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Total Fitness - Gym & Workouts
Total Fitness is a fitness guide for thissport´s fans. Total Fitness offers you a big amount of info thatwill help you to reach your goals. Total Fitness has many exercisesand workouts for training at your gym or at homeTotal Fitness has the following sections:Gym Exercises GuideMore than 100 different exercises to do at the gym with explanationof the exercise, info about involved muscles, images and anexplanation videoGym & Home WorkoutsDifferent workouts that will help you to schedule your weekly work,as hard as you want or you can. You can train at the gym or athomeGuided WorkoutsDifferent guided workouts that will allow you to practice fitnessat home with this app´s helpChallengesTry to beat yourself and reach some of the goals that Total Fitnessproposes you, try to reach your best training with theseworkouts.My ProgressTotal Fitness helps you to monitorize your improvements with thissection. Here, you will be able to control your BMI (body massindex), Fat %, and your strength.Workout BuilderCreate your own workouts!NutritionTotal Fitness will help you support your work in the gym withnutrition advice so that you know what, when and how to eat toachieve your goals.UtilitiesTotal Fitness offers you the way to calculate your IMC, Fat %, andyour Strength.This app is free, we only ask you for your positive rating so thatmore people knows the app and we can keep improving itWe hope you like it!!
Total Fitness Challenges v
Total Fitness Challenges will help you to getfit following workouts to reach this goals without stopping. TotalFitness Challenges will set the workout you must follow- 300 Squats- 50 Pull-ups- 100 Push-ups- 300 Sit-ups- Run 40 minutes- Run 5KM- Run 10KM- 150 LungesCan you reach any of them?