SD card. Setting of alarm at device bootdoes not work!* You can create your playlist with music playerapplication.I will maintain new version. And I recommend youthis.